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Topic: Constituent Assembly

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Constituent Assembly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A constituent assembly is a body elected with the purpose of drafting, and in some cases, adopting a constitution.
Constituent Assembly of El Salvador - formed in 1982 as a provisional parliament and presidential electoral college, and charged with drafting a constitution.
Constituent Assembly of Colombia - formed on February 5, 1991 to draft the country's 1991 constitution.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Constituent_Assembly   (490 words)

 National Constituent Assembly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Constituent Assembly (French: Assemblée nationale constituante) was formed from the National Assembly on July 9, 1789, during the first stages of the French Revolution.
Following attempts by King Louis XVI and the Second Estate to prevent the delegates from meeting, the new assembly was forced to relocate to a tennis court on June 20; there, it swore the Tennis Court Oath, promising to draft a new constitution for France.
The Assembly re-named itself the National Constituent Assembly on July 9, and began to function as a governing body and a constitution-drafter.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/National_Constituent_Assembly   (826 words)

 All-Russian Constituent Assembly
The assembly was empowered to define the new political structure and to approve the constitution of the federated Russian state that was postulated by the Russian
At first the Bolsheviks demanded that the assembly be convened, but after they seized power in November they were critical of the elections because the lists of party candidates had been selected in September or October.
When the assembly rejected this demand, the Bolsheviks dispersed the deputies and declared the assembly to be dissolved.
encyclopediaofukraine.com /pages/A/L/All6RussianConstituentAssembly.htm   (633 words)

 French Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Assembly moved their deliberations to a nearby, indoor, tennis court (due to bad weather and the fact that they were shut out of the estates generals meeting), where they proceeded to swear the Tennis Court Oath (June 20, 1789), under which they agreed not to separate until they had given France a constitution.
On July 9, the Assembly reconstituted itself as the National Constituent Assembly, which was to last until its dissolution in September 30, 1791.
On August 4, 1789, the National Constituent Assembly abolished feudalism, in what is known as the August Decrees; sweeping away both the seigneurial rights of the Second Estate and the tithes gathered by the First Estate.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/French_revolution   (4308 words)

 Constituent Assembly articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
He was elected a member of the constituent assembly in 1946 and a parliamentary deputy for the Christian Democratic party in 1948.
A leader of the Jacobins, Pétion sat in the Constituent Assembly, was elected (Nov., 1791) mayor of Paris over the marquis de Lafayette, and by inaction aided the antiroyal demonstration of June 20, 1792.
A court preacher and writer before the French Revolution, he was known in the Constituent Assembly as a defender of the nobility and clergy.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Constituent+Assembly   (462 words)

 DDL -- Electronic Constituent Assembly
While agreeing that the concept of a Constituent Assembly is the right one to propose for revamping the Canadian Constitution, I must also state that the traditional conception of a small group of citizens, brought together to deliberate in one place, is archaic.
Iff a constituent assembly becomes as captured by the experts as cabals of premiers in smoke-filled rooms are by them, a constituent assembly may not lead to any better result than executive federalism.
The soft technology of the conventional constituent assembly is centred on argument and debate.
www.ddleague-usa.net /eca.htm   (2294 words)

 Theses On The Constituent Assembly
The convocation of the Constituent Assembly in our revolution on the basis of lists submitted in the middle of October 1917 is taking place under conditions which preclude the possibility of the elections to this Constituent Assembly faithfully expressing the will of the people in general and of the working people in particular.
Naturally, the interests of this revolution stand higher than the formal rights of the Constituent Assembly, even if those formal rights were not undermined by the absence in the law on the Constituent Assembly of a provision recognising the right of the people to recall their deputies and hold new elections at any moment.
Every direct or indirect attempt to consider the question of the Constituent Assembly from a formal, legal point of view, within the framework of ordinary bourgeois democracy and disregarding the class struggle and civil war, would be a betrayal of the proletariat’s cause, and the adoption of the bourgeois standpoint.
www.marxists.org /archive/lenin/works/1917/dec/11a.htm   (827 words)

 The Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly (1918)
The Constituent Assembly, elected on the basis of electoral lists drawn up prior to the October Revolution, was an expression of the old relation of political forces which existed when power was held by the compromisers and the Cadets.
The Constituent Assembly, therefore, which was to have crowned the bourgeois parliamentary republic, was bound to become an obstacle in the path of the October Revolution and Soviet power.
It is obvious that under such circumstances the remaining part of the Constituent Assembly could only serve as a screen for the struggle of the counter-revolutionaries to overthrow Soviet power.
www.historyguide.org /europe/decree1918.html   (495 words)

 The Constituent Assembly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Israel's Proclamation of Independence of 14 May, 1948, laid down that the elected Constituent Assembly would prepare a constitution for the State of Israel by no later than 1 October, 1948.
The elections which were held on 25 January, 1949, were in fact, elections to the Constituent Assembly, which held only four meetings.
On 16 February, 1949, the Assembly adopted the Transition Law, by which it renamed itself the "First Knesset." Because the Constituent Assembly did not prepare a constitution for Israel, the Knesset is the heir of the Assembly for the purpose of fulfilling this function.
www.knesset.gov.il /lexicon/eng/asefa_eng.htm   (97 words)

 Some Facts of Constituent Assembly
The Constituent Assembly met for the first time in New Delhi on 9 December, 1946 in the Constitution Hall which is now known as the Central Hall of Parliament House.
The Constituent Assembly took almost three years (two years, eleven months and seventeen days to be precise) to complete its historic task of drafting the Constitution for Independent India.
This Resolution was unanimously adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 January 1947.
parliamentofindia.nic.in /ls/debates/facts.htm   (952 words)

 The Constituent Assembly Elections
We are opposed to the persecution of the workers' and soldiers' press; we are opposed to restriction of free speech and assembly whether in the rear or at the front; we are opposed to arrests without trial; we are opposed to disarmament of the workers.
    The importance of the Constituent Assembly is immense.
The elections to the Constituent Assembly had been fixed by the Provisional Government for September 17, 1917, and the article "The Constituent Assembly Elections" was written in connection with the opening of the election campaign.
www.marx2mao.com /Stalin/CAE17.html   (2056 words)

 KASHMIR ARTICLE 370 - Mohan Krishen Teng--------Chapter IV The Constituent Assembly
The proclamation envisaged the convocation of the Assembly on the basis of universal adult franchise and the secrecy of the ballot.
In case a separate charge was recognized in the Constituent Assembly of the State, the competence of the Union and the applicability of the Constitution of India would be simultaneously limited to the terms specified by the Constituent Assembly of the State, a position that the Conference leaders were seeking to establish.
A resolution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of the State on 14 November 1957, which proposed the application of the provisions of the Constitution of India with regard to the Auditor and Comptroller General of India to the State.
www.kashmir-information.com /Article370/chapter4.html   (16278 words)

 The Russian Revolution-- Chapter IV
Constituent Assembly in November 1917 played an outstanding role in the policy of the Bolsheviks.
Instead of this, from the special inadequacy of the Constituent Assembly which came together in October, Trotsky draws a general conclusion concerning the inadequacy of any popular representation whatsoever which might come from universal popular elections during the revolution.
Elections for the Constituent Assembly were mostly arranged prior to the October Revolution, but the elections took place after October.
www.marxists.org /archive/luxemburg/1918/russian-revolution/ch04.htm   (882 words)

 granma.cu - Constituent Assembly to re-found Bolivia
To this end, he stressed, the Constituent Assembly project has unlimited possibilities, without being reduced to a mere package of reforms as sectors of the right would like.
It explains that the Assembly’s function is to change the structures of the state, to unite and integrate national territory, eliminate discrimination, recover Bolivia’s natural resources and transform the republic’s history of discrimination, plunder and submission.
The proposal establishes that three assembly members be elected for each of the 70 electoral districts, a level at which the governing Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) received a wide majority in December’s general elections.
www.granma.cu /ingles/2006/marzo/juev9/11constitiz.html   (578 words)

 Opposition lose constituent assembly vote   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A constituent assembly would consist of civil society groups, NGOs, churches, farmers unions, and the 150 members of parliament.
The constituent assembly would also have the authority to adopt a draft constitution before sending it to parliament to be enacted.
The government has insisted, however, that a constituent assembly would be too costly an exercise for cash-strapped Zambia.
www.irinnews.org /print.asp?ReportID=50291   (565 words)

 Constituent Assembly
Shvetzov finally found a lull in the noise to say: "The meeting of the Constituent Assembly is opened." An outburst of catcalls greeted his words.
From various quarters of the town processions, carrying red flags with inscriptions for the Constituent, marched towards the centre and one by one were fired on and dispersed by Red guards and sailors.
The break-up of the Constituent Assembly will only serve the interests of the bourgeoisie, whom you (the Bolsheviks) profess to be fighting.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /RUSassembly.htm   (1732 words)

 Bernal, Civic participation and a constituent assembly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
And democracy, something that the crooks and those who are against constituent assembly don't like, only develops, grows and strengthens in a democratic framework of freedom and transparency.
The answer to these questions is the constituent process, whose dynamic would help to eradicate of the old practices of exclusion, to avoid the accelerating growth of concessions and privileges, to impede the deal-making processes for corruption and impunity and against justice.
This is so --- and the fugitives from the constituent assembly know it --- because the constituent process would allow the teaching, propagation and practice of democracy with civic participation, which would allow the extraordinary to become the commonplace.
www.thepanamanews.com /pn/v_09/issue_17/opinion_06.html   (616 words)

 Mwanawasa agrees to constituent assembly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A constituent assembly would be made up of all members of parliament and from a shortlist of interested parties and NGOs, thus perceived as being "people-owned".
Once the constituent assembly has been selected, a constitutional law dictates that a referendum is necessary for obtaining a mandate for the constituent assembly.
Under pressure from a large section of civil society and some of his own cabinet ministers, Mwanawasa on Sunday told a meeting of commissioners due to be sworn into the CRC that he would send bills to parliament to repeal laws that stand in the way of forming a constituent assembly.
www.irinnews.org /print.asp?ReportID=33885   (569 words)

 Ciao!: Constituent assembly almost ready
The referendum on regional political autonomy will be binding on the constituent assembly.
And the referendum will be by department, so the constituent assembly will have to "take into consideration" the departments that vote for autonomy, but the process of regional autonomy will begin after the constituent assembly, not after the referendum.
As for the constituent assembly's composition: The Morales' government proposal of three representatives per uninominal legislative district stands (210 total seats).
www.centellas.org /miguel/archives/001547.html   (657 words)

 nepalese constituent assembly
it has been seen that,and quite felt that the constituent assembly will resolve all the problems related to maoists as well as other socio-economic and culture.
In other part of the world too such constituent assembly were made to resolve crisis,but most of them failed.
Norway,Italy etc are only the country where CA was success.Italy even was able to throw the monarchy from CA which is a very rare case.In many other countries CA brought devasting effect such as military rule,dictatorship and even fragmentation of country.So we should be very careful to avoid such type of accidents.
sudeepkc.wordpress.com   (112 words)

 East Timor - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about East Timor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There is an 88-member constituent assembly elected by universal suffrage: 13 members represent the country's 13 districts; the remaining 75 are allocated to political parties based on a nationwide proportional representation system.
Fretilin won 55 of the 88 seats in East Timor's constituent assembly with 57% of the vote.
In early 2002 East Timor and Indonesia signed two agreements aimed at easing relations, and the constituent assembly approved a draft constitution.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /East+Timor   (1230 words)

 Constituent assembly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Constituent assembly was held at the inn "Salia kelio" in Kaunas.
The chairman of the board became Vytautas Bruzga as the one who started this "fuss" ;-) The financier (accountant) of club was elected Giedrius Slepikas and inspector - Algirdas Venckunas.
At the end each of us ate a piece of lemon - that was the begining of new tradition ;-).
www.citrina.lt /apie/steigiamasis_eng.htm   (137 words)

 The Constituent Assembly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Constituent Assembly is an extra-parliamentary body convened for a specific period of time whose primary purpose is to draft or consider changes to a constitution.
Most assemblies are convened followed a major constitution crisis or upheaval just as it was the case in South Africa in 1994 with the end of white minority rule.
The Constituent Assembly can ratify its own actions through the holding of a vote.
www.sahistory.org.za /pages/chronology/thisday/constituent.htm   (103 words)

Arroyo proposed that amendments be made by a constituent assembly, which has had little public support in the past.
In a constituent assembly, Congress would propose amendments while in a constitutional convention delegates elected to the panel by Filipinos would introduce amendments.
A seven-member high commission drawn from different sectors would be tasked to work with the constituent assembly in drafting the amendments.
www.newsflash.org /2004/02/hl/hl102507.htm   (1177 words)

 Nepalnews.com Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Speaking at a mass meeting in capital, they said that holding the elections of the constituent assembly and restoring lasting peace in the country are the major agendas of the reinstated House of Representative (HoR).
He urged the government to be formed to provide appropriate compensation to the people injured during the pro-democracy movement of the country and to the family members of the people killed during the movement.
Elections must be held for the constituent assembly,” chanted enthusiastic supporters of the opposition parties.
www.nepalnews.com /archive/2006/apr/apr27/news17.php   (2525 words)

 NEPAL: The Constituent Assembly Trap: Update 70
The Maoists have always regarded the “constituent assembly” not an end in itself but one to pave the way for a republic.
To understand what they mean by a “constituent assembly” one should go back to what Prachanda had said in his articles in “A World to Win” issues 19 and 20.
It is heard among party cadres of political parties that the Maoists have accepted the “restoration of parliament” but they conveniently forget that the ultimate goal of the Maoists is for the establishment of a republic.
www.saag.org /\notes3\note267.html   (2352 words)

 Chapter IX.
For this purpose the Constituent Assembly declares its complete separation from the brutal policy of the bourgeoisie, which furthers the well-being of the exploiters in a few selected nations by enslaving hundreds of millions of the toiling peoples of the colonies and the small nations generally.
The Constituent Assembly is of the opinion that at this moment, in the decisive hour of the struggle of the people against their exploiters, the exploiters must not have a seat in any Government organisation or institution.
In accordance with the demands of the bourgeoisie, however, the majority of the Constituent Assembly has refused to accede to this proposal, thereby throwing the gage of battle to the whole of toiling Russia.
digital.library.upenn.edu /women/bryant/russia/russia-IX.html   (2330 words)

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