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Topic: Combat (French Resistance)

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  French Resistance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The French Resistance is the name used for resistance movements that fought military occupation of France by Nazi Germany and the Vichy France undemocratic regime during World War II after the government and the high command of France surrendered in 1940.
French resistance could claim its origin in Charles de Gaulle's Appeal of 18 June (1940) on the BBC where he proclaimed that the war was not over.
The Resistance was opposed by the German Abwehr, Gestapo, Sicherheitspolizei and Wehrmacht, as well as the Milice, the Vichy France police force led by Joseph Darnand.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/French_Resistance   (1948 words)

 French Resistance
French Resistance (or simply Resistance) is a general term for the resistance movements—armed and otherwise—that fought military occupation of France by Nazi Germany and the resulting Vichy France during World War II after France surrendered in 1940.
French resistance could claim its origin in Charles de Gaulle's Appeal of June 18 on the BBC where he proclaimed that the war was not over.
First, the German military authorities would execute caught resistants; also, they would take hostages in the general population to be executed should some act of sabotage or other act of resistance occur, executing several French people for a single German death.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/f/fr/french_resistance_1.html   (1915 words)

 Free French Forces biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Free French Forces (Forces Françaises Libres in French) were French fighters who decided to go on fighting against Germany after the Fall of France and German occupation and to fight against Vichy France in World War II.
General Charles de Gaulle was a member of the French Cabinet in 1940 and escaped from the German occupation in France.
After French General Henri Giraud broke his parole given to the Germans and rejoined the war in Operation Torch, the allied invasion of Vichy-controlled French North Africa, de Gaulle outmaneuvered him to keep his leadership of the Free French.
free-french-forces.biography.ms   (627 words)

 On the Resistance
It is vital that somewhere the flame of French resistance should gleam and burn bright." Speech broadcast by radio from London on 24 June 1940, in Discours et Messages, t.
And we, the Free French, have the glorious duty and supreme dignity of being the soul of the nation's resistance." Speech broadcast by radio from London, 29 November 1940, in Discours et Messages, t.
"It is in resistance and in combat that the men whom our people will one day judge worthy and capable of directing her actions are currently revealing themselves." Speech by radio from London, 20 April 1943, in Discours et Messages, t.
www.charles-de-gaulle.org /article.php3?id_article=507   (526 words)

 History of the French Resistance - the Alliance Reseau, Maquis, FTP and FFI
I invite all French officers and soldiers who are in Britain or who may find themselves there, with their arms or without, to get in touch with me. Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not die and will not die.
As a hero of the resistance, he was awarded the Legion of Honor, the Medal of Resistance and the Medal of the Camps by the French government.
The Communist resistance fighters were not loyal to de Gaulle or to France; their loyalty was to international Communism and the Soviet Union, which was fighting on the side of the Allies, against Fascism.
www.scrapbookpages.com /Natzweiler/History/FrenchResistance.html   (4743 words)

 FFI- Free French  Forces (Maquis)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The French government also agreed to stop members of its armed forces from leaving the country and instructed its citizens not to fight against the Nazis.
One of the first acts of public resistance to the Nazi occupation was a small public demonstration of secondary school students at the Arc de Triomphe on 11th November 1940, when they celebrated the Allied victory over Germany in the First World War.
These armed resistance groups were able to slow down the attempt by the 2nd SS Panzer Division to get to the Normandy beaches.
www.joematlock.com /Maquis.htm   (1339 words)

 Georges Bidault - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Georges-Augustin Bidault (October 5, 1899 – January 27, 1983) was a French politician and active in the French Resistance and Organisation de l'Armée Secrète (OAS).
In 1961 Bidault became a president of the Executive Council of the Rally for the French Algeria and resisted De Gaulle's policy of Algerian independence.
In June 1962 he was accused of conspiring against the state as the head of OAS and stripped of his parliamentary immunity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Georges_Bidault   (861 words)

 war and social upheaval: World War II campaigns -- the resistance in France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
French soldiers escaped to England in the Dunkirt evacualtion.
DeFualle proceeded to found the Free French movement and added the Cross of Loraine to the French flag to destinguish it from the Petain's Vichy Government which was colaborating with the Germans.
René Hardy, an important Resistance leader, on June 7, 1943, was arrested and brutally tortured by Klaus Barbie and the Gestapo.
histclo.hispeed.com /essay/war/ww2/camp/eur/res/ww2-resfr.html   (2869 words)

 COMBAT! Episode Review: Just for the Record
The resistance intercepts the truck, kills the Germans and frees the prisoners.
An attractive French woman, Annette, who is stranded in the town, overhears his predicament and offers him her coupons if he will transport her.
This story is a daughter's tribute to brave parents she never knew, documenting their remarkable story as they resisted the Nazis in France, and gave their lives for liberty.
www.jodavidsmeyer.com /combat/episodes/Just_For_The_Record.html   (1248 words)

 Search Tuna Report for Albert Camus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In World War II he joined the French resistance and was principal editor of the underground paper Combat.
Albert Camus November 7, 1913 - January 4, 1960 was an French author and philosopher and one of the principal luminaries with Jean-Paul Sartre of existentialism....
In January 1960, the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus was killed in a car crash along with his friend and publisher, Michel Gallimard....
searchtuna.com /ftlive/1416.html   (3472 words)

 General Charles Delestraint - allegedly executed at Dacahu 19 April 1945
The French Secret Army was a prime target of the Nazis because Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the head of the Reich Security Main Office, believed that these guerrilla fighters would be a big help to the Allies in the Normandy invasion, which the Germans knew, as early as May 1943, was inevitable.
Its purpose was to organize a resistance movement in the camp in case the SS had plans to kill all the prisoners before the Allies arrived to liberate them, as it was rumored.
Edmond Michelet was the French representative on the Committee.
www.scrapbookpages.com /DachauScrapbook/GeneralDelestraint.html   (7490 words)

 French Parachuting Boots -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In June, 1985 the French Police Nationale formed RAID in...
French political forces, the military would back up de Gaulle through a plan to secure the country's Republican institutions, which involved parachuting...
At a French air show, a Fokker Jungmeister and its daredevil French pilot stage acrobatic stunts...
boots.fevl.com /index.php?k=french-parachuting-boots   (954 words)

 Shot Down Over France, 1944
Within minutes after his landing, Yeager was surrounded by French Resistance fighters and beginning his escape journey that would take him to Spain, Gibraltar and back to England.
The house to which Yeager was taken was actually a hotel run by an English-speaking French woman and her daughter.
This is the house of the regional maquis (French Resistance) chief, Gabriel; and here Dr. Henri -, the doctor of all the maquis in this part of the country, lives when he is in the vicinity.
www.eyewitnesstohistory.com /shot.htm   (930 words)

 Fredericksburg.com - Vive la resistance!
Marthellen Hoffman could have sent a card, or even flowers, to the French Resistance members who rescued her uncle 60 years ago, when his plane was shot down over southern France.
And, Hoffman knew her uncle and the local leader of the resistance had become great friends, who kept in touch until her uncle died 10 years ago.
He's already found the son of one of the French Resistance members who fought with Hoffman's uncle to liberate Romans and Valence.
www.fredericksburg.com /News/FLS/2004/032004/03122004/1291671   (1083 words)

 1944: An Allied Team With the French Resistance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A French officer, dispatched in 1943, had organized an intelligence network within the Departement of the Côtes-du-Nord, but he was arrested within a few months and his network scattered.
Anti-Communist resistants were suspicious of the FTP but had to accept it because it was strong throughout France and very strong in Brittany.
The Resistance was a dramatic episode for all the members of our team, but for many of the French people involved, it was the overwhelming experience of their lives--based not on a few months but on several years of persistent struggle.
www.cia.gov /csi/studies/winter98_99/art03.html   (23422 words)

 News about Leadership at StrategyPage.com's How to Make War.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
While SOCOM was the anointed leader in anti-terrorist operations, the combat commands already had intelligence and combat operations underway against terrorists in their parts of the world.
The problem was that, while SOCOM was an organization that could go and operate anywhere on the planet, it did not have day-to-day responsibility, as the combat commands did, for specific regions of the world.
SOCOM would cooperate with the combat commands on what terrorist targets to look for, and use their greater resources to plan and carry out operations against anything found.
www.strategypage.com /fyeo/howtomakewar?target=htlead.htm   (1752 words)

 Albert Camus + Marie Curie
It was on this date, November 7, 1913, that French existentialist philosopher Albert Camus was born in Mondovi, Algeria.
It was also on this date, November 7, 1867, that French chemist and nuclear physicist Marie Curie was born Maria Sklodowska in Warsaw, Poland.
She was brought up a Catholic by her mother, but her father was a freethinker and provided her with some scientific training.
www.ronaldbrucemeyer.com /rants/1107a-almanac.htm   (569 words)

 Certain people on World War Two
Was captured by the Vichy French loyalists in 1943 on the Mekong River but escaped from Saigon in 1944, and served until the end of the war in British special forces.
According to her biography, was a messenger for Dutch resistance at the age of 13.
Worked with the French Resistance and the French Forces of the Interior in the south of France - and apparently handled some mob revenge on the side.
www.saunalahti.fi /~akuleh/WW2people.html   (7477 words)

♦ An Allied Team With the French Resistance - an American intelligence operative's recollections of his experiences with the Maquis during and after the Normandy invasion.
♦ Growth of the French Resistance by Colonel Rémy - The French Resistance.
He argues that the French myth of the Resistance is not unique but that every country has her own mythology.
www.geocities.com /resistancehistory/link.html   (1395 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: Between Hell and Reason   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Camus (The Stranger) was one of the editors of Combat, a newspaper of the French Resistance, during the last two years of WW II and after.
De Gramont's translation reads well, and his introductory essay is succinct and informative, briefly tracing the history of the Resistance and Camus's role in it.
At that time, he was editor of the journal Combat, initially published clandestinely by the French Resistance.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0819551899   (718 words)

 Warhammer WWII - Copyright 1999 Kevin Pavlick   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The French Resistance were masters at hitting the Germans when they least expect it, and retreating to fight another day.
In the right circumstances Resistance Fighters have the ability to work their way into a forward position on the battlefield.
Creighton Abrams is probably one of the highest scoring US tankers of World War II, but the total number of enemy tanks knocked out by his crew is not known as he did not consider such tallies significant.
mywebpages.comcast.net /kpavlick/ww2/ww2ca-issue1.htm   (1325 words)

 Order of the Liberation
Appeal to Resistance by General De Gaulle on the BBC
27: Combats in the maquis of Saffré (Nantes region)
12: The French armies coming from the West (2nd Armored Division) and the south (1st DFL and 1st French Army) meet at Montbard (Côte d’Or region).
www.ordredelaliberation.fr /us_doc/1_1_1_1.html   (2415 words)

 The Tree of Moray
But the later "action" sequences between Americans and French, who are reluctant to engage each other, are stilted and uncomfortable.
The story is an interesting one, with some intriguing moral questions that never get developed.
Great set dressing, making the usually bomb-destroyed French village look even more desolate.
www.jodavidsmeyer.com /combat/episodes/Tree_of_Moray_The.html   (496 words)

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