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 Computer-based training - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer-based training (CBT), also called computer-assisted instruction (CAI) is a type of education in which the student learns by executing special training programs on a computer.
CBT is especially effective for training people to use computer applications because the CBT program can be integrated with the applications so that students can practice using the application as they learn.
However, the increase in PC computing power, and especially the growing prevalence of computers equipped with CD-ROMs, is making CBT a more viable option for corporations and individuals alike. /wiki/Computer_based_training   (146 words)

 Computer-Based Training
The computer is a device to assist the instructor during the training process, like a blackboard or handouts.
With CBT, training is provided through the use of a computer and software, which guides a learner through an instructional program.
CBT may be the catalyst for a paradigm shift to new training approaches within an organization. /idsweb/idst5330/CBT.htm   (1100 words)

 About Computer Based Training
Computer based instruction is easier to learn with because the courses are self paced; they contain online help, embedded questions, learning exercises, reviews and, if required, remediation; all designed to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject material.
Computer distributed courses are ideally suited for companies who need to maintain a level of competency among a large number of employees and for those faced with a constant employee turnover.
Employees trained with computers are better motivated throughout the course which contributes to higher retention levels. /AboutCBT.htm   (560 words)

 Traveling in Cyberspace: Computer-Based Training   Apr 97
The system was based on a highly detailed simulation of a 411 operator's workstation, including a window reproducing the operator's computer monitor, and simulation of incoming calls.
CBT systems permit learners to participate and find out if his or her answers are correct or incorrect based on their own individual responses.
CBT systems vary in the sophistication with which they present the tutorial (i.e., their use of multimedia), the amount they interact with the user, and their use of simulation to achieve instructional fidelity. /tip/backissues/tipapr97/weiss.htm   (2271 words)

 Computer Based Training (CBT)/eLearning Advantages
Computer Based Training is a method of using computers and multimedia to train personnel, located anywhere, on almost any subject.
Computers and machines can assist personnel in completing their tasks but an organization's success is based on a simple question.
Traditional classroom training is expensive and it normally cannot be repeated locally, at a worksite. /why_use_cbt_elearning.htm   (359 words)

 Exciting Computer based training (CBT) using Flash design
Computer based training and distance learning using the CBT method is now one of the preferred ways to train employees for any type of activity from computer skills to sales methods to your company's rules and regulations.
CBT and e learning tutorials can be delivered any time and anywhere a computer is available.
Why CBT and Flash tutorials are 4 U. Distance learning allows you to develop a digital training program exactly the way you want it and have it's content delivered exactly the same way every time it is used. /cbt.htm   (409 words)

 Computer Based Training developers, CBT Solutions (UK) Ltd
Computer based training technology can also be used to produce Interactive Multimedia Presentations.
We develop first-class, affordable, database-enabled computer based training for clients in the UK and around the world.
Computer based training experts CBT Solutions provide custom CBT development, CBT authoring software and an integrated student / course management system.   (486 words)

 CBT Cafe :: Computer Based Training Cafe Software Tutorials
CBT Cafe stands for Computer Based Training Cafe.
We offer free web based software training and web based software tutorials for multimedia and graphic design in HTML, QuickTime® Video, and Flash video training formats covering the most popular web design and graphics software programs: Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop 7, Cleaner 5, QuickTime, Ebay, and PowerPoint 2002.
This is a great way to get color schemes for your custom projects based on existing schemes from images.   (319 words)

Based upon several years of scientific research including research done at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and a study done at the University of Illinois, titled "Transfer of Training Effectiveness of Personal Computer-Based Aviation Training Devices: Final Report," dated October 1996, FAA decided to approve the use of the new aviation training devices.
Contrary to some people's belief within the aviation community, a "qualified" PCATD for use in an FAA-approved instrument training program requires more than just a personal computer, some software, and a couple of pieces of hardware from a video store.
An authorized instructor may be either an appropriately rated instrument ground instructor for the respective ground segments of an integrated ground and flight training curriculum or a certificated flight instructor providing either ground or flight instrument instruction within the privileges and limitations of his or her respective certificate. /Stories/Training.htm   (1295 words)

 CBT Training Courses - self study courses on CD ROM
In addition to the classroom based IT Training Courses we have been running for more than 10 years now, we also supply a substantial range of computer based training courses.
CBT is an alternative education method for those individuals looking for perhaps a cheaper alternative to classroom based training, find it hard to leave the office for a few days, or simply prefer self study so students can study at their own pace, by either home-study.
Simply click on the technology of interest and you will be presented with a list of CBT Courses available for your chosen topic. /computer-based-training.htm   (253 words)

 Computer Based Online Commercial Operator Truck Driver Safety Training on-line
Computer based safety training is a long-term investment in your commercial drivers and is vital to the productivity of your business.
Computer based safety training comes to you from individuals you trust, such as police SWAT commanders, state troopers and even Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue.
Our computer based safety training courses are backed by more than 100 years of commercial vehicle operation safety and safety training experience. /computer-based-training.htm   (1749 words)

 Computer Courses from Keimos - IT Training Services - UK
Training is modular based with self-assessment testing to ensure that you only move on to the next module after successfully completing the previous one — aiding understanding, boosting information retention and enhancing the learning experience.
Each computer training course provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to classroom training allowing you to study at home or work when it is convenient for you.
If you are considering doing a computer training course or IT training for a career in Information Technology, then we are the people to be in contact with, no matter what your qualifications or background.   (1005 words)

 Agilent Technologies Educator's Corner - Resource Guide for Engineering Educators All Computer Based Training Modules
Logic Analysis Basics (2000) Logic Analysis Basics is computer-based training (CBT) that introduces you to the fundamentals of using logic analyzers to speed the development and debugging of digital circuits and microprocessor systems.
The training uses narrated lecture, video demonstrations, interactive review questions, and animated training aids to give you the rules-of-thumb to make accurate distortion measurements with a spectrum analyzer.
The training uses narrated lecture, interactive review questions, and animated training aids to get you started designing tests for devices such as attenuators, filters, and amplifiers. /index.cgi?CONTENT_ID=2551   (910 words)

 Accomplish Computer Based Training - High quality CD ROM computer training courses
CD-ROM and computer based training courses are ideal for self-paced on-site IT training.
Anyone can buy the computer based training courses for their own use.
From our on-line catalogue you can select from over 150 computer based training courses covering all major software applications.   (284 words)

 Computer-Based Training (CBT)
For sustainment training purposes, the CBT is designed so that more experienced soldiers can access only those units of instruction that meet their on-demand requirements.
The ten hour multimedia training program provides the full range of initial training for the novice user, ranging from a basic familiarization with components of the various EPLRS Radio Set configurations through learning the common message sets, and finally applying those skills in the context of completing a variety of mission scenarios.
The EPLRS Radio Set CBT is a prime example of Galaxy’s ability to produce self-paced, on-demand instruction for initial and refresher training. /areas/training/cbt1.htm   (291 words)

 Computer Based Training Solutions
BLMC Computer Based Training Programs has designed a self-learning software training program that effectively addresses all of the training elements required for "certification" in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (valid for three years from date of issue).
BLMC Computer Based Training Programs has designed this computer-based interactive exercise program in conjunction with a Registered Physiotherapist and Ergonomist for everyone who uses a computer on a daily basis to help prevent Repetitive Strain Injruy (RSI).
BLMC Computer Based Training Programs has designed a self-learning software training program that effectively addresses all of the training elements required to fully understand the components of the Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems (WHMIS). /~dunwoody/cbts.htm   (1128 words)

 Defence Technology Computer Based Training (CBT) Defence
Computer Based Training (CBT) methodologies, using high quality animated graphics, considerably improve student retention factors and the level of content understanding, particularly where English is not the student's first language.
This dual use of Computer Based interactive courseware, enables instructors to deliver formal training in a classroom based learning environment, using dynamic representations of theoretical concepts, equipment and systems as a teaching aid.
CBT provides interactive multimedia for equipment and systems emulation that supports both technology-driven and traditional classroom based learning as well as the transition of the learning process to an operational environment. /53704.html   (1330 words)

 Maintenance Computer Based Training CBT CDs - Downloads
The Maintenance Storerooms computer based training (CBT) is taken from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar for Storeroom and Parts Managers and provides a comprehensive approach to the mechanics and mathematics of a well-run storeroom.
This computer based training provides the information required by OSHA 29CFR1910 Subpart S, as well as other important safety information not required by OSHA.
The Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages computer based training module is extracted from New Standard Institute's two-day seminar. /cbt.htm   (1514 words)

 Computer-Based Training
The web-based training is a pre-requisite to McWains' one-day Situation Manager Training.
The web-based training course is more than a pre-requisite for the Situation Manager candidate.
It will educate your larger employee base about business continuity and disaster recovery and their role as members of a Problem Resolution Team. /WBT.htm   (196 words)

Computer Based Training (C.B.T.), for the Hawker 700, 800 and 800xp, Citation I, II and V Aircraft systems.
For use on a PC desktop or notebook computer running windows 9x and above.   (32 words)

 CBT (Computer Based Training)/eLearning Custom Courseware
Computer Based Training is a method for using computers and multimedia to train personnel, located anywhere, on almost any subject.
EDO develops Custom Computer Based Training (CBT)/eLearning courseware that can be delivered via the Internet, network, and/or CD/DVD.
This standard training is usually not customized to meet an organization's specific training needs, even on computer subjects. /cbt.htm   (119 words)

 Online Photoshop Tutorials Dreamweaver training courses
Each of the Photoshop Tutorials are split in to sections, the Training Courses in the main are aimed at beginners to intermediate users, but we also have some tutorials for advanced users like ICC color management, Scanning and Pre Press and Photoshop for the Web.
With over 300 different Photoshop tutorials and 8 unique training courses, each Video CD is split up in to different chapters, making it easy for even a complete novice to quickly master this fantastic Adobe product.
Starting with version 4 we also cover 5 to CS and each Training Course is authored by a expert in Photoshop.   (351 words)

 Computer-Based Training
Completion of this Computer-Based Training (CBT) course is an educational requirement for all researchers in NIH's Intramural Research Program (IRP), and other NIH employees who conduct or support research involving human subjects.
CBT for NIH IRB members about their roles and responsibilities.
This CBT is an educational requirement for all members of NIH's 14 Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). /cbt/cbt.html   (74 words)

 Computer Training - Computer Based Training For 3 Way Switch
Computer Based Training For Mathematics + Thesis + Pdf
Curriculum Of A Computer Training Programme In Microsoft
Lists common computer and technology acronyms, their real meaning and a satirical meaning. /computerbasedtrainingfor3wayswitch   (647 words)

 Computer and Web-based Training Resources
This introductory module is based on subpart C of the Standards of Conduct.
Please contact your agency ethics official to determine whether this course may be used toward fulfilling the annual ethics training requirements for your agency.
A Web browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape) is required to view and use this training module. /pages/comp_web_trng/comp_web_trng_pg2.html   (551 words)

 Microsoft office online training courses and tutorials
Training courses for Microsoft office MOUS excel access powerpoint word frontpage works and Ms office
High quality, self-paced Microsoft office tutorial excel access word powerpoint and frontpage online training courses to help achieve your goals conveniently Anytime, Anywhere!.   (353 words)

 Computer training courseware, computer based training curriculum, computer lesson plans and Microsoft computer courseware
Computer training courseware, computer based training curriculum, computer lesson plans and Microsoft computer courseware
Our computer training courseware library offers you the best solution to deliver quality computer training while keeping your costs low.
We've bundled together the most popular computer training courseware titles that you can easily customize in any way you like.   (394 words)

 MCSE Certification Training MCSE 2003 Computer Based Training
Aaron's Computer Training is your online source for MCSE and A+ Certification computer training courses.
Aarons Computer Training Specializes in MCSE and A+ Certification
A training program cannot be complete without the ability for a student to ask questions and seek advice, to assure our students success; Aaron's On Line Services provides one-year of unlimited educational support with every program. /MCSE_2000_training.htm   (855 words)

 Computer Based Training - CBT Authoring Tools
Computer Based Training programs have been created by people from all walks of life - pastors, teachers, entrepreneurs, professors, trainers, physicians, truck drivers, pilots, salespeople, engineers, home schoolers, realtors and retirees.
But creating a Computer Based Training program presents a problem.
People get the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they are located, and they can study at their own pace on their own computer.   (258 words)

 Computer based training, networking, eCommerce solutions for windows nt, eserver iSeries 400 as400
Computer based training, networking, eCommerce solutions for windows nt, eserver iSeries 400 as400
With our self-paced training courses, that's what you'll get along with the training on skills and technologies vital to keeping your company competitive and your career on track.
Imagine having a reference tool that puts the facts you need at your fingertips.   (70 words)

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