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Topic: Complex family

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Complex family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A joint family is also known as a complex family, parents and their children's families often live under a single roof.
In India, the family is a patriarchal society, with the sons' families often staying in the same house.
Businesses carried out by Hindu joint families in India are governed by the Hindu undivided family act, where the liability of the entire business is borne out by the eldest male, who is the head of the business by default.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Complex_family   (319 words)

 Family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A family is a domestic group of people, or a number of domestic groups, typically affiliated by birth or marriage, or by comparable legal relationships including domestic partnership, adoption, surname and in some cases ownership (as was the case in the Roman Empire).
From the perspective of children, the family is a family of orientation: the family serves to locate children socially, and plays a major role in their enculturation and socialization.
Sociologists distinguish between conjugal families that are relatively independent of the kindreds of the parents and of other families in general, and nuclear families which maintain relatively close ties with their kindreds.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Family   (2540 words)

 Characteristics associated with the early identification of complex Family Court custody cases - Family Court of New ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Family Court deals with a proportion of complex custody cases which are of long duration and involve a lot of interaction with the Family Court.
The literature on the early identification of complex cases in the Family Court is limited in extent and dominated by comment or research by psychologists.
These cases contribute to case complexity through the difficulty in establishing the facts, the use of allegations to deny one parent access to the children, the increased likelihood of CYFS involvement, the possibility of criminal charges pending, the need for specialist reports and the extra demands caused by the standard of evidence having been raised.
www.justice.govt.nz /family/fcpubs/characteristics-id-complex-fc-custody-cases   (1242 words)

 American Family Physician: Complex regional pain syndrome - includes patient information
Complex regional pain syndrome may be initiated by trauma, often involving the hands or feet.
Early in the course of complex regional pain syndrome, the affected area is warm, erythematous and dry.
Complex regional pain syndrome is not a diagnosis of exclusion, because specific defining criteria have been identified (Table 1).[9(pp40-3)] However, the diagnosis can be difficult to make early in the course of the syndrome when few or only mild symptoms are present.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3225/is_n9_v56/ai_20155532   (1206 words)

 Recent Papers of Robert L. Devaney
In this paper we describe a family of rational maps of the complex plane that feature infinitely many distinct parameter values for which the corresponding Julia set is a Sierpinski curve (sometimes called a Sierpinski carpet).
We show that there are many itineraries for the complex exponential map for which the corresponding set of points is an indecomposable continuum, not a hair, as occurs in the case of bounded regular sequences.
We prove that a saddle-node (parabolic) periodic point in a complex dynamical system often admits homoclinic points, and in the case that these homoclinic points are nondegenerate, this is accompanied by the existence of infinitely many baby Mandelbrot sets converging to the saddle-node parameter value in the corresponding parameter plane.
math.bu.edu /people/bob/papers.html   (2285 words)

 Washington County opens new family court complex - PittsburghLIVE.com
Amid a large audience consisting of row officers, judges and county employees, the Washington County Family Court Center was formally dedicated and toured for the first time by the staff that will oversee it.
Family court employees are currently spread out in the Courthouse Square office building and in the courthouse.
All of the roofs were either repaired or replaced and a new walkway was built between the courthouse and the family court center.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/valleyindependent/news/s_201636.html   (597 words)

 This Is A Member Of My Family - Part 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
That means that every type of family needs to face the fact that sooner or later they will need to become care-giving families.
Family Members confront the complex internal family dynamics and power plays that accompany the caring for an ill or older family member.
The first one consists in appreciating (1) what it means that a family is and operates as a System; (2) how it spontaneously reacts to stressful situations; and (3) how this reaction can be transformed into an enhanced bonding and collaboration among family members.
www.elderservice.com /shop/en-us/p_3.html   (462 words)

 Complex family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Swanky sports complex advances Facility's focus would be alternative activities in a safe environment for families, peti...
The complex, at 8600 SW 212th Street in Cutler Ridge, was sold by Forum Development of Portsmouth, N.H. COPYRIGHT 1996 Harrison Scott Publications, Inc.
This complex consists of a six-story elevator building with a total of 49 apartments.
hallencyclopedia.com /Complex_family   (565 words)

 Reno Housing Authority
The complex is also fortunate to have a large, on-site community center.
The complex is well maintained and has attractive landscaping with large trees and lawns.
Built as a private apartment complex, this 56-unit townhouse complex was purchased by RHA in 1981.
www.renoha.org /index.php?click=public_housing   (466 words)

 Houston Texas Divorce & Custody Attorneys | Paternity | Children's Issues Lawyers Houston
Whether the dispute concerns the custody of children or the valuation of a family business, the attorneys of Short•Jenkins•Kamin, L.L.P. are experienced litigators who have collectively tried hundreds of family law cases, both before the bench and to a jury.
And although most family law matters can be resolved without the necessity and expense of prolonged litigation, the goal of Short•Jenkins•Kamin, L.L.P. is to prepare each case with an eye toward litigation in order to provide clients with the opportunity to evaluate all options for the ultimate disposition of their case.
Family Law Appeals… Short•Jenkins•Kamin, L.L.P. is also uniquely situated as one of the few family law firms in the country with an entire section devoted to family law appellate matters.
short-jenkins.lawoffice.com /CM/Custom/TOCPracticeAreaDescriptions.asp   (772 words)

 03-033 (Extended Family Households)
A complex household is defined as a household that contains a family in which there are two or more adults who are related but not married – hence they could be expected to live separately.
In 1940, unmarried fl adults were much less likely to live in complex family households than were unmarried white adults, with barely 50 percent of fls living in such families, compared with nearly 70 percent of whites.
While most current researchers on fl-white family differences had assumed the greater complexity among fl families was long-standing, these results suggest that interpretation is unlikely, said Frances K. Goldscheider, professor of sociology at Brown, who co-authored the study with Regina M. Bures of the University of Albany.
www.brown.edu /Administration/News_Bureau/2003-04/03-033.html   (705 words)

 Lausd - Taft Family Complex - Annual Report
The Taft Family of Schools is studying the transience/traveling patterns of our students, and comparing those students who remain in the School Family with those who do not directly benefit from our programs and instruction.
Since many of the students in our Family commute from outside our area, we feel that the time has come for us to hold a major Family event for these parents in their community.
While our Family schools are excited about what technology has to offer, transforming this enthusiasm into a concrete plan for improving what and how students learn is much more difficult and long-term in nature.
www.lausd.k12.ca.us /Taft_Complex/report.htm   (2188 words)

 Child Marriage and Complex Families (cemithualtin) among the Ancient Aztec (Nahua)
The Morelos lists also offer unexpected insights on the long-running debate among family historians regarding the frequency of complex households in the past and the principal detriments to household complexity--whether in premodern times the greatest obstacles to the formation of extended families were high death rates, delayed marriage or neolocal residence rules.
These complex kin links are common among the Nahuas because married couples typically remained for some time in the households of parents or other kin, unlike in Western Europe, where marriage often led to the formation of new households.
Even migrants came (and went) in family groups, 28 of them, some with as many as thirteen individuals, although as a whole migrant families tended to be smaller than the overall average household size of eight.
www.hist.umn.edu /~rmccaa/NAHUAEN3/nacolhst.htm   (10119 words)

 Lance Loud! . An American Family | PBS
The broadcast of An American Family in 1973 proved to be a groundbreaking watershed that forever changed American television programming and led the way to more complex family portraits such as Roseanne, One Day At A Time and even The Simpsons.
TV Guide magazine acknowledged An American Family as the first reality television series and named it among "The 50 Greatest Shows of All Time." Lance Loud, the eldest son of the family, was the first openly gay person to appear on television as an integral member of American family life.
A Death in An American Family is a presentation of WETA and ITVS, and was made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting Service.
www.pbs.org /lanceloud/american   (304 words)

 Viral Diseases
The family name is taken from the Greek verb, herpein, meaning "to creep." The name refers to the fact that the members of this family often cause latent recurring infections which progress slowly.
The members of this family are the largest of all the viruses and are considered to be an evolutionary intermediate between the viruses and the bacteria.
The family name is derived from the Greek word, rhabdos, meaning mad which refers to the disposition of animals infected with the rabies virus.
www.kcom.edu /faculty/chamberlain/Website/Lects/VIRAL.HTM   (2976 words)

 Complex family - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Complex Infrastructure Known as the Female Mind : According to Relient K
Oedipus Ubiquitous: The Family Complex in World Folk Literature
Complex Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Developmental Approach to Clinical Practice
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /complex_family.htm   (350 words)

 SPLCenter.org: On The Inside
It is from here, in the complex surrounding a swimming pool that is used as a baptismal font, that the boiling rage of Fred Phelps has poured out against any and all of his perceived enemies.
From a young age, Fred Phelps' children earned a major part of the family's income, perhaps even all of it, when they were required to sell candy door-to-door for hours after school each day.
The estranged children say that most of the family has stayed loyal because their father has filled them with the fear of God.
www.splcenter.org /intel/intelreport/article.jsp?sid=185   (680 words)

 Read about Complex family at WorldVillage Encyclopedia. Research Complex family and learn about Complex family here!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
extended family or to a polygamy of any type.
patriarchal society, with the sons' families often staying in the same house.
Most of the urban families are switching over to the
encyclopedia.worldvillage.com /s/b/Complex_family   (246 words)

 City of Brentwood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
These passes are not transferable, refundable or valid as Lap or Family Season Swim passes.
Passes may be purchased at the Recreation Department or Aquatic Complex.
The Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex uses 12% liquid chlorine bleach in the pools.
www.ci.brentwood.ca.us /department/parks/parks/aquatic.cfm   (776 words)

 Characteristics associated with the early identification of complex Family Court custody cases - Family Court of New ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
We are carrying out research for the Department for Courts in relation to characteristics or criteria that could lead to the early identification of complex Family Court custody cases.
We are talking to Family Court Judges, Family Court staff, lawyers and specialist report writers and would like to talk to you about your experience with complex custody cases.
The focus of this research is on identifying potentially complex Family Court custody cases, rather than on how to manage those cases once they have been identified.
www.justice.govt.nz /family/fcpubs/characteristics-id-complex-fc-custody-cases/chapter-11.html   (507 words)

 Welcome to Pervin Family Business Advisors Inc.
Family dynamics that complicate our personal lives are even more intense when family members come together in a business environment and form an Accidental Partnership
It's the business of Pervin Family Business Advisors – the Canadian leader in the resolution of complex, family enterprise situations and business family relationships.
We hope the articles and information here can be helpful to you and how you manage your family business situation.
www.pervinfamilybusiness.com   (142 words)

 Office of Residence Life @ Northern Arizona University --- (928) 523-3978    (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
In Campus Heights and South Family the Family Residence Directors are full-time, Masters-level professionals; in Roseberry Hall the Family Residence Director is a graduate assistant
This is a service of your complex that provides staff coverage in your area during the evening and early morning hours, as well as 24-hour coverage over the weekends.
The Family Residence Director serves as the advisor to the council.
www4.nau.edu /reslife/reslife/family/FamilyHousingHandbook_Family.htm   (6255 words)

 Tipping Points - Reasons Why Mediation Works in Complex Family Disputes
In complex family disputes the simple fact is that mediation can be the forum for positive change, the tipping point, but it needs a number of preconditions to be successful.
The setting could be any family dispute but here let us go into the lion’s den and use CHINS cases, Children in Need of Services, as they are called in Massachusetts.
Typically a CHINS case involves parents who, in their desperation, have turned to the court system to help control a teen who has been labeled a runaway, a “Stubborn Child” (defiant, impossible to control) or a severe truant.
www.mediate.com /articles/larsenR2.cfm   (662 words)

 A Brooklyn Family Tale. Characters. Commentary | PBS
I knew beforehand it told the story of the complex relationships and struggles of the Santiagos, a family from Sunset Park Brooklyn, dealing on a daily basis with crime, gangs, drugs, and teenage pregnancy.
The Center for Family Life, founded twenty years before this film was made, plays an integral part in the lives of the Santiago family members.
Instead, I began embracing a more generous, textured view in which the problems and difficulties of the Santiago family co-exist with their triumphs and celebrations, thus constituting a multi-faceted, complex family.
www.pbs.org /wnet/familytale/characters_commentary.html   (753 words)

 Family Law Commercial Litigation Divorce Attorney J. Ogden Middleton Alexandria, Louisiana Taxation Child Custody ...
I am Board Certified by the Louisiana State Bar Association as a specialist in Family Law, and I am frequently invited by other lawyers and community groups to lecture and teach about a variety of Family Law matters.
The hiring of a lawyer in a family law matter is an important decision.
Similarly, I don't accept everyone who seeks to hire me. If your family means more to you than anything else in life, then you want the best lawyer you can find-one who will work as hard for you as is necessary to achieve your goals.
www.ogdenmiddleton.com   (512 words)

 complex family france holiday   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
family holiday france france dordogne accommodation villa rental the south france weekend break france
family holidays france villa france villa rental provence france winter holiday tenerife
family ski holiday france villa holiday spain villa south france paris france hotel
www.findtravel.co.uk /k/complex-family-france-holiday.html   (459 words)

 Family Law Attorney Property Division Child Custody Support Spousal Maintenance Lawyer Stafford Virginia VA
At the law firm of Wesley D. Wornom, Attorney at Law, we practice only family law, and we are committed to working with you in all aspects of your complex financial, taxation, and accounting issues that arise during a divorce.
We have the skill and experience to work with military families and federal employees in matters related to taxation, military retirement and other benefits, and accounting.
Having been practicing in the area since 1996, we are familiar with the family court judges, and we are comfortable in the courtroom litigating on our clients’ behalves.
www.staffordlawyer.com /PracticeAreas.shtml   (340 words)

 HIV's Complex family History Unravelled
The complex genetic history of HIV viruses came to light when researchers tried to construct family trees connecting the different genomic elements in the viruses.
These strains are found in red-capped mangabeys and greater spot-nosed monkeys, but it was not clear which of the SIV strains were the originals.
Now Sharp and his team have constructed numerous family trees based on different assumptions about the order in which genetic mutations occurred during the evolution of the viruses.
www.you.com.au /news/1828.htm   (347 words)

 City of O'Fallon, IL - Family Sports Complex & Park Public Input Meeting
In the event of an emergency situation which might threaten your home and/or business, public safety officials will be able to let you know if you have registered.
O’Fallon, Illinois – July 14, 2004 – The O’Fallon community is invited to participate in the planning process for the development of the new Family Sports Complex and Park.
Please come and tell us what you think the Family Complex should consist of, including what elements should be part of the design.
www.ofallon.org /Public_Documents/OFallonIL_Press/S003D4834-003D4835   (260 words)

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