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Topic: Composition

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  ArtLex on Composition
It is often useful to discuss these in reference to the principles of design, as well as to the relative weight of the composition's parts.
When a composition is limited to a distinct area of a plate or a sheet of paper, it is good practice to note the composition's measurements, as well as the measurements of the plate and of the overall sheet.
The design of a composition should either be pleasing or it should be in some other way expressive.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/c/composition.html   (201 words)

 Atmospheric Composition
The composition of the global atmosphere has an influence on climate and the ozone layer, as well as their relation to air quality, all of which have implications for ecosystem vitality and human health.
Human and ecosystem well-being are related to the composition of the Earth's atmosphere.
CCSP seeks to create a research and observation framework for atmospheric composition that provides information on the interactions among changes in the atmosphere, climate, the environment, and human health (see Figure 1) needed for sound policy decisions.
www.usgcrp.gov /usgcrp/ProgramElements/atmosphere.htm   (911 words)

Composition, the act of composing the image in the viewfinder, is a visual process of organizing the elements and individual details of a scene into a balanced and pleasing arrangement.
Some of the so-called "rules" of composition presented here should be considered as guidelines.
If you have any composition tips of your own, send them too, and we will be sure to name you as the source when we use them.
www.photographytips.com /page.cfm/6   (751 words)

  Composition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In literature, oratory, and rhetoric, composition refers, as the etymology of the word quite literally indicates, to the "putting (words) together" to produce a work of spoken tradition or written literature.
In natural science, composition is the proportion and combination of certain elements to form a substance.
In chemistry, composition is the nature and amounts of the various atoms that make up a chemical compound, and of the substances that make up a body or system.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Composition   (321 words)

 Musical composition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Compositions are comprised of musical elements, elements which vary widely from person to person and culture to culture.
Similarly, music of the Middle East employs compositions that are rigidly based on a specific scale (such as the dorian, phrygian, mixolydian, and locrian scales etc...), often within improvisational contexts, as does Hindustani music of India, gamelans of Java and Bali, and much music in Africa.
The task of instrumenting a composition, called arranging or orchestrating, may be undertaken by the composer or separately by an arranger based on the composer's core composition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Musical_composition   (524 words)

 Explosives - Compounds
Baratol is a composition of barium nitrate and TNT.
Composition A-3 is a wax-coated, granular explosive, consisting of 91% RDX and 9% desensitizing wax.
The composition of low-density ammonia dynamites is similar to that of a 60 percent high-density extra dynamite with a lower proportion of nitroglycerin and a higher proportion of ammonium nitrate.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/munitions/explosives-compositions.htm   (6038 words)

 SU Programs, Schools and Faculty
Shenandoah is the school for the serious composition student seeking superior instruction with artist-teachers in an ideal setting: a large conservatory within a small yet comprehensive university near one of the nationâs major cultural centers, Washington, DC.
Composition is a highly competitive field, and the greatest opportunities for success are found by those who continue to pursue their studies at the graduate level.
The composition curriculum at Shenandoah is broad enough to prepare the student for any of these careers while also providing the background necessary for a fulfilling life as a composer.
www.su.edu /academic.cfm?program=Composition   (470 words)

 Television Production: Composition - Part III
Just as people prefer a balance between mass and tone in composition, they also prefer a balance in colors, as seen on the color wheel.
A shot of a woman in a strapless dress cropped just above the top of the dress gives the illusion she is "topless." Tightening or loosening the shot would solve the problem in each case.
The thirteenth guideline for effective composition is: control the number of prime objects in the scene.
www.cybercollege.com /tvp025.htm   (1196 words)

 digital composition - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about digital composition
A sequence showing an actor hanging off the edge of a skyscraper, for example, may be put together out of footage of the actor in a safe location inserted into a shot looking down the side of the skyscraper, which may itself be a model.
In digital compositing, the same footage is digitized, and the work of merging the two sequences is done by manipulating computer files.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /digital+composition   (183 words)

 Kandinsky: Compositions
Kandinsky's compositions were the culmination of his efforts to create a "pure painting" that would provide the same emotional power as a musical composition.
Composition VII is the pinnacle of Kandinsky's pre-World War One artistic achievement.
There is only one preparatory drawing for Composition IX and none for Composition X. According to Nina Kandinsky, the artist at this stage of his development was able to visualize a painting entirely in his head and then translate it directly to the canvas.
www.glyphs.com /art/kandinsky   (1673 words)

 Composition and the Elements of Visual Design
Effective composition of natural images is always a balance between arranging elements within the view finder and allowing a certain amount of disorder.
One of the reasons proportion is often considered important in composition is that viewers respond to it emotionally.
Another way to improve composition is to compare your images with those of others whose work you admire or respect.
photoinf.com /General/Robert_Berdan/Composition_and_the_Elements_of_Visual_Design.htm   (3374 words)

 Image Composition
Composition is a crucial factor in any image.
Of course there is more to composition than this, but the guidelines can be quite helpful as a starting point.
Another aspect of composition is the concept of 'balance'.
www.androidblues.com /compotut.html   (1195 words)

 Dummies::Focusing on the Elements of Composition in Drawing
Composition refers to the organization, arrangement, and combination of objects within the borders of a drawing space.
A focal point placed in the very center of your drawing space is a big NO unless you have a specific expressive or artistic reason to do so.
Balancing three objects on one side of a composition and five on the other is much more interesting than a static arrangement of four on either side
www.dummies.com /WileyCDA/DummiesArticle/id-1742.html   (1558 words)

 Peabody Institute - Composition: Composition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Composition students pursue their studies in private lessons with their individual teachers, supplemented by a weekly departmental seminar attended by all the composition faculty and students, with regular presentations by distinguished visiting composers.
Recitals of student chamber compositions are scheduled regularly by the Composition Department, and may also be scheduled by individual teachers and students.
In the senior year, every composition major is required to present a complete recital of his or her compositions.
www.peabody.jhu.edu /index.php?pageID=87   (335 words)

 Musical composition - Music Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Musical composition also refers to the process by which a piece of music is created.
Useful skills in composition include writing musical notation, instrumentation, and handling musical ensembles (orchestration); however the definition of composition has broadened to include extended techniques like improvisation, musical montage, preparing instruments, using non-traditional objects or methods of sound production, and making music from silence, as John Cage famously did.
Some pieces are composed around a set scale, where the compositional technique might be considered the usage of a particular scale.
www.music.bestdownload.biz /music/index.php?title=Musical_composition   (310 words)

 ONDotnet.com -- Graphical Composition in Avalon
This illustrates one of the shortcomings of a composition approach where any given region of the screen is filled by just one control.
While these applications illustrate that it is possible to break free of the constraints by performing your own UI composition, developers shouldn't have to spend their time doing this.
Composition is one of the basic facilities that should be provided by the platform, and if a platform feature no longer meets developers' needs, it's time for the platform to improve.
www.ondotnet.com /pub/a/dotnet/2004/03/08/winfs_detail_3.html?page=1   (1527 words)

 Department of Music Composition - Oklahoma City University
There are three steps: apply for admission to the university and; schedule an audition on a major instrument or voice for the school of music and schedule an interview with the composition faculty along with a composition portfolio; and finally enroll in the composition program once admitted.
He teaches private composition and is coordinator of the weekly composer's forum.
He will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the composition program and direct you to any other contacts in other areas as needed.
www.okcu.edu /music/comp/questions.asp   (1177 words)

 Composition: Areas of Study: School of Music: Indiana University
The Department of Composition faculty comprises eight well known composers who serve as mentors and teachers for the approximately 50 students majoring in composition.
IU composition students have enjoyed great success, winning recognition in competitions, receiving significant commissions and performances, and finding academic and professional positions when they complete their studies.
All composition majors are encouraged to program their works on these recitals.
www.music.indiana.edu /academics/study/composition.shtml   (253 words)

 CGSociety - Phil Straub Composition Tutorial
Composition in Environment Concept painting can be quite difficult since your focal point usually isn’t as obvious as in a character piece.
Initially I will show some successful examples of iconic composition, formal composition, the rule of 3rds, the golden rule, etc. There will be a discussion on what makes each piece successful and an explanation on why the artist chose to describe the scene using a particular form of composition.
From the golden rule came the “rule of thirds” which is virtually the same concept but slightly altered to fit photographic proportions.I find it a bit easier to follow since it's very simple in its origin.Here we have a look at the rule of thirds in action.
features.cgsociety.org /story_custom.php?story_id=3275&page=   (978 words)

 Photography Composition Articles Library
Composition rules: Simplicity, The Rule of Thirds, Lines, Balance, Framing, Avoiding Mergers.
Composition II: Composition in Nature Photography and the Elements of a Photograph by Gloria Hopkins
Composition III: Composition in Nature Photography and the Elements of a Photograph by Gloria Hopkins
www.photoinf.com   (749 words)

 Fallacy: Composition
The fallacy of Composition is committed when a conclusion is drawn about a whole based on the features of its constituents when, in fact, no justification provided for the inference.
The first type of fallacy of Composition arises when a person reasons from the characteristics of individual members of a class or group to a conclusion regarding the characteristics of the entire class or group (taken as a whole).
The second type of fallacy of Composition is committed when it is concluded that what is true of the parts of a whole must be true of the whole without there being adequate justification for the claim.
www.nizkor.org /features/fallacies/composition.html   (662 words)

 Art - Composition   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Many of his works are definitive depictions of various components of excellent composition and are meant consciously to be vehicles for that particular component.
I mean here to say that he painted things for the sake of the composition itself rather than for any other conceivable reason - simply for the joy of consciously knowing the ins and outs of his craft.
The source of Rubens compositional forte is undoubtedly Leonardo DaVinci as evidenced by Rubens painting of LDV's unfinished "Battle of Anghiari".
ebtx.com /art/art06.htm   (194 words)

 Digital Photography Tips - Rules of Composition
Composition is the combining of distinct parts or elements to form a whole.
The Rule of Thirds means that the frame can be divided into three horizontal sections and three vertical sections and therefore, where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect makes an ideal location for the more important parts of your picture.
The best way to learn and improve your composition is just lots of practice and experimenting.
www.picturecorrect.com /photographytips/composition.htm   (707 words)

 The International Composition Prize - Orchestre symphonique de Montréal
The International Olivier Messiaen Prize (for best work) was presented to Spanish Ramon Humet, the International Promise Prize (for the second-place work) was presented to French Raphaël Cendo and the National Claude Vivier Prize (for the best Canadian work) was presented to Canadian Paul Frehner.
To be presented every two years, this competition for orchestral works will be open to composers of all nationalities, aged 40 years and under.
Its aim is to encourage and promote musical creation while developing lasting ties between the OSM and the composers of today and, in this way, actively contribute to a renewal of the symphonic repertoire.
www.composition.osm.ca   (328 words)

 Composition and Design Principles
Radial balance is not very common in artist's compositions, but it is like a daisy or sunflower with everything arranged around a center.
In visual composition, there are many ways you can change something while simultaneously keeping it the same.
Children in first grade can already recognize closer and farther based on size even though they wouldn't typically use this in their pictures unless they were motivated to do so.
www.goshen.edu /art/ed/Compose.htm   (1357 words)

 composition: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
I can't retake it because the baby in the picture is now about 5 or 6 years old (it's my niece/niece-in-law - I'm a bad auntie for not remembering exactly how old she is now :rolleyes:) So I have a scan of a print i did of this image about 5 years ago.
Visual Rhetoric in First-year Composition Submitted by Daren Young on November 8, 2007 - 11:09pm.
Composition Pedagogy From "Standardizing a First-Year Writing Program: Contested Sites of Influence," by Sheila Carter-Tod.
www.technorati.com /tag/composition   (518 words)

 Composition of Functions: Composing with Sets of Points
Sections: Composing functions that are sets of point, Composing functions at points, Composing functions with other functions, Word problems using composition, Inverse functions and composition
Note that, while you are used to doing things from the left to the right (because that's how we read), composition works from the right to the left (or, if you prefer, from the inside out).
So let's see what composition looks like in that case...
www.purplemath.com /modules/fcncomp.htm   (488 words)

 BERKLEE | Composition Major
The student majoring in Composition will study tonal harmony, counterpoint and fugue, tonal composition, twentieth-century compositional techniques, instrumentation, and orchestration.
The Composition major will develop sufficient skills and knowledge to function as a composer of concert music, to gain entry to a graduate program in music theory or composition, and hence to pursue a career as a teacher, scholar, and practitioner of music theory and composition.
Students are strongly encouraged to verify their course requirements with the Office of the Registrar.
www.berklee.edu /majors/composition.html   (215 words)

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