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Topic: Computer network

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  Computer Network
A computer network is a group of computers connected to one another in a manner similar to the way telephones are connected.
ACC maintains several computer networks, each consisting of hundreds of computers connected to one another.
Most ACC computers are single-user units such as the PC on your desk, in classrooms, or in labs.
www.sunyacc.edu /go.php?page=handbook/4-network.htm   (1270 words)

  Computer networking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer networking is the scientific and engineering discipline concerned with communication between computer systems.
Computer networking is sometimes considered a sub-discipline of telecommunications.
Computer networks may be implemented using a variety of protocol stack architectures, computer buses or combinations of media and protocol layers, incorporating one or more of:
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Computer_network   (399 words)

 Network (computer science) - MSN Encarta
Two important components are the transmission media that carry the computer's signals, typically on wires or fiber-optic cables, and the network adapter, which accesses the physical media that link computers, receives packets from network software, and transmits instructions and requests to other computers.
A network has two types of connections: physical connections that let computers directly transmit and receive signals and logical, or virtual, connections that allow computer applications, such as e-mail programs and the browsers used to explore the World Wide Web, to exchange information.
Common topologies used to arrange computers in a network are point-to-point, bus, star, ring, and mesh.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761567995/Network_(computer_science).html   (950 words)

 Network computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A network computer is a lightweight computer system that operates exclusively via a network connection.
So far, this has not happened, and it seems that the network computer "buzz" was either a fad or not ready to happen.
The IBM Network Station was originally based on the PowerPC architecture, but the final few models used Intel Pentium processors.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Network_computer   (1352 words)

 Computer network - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
A computer network is a system for communication between computers.
These networks may be fixed (cabled, permanent) or temporary (as via modems or null modems).
In 1969 the University of California at Los Angeles, SRI (in Stanford), University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah were connected as the beginning of the DARPANet network using 50 Kbps circuits.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/c/o/m/Computer_network.html   (431 words)

 Computer Network Specialist
Computer network specialists design and set up computer labs or workstations that connect to the main computer system or with each other.
Computer network specialists schedule the installation of hardware, supervise the uncrating and placement of equipment, maintain network hardware and software, analyze problems, monitor the network to ensure availability to system users, and test the operating system.
Network specialists aid workers to become familiar with software applications and help them solve problems, as they occur, to get the most out of the computer network.
www.delta.edu /jobplace/CareerProfiles/computernetworkspecialistprofile.html   (806 words)

 Joint Task Force - Computer Network Operations
The Joint Task Force-Computer Network Operations (JTF-CNO) is Strategic Command's operational component for Computer Network Operations (CNO), and supports USSTRATCOM Commander in the integration of Computer Network Defense and Computer Network Attack capabilities into the operations of U.S. military forces.
Computer Network Operations are comprised of two specific yet complementary mission areas: Computer Network Defense (CND) and Computer Network Attack (CNA).
The CNA mission is to coordinate, support and conduct, at the direction of the president, computer network attack operations in support of regional and national objectives.
www.iwar.org.uk /iwar/resources/JIOC/computer-network-operations.htm   (643 words)

 Computer & Network Security   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Individual areas that have computers and networks may have additional controls and security, but they are in addition to this Policy.
Issuance of passwords and designation of some computer accounts must be approved in writing through the respective dean or director (or designated representative) of the administrative unit.
In the event of an imposed restriction or termination of access to some or all University computers and systems, a user enrolled in such courses or involved in computer related work activities may be required to use alternative facilities, if any, to satisfy the obligation of such courses or work activity.
www.sfasu.edu /upp/pap/general_regulations/computer_network_security.htm   (944 words)

 Computer/Network Security : University of Vermont
Securing the campus network and the information resources connected to it is the joint responsibility of Network Services, computer systems administrators, and every user of the campus network.
Network Services provides a hardware and software firewall that shields our computers from the many security attacks.
Network Services seeks to provide this protection with the minimum amount of inconvenience and overhead.
www.uvm.edu /networksecurity   (477 words)

 Home Network Security
Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer.
Network Address Translation (NAT) provides a way to hide the IP addresses of a private network from the Internet while still allowing computers on that network to access the Internet.
Physical theft of a computer, of course, results in the loss of confidentiality and availability, and (assuming the computer is ever recovered) makes the integrity of the data stored on the disk suspect.
www.cert.org /tech_tips/home_networks.html   (5537 words)

 Computer Network Authentication FAQs
The new Network Registration process will prevent all computers from gaining access to all network and internet features until you have completed a series of certification steps to assure that your computer has up-to-date antivirus software and other critical software updates.
Once your computer has been certified for the network, you will be able to access the network and internet in any network port on campus, as well as the wireless network, HWSWireless.
If you have an older computer and are not sure what kind of hardware upgrades you will need, you may bring your computer to the help desk for an evaluation and upgrade recommendations.
www.hws.edu /administration/itservices/services_networkfaq.asp?clienttype=parents   (806 words)

 Computer Network   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The outlying buildings were to be connected by fiber to a computer room that was to be built in the main building.
We did not have funds to build the network; however, did have a plan where we were able to establish projected cost for the system.
One of the ways we have utilized to complete our network with limited funding (other than utilizing the inmate work program) is to have our computers built for us by a local computer company.
www.sheriff.douglas.ga.us /computer_network.htm   (1230 words)

 What is network computer? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
The idea behind network computers is that many users who are connected to a network don't need all the computer power they get from a typical personal computer.
Network computers take this idea one step further by also minimizing the amount of memory and processor power required by the workstation.
One of the strongest arguments behind network computers is that they reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) -- not only because the machines themselves are less expensive than PCs, but also because network computers can be administered and updated from a central network server.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/n/network_computer.html   (548 words)

 Computer Network Consultant
Someone who has the ability to start and successfully work as a computer network consultant can demand top dollar for his or her knowledge and efforts.
An effective computer network consultant is in such high demand in today's market place that companies are forming long term partnerships with consultants who are able to have a positive impact on how their business runs.
To learn more about becoming a computer network consultant, sign-up for the free audio training seminar 5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Computer Consulting Business (a $49.00 Value) while it is still available for free.
www.computerconsultantssecrets.com /computer-network-consultant/dream-job.htm   (536 words)

 Computer Network Technology at GRTS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Computer Network Technicians, Administrators, and Computer Repair Technicians are in great demand throughout the country.
CompTIA's A+ Certification is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of computer service technicians with the equivalent of 500 hours of hands-on experience.
CompTIA's Network + Certification is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of networking professionals with at least nine months of experience in network support or administration or adequate academic training.
www.grts.org /network.htm   (465 words)

 Computer Network [encyclopedia]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Computer networks may be categorized with respect to range:
Computer network applications may be categorized with respect to the functional relationships between components:
Computer networks may be categorized with respect to network topologies:
encyclozine.com /Computer_network   (142 words)

 Intel Education: Intel Computer Clubhouse Network
A Computer Clubhouse* is more than just a safe environment for youth; it is also a creative place where a "community of learners;" young people, mentors and staff, use technology as a tool for learning and creative expression.
The philosophy of the Intel Computer Clubhouse is "beyond access," a place where young people use professional software to create computer-based projects inspired by their own ideas.
The Computer Clubhouse program was created in 1993 by the MIT Media Lab and the Computer Museum, now part of the Museum of Science, Boston.
www.intel.com /education/icc   (398 words)

 Computer network support
You have a problem with your computer network and you need IT support, but you don't want to pay exorbitant fees, in fact you're not even sure about signing up for a fixed contract.
Our helpdesk engineers are specialists who can install, modify, diagnose, clean, and repair computer network hardware and software both remotely and on site; they do it on a daily basis for our Pay-As-You-Go and contracted business customers across the UK.
They are there to provide you with computer network support to the highest standard.
www.centurycomputing.co.uk /Services/Network_Installation/Computer_network_support/default.aspx?id=185   (409 words)

 Computer Network Training, Computer Network Operations
The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Computer Network Operations from Gibbs College - Boston provides our students with computer network training that helps turn your interest in technology and computer networks into a rewarding job.
The Computer Network Operations specialized degree program is designed to prepare students with computer network training skills in network administration, management, planning and support, and implementation of information systems for positions in a variety of computer environments as a Computer Network Operations professional.
Find out more about a Computer Network Operations specialized degree program in our Course Outline.
www.gibbsboston.edu /computer-network.asp   (249 words)

 Computer related pages and links
The Computer Hope network was designed to allow visitors of Computer Hope as well as all users on the Internet to have a location to find useful computer related web sites.
We have compiled a large listing of pages within Computer Hope as well as third-party company pages relating to computers allowing you to have the most useful computer related book marks.
Computer Hope also does not participate in any type of endorsement to get web sites posted and/or get ratings approved.
www.computerhope.com /network.htm   (209 words)

 Computer Gym - Network + Certification -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Network+ is targeted to individuals with 18-24 months of network support experience or equivalent knowledge.
A good working knowledge of TCP/IP fundamentals and client implementations, as well as knowledge of a broad spectrum of network technologies and methodologies, is necessary to pass the certification exam.
Because Network+ is focused on the open, platform independent and globally accepted TCP/IP network protocol, Computer Gym has chosen Network+ as the means to bring a thorough and useful understanding of TCP/IP to both experienced networking professionals and to candidates interested in starting a new career in networking.
www.computergym.com /network.htm   (274 words)

 Computer Network Training Classes
A student completing this diploma program should be well versed in a variety of computer network administration, keyboarding and software/hardware installation and manipulation skills, as well as computer repair and maintenance.
He or she should be able to install, manage and troubleshoot network systems.
Both large and small groups meet hourly in the many classrooms and hi-tech computer labs of the three floors of the college.
www.cotedu.com /computer-networking-training-class.htm   (282 words)

 HowStuffWorks "How Home Networking Works"
Until recently, home networks were primarily the realm of technophiles -- most families either didn't need or couldn't afford more than one computer.
In this article, you'll learn about the different types of home computer networks, how they work and what to keep in mind if you're considering creating one.
A home network is simply a method of allowing computers to communicate with one another.
computer.howstuffworks.com /home-network.htm   (457 words)

 Computer Network Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The program prepares students to manage computer network systems through a combination of classroom theory and practical application.
Students may enroll in the Computer Network Technology program at the start of Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters on a space available basis.
CAP 199 - Computer Fundamentals is a required prerequisite for students to enroll in the Computer Network Technology program.
www.btc.ctc.edu /CourseDocs/Programs/pComputerNetworking.asp   (292 words)

 CSIT Computer Network Administrator Program
Networking computers so they may communicate with each other enables organizations to achieve greater efficiency.
Parkland College is a regional Cisco networking academy, providing the Cisco curriculum to Parkland students and also serving as regional trainer and coordinator for the Cisco curriculum at other area community colleges and high schools.
Prepares students for entry-level employment in the field of computer network administration.
www.parkland.edu /csit/networking/netprogram.htm   (390 words)

 Computer Network Management Degree - Westwood College
Computers alter the sounds of the music we listen to.They enable virtually instantaneous communication with people at the far corners of the world.
Computers even influence the films we see, from the computer world of “The Matrix” to the computer-generated animation of “Lord of the Rings.” In short, information technology is all around us, every day, in every way.
The Computer Network Management program is designed to provide students with advanced networking skills required to design, install, configure, and maintain enterprisewide networks.
www.westwood.edu /degrees/technology/computer-network-management-degree.asp   (293 words)

 Computer Service NETwork - Glossary of Internet & Computer Terms
Web browsers cache pages so they do not need to be downloaded from the Internet each time you access the page.
Cached data is stored temporarily in a computer’s main memory or a specially designated memory storage space within the microprocessor.
(Computer Aided Design) the use of both hardware and software for design work such as architecture as well as a wide variety of engineering functions.
www.computer-service.net /store/glossary.asp?l=C&p=1   (431 words)

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