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Topic: Computer generated music

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 Computer music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer music is music generated with, or composed with the aid of computers.
The world's first computer music was generated in Australia by programmer Geoff Hill on the CSIRAC computer which was designed and built by Trevor Pearcey and Maston Beard.
The field of computer music can trace its roots back to the origin of electronic music, and the very first experiments and innovations with electronic instruments at the turn of the 20th century. /wiki/Computer_music   (326 words)

 Computer-generated music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer-generated music is music composed by, or with the extensive aid of, a computer.
The world's first digital computer music was generated in Australia by programmer Geoff Hill on the CSIRAC computer which was designed and built by Trevor Pearcey and Maston Beard.
Computers have also been used in an attempt to imitate the music of great composers of the past, such as Mozart. /wiki/Computer_generated_music   (946 words)

 Computer Generated Music Composition
Another of the goals of Sharle's generation engine is to avoid producing the overly mechanical or predictable music that automatic computer algorithms can easily lead to.
I was asked by a businessman about the application and practicality of computer music.
Although the music currently provided may only be worthy of prototypes and is neither a substitute for a professional ``tune writer'' nor grand works of art, with further extensions, such performance may not be completely beyond its scope. /online/net-music/net-instrument/Thesis.html   (9257 words)

Second, Computer Generated Music is seen as the branch of engineering that puts some order to the purely technical field of Audio Processing, by translating in scientific terms some of the concerns addressed in the past only by music specialists, composers and the like.
But the engineering area addressed by Computer Generated Music on which they rest has a long tradition and lets them extend their essence and their quality beyond the mere technical issues they seemingly address.
SMDL is a general standard with ambitious aims, the influence of which extends well beyond Computer Generated Music. /pubbli/SCGM.html   (3369 words)

 Computer Generated Music in the Middle School Orchestra
The computer programs that I have used to create a computerized teaching assistant are: Finale, by Coda Music Software, a Wenger Company, 1401 E. 79th Street, Bloomington MN, 55425-1126, 1-800-843-2066; and Band in a Box, by PG Music Inc., 111-266 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY, 14222.
With the computer playing the music I can move among the students and help them place their fingers correctly on the fingerboard.
Since I use a lot of background rhythm and music in my classes, I feel that through the use of these cards the students can learn to read simple and complex rhythm cards and apply that knowledge to their music reading. /tdml/conf-II/II-Chilman.html   (1805 words)

 trance is just computer generated music - Tranceaddict Forums
IMO music is music so long as it has rhythm, melody, and harmony, even if it is composed, arranged, and produced with computers.
for example, why is it that one might claim that it is the computer that is composing the music and not the programmer?
of course, this book is mostly about artificial intelligence, and it much of it is not about computer composed music, but once you get through the book (and a lot of other philosophy of mind literature), you will understand this issue a lot clearer. /forums/showthread/t-220375.html   (1610 words)

 BBC News Sci/Tech Computer to rival Mozart
Listening to the computer music, Anthony Pople, Professor of Music at the University of Southampton in England said: "It does sound like music that follows the style of the composer but it does not always do the right thing all the time.
Anthony Pople believes computers have a place in the study of music, usually thought of as an essentially human activity.
Before you answer, listen to these examples of computer compositions and reflect that it was once said machines would never beat us at chess. /1/hi/sci/tech/240642.stm   (551 words)

 Omniseek: /Music /Computer Generated /Computer Generated Composition
COMPUTER MUSIC COMPOSITIONS: A.N.L. - folds, a manifold composition for computer generated tape, 1996 - Curses, for male voice, female backup group and computer-generated tape, 1996.
Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ) is a print journal, published annually with an accompanying compact disk.
The goal of this project was to create some form of synthesis between computer technology into the more traditional methods of... /srch/{77322}   (265 words)

 Encyclopedia Search
compression: ADPCM MP2 MP3 AAC - used by for example Apple Computer ATRAC... /search.php?searWords=Fractal-music   (169 words)

 SYNTH ZONE - MIDI, Synthesizer & Electronic Music Production Resource Guide
Music Tech Magazine provides coverage of computer music hardware and software.
Creative Prodikeys is the worlds first music and PC keyboard in one with 37 touch sensitive keys and a full featured PC keyboard.
For music shareware Shareware Music Machine is a very good place to start for any platform, and the Software Archive Sites page has plenty of links you can check out.   (1306 words)

 BatesNow 4/30/2004 Weekend concerts at Bates College feature classical, computer-generated music
Titled "Voicescapes," Matthews' program consists of music composed with computer and created from vocal texts and the sounds of nature.
At Colby since 1985, she teaches violin, coaches chamber music and is concertmaster of the Colby Symphony.
Carlsen is a recitalist in New England on violin, viola and Baroque violin, performing music from the Renaissance through the 21st century. /x53298.xml   (453 words)

 Computer-generated art at opensource encyclopedia
The second kind is 3D computer graphics, where the screen becomes a window into a virtual environment, where you arrange objects to be "photographed" by the computer.
Typically 2D computer graphics use raster graphics as their primary means of source data respresentations, whereas 3D computer graphics use vector graphics.
In this case, however, the image is on the computer screen and the instrument you draw with might be a tablet stylus or a mouse, but the marks it makes will seem to be from a pencil or pen or paintbrush. /Computer-generated_art.html   (497 words)

Computer generated music site exploring "genetically evolving" sound trees.
Links to fractal and computer generated music software for Windows users plus other resources.
Mandelbrot music is MIDI music generated based on properties of the Mandelbrot number set. /compgen.htm   (461 words)

IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music
But then we moved, and the computer got slower and slower and smaller and smaller, and eventually it and the reverb ended up gathering dust in the attic.
Microtonal Music ``Microtonal music is generally defined as any music that is not 12TET. /~cary/html/music.html   (2507 words) - Software gives human touch to computer-generated music
If a computer blindly puts down the musical notes where they should be mathematically located on the staff, it is impossible for humans to read it because the notational flags will be on top of one another.
But new software from Sibelius Software Ltd. demonstrates that computers, which have succeeded in creating art and beating chess champions, are in hot pursuit of duplicating human musical virtuosity as well.
Even as simple a musical task as a drum roll is beyond the capabilities of conventional sequencers, which render a sound similar to a machine gun when given the score for a drum roll. /story/OEG19991019S0059   (1319 words)

 Dash for cash puts tech out of tune Tech News on ZDNet
Vocaloid takes the last musical instrument to escape the computer's ravening maw -- the human voice -- and stuffs it in with the rest of the analogue menagerie behind the bars of the digital zoo.
Like much computer art, it's intriguing at first but rapidly palls: the computer doesn't know what's in music that humans like.
The OPL chip plays the MIDI music on those Web pages you shouldn't be looking at, while the DX-7 is a full-blown synthesizer that practically defined the clean, shiny synthetic pop music of the 1980s. /2100-9595_22-991342.html   (1040 words)

 Windows Programming: C/C++ sample source: play multiple sounds at once  (computer generated music)
The input data is generated on the fly using a mathematical algorithm.
To clarify a bit, I am not interested in reading in data from a keyboard but rather generating music dynamically from say a buffer that I fill with data from some algorithm.
This is close to what I am looking for except that the data I use is generated on the fly using a mathematical algorithm. /Programming/Programming_Platforms/Win_Prog/Q_11510518.html   (900 words)

 Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
The Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researchers work together using computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a research tool.
Music 250A HCI Theory and Practice MW 10-12, Knoll 217
Music 423 Graduate Seminar in Signal Processing Research, F 3:15, Knoll 217   (155 words)

 Wireless Technology in Gesture Controlled Computer Generated Music (SMEALSearch) - Pal,Rangaswamy,Giles,Debnath
Wireless technology in gesture controlled computer generated music
Also, a real-time powerful music language based on C language able to perform audio synthesis and processing is introduced.
We here describe the experience of researchers and artists involved in the activities of the "computer ART lab" (cART lab) of the Italian National Council of Research (C.N.R.) in Pisa, regarding the "wireless technology" developed for controlling in real-time interactive multimedia performances. /110254.html   (260 words)

 ®¤©: weblog: computer-generated music
i'd really love to hook this, or something like it, up to my computer-generated poetry page (which also uses a database of phonemes) to produce computer-generated music.
Assorted pitches and techniques like glissandos and legatos are also thrown in the mix; with all the combinations, the process takes a week of five-hour singing days. /archive/2003/11/24/computer-generated_music   (142 words)

 Computer Generated MIDI MUSIC for "Bob"
This music is intended primarily for your listening entertainment and/or pleasure.
Except where specifically noted, all music and stories on this web site are my own creations.
If you wish to use any of it for other purposes, please email me first. /bob.html   (183 words)

 BBC - Radio 3 - Robot Composer
Information about Dave Cope, the computer programme, and Dave's realisations of original and computer-generated music can be found at:
Track 1: the music was generated by a computer.
Her works include five song cycles, four music theatre pieces, three orchestral works, two string quartets and a children's opera, /radio3/bach/robotcomposer.shtml   (278 words)

 Talk:Computer generated music : Talk:Computer Generated Music
terms defined : Talk:Computer generated music : Talk:Computer Generated Music
All is still licensed under the GNU FDL. /ta/talk:computer-generated-music.html   (211 words)

 Music 220C / Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music
Music 220C / Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music
This course is an opportunity for students who have completed Music 220a and Music 220b to pursue an independent research project in computer music.
Jesse Fox: Haptic Interfaces for Musical Interaction with Computers /courses/220c   (84 words)

 Soren Goodman
Since sometime during my undergraduate studies, I started composing music by first drawing a visual representation of the piece on a piece of paper.
The Algorithmic Music Toolbox is a lisp program that I've been developing.
It has a collection of algorithms that can be combined in a modular way to create music. /~soren   (242 words)

Morita H., Hashimoto S., Ohteru S.: A Computer Music System that Follows a Human Conductor, in Special Issue on Computer-Generated Music, Computer, 24(7), 44-53, 1991.
Widmer G.: The Usefulness of Qualitative Theories of Musical Perception, Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC-90), Glasgow, Scotland, 1990.
Hardt D.: Computational Accounts of Music Understanding, Dept. of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, MS-CIS-91-66, LINC LAB 207, 1991. /~glr/CM/AI-music   (1333 words)

 Music - welcome to Code Music
Detailed profile of HTML code for adding music from - The world's first computer generated encyclopedia.
A search engine for tunes and musical themes. Only the melody needs to be known to search. The melody can be whistled or sung to the computer. The database is editable for anybody. For every melody, sheet music, a MIDI file, and a description can be stored.
Resources and links for making music on your computer. Soundcards, software, MOD files, MIDI&; and audio programming. /codemusic   (2275 words)

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