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Topic: Computer display standard

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Computer display standard
Various computer display standards or display modes have been used in the history of the personal computer.
They are often a combination of resolution (specified as the width and height in pixels), colour depth measured in bits, and refresh rate expressed in hertz.
A de facto standard with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 with 32 bit pixels, true colour.
www.guajara.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/c/co/computer_display_standard.html   (423 words)

 Monitor (computer) - MSN Encarta
Monochrome monitors display one color for text and pictures, such as white, green, or amber, against a dark color, such as fl, for the background.
Standard monitors are wider than they are tall and are called landscape monitors.
The display adapter is a circuit board that receives formatted information from the computer and then draws an image on the monitor, displaying the information to the user.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761552369/Monitor_(computer).html   (745 words)

 Pixel - Computer vision - a Wikia wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The modern computer display is designed with a native resolution which refers to the perfect match between pixels and triads.
When an image file is displayed on a screen, the number of bits per pixel is expressed separately for the raster file and for the display.
A recent technique for increasing the apparent resolution of a colour display, named subpixel rendering, uses knowledge of pixel geometry to manipulate the three coloured sub-pixels separately, which seems to be most effective with LCD displays set at native resolution.
computervision.wikia.com /wiki/Pixel   (1844 words)

 How to Buy a Dive Computer
The downside is that if the computer fails during the dive (which is relatively rare), you lose the air pressure information as well.
A computer that meets all of your needs but whose numbers are too small for you to read underwater will not be of great benefit.
Computers can be aggressive, conservative, conservative on deep dives but aggressive on shallow ones, or vice versa.
www.reefseekers.com /how_buy_computer.html   (889 words)

 Method and apparatus for changing the mode of a display apparatus - Patent 6326935
The display device 114 is a display capable of operating in a television mode and a computer graphics mode, and which is capable of receiving and executing commands received by hardware system 100.
Display 114 is a computer display device capable of conforming to both a computer display standard and a television display standard.
Display 114 is a computer display device capable of conforming to both a computer display standard and a television display standard as described above by way of reference to FIG.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6326935.html   (6504 words)

 What's inside your computer
Computer Monitor : A computer display, monitor or screen is a computer peripheral device capable of showing still or moving images generated by a computer and processed by a graphics card.
Computer Trackball : A trackball is a pointing device consisting of a ball housed in a socket containing sensors to detect rotation of the ball about two axes -- like an upside-down mouse, but with the ball sticking out more.
PC A personal computer or PC is generally a microcomputer intended to be used by one person at a time, and suitable for general purpose tasks such as word processing, programming, multimedia editing or game play, usually used to run software not written by the user.
www.lions-wing.net /lessons/hardware/hard.html   (12104 words)

 the Computer Tutor: Glossary of Computer Terms
In bitmap graphics, an image is displayed on the screen as a collection of tiny squares called pixels, which together form a pattern.
The program displays certain icons, buttons, dialogue boxes, etc. in its windows on the screen and the user controls it mainly by moving a pointer on the screen (typically controlled by a mouse) and selecting certain objects by pressing buttons on the mouse while the pointer is pointing at them.
There are two main sources of interrupts: a signal from outside the computer, such as someone touching the keyboard or mouse (a hardware interrupt); or a machine instruction such as a request for input or output (a software interrupt).
www.computer-2tr.com /glossary.html   (10138 words)

 OUTPUT DEVICES Computer Display
A monitor is a screen used to display the output of a computer.
A CRT is a vacuum tube used as a display screen for a computer output device.
EGA is a video display standard that has a resolution of 640 by 350 pixels and supports 16 colors.
home.olemiss.edu /~misbook/hodcpds.htm   (921 words)

 Stealth Computer Corporation - FAQ - LCD, Bright LCD Display, High Bright FAQ
Although a display with less than 500 nits screen brightness and a mere 2 to 1 contrast ratio can be read in outdoor environments, the quality of the display will be dreadfully poor and not get the desired information across effectivley.
A true sunlight readable display is normally considered to be an LCD with at least 1000 nits of screen brightness and a contrast ratio greater than 5 to 1.
This display system was capable of rendering four colors, and had a maximum resolution of 320 pixels horizontally by 200 pixels vertically.
www.stealthcomputer.com /faq_lcd_technology.htm   (2796 words)

 TV Computer Displays - Data Doctors Computer Services
The standard for most computer monitors is a 15 pin SVGA connector (five pins on each of three rows).
If you plan on using a big screen television as a computer display, you will need to be a lot more particular than if you are talking about getting a smaller, desktop device.
The standard for television is composite video (the little yellow RCA plug), which is not good for computer images.
www.datadoctors.com /help/kenscolumns/column.cfm?id=16238   (591 words)

 Nordic Guidelines for Computer Accessibility
Accessibility of computers, keyboards, displays, printers and other peripherals, operating systems, user interfaces and application software allows that information systems, constructed from such components, can be directly used, without assistive devices or modifications, by the widest possible range of people.
On laptop computers, with the necessity of minimising the size of the keyboard, localising keys by the shape of the key should be used to a greater extent.
In this publication the decision of which standard application software packages to be used in a purchasing company is assumed to usually be an element of the corporate ICT strategy, resulting in a choice of software packages that are intended to be used companywide.
www.trace.wisc.edu /docs/nordic_guidelines/nordic_guidelines.htm   (9616 words)

 Sharp unveils notebook with 3-D display
The PC-RD3D is the first computing product from Sharp to feature the 3-D LCD technology and is targeted at developers writing applications or creating content that will use 3-D technology either in the notebook or subsequent products, Miyuki Nakayama, a spokeswoman for Sharp in Tokyo, said today.
The display, which can be switched between conventional 2-D mode and 3-D mode, is a 15-in.
Release of the computer comes at a time when several of Japan's largest computer and technology companies are beginning efforts to popularize 3-D technology.
www.computerworld.com /printthis/2003/0,4814,84809,00.html   (491 words)

 ExactChoice - Advice - Computer Displays
The computer industry has a set of display standards that represent a progression of resolutions from relatively low to high.
However, if you are considering a flat-panel display, you'll want to understand the distinction between plain resolution, which is what the computer outputs, and native resolution (below), which is a property of the flat-panel display.
A flat-panel display is a thin and light-weight display, originally developed for use on notebook computers but now increasingly adopted as a replacement for desktop computers' traditional CRT displays.
exactchoice.cnet.com /display.advice.aspx   (1723 words)

 Computer Knowledge - Video Display Standards
Initial video standards were developed by IBM as one of the only players in the PC marketplace.
The pair (8514/A Display Adapter and 8514 monitor) comprise the 8514 Display Standard and is generally regarded as the first mass-market video card accelerator.
While the 8514 displayed a much higher resolution screen than most other mass-market solutions of the day, the use of an interlaced display was unusual.
www.cknow.com /refs/VideoDisplayStandards.html   (3653 words)

 What is standard? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
A definition or format that has been approved by a recognized standards organization or is accepted as a de facto standard by the industry.
Standards exist for programming languages, operating systems, data formats, communications protocols, and electrical interfaces.
From a user's standpoint, standards are extremely important in the computer industry because they allow the combination of products from different manufacturers to create a customized system.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/S/standard.html   (775 words)

 Display and retrieval of data.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Even computer displays with high-resolution graphic monitors often sacrifice much of the available display area to a plethora of semi-permanent "buttons" and other interface elements designed to receive information from users rather than convey information to them.
It is not clear that the display techniques suitable for desktop computers or current-generation patient data management systems are appropriate for high-bandwidth display of clinical information.
In the absence of new developments, the displays at the patient’s bedside, the nursing station, and the physician’s desktop are potentially "choke points" through which most of the benefits of a fully computerized patient record may fit only awkwardly.
www.gwu.edu /~alemi/display.htm   (709 words)

 VESA DisplayPort Digital Display Interface Standard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
External display connections include the interface between a source device such as a desktop PC, set-top box, DVD player or game console, and a display device such as a direct view flat panel or projection display for viewing video and graphics.
The DisplayPort standard is designed to be usable in all digital source display connections, whether these connections are embedded within a device, such as a notebook PC, or via an external cable between a source device and a display device.
The display connectors used today by the computer industry are relatively large, leading to a conflict with the trend towards small, slim form factors.
www.audioholics.com /news/pressreleases/VESADisplayPortstandard.php   (800 words)

 Black borders on side of screen.
If you're using a widescreen LCD display and you're running a non-widescreen resolution or the program, game, or movie you watching does not support widescreen it is normal for the display to have large fl borders on the left and right-hand sides of the image.
LCD displays are designed and work differently from the standard CRT monitor found on most computers.
To rectify this issue, most LCD displays or laptop manufacturers will have a stretch utility to stretch the pixel size allowing the display to be full screen.
www.computerhope.com /issues/ch000315.htm   (610 words)

 River2u AEEM Guide - LCD Computer Monitors
LCD displays are lighter, use much less energy, and are far thinner than corresponding CRT displays, especially as the screen size increases.
The technology of LCD displays tend to project the light more directly forward than a CRT does so that image fading is noticeable as you move from directly in front of the screen to the side.
If you expect to use the display to group viewing, or in combination with many other displays, a wider viewing angle is important.
www.river2u.com /aeem/lcd_monitors.htm   (599 words)

 8514 (display standard) at AllExperts
The 8514 is an IBM graphics computer display standard supporting a display resolution of 1024×768 pixels with 256 colours at 43.5 Hz (interlaced), or 640×480 at 60 Hz (non-interlaced).
8514 usually refers to the display controller hardware (such as the 8514/A display adapter.) However, IBM sold the companion CRT monitor (for use with the 8514/A) which carries the same designation, 8514.
This freed the host CPU for other tasks, and greatly improved the speed of redrawing a graphics visual (such as a pie-chart or CAD-illustration).
en.allexperts.com /e/0/8514_(display_standard).htm   (354 words)

 Computer display - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The distance between pixels on a computer monitor screen is called its dot pitch and is measured in millimeters.
Vector displays, as used on the Vectrex, many scientific and radar applications, and several early arcade machines (notably Asteroids (game) - always implemented using CRT displays due to requirement for a deflection system, though can be emulated on any raster-based display.
Most modern computer displays can show thousands or millions of different colors in the RGB color space by varying red, green, and blue signals in continuously variable intensities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Computer_display   (1541 words)

 Computer Will Not Boot
Seeing a blue screen of death on your computer does not always indicate a major problem with your computer.  This can be caused by many factors like power spikes or memory errors, which can be fixed just by rebooting the computer.
But if the computer does not recover after a reboot, call the computer helpdesk and give them the error you are getting and we will be able to fix the problem.
Try rebooting the computer, if the computer returns to the same screen then there is a problem with your hard drive or the operating system and any data stored on your local hard drive may be lost.
www.roch.edu /it/html/faqs/My_Computer_will_not_Boot.html   (895 words)

 Apple Displays for Digital Photography
The previous 23" display was introduced March 21st, 2002 and sold for $3,499, later reduced to $1,999 in January 2003.
I bought by the 30" display because there is plenty of room for three full 800-pixel wide windows on the screen.
The 30" display was introduced on June 28th, 2004 at $3,299, sold in most of 2005 for $2,999 and was reduced to $2,499 in October 2005.
www.kenrockwell.com /apple/displays.htm   (1300 words)

 Computer Display Standards
This is an unusual resolution because the numbers work out for a 5:4 display rather than a 4:3 one, so many images appear wider on SXGA displays than most other resolutions.
Other display modes are also defined as VGA, such as 320 × 200 at 256 colors (8 bits per pixel) and a text mode with 720 × 400 pixels.
VGA displays and adapters are generally capable of Mode X graphics.
www.millertech.com /specs/computer_display_standards.htm   (725 words)

 Monochrome Display Adapter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA, also MDA card) introduced in 1981 was IBM's standard video display card and computer display standard for the PC.
This number is arrived at through calculating character width (9 pixels) by columns of text (80) and character height (14 pixels) by rows of text (25).
de:Monochrome Display Adapter ja:Monochrome Display Adapter nl:Monochrome Display Adapter pl:Monochrome Display Adapter
www.mrsci.com /Graphics-Cards/Monochrome_Display_Adapter.php   (394 words)

 CPS119R Rackmount 1U LCD Display Drawer
This display is perfect for those applications where you need the display resolution afforded by 19" but don't have the space for a monitor.
The display is a high quality Samsung 19" TFT LCD with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024.
The display is stowed flat toward the rear and tilts up for use.
www.industrial-computer-source.com /Rackmount_Keyboard_Displays/CPS119R-Series-Rackmount-Keyboard.htm   (183 words)

 Colour-Blindness Characterization using a Computer Display
As an example, spectral power distribution of the light emitted from each of the red, green and blue guns of a standard computer display is shown in Figure 1.
When the reference and match colours are displayed on a computer, both use the same primaries, namely the red, green and blue colour guns of the display.
For the computer matching experiment, the match can be made with two primaries in most cases, with the exception being when a value outside the range [0,1] would be needed for the primaries.
scien.stanford.edu /class/psych221/projects/99/bah/cblind.html   (1557 words)

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