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Topic: Common stock

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Free Stock Market Sentiment for index shares trading
Stocks were overvalued Stocks were trading in the hundreds and some in the thousands on a P/E basis.
Most common stocks on the NYSE were not traded until late in the morning of October 19th.
It would take the stock market about 30 years to make it back to the 1929 highs, though most investors would have recovered their losses in the 30's through dividend returns.
www.stock-market-sentiment.com   (1462 words)

  Daret Capital Management   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Issued stock: A company may distribute (issue), less than the total number of shares that were authorized by the state, and keep the extra shares in reserve for future needs such as raising new capital for expansion, paying stock dividends, exchanging common stock for outstanding convertible bonds or preferred stock, and more.
Preferred stock: The difference between preferred stock and common stock is that preferred stock does not have all of the privileges of ownership that are found in common stock.
The advantages of preferred stock include when dividends are declared by the board of directors, owners of preferred stock receive their dividends first; and if a corporation goes bankrupt after paying off creditors, preferred stockholders have a prior claim on the remaining assets.
www.daretcapital.com /first-common_stock.html   (1026 words)

 GM - Stock Perf: Class E Tax Basis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For tax purposes, the holding period of the GM Class E common stock received as a result of the dividend distribution should include the holding period for the GM common stock with respect to which the Class E common stock was distributed.
This is done by allocating between the GM common stock and the Class E common stock your cost basis of the GM common stock which gave rise to the dividend.
Thus, 2.5455% of this basis is allocated as the basis of the Class E common stock, including the fractional share deemed to be sold for the cash received in lieu of such fractional share.
www.gm.com /company/investor_information/stock_perf/hist_info/taxbasisEDS.html   (1078 words)

 common stock Definition
Typically, common stockholders receive one vote per share to elect the company’s board of directors (although the number of votes is not always directly proportional to the number of shares owned).
Preemptive rights allow common shareholders to maintain their proportional ownership in the company in the event that the company issues another offering of stock.
This means that common shareholders with preemptive rights have the right but not the obligation to purchase as many new shares of the stock as it would take to maintain their proportional ownership in the company.
www.investorwords.com /986/common_stock.html   (379 words)

 Common Stock
The preferred stock normally is limited to a fixed dividend but has prior claim on dividends and, in the event of liquidation, assets.
Common stockholders assume the greater risk, but generally exercise the greater control and may gain the greater reward in the form of dividends and capital appreciation.
The terms “common stock” and “capital stock” are often used interchangeably, when the company has no preferred stock.
www.russell.com /us/glossary/equities/common_stock.htm   (135 words)

 Solutia.com - Stock Cost Basis
Upon your receipt of the 20 shares of Solutia common stock, your basis in the 100 shares of Company common stock must be reduced to $914.50, which is 91.45% of your original cost basis for such stock.
Your cost basis in the 20 shares of Solutia common stock would be $85.50, which is 8.55% of your original cost basis for the 100 shares of Company common stock, and such cost basis would be utilized to determine any gain or loss on a subsequent sale of the 20 shares of Solutia common stock.
Provided you hold the Solutia common stock as a capital asset, the period during which you are considered to hold such stock shall include the period during which you held the Company common stock for which you received such Solutia common stock.
www.solutia.com /pages/corporate/investors/stock_cost_basis.asp   (994 words)

Common stocks sometimes have a par value, which is an arbitrary value assigned to them by the issuing companies.
Stocks are issued by all kinds of companies, from financially sound corporate giants, to established smaller companies looking for capital to expand, to speculative start-up companies with no track record and sometimes no product.
A stock dividend is usually nontaxable at the time paid unless the company offers the stockholder the option of receiving the dividend in the form of either stock or cash.
www.wdfi.org /ymm/brochures/investing/stocks.htm   (2821 words)

 Common and Preferred Stock - InvestorGuide University
Typically, common stock shareholders receive one vote per share to elect the company's board of directors (although the number of votes is not always directly proportional to the number of shares owned,).
But although common stock entitles its holders to a number of different rights and privileges, it does have one major drawback: common stock shareholders are the last in line to receive the company's assets.
Although common stock usually entitles you to one vote for every share that you own, this is not always the case.
www.investorguide.com /igu-article-818-stock-basics-common-and-preferred-stock.html   (870 words)

 Stock Market Terminology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Common stock, which is the kind of stock most investors own, Common stock usually carries voting rights and can, at the discretion of the company, earn dividends.
Common stock can be bought or sold at any time, and does not mature or expire.
Common stock is usually held in "street name" meaning the broker holds the actual certificate in their vault rather than issuing it and mailing the certificate to the stockholder.
www.stockeduc.com /faqs1.htm   (2403 words)

 Taking Care of Business with Doctor J
Holders of common stock exercise control by electing a board of directors and voting on corporate policy.
Common stockholders are on the bottom of the priority ladder for ownership structure.
In the event of liquidation common shareholders and have rights to a company's assets only after bond holders, preferred shareholders and other debt holders have been paid in full.
www.tcbmarkets.com /terms/c/commonstock.asp   (131 words)

 Common Stock
The stock of the corporation is divided into equal shares, so an investor's ownership is proportional to the number of shares he holds.
To distinguish preferred stock from regular stock, we call the latter common stock.
Preferred stock is a form of hybrid security that blends aspects of stocks and bonds.
www.riskglossary.com /articles/common_stock.htm   (648 words)

 GM - Stock Perf: Hughes Restruct   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Class B common stock represents the remaining approximately 70 percent of the outstanding equity value of the new Raytheon.
The amount of Class A common stock distributed to holders of each class of GM common stock was determined by using a distribution ratio formula established by GM's board of directors.
Sellers of GM $1-2/3 common stock on the NYSE between the record date and the ex-distribution date will be required to provide due bills and deliver the Class A stock they receive to the purchasers of their GM $1-2/3 common stock.
www.gm.com /company/investor_information/stock_perf/hist_info/hughes_restructure   (823 words)

 US CODE: Title 12,2279aa–4. Stock issuance
Class A stock may be held only by entities that are not Farm Credit System institutions and that are entitled to vote for directors specified in section 2279aa–2 (b)(2)(A) of this title, including national banking associations (which shall be allowed to purchase and hold such stock).
Class B stock may be held only by Farm Credit System institutions that are entitled to vote for directors specified in section 2279aa–2 (b)(2)(B) of this title.
The Board shall adopt such terms, conditions, and procedures with regard to the issue of stock under this section as may be necessary, including the establishment of a maximum amount limitation on the number of shares of voting common stock that may be outstanding at any time.
www.law.cornell.edu /uscode/html/uscode12/usc_sec_12_00002279--aa004-.html   (748 words)

 Common Stock
One of the principal benefits of common stock is that investors cannot lose more than 100% of their investment.
Under the statutory basis which is the most common method, if four different directorship are up for elections and you have 100 shares of voting right, you could cast up to a 100 votes for your favorite for each seat or directorship.
Common stock is the most "junior" security that a company offers.
www.mtholyoke.edu /courses/sgabriel/securities1/stock/commonstock.htm   (642 words)

 Preferred Vs. Common Stock
Common stockholders will receive payment for their ownership interest only after all other creditors, the bondholders, and preferred shareholders have been paid.
Stock dividends are dividends paid out in the form of additional stock shares in the corporation, or shares of a subsidiary corporation.
Stock dividends benefit the company by conserving its cash and they benefit the shareholder by increasing his/her number of shares of the company.
www.ameritradefinancial.com /educationv2/fhtml/stocksfunds/prevscom.fhtml   (1341 words)

 Picking a Stock [Types of Stocks]
Since there is a higher chance of making profit, common stock owners are issued their dividends or profits after the preferred stock.
The preferred stock owners are given their dividends before the common stock owners are.
Stocks can split into any number, but they can also reverse split which means that the stocks double in value, but you only get to keep half the stocks you had before.
library.thinkquest.org /3088/stockmarket/typesofstocks.html   (373 words)

 Barnes & Noble Booksellers
A: Barnes and Noble's common stock (BKS) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
A: The trading symbol is BKS on the New York Stock Exchange.
If you are interested in buying common stock in the company, please contact your stockbroker or online brokerage service.
www.barnesandnobleinc.com /misc/faq.html   (737 words)

 Investor Behavior: Mutual Funds and the Common Stock Legend
The outcome of this case was the prudent man rule and the idea that a diversified and carefully selected portfolio of common stock could indeed be considered a wise application of funds.
Most of the theory of common stock investment was developed during years when historical analysis showed that stocks paid higher cash yields than bonds and when investments flowed in the traditional direction — from investors to corporations.
The Common Stock Legend, throughout the last half of the 20th century, was spurred on an ever-growing crowd of increasingly unsophisticated and tuned-out investors that blindly and regularly sent part of their paycheck to buy equity mutual funds, while the SEC looked the other way.
www.capital-flow-analysis.com /investment-tutorial/lesson_11.html   (2573 words)

 47 Common Stock
When one thinks of equity participation, what usually comes to mind are common stocks; and well they should, for they represent by far the largest single type of equity participation available to the investing public.
Common stock, by and large, is usually represented by a certificate.
Stock in these companies is probably as close as one can come to a bond and still have stock ownership.
www.fea-gea-iea.org /Information/47.htm   (1537 words)

 Common Stock
 A total of 425,211 stock subscription options were exercised during the period, representing 7.5% of the opening total number of stock subscription options at December 2004 and the common stock has increased by 0.6% as a result of the exercise of these stock subscription options.
Based on 67,363,465 shares in issue at 31 December 2005, the common stock of the Company could be increased by 6,145,432 new shares, representing 8.4% of the common stock after dilution.
During 2005, 1,200,400 new stock subscription options were granted to employees (of which 235,000 options were issued to the seven members of the Management Board at the date of grant) at a weighted average share price of EUR 50.0.
www.atosorigin.com /en-us/Investors/en-us/Shares/Common_Stock/default.htm   (353 words)

 Unisys | Investors | Stock FAQs
Unisys common stock (trading symbol "UIS") is listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange, on exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, and London, and on the SWX Swiss Exchange.
Although common dividends can be an important element of the shareholder valuation process, the company's priority for cash usage at this time is to accelerate profitable growth by investing in its core growth businesses.
Of the 28.4 million shares of the Series A preferred stock that were outstanding in the beginning of 1999, approximately 24.4 million shares were converted into 40.8 million shares of Unisys common stock in 1999.
www.unisys.com /about__unisys/investors/stock__faq.htm   (557 words)

 Common Stock   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As already mentioned in discussing the stock market, a stock is a share in the ownership of a company.
Instead, the degree of influence of a person holding the stock is restricted to one vote per share to elect the board of directors at annual meetings.
Study of investing and stock market has revealed that in the long term, common stock, by means of capital growth, yields higher returns than almost every other investment.
www.stockmarketinvestinginfo.com /smi_commonstock.html   (279 words)

 Are you common or preferred, Knowing the difference between common and preferred stock will help the average reader at ...
Knowing the difference between common and preferred stock will help the average reader at MsFy.com to understand why, when a company goes bankrupt, such as the Enron case, the employees were locked out of selling their shares, but the officers were able to still liquidate and retain their capital.
Preferred shareholders usually receive fixed dividends that are senior to, and payable before, any common stock dividends and they may also have preference in the distribution of assets, over common stock shares.
However, like common stock, it may be suitable for other investment strategies depending on the characteristics of the corporation.
www.msfinancialsavvy.com /archive/common_preferred_stock.php   (312 words)

 Stock Split - Macy's, Inc.
The split is structured in the form of a 100% stock dividend, payable June 9, 2006 to shareholders of record on May 26, 2006.
As a result of the stock split, each shareholder will receive one additional share of common stock for each share of common stock owned as of the close of business on the record date.
The difference between a stock split in the form of a dividend and a stock split not in the form of a dividend is that the shares will continue to trade under the same CUSIP number.
www.fds.com /ir/stock_split.asp   (1658 words)

 American Century | What is Common Stock?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When you purchase the common stock of a company, you become a partial owner — or shareholder — of the company.
Most common stocks are bought and sold in organized markets, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ.
When you buy shares of a common stock, you typically are expressing a vote of confidence in the future of that company.
www.americancentury.com /workshop/articles/common_stock.jsp   (233 words)

 Common Stock
Holders of common stock exercise control by electing a board of directors and voting on corporate policy.
Common stockholders are on the bottom of the priority ladder for ownership structure.
The upside to common shares is that they usually outperform bonds and preferred shares in the long run.
www.investopedia.com /terms/c/commonstock.asp   (347 words)

 News Room Home
Under the terms of the transaction, AMD will acquire all of the outstanding common shares of ATI for a combination of $4.2 billion in cash and 57 million shares of AMD common stock, based on the number of shares of ATI common stock outstanding on July 21, 2006.
Based upon the closing price of AMD common stock on July 21, 2006 of $18.26 a share, the consideration for each outstanding share of ATI common stock would be $20.47, comprised of $16.40 of cash and 0.2229 shares of AMD common stock.
ATI common shares trade on NASDAQ (ATYT) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (ATY).
www.amd.com /us-en/Corporate/VirtualPressRoom/0,,51_104_543~110899,00.html   (1492 words)

 [No title]
A "current" report that is used to report the occurrence of any material events or corporate changes which are of importance to investors or security holders and previously have not been reported by the registrant.
An amendment to a previously filed statement of beneficial ownership of common stock by certain persons.
An amendment to previous filing made by person(s) reporting beneficially owned shares of common stock in a public company.
www.jupitermedia.com /corporate/sec.html   (1427 words)

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