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Topic: Command post

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  Command post - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Command Post is a military term referring to a field location whence the person in charge of a situation may issue orders.
Command posts are typically temporary and are located to allow maximum access to the site or battlefield with minimal risk to the person in charge.
If both command posts are out of action, a subordinate command post steps up to command the formation; in the case of an infantry battalion, one of the company command posts would step up and take charge.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Command_post   (220 words)

 Command Post Exercise
Command team members follow the battle by translating reports from the control team into plots on the command team's paper map - the CP sit map.
Command teams send verbal or written orders to their control team on what they want to be done in the next few turns.
Command team instructions to the control team are given as realistic field orders and fire support request approvals - not detailed "this tank will shoot at that tank" game play talk.
www.ralentz.com /old/mac/recreation/tacops/command-post-exercise.html   (1117 words)

 Fire Chief - Command On the Go
A command post established in an effective location minimizes the possibility of distraction, improves the quality of the command function and makes command more accessible to the resources assigned to the incident.
The investigative mode may be called “mobile command,” but it's not necessarily a “command” function at all, merely an extension of the company officer or unit leader’s rightful position of leadership in the unit or company.
Command is always strategic and is only exercised at a tactical or task-level when resources are limited and lives are at stake.
www.firechief.com /tactics/command_on_go_06012006   (885 words)

 Fort Siloso: The Battery Command Post
The Command Post has an upper storey in which was mounted the Depression Range Finder, and a lower storey in which was the Command Centre for the Fort.
The entrance to the lower portion of the Command Post is to the left of the stairs down to the Gunners Shelter.
The roof which can be seen a few metres from the Command Post belonged to a small building which once stood on the No.1 Gun Emplacement of the Mount Siloso 6 Inch QF Battery.
www.fortsiloso.com /command/command.htm   (413 words)

 Where Is Your Command Post?
The command post needs to be positioned in a location that allows the IC to both to monitor the overall safety of those engaged in the important work of mitigating the incident, while ensuring that the command function is not distracted by issues that the IC cannot or chooses not to control.
Generally the command post can be sheltered in a response vehicle, a specially-designed command vehicle or a structure of some kind.
Whenever command is established, the most effective command post is one that is in a fixed position, with appropriate perspective, sheltered and outside the hazard zone.
firechief.com /tactics/where-is-cp052705   (634 words)

 Detached Solutions - Command Post: F3
Command Post will attempt to determine if files have been added or removed, and adjust the Adjusted Delta RAM result accordingly.
Launch Command Post and use the Var-Link to jump to the DATA portion of the link_log variable.
You may use Command Post's Link Port Logger feature, LinkNLog (works with Black, Gray, and USB cables), or a gray graphlink cable connected to a computer which is running a program such as HyperTerminal with the following settings: Bits Per Second 9600, Data Bits 8, Parity None, Stop Bits 1, Flow Control Hardware.
www.detachedsolutions.com /cmdpost/f_three.htm   (1293 words)


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