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Topic: Communications management

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  Communications Management
The general management skill of communicating is the broader subject and involves knowledge such as: sender-receiver models, choice of media, writing style, presentation techniques, and meeting management techniques.
The Communications Management Plan is a subsidiary element of the overall project plan.
The PM uses communication more than any other skill set to manage the project throughout its life cycle and ensure that team members are working cohesively and resolving problems.
www.yancy.org /research/project_management/communications.html   (1430 words)

 Network and Communications Management Degree at DeVry University
Network and Communications Management professionals fill that critical niche in business organizations, designing, implementing, securing and managing networks - from Ethernet-enabled voice-operated IP systems to security firewalls to next-generation network administration.
Plus, network and communication management students graduate with more of the communications and teamwork skills that today's employers seek.
For the year ending with the October '06 graduates, 88% of DeVry Network and Communication Management graduates were employed in their field and enjoying a salary averaging over $40,000.
www.devry.edu /programs/network_and_communications_management/about.jsp   (415 words)

 Welcome to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
Media management students with an interest in new media, such as the Internet or satellite communications, have the opportunity to study these evolving industries during their coursework.
By emphasizing communication and management skills, students are prepared for decision making careers in the varied fields of national and global media.
The program is an ideal extension of a communications degree, as up to six media management credits may be excused for previous relevant study.
newhouse.syr.edu /prospective/grad/mediaManagement/program.cfm   (245 words)

 Crisis Management Communications - Levick Strategic Communications
Some crisis management communications is simply having in place corporate spokespersons with an instinct for saying the right thing in the right way to the right people at the right time.
In fact, it’s the really brilliant communicators who should be the first persons trained when a crisis occurs.
The science of crisis management communications takes the art of crisis management communications to a next level.
www.levick.com /resources/topics/crisis/communications.php   (187 words)

 Introduction to Graphic Communications Management   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Graphic Communications Management majors are prepared to be managers who are leaders, motivators and communicators who can deal with graphics workflows, business issues and production efficiency.
Since the Graphic Communications Management program requires each student to complete one semester of college mathematics, we encourage students to prepare by completing the appropriate math courses in high school.
The Graphic Communications Management program is made up of general education courses, professional management courses and graphics technology courses.
www.uwstout.edu /programs/bsgcm/intro.html   (811 words)

 Crisis Management | Lexicon Communications Corp. | Crisis Communications
Lexicon Communications is the nation's oldest and most experienced crisis management firm, specializing in strategic public relations, crisis management, crisis communications, media relations, crisis management training and workshops, issues management, litigation support, and marketing communications.
Over the years, we have been involved in the some of the world's most riveting and headline-grabbing business crises and have helped countless companies emerge from a variety of tough crisis situations with their reputations and their businesses in one piece.
However, we're equally well known for our innovative, proactive crisis management services – helping businesses identify in advance vulnerable points where a crisis may strike and devising effective plans and strategies to keep companies out of trouble and (where appropriate) out of the media spotlight.
www.lexiconcommunications.com   (156 words)

 Crisis Communications Management - Training - PR
Crisis Communications Management - Training - PR Crisis communications management and training with public relations in israel leyden.
Crisis communications is the art of working with the media when an event, which could have negative, devastating impact to a client, suddenly starts to gather hurricane strength.
During a crisis, information is critical and the management of that information and getting it disseminated properly to the public and to the media could determine life and death in many cases.
www.israelnewsagency.com /crisiscommunicationsmanagement.html   (2065 words)

 FaceTime Communications - Management Team
While at RSA, Phelan held various leadership and management positions in both enterprise and OEM sales where he contributed to the growth of the company from $84 million to more than $300 million in revenue.
Prior to joining FaceTime, Vutukuri was most recently head of Tumbleweed Communications' subsidiary in India where he successfully built and established a key engineering division for the company from the ground up.
Before joining FaceTime, Ziemer held a variety of senior business development positions, where she was responsible for partner management and strategy, including prioritization of target companies, and advancement and closure of significant partnerships to increase distribution reach and grow revenue.
www.facetime.com /company/management.aspx   (1582 words)

 Project Communications Management
Identify communications requirements, technologies, constraints and assumptions; draw communications flow diagram; use inclusive team structure to shorten communications paths.
Use stakeholder analysis to identify communications paths; plan for multiple communications media; plan to shorten vital information paths by new relationships, attitudes, or techniques.
Communicate availability of work results; prepare methods for communications storage and distribution; conduct regular meetings to identify critical issues.
www.hyperthot.com /pm_meth7.htm   (419 words)

 NYU SCPS | Master of Arts in Graphic Communications Management and Technology
The Master of Arts in Graphic Communications Management and Technology, offered by NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), is an innovative master's degree program that provides students with critical leadership skills specific to the field of graphic communications media.
You build expertise in management practices, learn to make the most of resources, and gain a thorough understanding of the capabilities of current and emerging technologies in a program designed to help students become leaders in the field.
The Master of Arts in Graphic Communications Management and Technology can be completed in approximately four to five semesters of full-time study or seven to 10 semesters of part-time study, for a total of 40 credits.
www.scps.nyu.edu /departments/degree.jsp?degId=71   (480 words)

 Software provides communications expense management., Avotus Corp.
By its very nature, mobile communications, with its decentralized and distributed use, frequent device turnover, fragmented carrier coverage, is perhaps the least well-managed part of an enterprise's overall communications spend.
Mobile device management processes and procurement are typically highly decentralized with individual employees often contracting and expensing their own services.
Avotus has a 20-year history of empowering companies of all sizes to gain lasting control over their complete worldwide communications environments through the effective management of their voice, mobile and wireless, data and converged communications spend.
news.thomasnet.com /fullstory/481343   (1265 words)

 Master of Science in Communications Management at Towson University
Focus on communication questions and skills by lawyers, judges, litigants and jurors in criminal and civil justice.
Prerequisite: MCOM 356, MCOM 357 or MCOM 381 and consent of instructor.
Examines the body of knowledge in public relations, with focus on the strategic management of communication, including case studies and field investigations.
grad.towson.edu /program/master/comg-ms.asp   (2343 words)

 Communications Expense Management Telecommunications Management
Inventory Manager creates and maintains a dynamic inventory of all the voice, data and mobile assets across an enterprise to a centralized location.
Any change implemented in Service Manager whether it be ordering new circuit or consolidation of existing circuits or a change in employee mobile phone plan automatically gets reflected in the Inventory Manager.
Report Manager generates an extensive array of reports which can be configured to the needs of an enterprise.
www.amtelnet.com /products/communications_expense_management.htm   (758 words)

 JCU Graduate School - Communications Management Program   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The program is designed to develop a knowledge of and competency in the management process while stimulating an awareness of ethical theories and the processes of making ethical decisions in the work environment.
Its focus is to guide the student toward appropriate knowledge and rigorous analytical skills to assume leadership roles in the professions or to prepare them for further graduate studies.
The Communications Management Program consists of 33 hours of academic coursework, including either a thesis (6 hours) or a project (3 hours).
www.jcu.edu /graduate/Prospective/communications_management.asp   (283 words)

 Change Management Communications Planning and Strategy, Ideas from Everett Rogers
Once those elements are in place, change management communication plans should be targeted to the different constituencies likely to receive the message.
If you are a manager leading initiating a change, you might be an early adopter, and any change leader should create a change management communication plan that begins by targeting these people, because their influence is essential and their resistance will make any change efforts futile.
If you are creating a change management communications plan, your initial coalition has to include unity among your early adopters, and then target winning over the early majority.
www.ajschuler.com /change_management_communicatio.html   (1438 words)

 ICM book online: Integrated Communications Management of Broadband Networks   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The adequate management of telecommunications assets is fundamental in supporting the widespread deployment of new telecommunications services.
In this context, the RACE project "Integrated Communications Management" (ICM) made a significant contribution to advancing the state-of-the-art in network and service management.
The project built on existing material from research and standardisation initiatives in the areas of TMN specification methodologies, models and architectures; distributed management platforms; network simulators; and design and implementation approaches.
www.ee.ucl.ac.uk /~dgriffin/papers/book/icmbook.html   (263 words)

 Uncle Phil's Guide to Communications Management
One of the characteristics of those that do is that project management ensured relevant communication between project personnel and stakeholders happened on a regular and consistent basis.
One failure point in a Communications Plan is caused by the overwhelming amount of communications that must occur over the life of a project.
If you are new to this either because you are a new Project Manager or a PM that has never actually closed a phase of a project, you might want to look into this more closely.
blogs.ittoolbox.com /pm/uncle-phil/archives/uncle-phils-guide-to-communications-management-11777?rss=1   (1935 words)

Unless you are in the communications or information technology business, the time that it takes you to keep up with the latest techniques and tools steals time that you could be using to build your business.
If you have an MIS or IT department, or an editorial staff, we can work with them to plan your communications from research right down to publication, coordinating additional workers for overflow assignments and assuming responsibility for any positions that you can’t afford to fill in-house.
Whether your communications are designed to be your first impression, or your continuing impression, the right edge means ensuring that you always convey the right impression.
www.writeedge.com /business/communications_management.asp   (497 words)

 SoundBite Communications, Inc. - Management
She brings extensive senior management experience in high technology companies, with a strong background in customer relationship management and professional services.
She was a key member of the management team for this salesforce automation company.
Before that, he was an Engineering Manager at Raptor Systems (later acquired by AXENT Technologies), where he oversaw the engineering of the company's firewall management and Web-based single sign-on solutions.
www.soundbite.com /aboutus/management   (962 words)

 Avotus Intelligent Communications Management : Usage Management   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Avotus ICM Usage Management is the ultimate solution for gaining visibility and insight into how your employees are using all of the Communications tools that are available to them.
ICM Usage Management consolidates all of these expenses to provide a consolidated, aggregated and dynamic view of the total corporate Communications expenses which then becomes a critical management tool for making intelligent business decisions going forward.
ICM Usage Management can be deployed on site or via a hosted service or a completely outsourced value added managed service depending on your in house skill set or the need to use your internal resources for other activities.
www.avotus.com /site/icm/usage_management.asp   (686 words)

 Mobile Wireless Communications Management and Enterprise Telecom Expense Management - An Industry White Paper on Mobile ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Management of mobile wireless communication can be bifurcated into 1) expense management, and 2) access management.
While there are numerous expense management challenges presented by mobile wireless communications, the more significant issue is the security risk resulting from information leakage posed by mobile access - devices and users accessing enterprise information resources.
Successfully addressing either management challenge - expense management or access management, rests on having an accurate manifest or inventory of the devices and services in use, and accurate profiles of the users employing them.
whitepaper.techweb.com /cmptechweb/search/index/sol_summary/71035?pos=2&trkpg=PARTNER_SEARCH_RESULTS_CMPTECHWEB&stype=key&n=71035&c=CMPTECHWEB   (317 words)

 Communications Management
The Netacademy on Communications Management is an international partly open Web platform providing the worldwide exchange about research and developments in the field of Corporate Communications.
It is hosted by the Center for Corporate Communication (C CC) at the MCM Institute at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.
The C CC-Team kindly invites you to contribute to the exchange by submitting news, publications, calls for conferences and papers or suggestions of any kind.
www.communicationsmgt.org   (117 words)

 CPM - Solutions - CRM - Communications Management - CRM for Healthcare Marketing
Campaign Manager is a multimedia communications tool that captures data from every information source in your facility and turns it into a variety of programs to help you reach your target audience.
Once your database is complete, simply describe whom you want to reach and what you want to say to them, and Campaign Manager looks for communication opportunities to distribute the right communication through the right channel.
With Campaign Manager, it's simple to define the marketing packages you want, and easy for you to see results through tracking reports, control group comparisons and automated campaign triggers.
www.cpm.com /payers/solutions/crm_management.cfm   (248 words)

 AltiGen Communications Management Team
AltiGen Communications was founded in May, 1994 by current president and Chief Executive Officer, Gilbert Hu, who has a history of bringing new technologies to market.
Hu was founder, President, and CEO of Centrum Communications, a pioneer in the remote networking industry, which was acquired by 3Com Corp. in early 1994.
She has also held a management position in software development for a remote server access product line at 3Com Corp. Before her role at 3Com, Ms.
www.altigen.com /company_management.html   (412 words)

 Voice data and mobile communications management - Azzurri Communications UK
Azzurri is a converged voice and data communications consultancy.
We provide total managed services to help your company reduce costs and improve efficiency.
We also provide and manage cutting edge ip telephony systems, secure data networks, contact centres and digital print, fax and copier services.
www.azzurricommunications.com   (214 words)

 Secure Service aids in VoIP setup and management., LineSider Communications
"Security management is critical to driving widespread adoption of VoIP in the enterprise market; it is one of the top concerns among CIOs who are considering VoIP and seeking a way to reduce their dependency upon costly frame relay and MPLS networks," said Harley Stowell, CEO of LineSider.
LineSider Communications is a global IP communications provider, managing secured voice and data services for the IP Age.
The management team is comprised of seasoned veterans with proven track records in multiple communication market segments, in data security, and in commercializing the automation of complex business processes.
news.thomasnet.com /fullstory/471644/rss   (1216 words)

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