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Topic: Computer bug

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  Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia Computer bug -
A computer bug is a fault in a computer program which prevents it from working correctly.
She traced an error in the Mark II to a moth trapped in a relay, coining the term bug.
Maurice Wilkes, an early computing pioneer, describes his realization in the late 1940s that much of the rest of his life would be spent finding mistakes in his own programs.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/co/Computer_bug   (949 words)

 Software bug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other bugs lead to security problems; for example, a common type of bug called a buffer overflow may allow a malicious user to execute other programs that are normally not allowed to run.
A bug in the code controlling the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine was directly responsible for patient deaths and in 1996, the European Space Agency's US$1 billion prototype Ariane 5 rocket was destroyed less than a minute after launch, due to a bug in the on-board guidance computer.
One cause of the Therac-25 radiation machine deaths was a bug that occurred only when the machine operator very rapidly entered a treatment plan; it took days of practice to become able to do this, so the bug did not manifest in testing or when the manufacturer attempted to duplicate it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Computer_bug   (1884 words)

 Computer bug   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Hopper recounted the cause to be an actual insect stuck between the contacts of a relay in the logic mechanisms of the device.
Bugs are a consequence of the nature of the programming task.
Some bugs arise from simple oversights made when computer programmers write source code carelessly or exceed their hrair limit.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/computer_bug   (1325 words)

 Computer bug
A computer bug is an error, flaw, mistake or fault in a computer program which prevents it from working correctly.
Other bugs may disappear when the program is run with a debugger; these are heisenbugs (humorously named after the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.) Debugging is still a tedious task requiring considerable manpower.
Computer bug spreads worldwide - A new computer virus has been causing havoc in the United States, having surfaced in the Far East and spread round the world in a matter of hours.
www.nebulasearch.com /encyclopedia/article/Computer_bug.html   (1694 words)

 The "First" Computer Bug
"bug" is now universally accepted by computer users as meaning an error or flaw -- either in the machine itself or, perhaps more commonly, in a program (hence the phrase "debugging a program").
official record of the use of the word "bug" in the context of computing is associated with a relay-based Harvard Mark II computer, which was in service at the Naval Weapons Center in Dahlgren, Virginia.
the word "bug" was already being used in Thomas Edison's time to imply a glitch, error, or defect in a mechanical system or an industrial process.
www.maxmon.com /1945ad.htm   (299 words)

 Computer bug - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A computer bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working correctly or produces an incorrect result.
Bugs arise from mistakes and errors, made by people, in either a program's source code or its design.
Problems with radar electronics during World War II were referred to as bugs (or glitches), and there is additional evidence that the usage dates back much earlier.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /computer_bug.htm   (1481 words)

At the bank where I work, approximately a third of the computer staff -- including me -- were told to be at work on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, and most of the rest of the staff was expected to be on-call.
Concerning the Y2K computer bug, there was an appalling silence on these questions from academic scientists -- to whom we usually look for answers.
In the face of so much conflicting evidence about the Y2K computer bug, psychological bias has a potential to play a significant role in the way evidence is evaluated.
www.benbest.com /computer/y2kfeb.html   (3373 words)

 Computer bug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bugs can only be examined by the developers or corporation that own the rights to the software.
Open source is beneficial to groups that do not have the fiduciary capacity to hire workers, but the benefits to large corporations to go open source is questionable as they can hire qualified people and keep tight control over their software.
Since most spyware infected computers (as of 30 April 2005) run Windows with the Internet Explorer browser, it should be noted that even with the latest security patches from Microsoft, Internet Explorer has (as of April 30, 2005) 19 advisories rated highly critical, some of them two years old.
www.eastcleveland.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Computer_bug   (1997 words)

 The "Worst" Computer Bug
bug, however, which definitely caught the popular imagination and which certainly stands proud in the crowd.
On 28th July, 1962, the Mariner I space probe was launched from Cape Canaveral on the beginning of its long voyage to Venus (from 1963 to 1973, Cape Canaveral was known as Cape Kennedy in honor of president John F. Kennedy).
On the basis that the launch, including the probe, cost in the region of $10,000,000, this has to rank as one of the more expensive (and visible) bugs in the history of computing.
www.maxmon.com /1962ad.htm   (256 words)

 Halfbakery: Computer Screen Bug Zapper
Which is why I propose that a finely meshed grid be put near the surface of computer screens, just as with conventional bug zappers.
You might be able to wire it into your computer, and even use your scroll wheel as a control on voltage.
Problem is that the zapped bugs tend to stick to the mesh.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Computer_20Screen_20Bug_20Zapper   (495 words)

 Animated animals
Jessica Hodgins, who experiments with computer animation at Georgia Institute of Technology, was particularly impressed with the opening and closing scenes, with their waving grasses and hordes of ants working together.
Computer models simulate the motion of a person or animal, based on the laws of physics.
The computer establishes a software program that makes, say, an arm, with two segments, connected by a hinge at the elbow.
whyfiles.org /077comp_anim   (709 words)

 Does Not Compute
The bug was found while Grace Murray Hopper was second in charge of the project.
II, H-O, 1997, ISBN 0-679-43464-X. Use of the word "bug" as a term for a "fault" may arise from the term being used as early as the 14th century to mean "an object of dread" derived from the Welsh word *bwg* for "hobgoblin" (Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology).
Grace Hopper's use of the term "bug" to describe the moth which caused the computer glitch at Harvard may point to her being a pun lover and playing off the already current use for the term.
www.tafkac.org /faq2k/compute_86.html   (716 words)

 First Computer Bug
On the 9th of September, 1945, when the machine was experiencing problems, an investigation showed that there was a moth trapped between the points of Relay #70, in Panel F. The operators removed the moth and affixed it to the log.
The term "bug" is used to a limited extent to designate any fault or trouble in the connections or working of electric apparatus.
This term "bug" was probably a predecessor to the modern use of "bug" to mean a covert monitoring or listening device.
www.jamesshuggins.com /h/tek1/first_computer_bug.htm   (778 words)

 Questions & Answers: Bug
My understanding is that one of the first computers (the room-filling monsters) would occasionally short out because a moth or other insect had gotten inside and bridged the gap between two circuits.
Edison, I was informed, had been up the two previous nights discovering ‘a bug’ in his phonograph—an expression for solving a difficulty, and implying that some imaginary insect has secreted itself inside and is causing all the trouble”.
I've been assured by one of the editors of Edison’s papers that the word was commonly used in his notebooks from the 1870s to describe a problem.
www.worldwidewords.org /qa/qa-bug1.htm   (456 words)

 AskOxford: Was the first computer 'bug' a real insect?
The story is told that one of the early electromechanical computers suffered a failure because a hapless insect had crawled into the vitals of the machine and been squashed between the contacts of a relay.
Edison, I was informed, had been up the two previous nights discovering 'a bug' in his phonograph - an expression for solving a difficulty, and implying that some imaginary insect has secreted itself inside and is causing all the trouble.
It seems clear from this that the original 'bug', though it was indeed an insect, was in fact imaginary.
www.askoxford.com /asktheexperts/faq/aboutwordorigins/bugs   (469 words)

 The Computer Bug
Computers can be scary for those who don't understand them.
The computer takes it the wrong way thinking she meant Computer bugs.
The computer invites her in to eat the bugs.
www.centrasoft.com /d4/0967581001.htm   (397 words)

 Kevin Lynch: First computer bug
The first bug causing a computer error was found by Grace Hopper's team in 1945 using Harvard University's Mark II computer.
I think this was actually a *hardware* bug, not a software bug: a moth in the relay made the machine compute erroneously.
AIUI, the bugs causing hardware errors caused much amusement: here was a literal bug to complement the metaphorical bugs they'd had to deal with in the past.
www.klynch.com /archives/000025.html   (445 words)

 Computer Bug PC Solutions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Computer Bug PC Solutions is here to take care of your computer needs to YOUR satisfaction.
We feel that in this age of technology, your computer is a vital part of your everyday life.
We strive to correct your computer problems as quickly as possible and give you peace of mind that we will always be there when you need us.
www.computerbugpcsolutions.com   (136 words)

 BugNet, The World's Leading Provider of Software Bug Fixes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Testing reports on Bugnet.com are published by KeyLabs, Inc., a hardware and software testing company with the largest independent testing facilities in the world.
We are therefore stopping production of new content, but will continue to host existing bug reports, and editorial content.
In the meantime, we want to thank all of our subscribers, bug contributors, affiliates, syndicates, partners, and advertisers for many great years.
www.bugnet.com   (334 words)

 CNN - Big business, government brace for 'millennium' computer bug - Jan. 4, 1997
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- It's not the end of the world, but the so-called "millennium bug" could be a rude shock to a lot of people and their computers.
The millennium bug occurs three years from now when computers confront the year 2000.
The problem dates back to the 1960s when computer memory was limited and expensive.
www.cnn.com /TECH/9701/05/computers.2000   (361 words)

 The First "Computer Bug"
Very interesting to know how the word “bug” in computer terminology came...
Long shorterned from affix bugs :) Which explains the theory that in fixing two bugs, a programmer will write a new bug.
Just go to the link and find how the word "Bug" came into existence for the computer world.
blogs.sqlxml.org /VinodKumar/archive/2004/04/19/537.aspx   (105 words)

 The First Computer Bug   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
While testing Mark II due to a malfunction, a moth was found trapped between points at Relay #70, Panel F on 9 September.
Although, Hopper was always careful to admit that she was not present when the moth was discovered, it was one of her favorite stories.
In 1988, the log, with the moth still taped by the entry, was found in the Naval Surface Warfare Center Computer Museum at Dahlgren, Va.
www.chips.navy.mil /archives/02_fall/index2_files/first_computer_bug.htm   (138 words)

 Learn more about Computer bug in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Learn more about Computer bug in the online encyclopedia.
Hint: Play with putting spaces before and after your words to see the different results you get.
NASA Mars Climate Orbiter (1999) failed to convert yards to meters.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /c/co/computer_bug.html   (1095 words)

 [No title]
In 1975, the year I was born, IBM released the IBM 5100 Portable Computer, a fifty pound monstrosity that was about as "portable" as the G4 was a "supercomputer." From those beginnings, the portable computer just kept getting smaller.
MobileMag has a nice history of the portable computer, and it's worth checking out even if you just look at the pictures.
Not only did 70s people have lots and lots of hair all over their bodies, but their computers were, like their bell bottoms and their collars, very, very large.
arstechnica.com /news.ars/post/20050322-4727.html   (407 words)

 bug computer history origin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The first official record of the use of the word BUG in the context of computing is associated with a relay-based Harvard Mark II computer.
This is not the origin of the term "bug" in technology...
Grace Murray Hopper, working in a temporary World War I building at Harvard University on the Mark II computer, found the first computer bug beaten to death in the jaws of a relay.
www.find-site.info /fi/bug-computer-history-origin   (663 words)

 Stalking the Elusive Computer Bug   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
From at least the time of Thomas Edison, U.S. engineers have used the word "bug" to refer to flaws in the systems they developed.
In 1947, when technicians building the Mark II computer at Harvard discovered a moth in one of the relays, they saved it as the first actual case of a bug being found.
In the early 1950s, the terms "bug" and "debug," as applied to computers and computer programs, began to appear not only in computer documentation but even in the popular press.
csdl2.computer.org /persagen/DLAbsToc.jsp?resourcePath=/dl/mags/an/&toc=comp/mags/an/1998/04/a4toc.xml&DOI=10.1109/85.728224   (854 words)

 Bug Doctor for your PC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
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Automatically fix hidden bugs and errors on your PC, at the touch of a button.
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www.pcbugdoctor.com   (336 words)

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