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Topic: Computer system

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  Computer system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A typical computer system employs a computer that uses programmable devices to store, retrieve, and process data.
Many computer systems can interconnect, that is, join to become a bigger system.
If two computer systems define the same protocols, they may be capable of interconnecting and become a part of a larger system.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Computer_system   (241 words)

 Computer algebra system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The study of algorithms useful for computer algebra systems is known as computer algebra.
The run-time of numerical programs implemented in computer algebra systems is normally longer than that of equivalent programs implemented in systems such as MATLAB, GNU Octave, or directly in C, since they are programmed for full symbolic generality and thus cannot use machine numerical operations directly for most of their functions.
Computer algebra systems began to appear in the early 1970s, and evolved out of research into artificial intelligence, though the fields are now regarded as largely separate.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Computer_algebra_system   (453 words)

 Computer support specialists and systems administrators
Systems administrators also can administer and configure networks and servers remotely, although this practice is not as common as it is among computer support specialists.
Employment of computer support specialists is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2014, as organizations continue to adopt increasingly sophisticated technology and integrate it into their systems.
Employment of systems administrators is expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations as firms continue to invest heavily in securing computer networks.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos268.htm   (2431 words)

 Computer System Resource Information
System resources are what allocate and setup your hardware components, helping hardware to work without causing issues with other hardware within your computer.
Every IBM compatible computer has a maximum of 15 IRQs and are prioritized in the computer according to the importance of the device.
Another recommended connection to PC computers would be the USB port which allows up to 127 devices to be connected at once using only one IRQ.
www.computerhope.com /irqs.htm   (945 words)

 Computer scientists and database administrators
Computer specialists with work experience and considerable expertise in a particular subject or a certain application may find lucrative opportunities as independent consultants or may choose to start their own computer consulting firms.
Computer scientists and database administrators are expected to be among the fastest growing occupations through 2014.
Employment of these computer specialists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations as organizations continue to adopt and integrate increasingly sophisticated technologies.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos042.htm   (2919 words)

 Computer System Hardware Classes [WMI]
Represents cache memory (internal and external) on a computer system.
Relates a computer system (including data such as startup properties, time zones, boot configurations, or administrative passwords) and a system BIOS (services, languages, system management properties).
Represents a device connected to a Windows computer system that is capable of reproducing a visual image on a medium.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/wmisdk/wmi/computer_system_hardware_classes.asp   (1238 words)

 Computer Algebra Systems
Computer Algebra systems have not only changed how mathematics is taught at many universities, but have provided a flexible tool for mathematicians worldwide.
Computer Algebra systems can be used to simplify rational functions, factor polynomials, find the solutions to a system of equation, and various other manipulations.
It is important that the computer algebra system be able to represent everything that may happen when expressions are simplified and expanded, but it must also decide whether or not to simplify certain operations depending on the circumstances.
www.math.wpi.edu /IQP/BVCalcHist/calc5.html   (5064 words)

 Home Computer Security
Instead, it goes from your computer to another computer to still another computer and so on, eventually reaching his or her computer.
For a computer, the repair cycle might have to be repeated until a patch completely fixes a problem.
So, to guard paper or computer files, you need to limit who has access to them by using the access control devices, whether filing cabinets and safes for paper or access control lists for information on a computer system.
www.cert.org /homeusers/HomeComputerSecurity   (12023 words)

 Blueprint for a Computer Immune System
Inspired by the analogy between computer viruses and biological ones, we have designed and prototyped an "immune system for cyberspace" that is capable of automatically deriving and distributing anti-virus data within minutes of a new virus's first detection.
In order to describe what we mean by a computer immune system, we shall first describe briefly some of the salient features of biological immune systems, using this as a basis for a broad outline of the function of a computer immune system.
The system must be capable of detecting the presence of a high proportion of viruses that are unknown to it specifically.
www.research.ibm.com /antivirus/SciPapers/Kephart/VB97   (7553 words)

 Computer security system (US5355414)
    A computer security device for preventing unauthorized access to a computer system automatically disables peripheral device access to the computer system after the peripheral input devices remain inactive for a predetermined period.
The system comprises a host computer which is in communication with a keyboard controller and a display.
A security system for a computer, said security system operating independently of a host computer to disable access to an operating system of the host computer when security measures are activated, said security system comprising:
www.delphion.com /details?pn10=US05355414   (267 words)

 Howstuffworks "Computer Channel"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Computer viruses range from pesky to outright dangerous.
Bits are the starting point of the computer world.
It's not just in your PC -- computer memory shows up in lots of electronic devices.
computer.howstuffworks.com /category-computers.htm   (230 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Operating Systems Work"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The computer in a typical modern cell phone is now more powerful than a desktop computer from 20 years ago, so this progression makes sense and is a natural development.
For a desktop computer user, this means you can add a new security update, system patch, new application or often even a new operating system entirely rather than junk your computer and start again with a new one when you need to make a change.
The purpose of an operating system is to organize and control hardware and software so that the device it lives in behaves in a flexible but predictable way.
www.howstuffworks.com /operating-system.htm   (458 words)

 Fermat, Computer Algebra System
Fermat is a computer algebra system for Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Unix by me, Robert H. Lewis of Fordham University, that does arithmetic of arbitrarily long integers and fractions, symbolic calculations, matrices over polynomial rings, graphics, and other numerical calculations.
If you tackle real problems with computer algebra you have probably found that some well known systems are too slow, use too much space, crash too often, or have weird limitations built into them.
Except for material which is unambiguously and unarguably in the public domain, no material anywhere on this website, graphical or text, may be copied or further disseminated without the express and written permission of the legal holder of that copyright.
www.bway.net /~lewis   (2305 words)

 Computer training online: Hardware   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
How computers work is a series of articles providing illustrated explanations of how computer hardware and software works.
Dave's guide to troubleshooting explains the causes of computer problems and how to think like a trouble shooter; the causes of computer problems; provides a list of tools and advice on contacting technical support.
How computer memory works is a series of illustrated articles explainining the various types of computer memory.
www.ckls.org /~crippel/computerlab/tutorials   (614 words)

 The TSX-32 Operating System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
System generation does not require any reassembly or relinking and can usually be accomplished in a matter of seconds.
A flexible file access control system can be used to limit the type of access that each user may have to files on a file-by-file, directory, or disk basis.
A multi-user operating system is a little like a computer network such as Novell or Lantastic: many users can run a variety of programs at the same time and they can access common data files.
www.sandh.com /os.htm   (4847 words)

 Videoguys Recommended Computer Systems for DTV
A big system drive is great for storing lower resolution/multimedia quality video clips.The last thing you want to do is have to open up a DTV system that's performing great just to add more storage for software.
Worst of all systems that were working fine would become unstable over time; if your WinME system became unstable, the only reliable fix was to completely reformat the hard drive and re-install the OS and all hardware and software from scratch.
Systems built around the Cyrix processors running at a multiple of 30 MHz clock speeds are not recommended for our cards.
www.videoguys.com /system.htm   (4850 words)

 Falkirk Computer Shop, provides PC repair, PC for new and refurbished laptops
A computer shop that gives you expert advice and guidance to enable you to choose the best computer system for your needs and budget.
We have a full range of pre-built systems to suit any budget, If our pre-built systems do not fix your exact requirements we have a build to order service, so that our PC’s are built to your exact specifications so you get a computer system that fits your exact requirements.
In fact even our pre-built systems are built to order so that you can buy with confidence knowing your new computer has not been sitting in our stock room for 6 months.
www.falkirkcomputershop.co.uk   (356 words)

With a statewide shared system, costs would be shared by the State and local law enforcement agencies making a police mobile data communications system more affordable and allow access to small agencies that would not have the resources to implement their own mobile data computer system.
With the implementation of a computer aided dispatch system, police telecommunicators found their workload increasing to the point of overload during busy periods.
The new wireless system for Fond du Lac officers will use an existing GSM cell phone infrastructure to transmit wireless data to and from the County wide records management system.
www.fdlpolice.com /mdc.htm   (1767 words)

 Computer System Solutions, Inc.
Computer System Solutions has been in business since 1979.
Our services range from new network setup, administration, and connectivity to computer repair and technical support for all major electronics.
We are also a major retailer of Compaq and Hewlett Packard computers, monitors and printers, as well as most major brand name electronics.
www.comput.com   (106 words)

 Amazon.com: Computer System Architecture (3rd Edition): Books: M. Morris Mano   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Focused primarily on hardware design and organization — and the impact of software on the architecture — this volume first covers the basic organization, design, and programming of a simple digital computer, then explores the separate functional units in detail.
The digital computer is a digital system that performs various computational tasks.
The book provides a nice overview of computer architecture by focusing on the basic concepts in manner that is not dependent on a particular real-life architecture.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0131755633?v=glance   (1422 words)

 Computer System - Buying Leads for Computer System - Buyers, Importers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Start here to find buyers, importers and wholesalers of Computer System around the world.
We are interested to buy acer, dell, compaq systems, specially in acer veriton 7600gt, and upgraded
We are one of the leading importer of computers
importer.alibaba.com /buyeroffers/Computer_System.html   (738 words)

 What is computer system? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
The computer system includes not only the computer, but also any software and peripheral devices that are necessary to make the computer function.
Every computer system, for example, requires an operating system.
Logic Supply: Computers - Mini-ITX computer systems and components designed for embedded applications and applied computing.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/C/computer_system.html   (232 words)

 What is system? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
(3) A computer system refers to the hardware and software components that run a computer or computers.
The System provides information to all other applications that run on a Macintosh.
Emco Software: System Management Software Applications - Developer of network management and inventory solutions, which help network administrators and help desk staffs more easily manage their networks.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/S/system.html   (303 words)

 Apple - Power Mac G5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Mac OS X makes the most of multicore systems, since it was designed from day one for multiple processors.
These new Power Mac G5 systems have a much faster connection between the CPU, the system memory and our new PCI Express DeckLink video editing cards.
These new systems have the speeds critical for our customers who are completing television series, music videos and feature films.”
www.apple.com /powermac   (1015 words)

 Freeware Computer backup system
Here you can load our computer backup systems.
All you need to start Handy Backup 2.1 on your computer is Windows (NT/95/98/Me/2000/XP), approximately 4MB of free disk space and an Internet connection.
Your use of Handy Backup Shareware indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement.
www.handy-backup.com /backup_download.shtml   (155 words)

 Axiom Computer Algebra System - Summary [Savannah]
This project is not part of the GNU Project.
Axiom is a general purpose Computer Algebra system.
It is useful for doing mathematics by computer and for research and development of mathematical algorithms.
savannah.nongnu.org /projects/axiom   (346 words)

 Computer System Memory - DDR Memory - Flash Memory
Computer System Memory - DDR Memory - Flash Memory
Computer RAM - DDR Memory - Flash Memory
Computer Memory RAM - DDR Memory - Flash Memory
www.sweetmemory.com   (128 words)

 CSI: Computer System Innovations, Inc.
Computer System Innovations, Inc. is a dynamic, team-oriented consulting company committed to providing value-added database implementations and support.
In 1992, CSI became the first Midwest Authorized Solution Provider of iMIS, now the #1 ranked software of its kind with 30,000 users worldwide.
Copyright © 2006 Computer System Innovations, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
www.csiinc.com   (183 words)

 Custom Built Computer System - Business, Home Office, Personal - Barbarian Computer Worx
All of our computer systems are built-to-order, using high quality, name brand components - such as Sony
offers several ‘standard’ computer configurations for your consideration, and we are always ready for those custom orders!
Site Creation and Maintenance Performed by Barbarian Computer Worx.
www.barbariancomputerworx.net   (104 words)

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