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Topic: Commonwealth Realm

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  Commonwealth Realm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Commonwealth Realm is any one of the 16 sovereign states of the Commonwealth of Nations that separately recognise Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch.
The Commonwealth Realms are each members of, but should be distinguished from, the Commonwealth of Nations, which is an organisation of mostly former British colonies, the majority of which do not have the Queen as their Head of State.
The Commonwealth Realms are sovereign states, the United Kingdom no longer holding any legislative power over any besides itself, although some countries continue to use the British Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as part of their judiciary.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Commonwealth_Realm   (3988 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Commonwealth of Nations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Commonwealth of Nations, usually known as The Commonwealth, is an association of independent sovereign states, almost all of which are former territories of the British Empire.
However, Commonwealth Realms which become republics automatically cease to be members unless, like India in 1950, they obtain the permission of other members to remain in the organisation as a republic.
Commonwealth membership was held to have lapsed until 1997, after racialist provisions in the republican constitution were repealed and reapplication for membership made.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Commonwealth_of_Nations   (3640 words)

 Personal union - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Where they do exist, most notably between the Commonwealth Realms, they are now mostly ceremonial, as the Governor-General, in theory the representative of the Head of State, has only marginal political power, and is nominated by and has to take the advice of the local Head of Government.
Commonwealth Realm from 1947–1956 (independence from British India to republic).
As a Commonwealth Realm from 1931-1961 (adoption of Statute of Westminister to republic).
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Personal_union   (2494 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Commonwealth realm
The Commonwealth of Nations (CN), usually known as the Commonwealth, is a voluntary association of 53 independent sovereign states, almost all of which are former colonies of the United Kingdom.
The Commonwealth republics, shown in pink A Commonwealth republic is any one of the 31 sovereign states of the Commonwealth of Nations that have a republican form of government.
Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a Commonwealth Realm with Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning monarch and head of state.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Commonwealth-realm   (9335 words)

 Wikinfo | Commonwealth Realm
In some former Commonwealth realms, including Malta, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mauritius, the office of President was a ceremonial post, but other countries, such as Ghana, Malawi and Gambia, the President was an executive post, held by the last Prime Minister.
Proponents argue that argue that their respective realm is already an independent nation, and that the monarchy with its history and traditions are the basis for their national identity.
Those advocating change have pointed out that the majority of Commonwealth countries have long since become republics, and that were their countries to do the same, they could still be part of the Commonwealth of Nations.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Commonwealth_Realm   (1460 words)

 Althusius: Politica: IX
It is a polity in the fullest sense, an imperium, realm, commonwealth, and people united in one body by the agreement of many symbiotic associations and particular bodies, and brought together under one right.
The members of a realm, or of this universal symbiotic association, are not, I say, individual men, families, or collegia, as in a private or a particular public association.
Schools are to be opened in the cities and provinces of the commonwealth in order that professors and instructors of liberal arts may publicly teach, that they may distribute prizes and honours for merit, and that they may confer upon their scholars the insignia of the master, the licentiate, and the doctor.
www.constitution.org /alth/alth_09.htm   (4736 words)

 Althusius: Politica: XXVIII
Furthermore, the advantages that derive to the entire commonwealth from these subjects who are worshippers of God — and, on the other hand, the evils and perils into which the commonwealth is precipitated by the ungodly — ought to lead the magistrate to a love and zeal for ecclesiastical administration.
The supreme magistrate of the realm and the ephors representing the people are the debtors in such a manner that the fulfillment of their promise can be entirely and continuously demanded of both magistrate and ephors as if each were the principal obligant.
Indeed, it is the armoury of the church and commonwealth.
www.constitution.org /alth/alth_28.htm   (5799 words)

Schools are to be opened in the cities and provinces of the commonwealth in order that professors and instructors of liberal arts may publicly teach, that they may distribute prizes and honors for merit, and that they may confer upon their scholars the insignia of the master, the licentiate, and the doctor.
Secular and political communion in the universal realm is the process by which the necessary and convenient means for carrying on a common life of justice together are communicated among the members of the realm.
A commonwealth ought to be cautious in contracting and covenanting such treaties that it not be carried along by them into unjust or disastrous activities, nor destroyed by the downfall of a confederating ally.
evans-experientialism.freewebspace.com /althusius_c.htm   (16923 words)

 IS3028 - Faction - Lyran Commonwealth - House Steiner
The Lyran Commonwealth was a nation brimming with confidence, secure in the strong economy that made it a realm to be reckoned with.
The founders of the Lyran Commonwealth had envisioned it as a means of securing their own and their people's future prosperity, through an elaborate plan for economic integration and a delicately balanced political system of nine co-equal ruling archons.
Archon Viola Steiner, who led the Commonwealth into the Star League and its troops in the Reunification War, went on a crazed rampage that decimated the 25th Skye Rangers because of baseless rumors that the Duke of Skye was involved in the kidnapping of Viola's son Kevin.
www.is3025.com /dofaction.php?id=4   (9908 words)

The 1.6 billion people of Commonwealth countries make up over a quarter of the world's population, and over 50 per cent of the population of the Commonwealth is under 25.
Membership of the Commonwealth has, since its beginning, been open to any independent state which was once ruled or administered by Britain or other Commonwealth countries, and recognises The Queen as Head of the Commonwealth.
Also listed is their constitutional status: realm indicates a Commonwealth country which is no longer a monarchy but recognises The Queen as head of State; monarchy indicates an monarchical constitution.
home.wanadoo.nl /english.site/royal/commonwealth.htm   (229 words)

 Event Archive: Dwight D. Eisenhower - Commonwealth Club
Membership in The Commonwealth Club of California is open to all individuals and organizations interested in cultural and public affairs.
But equally significant is the fact that in the political realm a commonwealth, as Mr.
Just as the California of 1903, the year your club was founded, was a far cry from the commonwealth of California today, so the world, as we turned into the twentieth century, is scarcely recognizable as the one we know in 1960.
www.commonwealthclub.org /archive/20thcentury/60-10eisenhower-speech.html   (2888 words)

Until the mid 60's, every British colony that was granted independence from the United Kingdom became a "Commonwealth Realm" monarchy by default.
As such they are technically the only Commonwealth Realm to have democratically chosen their status as a monarchy.
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa were the first Commonwealth Realms, and remained realms for the longest period of time.
www.filibustercartoons.com /realms.htm   (325 words)

 The Commonwealth Realms
Today, other than South Africa which became a republic and left the Commonwealth in 1961, these countries are included in what are termed ‘Commonwealth Realms’ which are those nations which have been constituted ‘Under The Crown of the United Kingdom’.
However the Realms could in no way be described as: “overseas countries and territories having special relations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” as our arrangements are solely with The Crown and not with the Government or the country of the UK.
For instance, in Australia the main prerogative of The Queen, as opposed to The Crown, is to appoint and dismiss the Governor-General and similarly the State Governors, although these actions are always at the request of the Prime Minister or State Premiers.
www.monarchist.org.au /commonwealth_realms.htm   (4181 words)

 FanPro's Official Classic Battletech Website
That confidence enabled us to contemplate joining our fate to that of another powerful realm, the Federated Suns, without surrendering our own identity.
Katherine cradled young Alistair in her arms and spoke movingly of the Lyran Commonwealth she wished to help build-a strong nation at peace with itself and its neighbors, "where my son may play soldier, but need not grow up to be one."
The Star League triumph over the Clans less than three years later gave new impetus to Victor's supporters in the Lyran realm, burnishing his image as the hero of his age.
www.classicbattletech.com /index.php?action=text&page=Lyran_Alliance   (10027 words)

 New Zealand (Commonwealth Realm)
The monarch's Realm of New Zealand also includes the Cook Islands and Niue, which are entirely self-governing; Tokelau, which is moving towards self-government, and New Zealand's claim in Antarctica
Full independence was granted by the United Kingdom Parliament with the Statute of Westminster in 1931; it was taken up upon the Statute's adoption by the New Zealand Parliament in 1947.
New Zealand is a member of the following geo-political organisations: APEC, Commonwealth of Nations, OECD and the United Nations.
www.naturemagics.com /world-guide/new-zealand.shtm   (5108 words)

UN observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.
16 days ago: The Commonwealth realm of Coll arrived from The British Empire.
16 days ago: The Commonwealth realm of Coll updated the World Factbook entry.
www.nationstates.net /cgi-bin/index.cgi/10588/page=display_region/region=british_empire   (183 words)

 Amazon.com: Calamity of the Realm: The Commonwealth of Both Nations II: Books: Pawel Jasienica,Alexander Jordan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Calamity of the Realm: The Commonwealth of Both Nations II (Hardcover)
Although I'm Polish, I've never realised until now the extent of the tragedy that was the demise of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
A country with strong democratic traditions, the processes that led to its demise show unmistakable parallels to what we see happening in America today.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1881284034?v=glance   (456 words)

 New Zealand News - informations from all over the world   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A popular Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, often translated as The Land of the Long White Cloud.
New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth Realm.
New Zealand is responsible for the self-governing states of the Cook Islands and Niue and administers Tokelau and the Ross Dependency.
regional.info.superhost.pl /asia/new_zealand/index.php   (287 words)

 Jamaica (Commonwealth Realm)
The JDF is based upon the British military model with organisation, training, weapons and traditions closely aligned with Commonwealth Realm Countries.
Once chosen, officer candidates are sent to one of several British or Canadian basic officer courses depending upon which arm of service they are slated for.
United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Commonwealth Realm)
www.naturemagics.com /world-guide/jamaica.shtm   (3693 words)

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