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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

 Snake River Conspiracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Snake River Conspiracy is a rock group currently comprised of Jason Slater (bass guitar, producer), Tobey Torres (vocals), and Mitch ???
The band's sound is often likened to Nine Inch Nails or Garbage.
After touring in support of their debut album, Torres and Slater had a falling out, resulting in Torres leaving the band. /wiki/Snake_River_Conspiracy   (203 words) Wellwater Conspiracy make good on grunge collaboration
"Wellwater Conspiracy," being the fourth of the band's albums, is gaining word of mouth among critics and is quickly establishing the band as one of rock's fresh faces.
With a brand new self-titled album now released, Wellwater Conspiracy continues their tradition of thinking outside the box and not painting themselves into any musical corners.
Fact or fiction, the idea of tweeking with the straights and subverting social norms is paramount in Wellwater Conspiracy. /content/topae092203002.html   (785 words)

 The D12 EMINEM a.k.a "My band" -conspiracy - CD Freaks Living Room - Club CD Freaks
Discuss The D12 EMINEM a.k.a "My band" -conspiracy, on CD Freaks, the worlds largest CD DVD Community.
Obviously the media is taken over by D12 and their lead singer, I myself have been unable to escape D12's song "My band" for the last week.
Just as the aussie-borg conspiracy had been defeated a new threat arised, known only as "the D12 conspiracy". /showthread.php?t=92516   (627 words)

 Conspiracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Conspiracy (album), an album by the band King Diamond
Conspiracy of One, an album by the band The Offspring
Conspiracy theory, attempts to explain the cause of an event as a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance /wiki/Conspiracy   (211 words)

 Rock N Roll Experience - Snake River Conspiracy Interview!
Jason Slater, mastermind behind the band Snake River Conspiracy, & several other bands...he's produced including Earshot, & he's a really nice guy to chat with.
Rock N Roll Experience - Snake River Conspiracy Interview!
I'm not gonna overhype this guy, I think the interview will speak for itself, but I do wanna add a little sidenote that he told you know why the band Earshot sounds so much like Tool & A Perfect Circle? /rock/e4/srcint.html   (478 words)

 (International) Noise Conspiracy: The First Conspiracy: Pitchfork Review
The sound of these two bands is so totally similar, I double-dare you to listen to the title track on The First Conspiracy, the Noise Conspiracy's recently released compendium of early EPs, and see if you can't imagine an obscure Make-Up tribute band covering a rejected track from Destination Love.
That band would release two albums, and be followed up with another band, which would trade in the screaming and noise for danceable, soul-infused garage rock tunes.
Truly, The First Conspiracy's lyric sheet would function beautifully as a sly parody of political rock music. /record-reviews/i/international-noise-conspiracy/first-conspiracy.shtml   (691 words)

 The (International) Noise Conspiracy - November 5th, 2000 in Lawrence, KS
Many in the audience only knew The (International) Noise Conspiracy as Dennis from The Refused's new band, and that was enough to bring them out, some had come on recommendations from hip friends, while others had no idea what they had stumbled in for.
Lyxzén is certainly a student of classic rock and roll showmanship and with The (International) Noise Conspiracy he has created the perfect vehicle for its presentation.
This is a band that connects with the audience on stage, while their music connects directly to the soul of an America which will always be nostalgic for the days when insurgent rock n' roll was still the topic of town hall meetings and admonishing sermons. /shows/noise.html   (1148 words)

 PCP: The (International) Noise Conspiracy
But if The (International) Noise Conspiracy openly claims to have overthrow of the capitalist system at the top of its agenda, the band seems to be adapting well to working with the world's largest record companies.
Regardless of how slippery the credibility slope becomes, it is undeniable that The (International) Noise Conspiracy is one of the most musically and intellectually compelling bands to come along in a long time.
Both Lyxzen and Dahlberg said that the band's desire to reach as wide an audience as possible and be able to afford to continue touring and recording led to the decision to partner with an entity that would seem to represent exactly what the band's songs rail against. /intlnoiseconsp.html   (1250 words)

The International Noise Conspiracy, a socialist band from Sweden fronted by former Refused lead singer Dennis Lyxzén, will perform tonight, April 12, at the Rotunda.
The INC sound is 60s garage punk with a little R&B mixed in, but the CD collections of the band members go way beyond that.
The International Noise Conspiracy is currently touring with Rocket from the Crypt. /media/storage/paper143/news/2001/04/12/Entertainment/Uncover.The.International.Noise.Conspiracy-67192.shtml?   (477 words)

 Hartford Advocate: What's in the Water?
Wellwater Conspiracy is a collaboration between Matt Cameron (ex-Soundgarden, current Pearl Jam drummer, here on vocals, guitars and drums) and John McBain (ex-Monster Magnet, former recording guitarist for Queens of the Stone Age), along with keyboardist Glenn Slater of the Walkabouts.
Wellwater have just released their self-titled fourth album, which by all accounts is their most cohesive and modern-sounding to date, and sees the band sounding more like a "real band" than a side project.
Wellwater Conspiracy is an updated take on psychedelic rock and pop of the '60s and '70s, no angst or aggression about it. /gbase/Music/content?oid=oid:32566   (944 words)

 Wellwater Conspiracy
Given the band's experimental and organic nature, they once again turned to recording Wellwater Conspiracy at Space Studios in Seattle, which was the rehearsal space for Soundgarden and also formerly a KFC, and it has enabled the band to retain its open and unhindered approach to writing and recording.
Wellwater Conspiracy is fronted by Matt Cameron, the long-time drummer of the legendary Soundgarden, and now a current member of Pearl Jam, and John McBain, the original founding guitarist of Monster Magnet.
When Wellwater Conspiracy entered Space Studio to record their new album it became quite clear that it would be no ordinary studio experience, but they were entering a musical journey unparalleled in its history. /wwc/index.php   (1707 words)

 Splendid Magazine reviews Wellwater Conspiracy: Daybed
Wellwater Conspiracy is fronted by Matt Cameron (Soundgarden's drummer, currently of Pearl Jam) and John McBain (Monster Magnet), so this disc will likely garner a fair amount of attention.
Even cooler is that it's not because the pair, along with keyboard player Glenn Slater, have churned out a solid remake of another band's music.
This innovation works well throughout the disc, but really shines when the band sets off on its improvisational instrumental jams. /review.html?reviewid=1067340704105029   (386 words)

 Mudhoney: Articles: Wall of Sound, 5/22/01
The Scroll and Its Combinations is the third and latest lysergically driven Wellwater Conspiracy platter.
Hater released a self-titled album in 1993 that kicks all over Soundgarden, though hardly anyone heard the record because the band never toured and AandM didn't promote it.
Even without Ben however, the level of Wellwater's work elevates the band at least eight miles above your standard current combo. /~ptn/mudhoney/articles/20010522wo.html   (486 words)

 Wellwater Conspiracy, Brotherhood Of Electric: Operational Directives - PopMatters Music Review
Wellwater Conspiracy sounds like a good name for a goth band, but thankfully they're not that.
This Michigan band is one of the few modern groups that have convincingly co-opted the sounds of the 60s, while remaining strangely contemporary.
In fact most of this record makes me think of The Doors cross-bred with Nirvana--while Wellwater Conspiracy has picked up on the 60s trippy grooves, they've also digested a good dose of punk urgency. /music/reviews/w/wellwaterconspiracy-brotherhood.shtml   (262 words)

 Wellwater Conspiracy - The Scroll and Its Combinations Review
Wellwater Conspiracy started off as a side project for Soundgarden guys, Ben Shepherd (although just a part time member now) and Matt Cameron (busy guy as he has been playing in Pearl Jam as of late) as well as ex-Monster Magnet guitarist, John McBain.
This is Wellwater Conspiracy’s third album already (first for TVT).
You will wonder even more when I tell you who is in the band. /display_review/1551   (261 words)

 International Noise Conspiracy - Survival Sickness, A New Morning, Changing Weather, Capitalism Stole My Virginity EP, Bigger Cages, Longer Chains EP Review
It seems that The International Noise Conspiracy is a band that enjoys treating their fans to slabs of what they have been up to while they wait for their next album.
The International Noise Conspiracy - Capitalism Stole My Virginity EP With A New Morning, Changing Weather hitting an eager fanbase, The (International) Noise Conspiracy (or the powers that be making this such an ironic release) felt it necessary to bring out the first single as an EP.
What you get with the Capitalism Stole My Virginity EP is the first single off of the album but more importantly you get 2 unreleased songs from this amazing band. /display_review/390   (741 words)

 Willard Grant Conspiracy - Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music
A series of informal jam sessions helped determine the band's collective, ever-evolving approach, and yielded the second Willard Grant Conspiracy album, Flying Low (1998), on Ryko/Slow River.
That said, the Willard Grant Conspiracy definitely has its own style, a baroque kind of dusty country-pop that makes you think of cold empty places in the middle of nowhere.
Mark Eitzel's fine, now defunct American Music Club probably serves as the best reference point for this band's style, because of the way both groups sew together disparate swaths of the American musical fabric -- from country to folk to singer-songwriter pop to blues -- into a unified, pensive, profoundly introspective sound. /artists/willardgrantconspiracy.html   (533 words)

 IDS: Offspring tries too hard on new album (Weekend, 11/30/2000)
But on their new album, Conspiracy of One, the band tries almost too hard to copy the super-successful formula.
With Americana, The Offspring's previous release, the band found a happy medium, combining the experimental with the commercial in an album with a clear purpose.
For Conspiracy, The Offspring turned to famed rock producer Brendan O'Brien (Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots). /story.php?id=2225   (314 words)

 Hear/Say: America's College Music Magazine - Reviews - Albums - Snake River Conspiracy: Sonic Jihad
Snake River Conspiracy, the new band contrived and styrofoam-packed by former Third Eye Blind guitarist Jason Slater, has a knack for catchy hooks and the trip-hop/industrial hybrid sound of du jour, and that's barely enough to carry the band through its debut album.
The other interesting cover comes from a similar source: the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" On this album-closing track, SRC hit the mark: they don't seem to hide so far behind their manufactured shells, manage to somehow avoid some of their cliched post-Reznor crutches, and find some new musical opportunities within an oft-overplayed tune.
If only Torres didn't have to work the faux Brit accent into her delivery or -- surprise, surprise -- jump all over the opportunity to squeeze in a requisite "I will fuck you" into the tune (damn girl, that gets tired fast). /reviews/albums/04-01-09-00/SnakeRiver.html   (439 words)

 The Purdue Exponent
Sure, Snake River Conspiracy has enjoyed radio success with the cover of The Smiths’ classic "How Soon is Now?" but covering another cult classic like The Cure’s "Lovesong" is a deathwish for any new band.
But, Snake River Conspiracy’s experimentation with covers does not stop on this album, they’ve also done a cover of the Beatles’ "She Said She Said," on a recently released EP.
Snake River Conspiracy transforms the two cult classics into an industrial calamity. /2000/07/26/entertainment   (403 words)

 Northwest Indiana News:
The 411 on Torres and her alt-techno act Snake River Conspiracy has been more to her liking since joining forces with Slater to form the band more than five years ago.
Snake River Conspiracy formed in 1996 after Slater, then an up-and-coming producer in the Bay City area, had parted ways with rock-poppers Third Eye Blind.
Slater was a founding member of Third Eye Blind, but he left the band due to what Torres referred to as "musical differences" with fellow founding member and current Third Eye Blind leader Stephen Jenkins prior to the release of their self-titled debut in 1997. /articles/2000/09/01/export305119.prt   (759 words)

 Chorna rada: children of the night - ukrainian gothic/industrial festival - "Dark gathering of ex-USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Baltic States"
The founders of Strigoii are Hanna "Strigoii" Belina, Alexander Baranovsky (of the band Друга Р?ка/ Another River) and Sergij (of Another River as well as of Skrjabin and Molotov 20).
The music of the band represents a successful mix of the dark melancholic electro with harsh rock guitars and somehow reminds the critics of a well-known act Garbage.
At the moment Dust Heaven are working on the new single called "Silent River" as well as on the new songs for the coming album (including two versions of the songs - in Ukrainian and in English). /eng/bands.html   (3807 words)

 conspiracy in mind
While listening the album (and especially the opening track “Conspiracy In Mind”) one word / band came in mind: Nevermore.
Now don’t get me wrong: I am not implying that Communic is a copycat of the known act, on the contrary the band has a (faint) personal mark upon their sound.
Still none can deny the fact that at times, songs from “Conspiracy In Mind” sound like they have jumped out of the first Nevermore album. /group_properties/communic/conspiracy_in_mind.htm   (3807 words)

 MTV Music The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Profile and Biography
Having roots in five different bands, the (International) Noise Conspiracy came to exist in the latter portion of 1998 in their hometown of Umeå, Sweden.
The final two pieces in the (International) Noise Conspiracy puzzle were found in guitarist/organist Sara Almgren and drummer Ludwig Dahlberg, who were both performing with the political rock band Saidwas.
With the lineup in place for the (International) Noise Conspiracy, the band stepped into the studio in 1999 to record 12 songs. /music/artist/international_noise_conspiracy/bio.jhtml   (745 words)

 BITE ME! International Noise Conspiracy Live
In between songs there were a few rants ("It’s not about getting rid of Bush or John Kerry even, it’s about getting rid of the office altogether." Good luck with that love!) International Noise Conspiracy is known as a political band after all, but I have to admit it all kinda went over my head.
Despite this the show was without a doubt great, and as the band stood up with fists raised high at the lip of the stage after the well deserved encore I felt lucky to have experienced it.
Scissor kicks, handstands, and walking onto the crowds heads are all part of his repertoire, all the time sending his manifesto in a shouty style that complements the riot perfectly. /INClive.htm   (464 words)

 The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Armed Love - PopMatters Music Review
And on the verge of breaking up, the proposition was still too tempting to resist for the band in question, the (International) Noise Conspiracy.
The (International) Noise Conspiracy chose to join the Warner family and smother their old fires with the Zengali guidance of, again, the grandfather of rap metal.
Really though, I shouldn't be surprised that the band's lost the scathing tenacity of their early work. /music/reviews/i/internationalnoiseconspiracy-armed.shtml   (674 words)

 The (International) Noise Conspiracy
The (International) Noise Conspiracy is not an easy group to define musically or politically.
Noise Conspiracy has since conquered the USA and Europe.
They still play videos on cable channels here as if The Refused were a new band. /february_2002/inc.html   (2048 words)

 The (International) Noise Conspiracy // G7 Welcoming Committee Records
The (international) Noise Conspiracy is a political rock band, with no ambition to be politically correct or keeping their ideas underground.
A band that uses the media and music industry which they hate to get their message across.
(International) - as in international not in location but as in the universal idea of resistance and struggle, international is so that the thoughts and ideas behind the group are not new or regional but everywhere and with everyone. /bands/tinc.php   (404 words)

 PETA2 // Out There // International Noise Conspiracy
INC: My name is Dennis, and I am the vocalist/dancer of the International Noise Conspiracy.
INC: As I said, I’ve been into animal rights for a long time, and I’m vegan, and the band has three vegans and two vegetarians.
PETA2: Can you please say your name and what you do in the band? /OUTTHERE/o-inc.asp   (868 words)

 (International) Noise Conspiracy: Interview
Like early acts such as The Jam and The Clash, the Conspiracy draws on '60s garage acts for musical inspiration, and even the most obtuse fan should be able to recognize the rebel swagger in the band's lyrics.
Similarly, the Conspiracy's songs aren't the sweltering mass of supercharged guitars and mind-numbing mix of cut-time beats that's often the backdrop for political pontification.
For the Conspiracy, ignoring all the dos and don'ts of the modern punk world is paramount; they're bringing punk back to an intellectual, rather than musical or stylistic, movement. /bands/interviews.cfm?f_id=133   (1317 words)

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