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Topic: Communications in San Marino

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

 San Marino (country) - Printer-friendly - ninemsn Encarta
The capital is San Marino, with a population of 4,601 (2003 estimate), which is located on the slopes of Mount Titano.
San Marino is governed by the Great and General Council (Consiglio Grande e Generale), a legislative body of 60 members elected by universal suffrage for a term of five years.
San Marino is a member of the United Nations (UN), the Council of Europe (CE), and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
au.encarta.msn.com /text_761565721___0/San_Marino_(country).html   (891 words)

 San Marino - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
San Marino claims to be the world's oldest republic still in existence, founded in A.D. by a skilled builder referred to as St.
San Marino is the third-smallest country in Europe, with only Vatican City and Monaco being smaller.
Although San Marino is not an official European Union member, it is allowed to use the euro as its currency by virtue of arrangements with the council of the European Union; it is also granted the right to use its own designs on the national side of the euro coins.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/s/a/n/San_Marino_54a0.html   (798 words)

 Around Europe: San Marino   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
San Marino is a European "microstate" located entirely inside Italy, in the Apennine Mountains, and is one of the world's smallest nations.
San Marino is a small but prosperous nation, with tourism accounting for around half of the government's revenues (which totaled around 326.9 million euros or $400 million USD in 2000).
San Marino is noted for the liveliness of its political culture, with almost total voter turnout in the frequent elections.
europecountries.blogspot.com /2006/06/san-marino.html   (2053 words)

 San Marino
San Marino claims to be the world's oldest republic still in existence, being founded in A.D. 301 by a skilled builder referred to as St. Marinus.
San Marino is divided into nine municipalities, known locally as castelli, that are also towns.
San Marino itself is considered too small to hold its own grand prix.It takes place at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari racetrack in the Italian town of Imola, about 100 km northwest of San Marino, along the Via Emilia.
www.creekin.net /n159-san-marino.html   (663 words)

 Journal of San Diego History
San Diego's first public school building constructed as such was the Mason Street School built in 1865 at the corner of Congress and Mason streets in Old Town.
A milestone for education in San Diego was the land boom of the mid-1880s.
As San Diego's school system prepared to enter the twentieth century, it had evolved from a male-dominated, multi-graded system focused on the teaching of moral tracts, to a highly sophisticated system that responded to both the needs of the community and its children.
www.sandiegohistory.org /journal/91spring/schools.htm   (6137 words)

 San Marino: History, Geography, Government, and Culture — Infoplease.com
San Marino has survived, completely intact, attacks by other self-governing Italian city-states, the Napoleonic Wars, the unification of Italy, and two world wars.
San Marino, country, Europe: People, Economy, and Government - People, Economy, and Government Virtually all of the republic's inhabitants speak Italian and are...
San Marino: it's a country that clients can visit in one day.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0107939.html   (505 words)

 San Marino - definition of San Marino - Labor Law Talk Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Located in southern Europe, it is completely surrounded by Italy and has a population of less than 29,000 including 5,000 Sammarineses living in foreign countries and 1,000 foreigners living in San Marino.
San Marino claims to be the world's oldest republic still in existence, being founded in A.D. by a skilled builder referred to as St.
In 1996 San Marino and Sweden ended a war status that had officially lasted between them since 1648 (under the Peace of Westphalia).
g.msn.com /9SE/1?http://dictionary.laborlawtalk.com/San_Marino&&DI=6244&IG=f3996f69a77447ada0febad589509d2f&POS=8&CM=WPU&CE=8&CS=AWP&SR=8   (659 words)

 IAA SETI Permanent Study Group: San Marino Scale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The San Marino Scale is neither an adopted standard nor a firm proposal, but merely a suggestion thrown out for consideration and refinement by the SETI community.
The concept was first proposed in the Republic of San Marino (hence its name) by Iván Almár in the paper Quantifying Consequences Through Scales, presented to the 6th World Symposium on the Exploration of Space and Life in the Universe, in March, 2005.
We invite members of the scientific community and the press to use this tool for estimating San Marino index values during analysis of candidate transmissions from Earth, and to assign San Marino Scale values in quantifying their estimates of the potential hazard associated with any active SETI project.
www.setileague.org /iaaseti/smiscale.htm   (1063 words)

 City of San Marino, CA - San Marino Police Department
The Patrol Division is commanded by a Lieutenant whose primary responsibility is to provide general management direction to Sergeants and Officers assigned to the individual patrol shifts.
Community orientated policing activities such as citizen assistance and individual citizen contacts of a positive nature.
The application of resources to specific problems or situations within the community which may be improved by problem orientated policing strategies.
www.cityofsanmarino.org /smpd/index.htm   (249 words)

 Media - San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau
Press materials, including a San Diego Press Kit and current news releases, are distributed regularly to approximately 900 media outlets nationwide and are available upon request.
The Communications Department, -part of the SDCVB's Community Relations Division, -deals exclusively with local media to convey the important message that San Diego's visitor industry contributes significantly to the local economy and quality of life of its residents.
The department, which responds to local media inquiries, communicates the Bureau's messages, goals, activities and achievements to the community via the media through the distribution of media advisories, news releases, commentaries and opinion/editorial pieces.
www.sandiego.org /nav/Media   (317 words)

 Excite España - Viajes - Europa - San Marino - General
San Marino is a tiny state bordered by the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna to the north and east and Marche to the south and west.
Within San Marino lie the capital of the same name and eight villages.
Daily newspapers published in San Marino are La Tribuna Sanmerinese, Nuovo Corriere di Informazione Sammarinese and San Marino Oggi; Italian and foreign newspapers are widely available.
www.excite.es /viajes/guias/europa/san_marino/General   (449 words)

 Verdugo Fire Communications Center
The Verdugo Fire Communications Center is located at 421 Oak Street in the City of Glendale, California.
We are a regional Communications Center for the cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, San Gabriel, San Marino, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, Monterey Park and Alhambra.
Dialing 9-1-1 in any of the cities served by Verdugo Fire Communications Center connects a caller to police or CHP dispatchers, who determine the nature of the emergency and transfer fire and paramedic calls to Verdugo.
verdugo.ci.glendale.ca.us   (272 words)

 San Marino officials present application to join Interpol   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
San Marinese Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs Fiorenzo Stolfi (centre), with Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble (left) and Interpol Vice-President for Europe Rodolfo Ronconi.
A high-level delegation from San Marino presented the country’s application for Interpol membership during an official visit to the General Secretariat on 6 September.
The San Marino delegation included Fiorenzo Stolfi, Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs, Dennis Guerra, Under Secretary of State, and Head of Police Achille Zechini.
www.interpol.com /Public/News/2006/SanMarino20060906.asp   (174 words)

 San Marino - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
MODERN HISTORY - WWII TO 1993: From 1947 to 1957 San Marino had a communist led coalition government and in 1957 was replaced by the Christian Democrats (PDCS) and the Independent Social Democrats (PSDIS) in another coalition until 1973.
In 1992 San Marino was admitted to the UN and in March 1992 the PSDIS, having relinquished their alliance with the Progressive Democratic Party (formerly the PCS), formed a coalition government with the PDCS.
In 1993 UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali visited San Marino and elections resulted in the PSDIS and PDCS maintaining their position as the two leading political parties, and formed another coalition government.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/sanmarin.htm   (647 words)

 Bill Arens, 64; wrote the textbook on advertising | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Designed for students in communications and advertising, it is used in 900 universities in the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea and Europe and is known as the coffee-table book of advertising.
Arens, a University City resident, was born Sept. 7, 1941, in Plainfield, N.J. He grew up in San Marino and attended Cate Preparatory School in Carpinteria, where his roommate, future rock star David Crosby, became a lifelong friend.
Presented in San Antonio, Texas, by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, it honored his career accomplishments.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20060907/news_1m7arens.html   (670 words)

 BUBL LINK: San marino
A catalogue of all the languages and dialects spoken in San Marino, with details of the numbers of speakers of each language.
Listing of political resources relevant to San Marino, with links to parties, organisations, government, media and results of recent elections, where available.
Basic reference information about San Marino, such as area, capital, population, population density, geography, language, religion, time zone, history and government, plus business and social information, including details of accommodation, addresses, climate, regions, travel, visas, passports, money, health and public holidays.
bubl.ac.uk /link/s/sanmarino.htm   (291 words)

 San Marino News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News
Dowds, a longtime resident of San Marino who retired from the bench in 1988, died Dec. 15 of pneumonia at Pasadena Highlands,...
Lucia Bahamas, The Jamaica Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Bahrain, Kingdom of Jordan, Hashemite San Marino, Republicof Kingdom of Barbados, The Island of Lebanon, Republic of Seychelles, Republicof Bermuda, The...
Also present was Francesco Municci, Consular of the Republic of San Marino -a small State off the province of Milan - a close associate of the city...
www.einnews.com /sanmarino   (1092 words)

 San Marino: History, Geography, Government, and Culture — FactMonster.com
San Marino: History, Geography, Government, and Culture — FactMonster.com
Those born in San Marino remain citizens and can vote no matter where they live.
San Marino, country, Europe: History - History According to tradition, Marino, a Christian stonecutter from Dalmatia, took refuge (early...
www.factmonster.com /ipka/A0107939.html   (359 words)

 Coin Collecting - National currency of San Marino
As the world looks to the third millennium A.D., the coins of San Marino reflect a pursuit of the history of thought and the achievements of mankind.
The themes of 1997's issues celebrate the arts and human communications.
For further information, about gold, silver and divisional sets of coins of the Republic of San Marino, please contact: Azienda Autonoma Di Stata Filatelica Numismatica, P.O.Box 1, San Marino, 47031 Republic of San Marino, telephone +378 882365, Fax +378 882363.
www.fleur-de-coin.com /e-library/sanmarino.asp?hide=false   (371 words)

 Wikinfo | San Marino   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Located in southern Europe, it is landlocked by Italy and has a population of less than 29,000 including 5,000 Sammarineses living in foreign countries and 1,000 foreigners living in San Marino.
San Marino Site - A portal on San Marino, partly in English
Images, some of which are used under the doctrine of Fair use or used with permission, may not be available.
g.msn.com /9SE/1?http://www.wikinfo.org/wiki.php?title=San_Marino&&DI=6244&IG=f3996f69a77447ada0febad589509d2f&POS=9&CM=WPU&CE=9&CS=AWP&SR=9   (695 words)

 World Facts and Figures - San Marino
The third smallest state in Europe (after The Holy See and Monaco) also claims to be the world's oldest republic.
According to tradition, it was founded by a Christian stonemason named Marinus in 301 A.D. San Marino's foreign policy is aligned with that of Italy.
San Marino does not have an embassy in the US honorary consulate(s) general: Washington, DC, and New York
www.worldfactsandfigures.com /countries/san_marino.php   (605 words)

 San Marino, California (CA) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hotels, hospitals, schools, ...
San Marino, CA residents, houses, and apartments details
San Marino, California business data: stores, dealers, real estate agents, wholesalers, restaurants...
San Marino-area historical tornado activity is significantly above California state average.
www.city-data.com /city/San-Marino-California.html   (1389 words)

 San Marino, CA Real Estate
San Marino, CA real estate news, broker listings for homes.
Community Close-Up Bryan Nim and his family explored many cities before deciding to buy a home in Buena Park.
It is important to stay abreast of real estate trends before putting a property on the market, according to Chris Abel, director of marketing and communications for HelpU-Sell, a fee-for-service real estate...
www.topix.net /real-estate/san-marino-ca   (200 words)

 About Us - Technology Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Office of Technology Services (OTS), under the support of Instructional Services, is committed to providing first-class educational technology vision, services, planning and support for the administration, faculty and students of the San Marino Unified School District.
The services we provide include Internet access, email, networking technologies, business and instructional applications, technical support, training, and web communications.
The Office of Technology Services is located within the district offices at 1665 West Drive, San Marino, CA 91108.
www.san-marino.k12.ca.us /ots/aboutus.html   (76 words)

 San Marino - Facts
More information about San Marino including positions in various world rankings
9 municipalities (castelli, singular - castello); Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Chiesanuova, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, Montegiardino, San Marino Citta, Serravalle
San Marino does not have an embassy in the US
www.aneki.com /facts/san_marino.html   (533 words)

 Welcome to San Marino
Diplomatic representation in the US: San Marino does not have an embassy in the US honorary consulate(s) general: Washington, DC, and New York
Diplomatic representation from the US: the US does not have an embassy in San Marino; the US Consul General in Florence (Italy) is accredited to San Marino
Railways: 0 km; note—there is a 1.5 km cable railway connecting the city of San Marino to Borgo Maggiore
www.middleeastnews.com /SanMarino.html   (707 words)

 JS Online: Hugo Armando Advances at San Marino
SAN MARINO - American Hugo Armando defeated Jean-Rene Lisnard of France 6-1, 6-2 Wednesday to advance to the quarterfinals of the $100,000 San Marino ATP tennis tournament.
The unseeded Armando needed just over an hour to dispose of Lisnard in the second round of the clay court event.
Journal Sentinel Inc. is a subsidiary of Journal Communications.
www.jsonline.com /sports/etc/ap/aug01/ap-ten-san-marino-080101.asp   (199 words)

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