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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  E.O.P.D. East Orange Police Department Compstat
Compstat was created to provide the East Orange Police Department with an synopsis of preliminary crime statistics which allow tactical planning and deployment of resources to fight crime.
COMPSTAT tactics encourage "thinking outside the box" and mandates that every resource, both internal and external, are considered in responding to a problem.
The continuous COMPSTAT cycle of reviewing, strategizing, taking action and being held accountable for results has streamlined the Department's crime fighting abilities and increased it effectiveness in responding quickly to crime problems as evidenced by the current reduction in the overall occurrence of crime throughout the City of East Orange.
www.eopd.com /compstat.html   (1177 words)

 Police Chief Magazine - View Article
CompStat was instituted as the model for changing the risk aversion mentality and leading the department back into the business of proactive law enforcement while building a high-performance organization embracing change.
In addition, a vital component of CompStat that cannot be overemphasized is its focus on holding police managers directly accountable for combating the crime in their assigned area and providing them the authority to deploy their personnel resources to achieve the desired results.
CompStat requires the police to give attention to the social and environmental situation that may be adding to or creating the problem.
policechiefmagazine.org /magazine/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_arch&article_id=190&issue_id=12004   (3126 words)

 Compstat, NYPD, and Mad Data, printer friendly version
In the 1990s Compstat was lauded as having played a central role in the much publicized decline of crime in New York City (the causes of which continue to be disputed), bringing fame to “tough on crime” Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Commissioner Bratton, and the NYPD in general.
Today Compstat technology is used in police departments across the nation and throughout the world, often peddled by consulting firms headed by Giuliani and various ex- NYPD top brass.
Compstat relies on a Geographic Information System (GIS) especially tailored for police departments by GIS software giant, ESRI Inc. The GIS can quickly compute, graph, and map information, and can be used to overlay spatially displayed crime records with information, such as proximity to schools or population densities.
zmagsite.zmag.org /Jun2004/trevespr0604.html   (901 words)

 Yuba City Police Dept. - COMPSTAT
CompStat is a term that became widely known to law enforcement in 1994 by its association with then New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton.
CompStat was the 1996 “Innovations in American Government” award winner, sponsored by the Ford Foundation and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
Professor William Walsh referred to CompStat as an “emerging police managerial paradigm”, and Professors George Kelling and William Sousa have described it as “perhaps the single most important organizational/administrative innovation during the latter half of the twentieth century”.
www.ycpd.org /index.cfm?navid=6454   (389 words)

 Philadelphia Police Department :: CompStat Meetings
An essential feature of the COMPSTAT process, and one that is generally believed to account for its dramatic success in reducing crime in Philadelphia, is the freedom that the Police Commissioner gives to his District commanders to deploy their resources as they judge to be most effective.
In this way, the COMPSTAT process ensures that everyone in the city who has a contribution to make in fighting crime is involved in the process of planning this fight and monitoring its progress.
COMPSTAT is an ongoing evolutionary process with improvements being made regularly to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness in fighting crime.
www.ppdonline.org /hq_compstat2.php   (1014 words)

 NIJ - Operations Research Challenge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
COMPSTAT meetings which are held bi-weekly, places the spotlight on the sector commander who is expected to have in-depth knowledge about criminal activity and a plan for abating it.
COMPSTAT is an information and management tool that maps crime statistics and holds command staff more accountable for the level of crime in their beats” (Walsh 2001, 347).
The COMPSTAT model holds the reduction of crimes as paramount, often removing community input from the equation, and places an emphasis on the department’s goals over the means.
www.ojp.usdoj.gov /nij/events/or/statement1.htm   (1070 words)

 Education Update - MetroBEAT
CompStat has led to an unprecedented drop in crime, with overall crime declining by over 57% from 1993 to 2000 and murder declining 65% in that same period.
There are also those who say that while the CompStat model may work well for a highly regimented agency such as the Police Department, it has no place in other areas of City government.
CompStat programs have reinvented the way that our City agencies work, and have helped to improve the lives of millions of New Yorkers.
www.educationupdate.com /archives/2001/sept01/pages/metro_mayor.html   (769 words)

 What We’ve Learned About Policing by William J. Bratton, William Andrews, City Journal Spring 1999
Compstat was the computer-file name of this report, a contraction of “comparison statistics.”; Maple and Anemone began going over the new data at meetings with precinct personnel, quizzing commanders about crime in their precincts and what they were doing about it.
Compstat’s maps helped make sure that we were putting our resources where the problems were, and when they were happening.
Above all, as John Timoney puts it, “Compstat is the greatest accountability tool ever.” It’s an instrument for holding precinct commanders responsible for crime in their areas, rewarding them if they push crime down and removing them if they don’t come up with plans to do so.
www.city-journal.org /html/9_2_what_weve_learned.html   (4835 words)

 Letters to the Editor: CompStat: NYPD Nos. Game
CompStat is primarily a computerized version of the old crime "pin maps," which show the locations and patterns of criminal activity in a given area.
The numbers become so important, and the challenge for commanders at CompStat meetings so daunting, that in some commands the sharpest officers are working not to fight crime, but to work on crime stats and prepare their commanding officers for their next CompStat meeting.
CompStat shouldn't be abandoned, but it should be kept on a short leash so that the last month's crime statistics don't become the primary measure of good policing.
www.thechief-leader.com /news/2006/1124/letters/028.html   (480 words)

 Compstatmania (Gotham Gazette. July 7, 2003)
"In the Compstat meeting, people were accountable for getting the mission accomplished," said David Weisburd, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Maryland and the lead researcher on a Police Foundation study into the proliferation of Compstat.
As Compstat evolved, crime fell sharply throughout the city, in all 76 precincts.
Since Compstat went into effect, "at least five police commanders have been accused of reclassifying crimes to improve their statistics, which are reviewed at sometimes contentious weekly Compstat meetings," William K. Rashbaum reported.
www.gothamgazette.com /article/issueoftheweek/20030707/200/432   (2785 words)

 Philadelphia Police Department :: CompStat Process
COMPSTAT, a crime analysis and police management process developed by the New York City Police Department, was introduced to the Philadelphia Police Department in March 1998.
The essence of the COMPSTAT process can be summarized briefly as follows: Collect, analyze and map crime data and other essential police performance measures on a regular basis and hold police managers accountable for their performance as measured by these data.
After the data is aggregated, it is incorporated in the form of a CompStat Process Data Form.
www.ppdonline.org /hq_compstat.php   (690 words)

 NYPD - Official New York City Police Department Web Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The CompStat Report captures crime complaint and arrest activity at the precinct, patrol borough, and city-wide levels, and presents a concise summary of these and other important performance indicators.
It is important to note that the weekly CompStat Report and Crime Strategy Meetings do not focus simply on enforcement of the seven major crimes comprising the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) Index, but also capture data on the number of shooting incidents and shooting victims as well as gun arrests.
These visual presentations are a useful and highly effective adjunct to the CompStat Report, since it permits precinct commanders and members of the Executive Staff to instantly identify and explore trends and patterns as well as solutions for crime and quality of life problems.
www.nyc.gov /html/nypd/html/chfdept/compstat-process.html   (1563 words)

 Ford Foundation Report
Compstat, short for either "computer statistics" or "comparative statistics" depending on whom you ask, began in New York City in the early 1990's and won an Innovations in American Government Award (see article on page 20) in 1995.
Last fall, Compstat gained legitimacy of another sort as scriptwriters for "The District," a television drama about a fictional police commissioner in Washington D.C., gave it a central role in his efforts to revitalize the police force and fight crime.
In some cases, chiefs and mayors have presented Compstat to their cities as a way to acknowledge a history of failure and turn around a demoralized police department.
www.fordfound.org /publications/ff_report/view_ff_report_detail.cfm?report_index=264   (3100 words)

 CityStates: The IUS Blog: COMPSTAT: Political Economy In, Garbage Out?
Even if police administrators aren't tempted to falsify or repress data, studies show that there is still a serious mismatch between the program's requirements and the actual needs of police departments and the communities they serve.
Compstat’s sole mission is to fight crime, but police departments have complex missions that may require police to engage in many diverse activities.
This dissonance between the ideals of Compstat and the realities of police work suggests that Compstat’s architects may have failed to envision the program’s role in the context of a department’s many duties.
blog.uwinnipeg.ca /ius/archives/002136.html   (865 words)

 The Big Apple: Broken Windows; COMPSTAT; CAPSTAT
COMPSTAT and CAPSTAT are two statistical programs that have been helping to process the computer records of the police and other departments.
Known as Compstat, the new process provided the central command with sophisticated crime-tracking intelligence even as it devolved to individual precinct commanders the authority to make the tactical decisions necessary to respond.
"Compstat was perhaps the single most important organizational/administrative innovation in policing during the latter half of the 20th century," the authors conclude.
www.barrypopik.com /index.php/new_york_city/entry/broken_windows_compstat_capstat   (1622 words)

 Warwick Township: Compstat
A crime analysis and police management process developed by the New York City Police Department, COMPSTAT is summarized briefly as follows: Collect, analyze and map crime data and other essential police performance measures on a regular basis and hold police managers and officers accountable for their performance as measured by these data.
COMPSTAT has been shown throughout the United States to work in all size agencies, from the large agencies to the ones with two or three officers.
COMPSTAT is basically an application of the Broken Windows theory, aided by crime analysis, and using the SARA model (Scan, Analyze, Respond, and Assess).
www.co.lancaster.pa.us /warwick/cwp/view.asp?A=3&Q=549356   (848 words)

 CompStat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CompStat - or COMPSTAT - (short for COMPuter STATistics or COMParative STATistics) is the name given to the New York City Police Department's management accountability process.
CompStat is a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement and, personnel and resource management.
CompStat originated in the New York City Police Department in 1994, under leadership of Police Commissioner William Bratton and his Deputy Commissioner Jack Maple.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CompStat   (1830 words)

 Chief of Department CompStat Unit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The CompStat Unit was created to provide the Department with snapshots of preliminary crime statistics which allow tactical planning and deployment of resources to fight crime.
The CompStat Unit provides critical information to the Police Commissioner and Chief of Department compiling and analyzing preliminary crime, and homicide statistics, and commanding officer profiles.
The CompStat Unit generates electronic pin maps of crime locations citywide; analyzes geographical locations of shootings, homicides, and other major crimes; monitors pattern crimes; develops advanced computerized crime tracking methods; and provides briefing/presentation materials for the Police Commissioner.
www.nyc.gov /html/nypd/html/chfdept/compstat.html   (118 words)

 Mayor Gavin Newsom | Compstat
Compstat translates that information into detailed reports and electronic crime maps that pinpoint the type and location of crimes, and reveal trends over time.
Compstat will allow SFPD to track and address a wide variety of crimes, from serious felonies such as murders and robberies to quality-of-life crimes like graffiti and aggressive panhandling that are also important to San Franciscans.
Compstat technology will improve the ability of the police and community to work together to review crime data, prioritize chronic crime and disorder problems, and work collaboratively to develop strategies to solve those problems.
www.gavinnewsom.com /index.php?id=28   (2637 words)

COMPSTAT, short for computer statistics, has a well-established and proven track record in reducing crimes and improving the overall operating systems of several major metropolitan police departments.
A vital component of the COMPSTAT philosophy is its emphasis on holding police managers directly accountable for combating the crime in their assigned area and providing them the authority to deploy their resources to achieve the desired results.
The COMPSTAT Unit, under the direction of Detective III Jeff Godown, works to provide the statistical data and management information needed for the weekly COMPSTAT information sharing forum meetings chaired by Chief Bratton and the Director, Office of Operations, Assistant Chief George Gascon.
www.lapdonline.org /inside_the_lapd/content_basic_view/6363   (1032 words)

 COMPSTAT 2004 : International Conference on Computational Statistics, Prague August 23-27, 2004
Keynote speakers are requested to supply a paper of up to 16 pages for inclusion in the published COMPSTAT 2004 proceedings; 60 minutes are usually available for presentation, including invited and open discussions.
Each COMPSTAT meeting is organised with a number of topics highlighted.
Equally an extended discussion of a personal project would not be ideal unless the paper went on to draw general conclusions and implications from the work.
compstat2004.cuni.cz /c04-authors_guide.htm   (964 words)

 Digital Crime Fighter - William Bratton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The resulting Compstat technology is part data-mining and part spreadsheet software technology that enables crime fighters to find patterns, say, in the murder rate of a particular neighborhood—by time of day, location, weapons used and dozens of other variables.
But once Compstat was used to size up his assault problem, officials discovered that the altercations were occurring between 3 p.m.
At first, resistance was so high to Compstat that in its first year, 75 percent of the city's precinct commanders had to be replaced, for either failing to work with the system or ignoring what Compstat analyses showed about crime in individual precincts, Bratton says.
www.cioinsight.com /print_article/0,3668,a=7135,00.asp   (1380 words)

 City of West Chicago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
COMPSTAT, a crime analysis and police management process developed by the New York City Police Department, was introduced to the West Chicago Police Department in July 2005.
The COMPSTAT philosophy is based on four principles, which have proven to be essential elements of an effective crime-fighting strategy.
The COMPSTAT process permits personnel at all levels to monitor and assess the effectiveness of their efforts and re-direct those efforts, when necessary.
www.westchicago.org /safety/policeCOMSTAT.php   (654 words)

 Article | Use Compstat Against Terror
But even if U.S. immigration policies were immediately and sufficiently strengthened (a doubtful outcome), New York and the nation still face the likelihood of attacks from people already in the country.
It was to solve similar turf problems within the NYPD that Deputy Commissioner for Operations Jack Maple and Chief of Department Louis Anemone created Compstat in 1994.
Compstat participants forged strategies to crush problems before they became major.
www.manhattan-institute.org /html/_nydn-use_compstat.htm   (856 words)

 Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation - Awards Recipients
The key, Safir says, is "Compstat," short for "computer comparison statistics," a system that allows police to track crime incidents almost as soon as they occur.
While it was developing Compstat, the department was also undergoing a major management overhaul aimed at bringing the city's 76 precinct commanders and top departmental management closer together.
Also essential to the Compstat process are continual follow-up and assessment of results.
www.ashinstitute.harvard.edu /ash/compstat.htm   (365 words)

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