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Topic: Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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In the News (Mon 17 Dec 18)

  CETI (Communication with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence)
Unlike SETI, which is a passive, listening pursuit, CETI attempts to initiate a dialogue with intelligent extraterrestrials.
The earliest attempts at CETI were the various schemes dreamed up in the nineteenth and early twentieth century for sending messages to supposed inhabitamts of the Moon and Mars (see communication with the Moon and planets).
Over the years, a number of prominent scientists and other individuals have voiced their concern at the possible consequences of humans advertising their existence to civilizations of unknown disposition who may have technologies vastly superior to our own (see CETI, opposition to).
www.daviddarling.info /encyclopedia/C/CETI.html   (321 words)

The second proposed agreement, concerning the sending of communications to extraterrestrial intelligence, was the subject of a paper by Billingham, Tarter, and Michaud, presented at the October 1990 Congress of the International Astronautical Federation in Dresden, Germany (this volume).
Should credible evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence be discovered, the parties will establish an international committee of scientists and other experts to serve as a focal point for continuing analysis of all observational evidence collected in the aftermath of a confirmed discovery, and also provide advice on the release of information to the public.
The drafters of a communication to extraterrestrial intelligence will consider detailed information about mankind to be a commodity of high value which will not be transmitted without due attention to human security and well-being, and to reciprocity.
www.setv.org /online_mss/michaud92.html   (2406 words)

 Extraterrestrial Life
A further belief is that of the cosmos being infinite, and the third, that believers in extraterrestrial life have tended not to have a 'sense of history' and they have failed to recognise how their ideas have merely been modern representations of old concepts.
He proposes that any intelligent community capable of interstellar communications would, as a matter of course, go on to develop a means of interstellar travel.
The basic thing here is that there may not be "billions" of intelligent, technological, civilizations out there that transmitted during the "window" in which we could have received their transmission during the last forty years that we have been able to listen.
www.geocities.com /bororissa/ext.html   (5886 words)

Extraterrestrial life forms, especially intelligent ones, are often referred to in popular culture as aliens or ETs.
Belief in extraterrestrial life may have been present in ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Sumer, although in these societies, cosmology was fundamentally supernatural and the notion of aliens is difficult to distinguish from that of gods, demons, and such.
If intelligent extraterrestrial life is found and it is possible to communicate with it, the people of the world and their governments will need to determine how to manage those interactions.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Extraterrestrial.php   (2772 words)

Modest efforts to detect radio signals from intelligent extraterrestrials have already been made, both under government aegis and privately funded, and the technical means for a more vigorous search have been developed.
Without going to this extreme, the possibility must be considered that extraterrestrial intelligence will be more similar to computers than to humans, and thus one should be ready to decipher messages composed in symbol systems more like data transmission protocols than natural languages.
Extraterrestrial languages would be even more difficult, because humans would not share the same environment or biological heritage as their creators.
mysite.verizon.net /wsbainbridge/dl/ceti.htm   (2169 words)

 Interstellar Communication
Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence depends as much upon social support for the project as upon appropriate engineering design and upon the actual existence of a nearby extrasolar civilisation.
Thus, communication with extraterrestrial intelligence is, as might expect, connected in students' minds with the great long-range goal of colonisation but not significantly with the most mundane current economic and military space activities.
Thus, while the search for extraterrestrial civilizations does require the use of advanced technology, it may be possible to present it to the public as a triumph of humanism and of the spirit, rather than as an arcane technical breakthrough which might antagonise technophobic segments of the population.
mysite.verizon.net /wsbainbridge/dl/cetijbis.htm   (5732 words)

 Cosmic Search Vol. 1, No. 2 - The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Some scientists working on the question of extraterrestrial intelligence, myself among them, have attempted to estimate the number of advanced technical civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy - that is, societies capable of radio astronomy.
We may well be able to communicate with them because we share a common universe; because the laws of physics and chemistry and the regularities of astronomy are shared by them and by us.
For if intelligent life is rare or absent elsewhere, we will have learned something about the rarity and value of our culture and our biological patrimony, which have been painstakingly extracted over four billion years of tortuous evolutionary history.
www.bigear.org /vol1no2/sagan.htm   (4034 words)

 Extraterrestrial Intelligence In the Solar System: Resolving the Fermi Paradox
The assertion that extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI) do not exist, based on the apparent contradictions inherent in the Fermi Paradox, rests upon an unproven and untenable presumption: That ETI are not now present in the Solar System.
Past and recent [5-8] discussions of the Fermi Paradox make one critical assumption challenged in the present work: That the absence of extraterrestrials or their artifacts on Earth or in the Solar System is an undisputed fact, and, more generally, that advanced technology invariably leads to observable alteration of the large-scale physical environment.
While we have no convincing evidence of purposeful communication between humanity and advanced ETI, neither do the null data constitute compelling evidence that ETI are not here because this conclusion is contingent upon unknown choices that may be available to such beings and our assumption that they would wish to communicate.
www.rfreitas.com /Astro/ResolvingFermi1983.htm   (3958 words)

Music for Extraterrestrials 2 is the newest music CD for inhabitants from other planets in the distant galaxies of outer space.
Consequently, extraterrestrials could give warnings through their communications with individuals and military officials of impending action to prevent the possible use of nuclear weapons.
If these warnings went unheeded then extraterrestrials could take a range of defensive measures based on their influence over key policy makers and institutions, and their ability to impact on the capacities of nations to use nuclear weapons.
lycos.cs.cmu.edu /info/extraterrestrials--extraterrestrial-intelligence.html   (547 words)

 Invitation to ETI: Hello, ETI
We use the term "extraterrestrial intelligence" or ETI simply to mean intelligence that originated outside the planet Earth ("terra").
As a community of people with some understanding of alien intelligence and contact, we might be useful in this venture.
The symbolism of the Flag of Earth is very important to the group that is inviting ETI to dialogue with humankind.
www.ieti.org /hello   (2344 words)

 UFO Evidence : CE-5 and Human-Initiated Contact
Greer is widely regarded as the world's foremost authority on the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence and is the founder and international director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI).
In July of 1994, Joachim and Hans brought together groups to test their hypothesis regarding energy grids, perhaps activated by extraterrestrials, which occurred around sacred sites, ancient monuments, and seemed to be connected with the formation or location of certain crop circles.
The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is an international nonprofit scientific research and education organization dedicated to the furtherance of our understanding of extraterrestrial intelligence.
www.ufoevidence.org /topics/CE-5.htm   (1009 words)

 Gyre.org : SETI
Mexico's Teotihuacan, once the center of a sprawling pre-Hispanic empire, is set to become the launch pad for an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial life.
A new study suggests it is more energy efficient to communicate across interstellar space by sending physical material?a sort of message in a bottle?than beams of electromagnetic radiation.
Frank Drake, a pioneer of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), has warned that for any intelligent aliens trying to search for us, "the Earth is going to disappear" very soon because of the growing use of technologies that do not leak radio noise into outer space that extraterrestrials might be able to hear.
www.gyre.org /news/SETI   (590 words)

 Optimal wavelength region for communication with extraterrestrial intelligence:
This article shows that the best capability and reliability of communication at astronomical distances can be achieved at millimetre wavelengths.
The cost of communication, and the number of directions in which signals are sent and searched for are assumed to be fixed.
A characteristic frequency might be 203.385 GHz, corresponding to the splitting of the ground state of the lightest atom—positronium—and coinciding with the centroid of the relic background spectrum.
www.nature.com /nature/journal/v278/n5699/abs/278028a0.html   (152 words)

 OSETI III: Algorithmic Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ACETI)
OSETI III: Algorithmic Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ACETI)
Many different strategies for communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (CETI) have been proposed since the invention of wireless communication.
Pictorial messages, such as the bitmap transmitted from the Arecibo radiotelescope in 1975, can be used to communicate a wide variety of ideas and symbols.
www.coseti.org /4273-31.htm   (207 words)

 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Scientific American
We cannot use a similar logic to guess the bandwidth that might be used in interstellar communication.
A compromise is therefore required between the desire to send a signal the maximum distance and the desire to communicate the maximum amount of information.
For example, if the,000-foot radio telescope at the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico were to transmit information at the rate of one it (binary digit) per second with a bandwidth of one hertz, the signal could be received by an identical radio telescope anywhere in the galaxy.
www.sciam.com /article.cfm?articleID=000B35F3-A4B2-1C59-B882809EC588ED9F&pageNumber=4&catID=9   (935 words)

 SETI Requires a Skeptical Reappraisal (Skeptical Inquirer May/June 2006)
The evolution of life forms and eventually of intelligent life on Earth was due to a large number of very special conditions and developments, many of a coincidental nature.
One of the fundamental traits of intelligence is its unquenchable intellectual curiosity and urge to penetrate the unknown.
What is required is to make contact with a single extraterrestrial intelligence, obtaining irrefutable, thoroughly verified evidence, either via electromagnetic or optical waves or via physical contact, that we are not the only intelligent species in the cosmos.
www.csicop.org /si/2006-03/seti.html   (3261 words)

 ASP: The View from a Distant Star:Challenges of Interstellar Message-Making
When the focus turned to the possibility of communicating with the potential denizens of these worlds, their relative closeness to the Earth made it conceivable that signals could be detected through optical telescopes.
Assuming that other intelligence could visually observe Earth, and given that nineteenth century astronomers relied on optical telescopes to survey the heavens, it is understandable that early proposals for messages emphasized visible signaling.
Among the early proponents of directly displaying pictures to communicate with extraterrestrials was the illustrious mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss, who in 1826 was attributed with suggesting such an approach for communicating with potential selenites - inhabitants of the Moon.
www.astrosociety.org /pubs/mercury/9902/vakoch.html   (4961 words)

 Invitation to ETI: Communicating with ETI
The desire for communication with extraterrestrial intelligence seems to be normal, natural, and widespread.
In a similar attempt to communicate information about humans with any extraterrestrial intelligence, copies of a record were attached to the side of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.
The extraterrestrial was about four feet in height, had long fl hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin and exuded harmony and humor.” The Raelians are moving ahead with plans to build an embassy to welcome the extraterrestrials back to earth.
ieti.org /articles/communic.htm   (2129 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
CETI (Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or more correctly METI, Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a branch of SETI research that focuses on composing and deciphering messages that could theoretically be understood by another technological civilization.
In 1899, the inventor Nikola Tesla "recorded" signals of what he believed were Extraterrestrial radio signals, but these announcements and his data were rejected by the scientific community.
Morrison, P. "Interstellar Communication." Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington, 16, 78 (1962).
www.reference.com /search?q=Communication+with+Extraterrestrial+Intelligence   (1639 words)

 Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Information from Reference.com
Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a branch of SETI research...
with extraterrestrial intelligence held in Armenia in 1971.
Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence - What does CETI...
www.reference.com /search?q=Communication%20with%20Extraterrestrial%20Intelligence&db=web   (199 words)

 Definition of Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
In these systems, which build upon early work on mathematical languages, the sender describes a small set of math and logic symbols that form the basis for a rudimentary programming language that the recipient can run on a virtual machine.
Minsky, Marvin, talk given at Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI), Proceedings of a conference held at the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Yerevan, USSR, 5-11 September, 1971.
Morrison, P. "Interstellar Communication." Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington, 16, 78 (1962).
www.wordiq.com /definition/Communication_with_Extraterrestrial_Intelligence   (901 words)

 American Anthro DC 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The current paper examines the value of these concepts of culture and communication for SETI, exploring changing views as both anthropology and SETI have developed as disciplines.
Trained as an anthropologist, with fieldwork in the Pacific and an interest in the history of the discipline, I subscribe to the assumption that "evolution" is the foundation theory of modern anthropology.
I conclude that both SETI and the search for Terrestrial Intelligence could benefit from an increased emphasis on the role of culture and communication.
www.csuchico.edu /~curban/TripleADC2005.html   (288 words)

 Problems In Extraterrestrial Communication   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Communicating with extraterrestrials is a science fiction theme that is both current and venerable.
Since the thirties, most science fiction treatments of the problems involved in communication with extraterrestrials have suggested that the major difficulty to be encountered is a cultural/psychological one.
Intelligence has been useful for humans, but ants have got on quite well with a set of communal, genetically based, responses to their environment.
www.virtuallystrange.net /ufo/updates/2005/jan/m11-019.shtml   (1934 words)

 Life on Other Worlds (Steven Dick) - book review
Some of the science is covered, but the primary focus is on how it happened and why it took the form it did, and on its connections with broader cultural and social currents.
The possibility of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence has worried some: there have been concerns about the cultural impact, and the Christian response has seen the development of astrotheology.
In summary, the 20th century extraterrestrial life debates have seen the triumph of cosmic evolution and the widespread acceptance of a biological universe.
www.dannyreviews.com /h/Life_Other_Worlds.html   (634 words)

 Constraints on Message Construction for Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence - SETI Institute   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is further assumed that the sensory apparatus of beings in the universe must deal with the dimensionality of existence, physical/chemical stimuli, and the electromagnetic spectrum.
Time and space present problems, of course, but one way to overcome the difficulties is to assume an intention to communicate and to begin an interaction, and to do this it is necessary to announce one’s presence.
However, to go much beyond these observations seems likely to lead to fanciful notions of communicating the nobility of humanity (a doubtful premise) or the beauty of Bach (a pointless phantasy grounded in ignorance of the cultural and physical relativities involved in human existence).
www.seti.org /site/pp.asp?c=ktJ2J9MMIsE&b=202642   (553 words)

 insurance Communication_with_Extraterrestrial_Intelligence - insurance-notes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The best-known CETI experiment was the 1974 Arecibo message composed by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan.
Around 1900, The Guzman Prize was created; the first person to establish interplanetary communication would be awarded 100,000 francs under one stipulation: Mars was excluded because Madame Guzman thought communicating with Mars would be too easy to deserve a prize.
Pictorial communication systems seek to describe fundamental mathematical or physical concepts via simplified diagrams sent as bitmaps.
www.insurance-notes.com /Communication_with_Extraterrestrial_Intelligence   (1688 words)

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