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Topic: Compressed natural gas

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Iqara - Compressed Natural Gas
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is natural gas, which is then compressed for use as a vehicle fuel.
CNG is taken from the existing gas supply, put through a series of compressors, systematically compressing, filtering and drying the gas, before storing it ready for use in a storage bank for immediate dispensing when required.
CNG is a flexible fuel fitting most of your vehicle requirements, be it large or small vehicles.
www.iqara.com /transport/cng.htm   (312 words)

 CNG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an economical automobile fuel, which substantially reduces transportation costs for motorists while protecting the environment and saving the country's foreign exchange spent on the import of liquid fuels.
Natural gas after being compressed at high pressure is filled in the vehicles at CNG stations so as to give your vehicle a reasonable range between refills.
It is a natural gas mainly composed of methane; therefore, its exhaust emissions consist of water vapors and a small fraction of carbon mono-oxide.
www.cng.com.pk /faq.htm   (3252 words)

 Compressed Natural Gas
Compressed natural gas is widely available throughout the U.S. from domestically produced natural gas wells and natural gas pipelines and local distribution companies.
As a new twist, tests are being conducted using natural gas vehicles that are fueled with a blend of compressed natural gas and hydrogen.
Nearly two-thirds of the natural gas in a conventional power plant is consumed by a typical natural gas turbine because the gas is used to drive the machine's compressor.
www.cogeneration.net /compressed_natural_gas.htm   (2823 words)

 Gaslink .. Compressed Natural gas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Compressed Natural Gas is a gaseous fuel consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons, mainly methane.
Natural gas has a high ignition temperature of about 640 degrees celcius, compared with a range of 230-280 degress celcius in the case of petrol.
Natural gas distribution is mainly through pipelines as this is the most cost effective solution.
www.gaslink.org /resources_cng.aspx   (705 words)

 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Natural gas is distributed nationwide through an extensive network of pipelines, which feed electrical generation plants and domestic and industrial heating uses.
CNG is the least expensive alternative fuel (except electricity) when you compare equal amounts of fuel energy, and, in my experience at least, its price has been relatively steady (except for one big jump when California utility regulators changed the rules!).
Natural gas has, over the course of the 1990's, proven to be the most effective fuel for reducing emissions in an internal combustion engine.
www.altfuels.org /backgrnd/altftype/cng.html   (787 words)

 Compressed natural gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a substitute for gasoline (petrol) or diesel fuel.
A 'Blue-network' of CNG stations is being developed on the major highways of the Southern Cone (including Chile and Bolivia) to allow for long-haul transportation fuelled by CNG.
CNG buses are not completely compatible with existing transport infrastructure; the MBTA in Massachusetts, for instance, does not permit its CNG buses to enter its underground bus tunnels or enclosed stations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Compressed_natural_gas   (1007 words)

 Compressed Natural Gas Page
The use of natural gas is growing, and the wholesale electricity marketplace at the regional level has favored natural gas for most new generation projects.
Natural gas is popular because of relative cleanliness and low capital costs of gas-fueled power plants, two features that are very important in the unregulated marketplace.
Natural gas is also used for many other purposes in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
www.delaware-energy.com /naturalgas.htm   (135 words)

 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
For example, natural gas would have to be priced at $3.79 per million BTU at the wellhead to be priced at the same value as crude oil recently selling in the $22 per barrel range.
For natural gas to be utilized in a vehicle, it must first be compressed and stored in the vehicle's high pressure tanks (i.e., 2500-3000 pounds per square inch).
It is, thus, difficult to conceive of CNG stimulating the one TCF (trillion cubic foot) per year new demand for natural gas quoted by one proponent.
dnr.louisiana.gov /sec/execdiv/techasmt/alternative_fuels/cng.htm   (2117 words)

 The Advantages of Compressed Natural Gas
Intervals between tune-ups for natural gas vehicles are extended 30,000 to 50,000 miles.
Intervals between oil changes for natural gas vehicles are dramatically extended--anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 additional miles depending on how the vehicle is used.
Natural gas is cheaper per equivalent gallon than gasoline (an average of 15% to 50% less than gasoline).
www.barbotti.com /cng/advantages.htm   (369 words)

 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a Transportation Fuel
Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is natural gas under pressure which remains clear, odorless, and non-corrosive.
Natural gas is produced both worldwide and domestically at relatively low cost and is cleaner burning than gasoline or diesel fuel.
Natural gas vehicles show an average reduction in ozone-forming emissions of 80 percent compared to gasoline vehicles.
www.consumerenergycenter.org /transportation/afvs/cng.html   (724 words)

 Natural gas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gas is a gaseous fossil fuel consisting primarily of methane.
Natural gas is a major source for electricity generation through the use of gas turbines and steam turbines.
Natural gas is supplied to homes, where it is used for such purposes as cooking in natural gas-powered ranges and/or ovens, natural gas-heated clothes dryers, and heating/cooling.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Natural_gas   (2736 words)

 COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS REGULATIONS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Compressed natural gas shall have a distinctive odor potent enough for its presence to be detected down to a concentration in air of not over one-fifth of the lower limit of flammability.
Compression equipment shall be designed for use with compressed natural gas (CNG) and for the pressures and temperatures to which it may be subjected under normal operating conditions.
Any CNG powered motor vehicle used for school transportation or mass transit including any state owned vehicle which is involved in an accident resulting in a substantial release of CNG or damage to the CNG conversion equipment must be reported to the commissioner in accordance with this section regardless of accident location.
dnr.louisiana.gov /sec/execdiv/techasmt/alternative_fuels/afv_1994/appendix-b10.htm   (3357 words)

 A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles - CNG
However, natural gas, as the name implies, is a gas much like air, rather than a liquid like petroleum.
Natural gas is mostly made up of methane, about 95 percent of the natural gas in California.
Because of its clean burning nature and the fact that it is not made from petroleum, as gasoline and diesel are, many automakers around the world are developing vehicles to run on natural gas.
www.energyquest.ca.gov /transportation/CNG.html   (417 words)

 CATA's Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Program: 1993 - 2006
Natural gas is found underground where it was formed millions of years ago as organic matter.
Natural gas collects in tiny holes in underground rock and is trapped under layers of solid rock.
Natural gas is a transportation fuel that is economical, burns cleaner than diesel and is produced right here in the United States.
www.catabus.com /accngprog.htm   (952 words)

 Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition  Natural Gas
Natural gas can be used in the full range of vehicles, from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.
In addition, because natural gas burns cleaner, there is a reduction in vehicle maintenance required, as the interval between oil changes can be increased and there is increased spark plug life.
In addition, because natural gas is lighter than air, it will rise and dissipate rapidly in the unlikely event of a leak, as opposed to other fuels which tend to pool on the ground or enter sewer or water systems.
www.pugetsoundcleancities.org /NaturalGas.htm   (1380 words)

 Trans Ocean Gas Compressed Natural Gas Transportation PRESS
Trans Ocean Gas is marketing its ship conversion concept to energy and shipping companies in an effort to kickstart the market, which it sees as a way to develop “stranded” gas fields not big enough to justify the investment for liquefied natural gas.
More than 30 years after natural gas was discovered off the coast of Labrador, an engineer from Newfoundland is hoping to use a system he's patented to get the gas to market.
Labrador natural gas is in for more study in a couple of weeks.
www.transoceangas.com /Press.htm   (2893 words)

 Compressed Natural Gas: one for the road   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The battle for strictly applying the Euro norms and the drive to switch-over to CNG as an alternative fuel are some of the examples of the endeavours made by the denizens of the capital towards creating a greater eco-friendly environment.
France, too, had a taste of CNG as an automotive fuel during World War I. But, not much emphasis was given to CNG, due to the use of LPG and a taxation structure on CNG.
Though alternate clean fuel technologies like CNG have been available for quite a few years, only a thousand cars in Delhi and 9000 cars and buses in Mumbai have switched to them, mainly due to the high cost of CNG kits, absence of fuelling stations and lack of a proper marketing strategy by the government.
static.teriin.org /energy/cng.htm   (1573 words)

 Barbotti CNG - Compressed natural gas
CNG or compressed natural gas is a domestically available, economical, clean burning, alternative fuel source for vehicles.
In order to provide enough range, the gas is compressed and stored on the vehicle in pressurized tanks.
Natural gas is a much safer fuel than gasoline.
www.barbotti.com /cng   (91 words)

 General Information on Vehicle Emissions Reduction - ADB.org
Natural gas (85-99% methane) is clean burning, cheap and abundant in many parts of the world.
Because natural gas is mostly methane, Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) have much lower non-methane hydrocarbon emissions than gasoline vehicles, but higher emissions of methane.
Given equal energy efficiency, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from NGVs will be approximately 15-20% lower than from gasoline vehicles, since natural gas has a lower carbon content per unit of energy than gasoline.
www.adb.org /Vehicle-Emissions/General/cng.asp   (442 words)

 Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Compressed natural gas vehicles promoted in Japan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Tokyo Gas Co. will boost the number of its CNG stations from 15 to 19 by the end of March.
There are about 270 LPG filling stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but growth in demand has been limited as a growing number of taxies have switched from LPG to gasoline.
By the end of March 1998, the number of CNG stations is expectedto reach 62 nationwide, an increase of 15 stations from the same month in 1997.
www.gasandoil.com /goc/news/nts80725.htm   (211 words)

 DEQ - Compressed Natural Gas Vehicular Fuel Systems - Permits & Licenses
Compressed Natural Gas Vehicular Fuel Facilities are any site that takes natural gas and compresses it for use as a fuel in a natural gas powered vehicle
A diagram of the proposed CNG system, the working pressure and material of construction of the tank, piping, and flow control devices, compressor size, the capacity and dimensions of the tank, shear valve, breakaway device, dispenser, nozzle, tank valves and supports gages, pressure relief devices, fire protection and crash protection.
Applicant submits to the WHMD central office a completed Application for Installation of a Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility Form # EQP3860, a fee of $203.00 for each tank to be plan reviewed based on the volume of storage capacity, measured in SCF, and provide the additional information required for new CNG installation plans.
www.michigan.gov /deq/0,1607,7-135-3311_4115_4237-9698--,00.html   (548 words)

 CNG - Compressed Natural Gas International (CNGI)
The CNGI team are a highly experienced and dynamic group of individuals with expertise and extensive experience in their respective fields.
CNG tanker ships are designed for each project requirements.
Services cover the three principal components of the gas delivery chain system, the loading compression station, CNG transportation system to market and unloading decompression station and storage.
www.cngi.com.au   (290 words)

 Inside Line: First Drive: 2005 Honda Civic GX - Running on Fumes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Also, natural gas metered at homes costs much less; one Los Angeles GX owner reports it is nearly $1 a gallon equivalent.
At the CNG pump where we paid from $1.79 to $2.50, the thrifty Civic HX, with an EPA rating of 35/40 mpg (automatic transmission) could match the GX.
The Phill tank transfers natural gas into the GX's tank and is about the size of a mini refrigerator.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Drives/FirstDrives/articleId=107568   (1469 words)

 ANGI International, LLC
Since 1983, ANGI International has grown to be one of the world’s leaders for supplying of Compressed Natural Gas refueling equipment in the CNG Industry.
With ANGI’s complete CNG fueling product line from compressor units, storage, dispensing, installation and service, we take pride of the fact that we can supply you with a complete turnkey unit of natural gas filling station.
ANGI is involved in CNG programs in the United States and many countries such as Egypt, Venezuela, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, Czech Republic, Korea, Canada and Indonesia.
www.angiinternational.com   (135 words)

 DEQ - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems
The National Fire Protection Association pamphlet No. 52, 1992 edition, entitled "Standard for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems," referred to in these rules as "the standard," is adopted by reference as part of these rules.
For a copy of the referenced documents contact the National Fire Protection Association, 11 Tracy Drive, Avon, MA 02322, 02269, phone 800-344-3555 (ask for the library).
Storage of Compressed Natural Gas for Vehicle Fueling.
www.michigan.gov /deq/0,1607,7-135-3311_4115_4237-17366--,00.html   (126 words)

 Alternative Fuels Data Center: Natural Gas Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Learn more about how natural gas vehicles are being used by reading our CNG and LNG Success Stories pages.
A Natural Gas Vehicle Guide to purchasing light-duty natural gas vehicles, prepared by the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.
You may use the Refueling Station Locator to search for a CNG or LNG refueling station near you.
www.eere.energy.gov /afdc/afv/gas_vehicles.html   (983 words)

 Clean Air Initiative: Global - Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Status of Implementation of CNG as a Fuel for Urban Buses in Delhi
Status of implementation of CNG as a fuel for urban buses in Delhi
PNS ISO 11439:2003 Gas cylinders — High pressure cylinders for the on-board storage of natural gas as a fuel for automotive vehicles
www.cleanairnet.org /cai/1403/propertyvalue-13817.html   (740 words)

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