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Topic: Congress of the Philippines

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Philippine Congress
The Senate of the Philippines is the upper chamber of the bicameral legislature of the Philippines, the Congress of the Philippines.
The Congress of the Philippines is the primary legislature of the Philippines.
Congress of the United States, the legislative branch of the federal government, instituted (1789) by Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States Constitution of the United States, document embodying the fundamental principles upon which the American republic is conducted.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Philippine-Congress   (830 words)

 Philippines - MSN Encarta
A two-thirds vote of Congress is required to overrule a presidential veto of proposed legislation.
The highest tribunal in the Philippines is the Supreme Court, made up of a chief justice and 14 associate justices, all appointed by the country’s president.
Political parties in the Philippines are extensions of the key politicians who control them, rather than institutions focused on particular ideologies or political viewpoints.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761558570_9/Philippines.html   (662 words)

 History of the Senate - Senate of the Philippines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Philippine Legislature, composed of the Philippine Senate and the House of Representatives, was created under the Philippine Autonomy Act, popularly known as the Jones Law, which was passed by the Congress of the United States and became law on August 29, 1916.
It served as the legislative body of the Philippines from October 1916 to November 1935, until it was succeeded by the National Assembly upon the inauguration on November 15, 1935 of the Commonwealth provided in the Constitution of the Philippines.
The Philippine Commission was abolished and the Philippine Legislature, inaugurated on October 16, 1916, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives was established.
www.senate.gov.ph /about/history.htm   (3231 words)

 ILAB - The Philippines
In the third quarter of 1991, the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) estimated that there were 777,000 Filipino workers between the ages of 10 and 14, and 1.4 million between 15 and 17 years.
The Philippines is a party to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and ILO Convention No. 59 Concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment in Industry.
The information provided was based on a University of the Philippines Office of Research Coordination study which was undertaken in conjunction with the Government of Philippines' UNICEF-assisted "Breaking Ground for Community Action on Child Labour Project." The latter documented the pervasive use of child labor in the garment industry's subcontracting operations.
www.dol.gov /ilab/media/reports/iclp/sweat/philippines.htm   (2222 words)

 Congress at AllExperts
In politics, Congress ("a gathering of people") is the name of the main legislative body in a state that operates under a congressional system of government.
* The Congress of the Philippines (Filipino: Kongreso ng Pilipinas) is the legislative branch of the Philippine government.
A Chess congress is a chess tournament, in one city, where a large number of contestants gather to play competitive chess over a limited period of time; typically one day to one week.
en.allexperts.com /e/c/co/congress.htm   (489 words)

 Philippines : Gov.Ph : About the Philippines :
The legislative power shall be vested in the Congress of the Philippines which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives, except to the extent reserved to the people by the provision on initiative and referendum.
The records and books of accounts of the Congress shall be preserved and be open to the public in accordance with law, and such books shall be audited by the Commission on Audit which shall publish annually an itemized list of amounts paid to and expenses incurred for each Member.
(7) If, by the end of any fiscal year, the Congress shall have failed to pass the general appropriations bill for the ensuing fiscal year, the general appropriations law for the preceding fiscal year shall be deemed reenacted and shall remain in force and effect until the general appropriations bill is passed by the Congress.
www.gov.ph /aboutphil/a6.asp   (2287 words)

 Philippines: Abolition of the death penalty - Amnesty International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Philippines is the 25th country in the Asia-Pacific region to end capital punishment in law or practice.
The Philippine Congress rightly took the opportunity to end the death penalty and has shown through its leadership its commitment to respect the fundamental right to life.
However, the death penalty was reintroduced in the Philippines in late 1993 for 46 different offences.
web.amnesty.org /library/Index/ENGASA350042006   (390 words)

 Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila
Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila
Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:
Natural-born citizens of the Philippines who, after the effectivity of this Act, become citizens of a foreign country shall retain their Philippine citizenship upon taking the aforesaid oath.
www.naffaa.org /2005naffaa/duallaw.html   (479 words)

 Congress of the Philippines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Philippine Bill of 1902 mandated the creation of a bicameral or a two-chamber Philippine Legislature with the Philippine Commission as the Upper House and the Philippine Assembly as the Lower House.
The Philippine Commission was abolished, and a new bicameral Philippine Legislature consisting of a House of Representatives and a Senate was established.
Upon the inauguration of the Republic of the Philippines in July 4, 1946, Republic Act No. 6 was enacted providing that on the date of the proclamation of the Republic of the Philippines, the existing Congress would be known as the First Congress of the Republic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Congress_of_the_Philippines   (1745 words)

 House of Representatives - Audience: Students
To qualify for election as a Representative, you have to be a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter in the district in which you seek to be elected, a resident therein for not less than one (1) year before the day of the election and at least twenty-five (25) years of age.
Upon the inauguration of the Republic of the Philippines in 1946, Republic Act No. 6 was enacted providing that on the date of the proclamation of the Republic of the Philippines, the existing Congress would be known as the First Congress of the Republic.
This is surrounded by a circle of 74 stars representing the provinces of the Philippines in 1987.
www.congress.gov.ph /audience/index.php?users=students   (1828 words)

 The Rosary Congress History & Overview
However, he advised that it not be called a congress, for he feared possible repercussions from governmental authorities.
As the Rosary Congress was beginning, Bishop Kraszewski was informed again by Polish Communist authorities on May 2 that the Pope would be permitted to visit Poland, but with a limited itinerary.
The Rosary Congress is a cenacle of prayer that hastens hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
www.rosarycongress.org /about.htm   (1659 words)

 The Congressional Library of the House of Representatives, Congress of the Philippines - Section on Library and ...
The Congress was officially denominated as the Eighth Congress to signify the continuity of the Seventh Congress which martial law ended in 1972.
Parts of the library and archival collections of the Philippine congresses dispersed after the imposition of Martial Law in 1972 that were retrieved from various sources became the initial collections of the Batasang Pambansa when the latter convened in 1978.
The Philippines is a democratic and republican state with three co-equal bodies exercising their respective constitutional mandates.
www.ifla.org /VII/s3/conf/1phili-e.htm   (2842 words)

 Trade Union Congress of the Philippines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Imson said officials from the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines and the office of labor department in Central Mindanao took the lead in convincing the company to drop the charges and have the workers released from the General Santos jail.
Alex Aguilar, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) spokesman, said they are still on a "wait-and-see mode" whether to ask the government for a wage hike to allow workers to cope with rising prices of gasoline and electricity, and transportation fares.
Democrito Mendoza, president of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, Rene Soriano, president of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines; and Labor Secretary Patricia Sto.
tucp-ph.org /news/weblog.php?id=M200410   (4822 words)

 SSPX Asia newsletter: Jul - Dec 2004
Their gathering in Manila, seat of the Second Marian Congress, had prompted the tens of thousands of devotees to pack the routes along which the images were to pass on their way to the New Luneta.
The Second National Marian Congress in Manila formally brought to an end the Marian year celebrations in the Philippines, although the exact date of the closing of the Marian Year is next Wednesday, feast of the Immaculate Conception.
As a matter of fact, the Philippine Islands are not just a wonderful country divided in thousands of islands rich in thick vegetation, in ardent volcanoes, in most diverse races, as if the sea had blossomed and transformed itself in an enchanting garden.
www.sspxasia.com /Newsletters/2004/Jul-Dec/Marian_Congress.htm   (5134 words)

 Congress - Free net encyclopedia
Congress is the name of the main legislative body in a state that operates under a congressional system of government.
The Congress of the Philippines (Filipino: Kongreso ng Pilipinas) is the legislative branch of the Philippine government.
The National Congress of Brazil (Portuguese: Congresso Nacional) is Brazil's legislature.
www.netipedia.com /index.php/Congress   (321 words)

 HumanTrafficking.org | News & Updates: Philippines' Congress to Pass Anti-Trafficking Act
The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children Act was first filed in the Ninth Congress of the Philippines and was passed on the third reading in the House of Representatives in the Eleventh Congress.
Various government agencies and nongovernmental organizations have faithfully and vigilantly monitored the movement and progress of this measure, driven by the goal to eliminate and suppress trafficking activities.
Philippines ratified the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children supplementing the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime on September 30, 2001.
www.humantrafficking.org /updates/134   (489 words)

 Philippines: Citigroup Hosts Junior Bankers Congress for Financial Education
"It is our hope that through the Junior Bankers Congress, we are leveling the playing field for all outstanding students of finance and giving equal opportunity and exposure to these bright young students regardless of their geographic location, be it in Manila, in the Visayas or in Mindanao.
Organized by the Financial Executives Institute of Philippines, the ICFC is a well-established national academic competition and this year, more than 70 colleges and campuses participated.
Students from the top seven teams were invited to attend the Congress — the 2005 top seven finalists were: University of the Philippines-Diliman (1st) University of Sto.
www.citi.com /citigroup/press/2005/051011a.htm   (527 words)

 United States International: The Philippines
The U.S. acquired the Philippines from Spain as a result of triumph in the Spanish-American War of 1898 — a war in which a smashing victory at Manila Bay was a dashing highlight.
The Philippine opposition to the Marcos regime fled abroad, mainly to the U.S., and eventually the flagging Marcos dictatorship crumbled.
Marcos invited the leader of the opposition, Benigno Aquino, to return to the Philippines to negotiate — whereupon he was shot dead at the airport on arrival.
www.geocities.com /us_int/USI-Philippines.html   (970 words)

 House of Representatives of the Philippines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The House of Representatives of the Philippines (Filipino: Kapulungan ng mga Kinatawan ng Pilipinas) is the lower chamber of the Congress of the Philippines.
When the Philippines was under American colonial rule, the legislative body was the Philippine Commission which existed from September 1900 to October 1907.
Through the leadership of Speaker Sergio Osmeña and Floor Leader Manuel L. Quezon, the Rules of the 59th Congress of the United States was substantially adopted as the Rules of the Philippine Legislature.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/House_of_Representatives_of_the_Philippines   (758 words)

 Philippines : Gov.Ph : News : ACI meet seen as indication of financial institutions' interest in RP as investment ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The holding of the 45th Asociacion Cambiste Internationale (ACI) Financial Markets Association World Congress in the Philippines is a clear indication of interest of local and foreign financial institutions to invest in the country.
ACI Philippines president Jose Emmanuel Hilado made this assessment after the influential global financial practitioners agreed to join the two-day international meeting at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall which opened this morning with a keynote address by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
The Congress also serves as a venue for key players and stakeholders in the global financial markets to network, exchange ideas and best practices, and shape the direction of the industry in response to current trends and other factors.
www.gov.ph /news/printerfriendly.asp?i=15269   (494 words)

An Act amending Article 287 of Presidential Decree No. 442, as amended, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines by reducing the retirement age of underground mine workers from sixty (60) to fifty (50).
An Act changing the name of the Manila South Road, Zapote-Alabang Section in the City of Muntinlupa and City of Las Pinas, Metro Manila to Congressman Felimon C. Aguilar Avenue in honor of the late congressman.
An Act granting the Eastern Misamis Oriental Telephone Cooperative [Emortelco] a franchise to construct, establish, install, maintain and operate a local exchange network in the Cities of Cagayan de Oro and Gingoog, and Municipalities of Magsaysay, Talisayan, Balingoan, Medina, Kinogitan, Sugbongcogon, Binuangan, Salay, Lagonglong and Balingasag, Province of Misamis Oriental.
members.tripod.com /chanrobles/legal3congress.htm   (468 words)

 Fides Service- Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples ASIA/PHILIPPINES - Philippines Clergy Congress reflects ...
In a Message to the Congress, Pope John Paul II encouraged the priests to strive to always be “friends of Christ”.
In fact recently cases of priests having relations with a woman, or accused of corruption were given ample space by the media and had a negative impact on the faithful and young people in particular.
In his address to the Congress Cardinal Ricardo Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu, reminded the priests that their priesthood is “a gift from God not to be simply worn like an ornament but to be lived and offered in return as a gift to God”.
www.fides.org /aree/news/newsdet.php?idnews=2814&lan=eng   (451 words)

 USATODAY.com - Philippine Congress is home to 5 fugitives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
She was one of five leftist lawmakers taking sanctuary in a House of Representatives compound, tenuously and temporarily shielded from arrest by their status as members of the Congress of the Philippines.
Arroyo, accused of using the extraordinary powers she gave herself to silence opponents in Congress and the press, promised Wednesday to lift the state of emergency as soon as she is convinced "we are in control of the situation."
Looking down on them as they dined was a picture of Diosdado Macapagal, president of the Philippines from 1961 to 1965 and father of their nemesis, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2006-03-01-philippine-fugitives_x.htm   (728 words)

 Philippines Congress votes to abolish death penalty, decision hailed by papal nuncio
Philippines Congress votes to abolish death penalty, decision hailed by papal nuncio
Congress approved the bill last week, despite protests from relatives of crime victims.
Congress restored the death penalty in 1993 for heinous crimes such as murder, child rape, and kidnapping.
www.catholicnewsagency.com /new.php?n=6944   (378 words)

 Regions of the Philippines information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
A region (Filipino: Rehiyon) is an administrative subdivision in the Philippines.
The Cordillera Administrative Region was originally intended to be autonomous (Cordillera Autonomous Region), but objections from Congress reduced it to a regular administrative region.
Regions first came to existence in on September 24, 1972 when the provinces of the Philippines were organized into 11 regions by Presidential Decree No. 1 as part of the Integrated Reorganization Plan of President Ferdinand Marcos.
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/Regions_of_the_Philippines   (510 words)

 Green Left - Philippines labour launches socialist centre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Elected unanimously by the congress as the new chairperson of the BMP was Filemon "Ka Popoy" Lagman, the alleged head of the Manila-Rizal region of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which split away from the Stalinist-dominated CPP in 1993.
The socialist character of the BMP and its "multi-sectoral" character were a strong theme at the congress.
The congress also decided to set up a school on socialist studies for its members, to establish a regular newspaper and conduct a daily radio program.
www.greenleft.org.au /1996/222/14910   (469 words)

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