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  Connecticut: History, Geography, Population, and State Facts — Infoplease.com
Connecticut leads New England in the production of eggs, pears, peaches, and mushrooms, and its oyster crop is the nation's second largest.
University of Connecticut - Connecticut, University of Connecticut, University of, mainly at Storrs; coeducational; land grant...
Connecticut's fuel cell industry maintains dominance: state now home to almost half of U.S. fuel cell jobs; future looks bright.(Techcetera)...
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0108191.html   (426 words)

  Connecticut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Connecticut is bordered on the south by Long Island Sound, on the west by New York State, on the north by Massachusetts, and on the east by Rhode Island.
The Interstate highways in the state are I-95 (the Connecticut Turnpike) running southwest to northeast along the coast, I-84 running southwest to northeast in the center of the state, I-91 running north to south in the center of the state, and I-395 running north to south near the eastern border of the state.
Connecticut is well-known as the home of Yale University, which maintains a consistent ranking as one of the world's greatest and richest universities, and has the most selective undergraduate program of any university in the United States (an 8.6% acceptance rate in 2006).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Connecticut   (5608 words)

 Griswold V. Connecticut Encyclopedia Article @   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Connecticut, 381 U.S., was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Constitution protected a right to privacy.
Connecticut involved a Connecticut law that prohibited the use of "any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception." Although the law was passed in 1879, the statute was almost never enforced.
The conviction was upheld by the Appellate Division of the Circuit Court, and by the Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors. /encyclopedia/Griswold_v._Connecticut   (1611 words)

 Hartford, Connecticut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hartford is the capital of the U.S. state of Connecticut, in Hartford County.
It is located on the Connecticut River, near the center of the state.
Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration - The 150,000 square foot (14,000 m²) facility will be built along the Connecticut River on Columbus Boulevard near the convention center (opening in 2007+).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hartford,_Connecticut   (5128 words)

All commissions shall be in the name and by authority of the state of Connecticut; shall be sealed with the state seal, signed by the governor, and attested by the secretary of the state.
In case of the death, resignation, refusal to serve or removal from office of the governor, the lieutenant-governor shall, upon taking the oath of office of governor, be governor of the state until another is chosen at the next regular election for governor and is duly qualified.
Justices of the peace for the several towns in the state shall be elected by the electors in such towns; and the time and manner of their election, the number for each town, the period for which they shall hold their offices and their jurisdiction shall be prescribed by law.
www.sots.ct.gov /RegisterManual/SectionI/ctconstit.htm   (8970 words)

 connecticut map and information page
Mark Twain wrote the Adventures of both Huckkleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer in Connecticut, and certainly this state was of significant importance in the early adventures of colonial America.
The balance of Connecticut is hilly, especially east and west, and in the Berkshire Hills of the far northwest.
The seasonal conditions in Connecticut reflect the typical climate of the northeastern states; spring is short, while summers are generally hot and humid, with much cooler weather in the hills and mountains.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/namerica/usstates/ct.htm   (866 words)

 Connecticut History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The first Europeans we saw landing on Connecticut shores were Dutch traders (http://www.coldspringschool.com/history/early.html) who sailed up the Connecticut River around the year 1614, and landed near Hartford.
Connecticut became the fifth state to ratify the Constitution and to become a state in the United States of America.
This meeting of Federalist leaders from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, secretly adopted seven proposed amendments to the Federal Constitution that were later accused of being treasonous.
www.kids.state.ct.us /history.htm   (2057 words)

 Introduction to Connecticut - The United States of America
Three towns in Connecticut developed the first written constitution, "The Fundamental Orders" where it was declared that "the foundation of authority is in the free consent of the people,".
Connecticut was an established name early in the 1600's in particular reference to the Connecticut River.
The Brownstone State: Connecticut was once famous for its Brownstone Quarries at Portland.
www.netstate.com /states/intro/ct_intro.htm   (921 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions about Attorneys
The Client Security Fund is a fund established by the rules of the Connecticut Superior Court to provide reimbursement to individuals who have lost money or property as a result of the dishonest conduct of an attorney practicing law in the State of Connecticut, in the course of the attorney-client relationship.
The fund is financed by a fee collected from each attorney admitted to practice law in the State of Connecticut, as well as each judge, judge trial referee, state referee, family support magistrate, family support referee and workers' compensation commissioner.
Connecticut Practice Book Section 2-70 provides that an annual fee be assessed attorneys to fund a client security fund.
www.jud.state.ct.us /faq/attorney.html   (2514 words)

 NARA | The National Archives Experience   (Site not responding. Last check: )
That same year he was chosen as one of Connecticut's representatives in the Continental Congress.
Ellsworth served as one of Connecticut's first two senators in the new federal government between 1789 and 1796.
He rose from justice of the peace and county judge to an associate judge of the Connecticut Superior Court and to representative in both houses of the colonial assembly.
www.archives.gov /national-archives-experience/charters/constitution_founding_fathers_connecticut.html   (1628 words)

 Connecticut Apartments
Connecticut is a land full of surprises, which makes it an interesting place to look for apartments and establish a home.
Connecticut has numerous historical sites as well as places of serene natural beauty, all of which are easily accessible in this compact state, which measures 60 miles from north to south and 90 miles across.
The nearer you are to Manhattan and the train line that connects much of Connecticut to this bustling metropolis, the higher the rent on the apartment rentals becomes.
www.rent.com /rentals/connecticut   (832 words)

 Connecticut State Information Page - OSHA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Private sector employees in Connecticut are covered by the Bridgeport and Hartford Federal OSHA Area Offices.
The two Federal OSHA Area Offices in Connecticut are located in Bridgeport and Hartford.
Since the mid-1980's, the Connecticut public sector incidence rate has gone down from a high of 16.5 in 1985 to a rate of 11.2 in 1999.
www.osha.gov /oshdir/stateprogs/Connecticut.html   (566 words)

Connecticut leads New England in the production of eggs, pears, peaches, and mushrooms, and its oyster crop is the nation's second largest.
University of Connecticut - Connecticut, University of, mainly at Storrs; coeducational; land grant and state supported;...
Connecticut, river, United States - Connecticut, longest river in New England, 407 mi (655 km) long, rising in the Connecticut Lakes, N...
www.factmonster.com /ipka/A0108191.html   (355 words)

Hartford, Connecticut - the Soldiers and Sailors Arch (photograph and history) The arch was constructed of brownstone from Portland, Connecticut.
Windham, Connecticut – the Jillson House, now the headquarters for the Windham Historical Society (photograph and history) Gneiss granite quarried locally from the nearby Willimantic River was used in the construction of the building about 1924.
Windham, Connecticut – Mills in Willimantic (photograph and history) Gneiss granite quarried locally from the nearby Willimantic River was used in the construction of the building about 1924.
www.cagenweb.com /quarries/states/connecticut.html   (7129 words)

 Connecticut Electric Company- Cheap Natural Gas & Electricity
Connecticut electricity rates were raised 25% to 72% starting January 1, 2007.
The electric rates rise in Connecticut has a profound impact on residential and commercial consumers who now have higher electric bills to cope with.
Connecticut residents and businesses can create more savings by choosing an electricity supply contract from competing electricity providers in Connecticut.
www.connecticutelectriccompany.com   (176 words)

De Forest was a Captain in the 12th Connecticut, taking part in the capture of New Orleans, the Port Hudson Campaign, and the Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia.
The 14th Connecticut sustained the largest percentage of loss of any regiment from the State of Connecticut.
Connecticut - I am writing a book on the 29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and if anyone has any information they would like included or would like to share, such as letters, diaries, reminiscenses, photos or anything pertaining to the men of this regiment it would be appreciated.
www.mosocco.com /connecticut.html   (5504 words)

 The United States Mint 50 State Quarters® Programs: Connecticut Quarter
The Connecticut quarter's reverse celebrates "The Charter Oak" tree, which proved to be a good hiding place.
The Connecticut quarter, the last 50 State Quarters®; Program coin issued in 1999, features "The Charter Oak": an integral part of Connecticut's heritage and existence.
On the night of October 31, 1687, Connecticut's Charter was put to a test.
www.usmint.gov /mint_programs/50sq_program/states/index.cfm?state=CT   (323 words)

 Connecticut Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Connecticut (base map) JPEG format (94K) County boundaries and names, county seats, rivers.
Connecticut (outline map) JPEG format (53K) County boundaries and names.
Connecticut - Federal Lands and Indian Reservations PDF format (377K) The National Atlas of the United States of America, U.S. Geological Survey, 2003
www.lib.utexas.edu /maps/connecticut.html   (272 words)

 Connecticut State Department of Education Bureau of Educator Preparation and Certification
Approximately 41,000 educators work in Connecticut's 1,000 elementary, middle, and secondary schools.
The state's 166 school districts range in size from districts with one school, to a district with 48 schools.
How to become a Teacher in Connecticut: Use the interactive questionnaire to guide application for certification.
www.state.ct.us /sde/dtl/cert/index.htm   (334 words)

 CT.gov Portal
Art Galleries, Museums, Theaters, Historic Properties, Farms and Tourist Attractions across the state open their doors to Connecticut Residents on Saturday, June 14, 2008.
Connecticut State Park and Forest season passes for 2008 are available for purchase from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
The passes, which cost $50 for in-state residents and $75 for non-residents, cover the cost of admission and parking at major state parks where fees are charged.
www.ct.gov   (226 words)

 Connecticut Magazine - Home - Features
Connecticut Magazine editor Charles Monagan describes 50 of his favorite state icons, from Sleeping Giant to the Wiffle ball.
Summer is nearly upon us, so the June issue of Connecticut Magazine has everything you need to have fun in the sun and along the water.
Now the site that you turn to for information about Connecticut is giving you more than a monthly fix.
www.connecticutmag.com   (221 words)

 State Archives
Since 1855, the Connecticut State Library has acquired historical records from the three branches of State government.
The State Archivist chairs the Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board (CSHRAB), whose members are appointed by the Governor for three year terms under federal regulations pertaining to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC).
Connecticut Heritage Foundation (supporting the Connecticut State Library and Museum of Connecticut History)
www.cslib.org /archives.htm   (390 words)

 Visit Connecticut! The Official Connecticut State Vacation Guide
With 137 state parks, 800 miles of hiking trails, 230 lakes and ponds and an expansive coastline, Connecticut is the perfect place to become reacquainted with Mother Nature.
Grab your beach bag and binoculars – from beaches and boardwalk carousels to close encounters with dinosaurs, marine life and farm and zoo animals.
As one of America’s oldest states, Connecticut has a deep and fascinating history, full of inventors, war heroes, authors and poets and key leaders in African American history – to name only a few.
www.ctvisit.com   (213 words)

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