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Topic: Constitutional republic

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

 Constitutional Republic vs, Democracy | Ron Paul 2008 Revolution - Ron Paul for President - Daily Paul
A constitutional republic is a state where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government's power over citizens.
In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative, and judicial powers are separated into distinct branches and the will of the majority of the population is checked by protections for individual rights so that no individual or group has absolute power.
Constitutional republic: Two thousand wolves and one thousand sheep electing two wolves and a sheep who vote on what to have for dinner, but are restricted by a Constitution that says they cannot eat sheep.
www.dailypaul.com /node/1958   (1241 words)

 Republic of Texas "Question and Answers"
The Republic of Texas is not an organization, a social club, a fraternity, a militia, a terrorist group, or a political party.  The Republic of Texas is an independent nation comprised of Texans or Texians.
The Republic of Texas is a constitutional republic; a government with very limited national powers.  The nation is currently in transition as we begin to move toward independence.
This policy is historic and was specified in the Constitution for the Republic of Texas of 1836.
www.republic-of-texas.net /q&a.shtml   (2054 words)

 Reverse the presumption of legitimacy!
The jurisprudence of the United States is largely based on a doctrine that needs to be examined: that official acts of Congress or the Executive Branch are presumed to be constitutional or lawful unless declared otherwise by an order or opinion of a federal court, and ultimately, the Supreme Court.
Madison Justice Marshall set forth the clearly implied proposition that in a constitutional republic, statutes and other official acts must be overturned by the courts if in conflict with the Constitution.
Congress passes thousands of legislative provisions every year that raise constitutional issues, and the Executive Branch issues tens or hundreds of thousands of regulations on the apparent basis of such legislative provisions.
www.constitution.org /col/presump_legit.htm   (982 words)

 East European Constitutional Review
The Seal of the Republic of Albania, the National Flag and a view of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania are exhibited at the Constitutional Court hall.
The President of the Constitutional Court is appointed, from among its ranks, by the President of the Republic with the consent of the Assembly, for a three-year term.
A request for interpretation of the Constitution may be submitted by the parties contemplated in items (a), (b), (c), and (ç) of paragraph 1 of article 134 of the Constitution, and by the parties contemplated in items (dh), (e), (ë) and (f) for issues related to their interests.
www.law.nyu.edu /eecr/bycountryrefs/albaniaConstCourt.html   (5647 words)

  CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION - Wednesday, 11 February 1998
In the transition to a republic, the optimal result would be for all the states and the Commonwealth to negotiate a compact allowing for a package of change to be effected concurrently at the state and federal level.
Under any legislative mechanism to achieve a republic at the federal and state levels, a vigilant approach needs to be adopted to ensure that the federal government and the federal parliament not use the opportunity of the change to a republic to give the federal president power to appoint state governors or state presidents.
It is open, irrespective of whether there is constitutional change in respect of the republic, for each of the states or for all of the states to retain the Queen as their head of state.
www.australianpolitics.com /issues/republic/convention/11_02_3.shtml   (10149 words)

 Constitutional Republic - Conservapedia
A Constitutional Republic is a state where the officials are elected as representatives of the people, and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government's power over citizens.
A Constitutional Republic is the current form of government in the United States.
The purpose of a Constitutional Republic is to place limits on the tyranny of the majority.
www.conservapedia.com /Constitutional_Republic   (399 words)

 Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
Constitutions of Clarendon (1164) — Established rights of laymen and the church in England.
Construction Contrued and Constitutions Vindicated, John Taylor (1820) — A commentary on some of the misconstructions of the Constitution by the Marshall Court.
New Views of the Constitution of the United States, John Taylor (1823) — A discourse on the constitutional nature of the American union reflecting views of Jefferson and Madison.
www.constitution.org /liberlib.htm   (3707 words)

 Classical definition of republic - Wikinfo
A Classical Republic, (Greek: πολιτεια; Latin: respublica) is a "mixed constitutional government" which embodies civic duty, virtue, social cohesion and where there is a high devotion, fidelity and regard for the rule of law.
Though not a "true" classical republic, the Founding Fathers of the United States modeled America along the same lines as her mother country, Britain, and the Roman Republic with her civilian head.
The definition he gives for this kind of government is a "politean"; the form intermediate between a democracy and an oligarcy, which is termed a republic, (mesi de touton in kalousi politeian) for the government is constituted from the class that bears arms.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Classical_definition_of_republic   (11436 words)

 Dean's World - Iran Is A Republic, & Not A Democracy
The United States is both a republic and a democracy--despite the best efforts of some conservatives to try to deny that we're a democracy, we are one.
Historians disagree when the Roman Republic turned into Imperial Rome: the reason is that the first Emperors were given their head of state powers gradually in a government system that in appearance did not originally much differ from the Roman Republic[1].
The political power of monarchs can be non-existent, limited to a purely ceremonial function or the "control of the people" can be exerted to the extent that they appear to have the power to have their monarch replaced by another one[2].
www.deanesmay.com /posts/1125061398.shtml   (2734 words)

 Tres Kerns -- Can America Survive Democracy?
That would be news to our Founders, who have seen their Constitutional Republic steadily being destroyed by the despots from within and out.
Article I, Section VIII of the Constitution states that we are not to have a standing Army for more than two years.
Our Constitutional Republic is designed for Godly laws, virtuous citizens and economic prosperity.
www.newswithviews.com /guest_opinion/guest28.htm   (961 words)

 WorldNetDaily: So much for democracy
Our constitutional republic was revolutionary in the history of the world for the way it safeguarded against democracy — which has been equated, accurately, with mob rule.
The American constitutional republic is beautiful not simply because it provides for free votes by the American people.
Secondly, there is another component to a viable constitutional republic — something else we have forgotten in the United States.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=48560   (672 words)

 Real Estate Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is a Central European state bordering on Poland (border 658 km long) in the north, Germany (646 km) in the west and north-west, Austria (362 km) in the south and Slovakia (214 km) in the east.
According to the constitution, the Czech Republic is a parliamentary democracy.
The majority of the inhabitants (95%) of the Czech Republic are Czechs speaking the Czech language which belongs to the Slavic group of languages.
www.czrealtor.com   (1618 words)

 [No title]
Theoretic politicians, who have patronized this species of government, have erroneously supposed that by reducing mankind to a perfect equality in their political rights, they would, at the same time, be perfectly equalized and assimilated in their possessions, their opinions, and their passions.
The ingredients which constitute energy in the Executive are, first, unity; secondly, duration; thirdly, an adequate provision for its support; fourthly, competent powers.
The ingredients which constitute safety in the repub lican sense are, first, a due dependence on the people, secondly, a due responsibility.
gunshowonthenet.com /Patriot/IntentofRepublic.html   (2224 words)

 Sorry Mr. Franklin, We're All Democrats Now
Although the United States Constitution was by far the best ever written for the protection of liberty, with safeguards against the dangers of a democracy, it too was flawed from the beginning.
The transition from republic to democracy was gradual and insidious.
Authoritarians argue constantly that the Constitution is a living document, and that rigid obedience to ideological purity is the enemy we should be most concerned about.
www.house.gov /paul/congrec/congrec2003/cr012903.htm   (8526 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Nobel Prize in Chemistry
A chemical bond is the physical phenomenon (or phenomena) responsible for the attractive interactions between atoms that confers stability to di- and polyatomic chemical compounds.
Robert Sanderson Mulliken (June 7, 1896 – October 31, 1986) was an American physicist and chemist, primarily responsible for the elaboration of the molecular orbital method of computing the structure of molecules.
Sir Aaron Klug, OM, FRS (born 11 August 1926 in Zelvas, Lithuania) is a Lithuanian-born British chemist and biophysicist, and winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development of crystallographic electron microscopy and his structural elucidation of biologically important nucleic acid-protein complexes.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Nobel_Prize_in_Chemistry   (8865 words)

 Peter's Site - The Australian Republic and Constitutional Reform
Republic models: Models for a republican system of government, including complete draft constitutions for each model.
The model proposes an elected President and Constitutional Council (headed by the President) to replace the Queen and the Governor-General, but with the Speaker assuming many of the reserve and non-discretionary powers of the Governor-General and the Federal Executive Council Council assuming other non-reserve powers.
The bonus advantage of this model is that the not only does the question of codification or exercise of reserve powers by an elected President not present a problem, but that the office of Speaker is depoliticised, as all would agree it should be.
members.tripod.com /~petergc/ConstRef   (801 words)

 The Downfall of the Republic?
Our Founding Fathers created for us a Constitutional Republic during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 and rejected mass democracy as a government subject to mass demagoguery, government not by the judicious rule of law, but by the capricious rule of man.
Despite the uneasiness and turmoil, the fact is that if the presidential candidates abide by the Constitution and accept the vote of the Electoral College, there is no constitutional crisis.
In 1787 when the Framers finally completed the Constitution, it was — and remains — the greatest document ever drafted for self-governance, written by the heart and minds of men but inspired by the wisdom of the ages, if not the hand of God.
www.newsmax.com /archives/articles/2000/11/10/105039.shtml   (550 words)

 Be Patriotic: Don’t Vote by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The Constitution does not provide for the central government to get involved in education, let alone sending a man — and untold millions or billions of dollars — to Mars.
Belief in the Constitution is essentially a lost cause.
Being patriotic in America means being devoted to the Constitution, if not the natural rights philosophy that motivated much of it.
www.lewrockwell.com /dilorenzo/dilorenzo59.html   (941 words)

 CIA - The World Factbook -- Field Listing - Government type
constitutional government in free association with the US; the Compact of Free Association entered into force 21 October 1986 and the Amended Compact entered into force in May 2004
constitutional government in free association with the US; the Compact of Free Association entered into force 3 November 1986 and the Amended Compact entered into force May 2004
constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy; began debating republic status in 1992
www.umsl.edu /services/govdocs/wofact2005/fields/2128.html   (418 words)

 The Supreme Court is not supreme (we no longer live in a constitutional republic)
Our original Constitution divided the powers of the government and put restrictions on those powers, in a Bill of Rights, and in the retention by the states of much of their sovereign power.
The "noble charter" of the Philadelphia Convention is still our Constitution, Wilson continued, but it is now "rather in name than in reality." While the outward form of the Constitution remains one of a nicely adjusted ideal balance, Wilson added, "the actual form of our present government is.
But, it's sad when you try to explain how a Republic is a superior system of government to a child and they don't accept it because all they've heard is the "D" word.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/941156/posts   (7303 words)

 Constitutional militia required by 2nd Amendment
This carping by organizations who advocate the over throw of our republic isn't playing well out in America as this issue has come to the forefront of the Americans landscape and exposed the wholesale importing of crime, disease, adverse economic impact and – you can bet your dime – terrorists.
Along with the "racist" mantra has been irresponsible and completely untrue charges that the Minutemen would be packing guns with the sole intent of doing bodily harm to criminals (illegals sneaking across the border).
Those who birthed this constitutional republic (we are not a democracy) understood only too well what happens when tyrants have all the weapons.
www.infowars.com /articles/2nd_amendment/militia_required_by_2nd_amendment.htm   (855 words)

 Educational Resources - United States House of Representatives, 110th Congress, 1st Session
A list of Early Congressional Documents from the Constitutional Convention and the Continental Congress.
The full text amendments 11 through 27 to the Constitution that have been ratified.
The full text of amendments to the Constitution that have been proposed but not ratified.
www.house.gov /Constitution/Constitution.html   (124 words)

 A soft money ban IS constitutional [Free Republic]
A ban on state party soft money for federal elections is necessary to uphold these restrictions and to prevent national parties from evading a soft money ban by rechanneling the funds to state parties.
If so-called "campaign speech" (advertising) does indeed represent the Constitutional requirement of "free speech" then the advertising of such items as liquor, cigarettes and condoms should also be allowed in ANY periodical or television.
Speaking as one who is informed rather than mis-informed: "The ban is not constitutional." Whether it will be passed or if the courts let it stand is another question.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3ac0cafd7a63.htm   (2451 words)

 A History Lesson for a Conservative President
The Constitution established a constitutional republic dedicated to liberty and limited government under law.
Even in a republic, "war is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement." After all, the president would direct armies, spend public money and achieve the presumed glory of victory.
If "war is among the most dangerous of all enemies to liberty," he concluded near the end of George Washington's second term, "the executive is the most favored by it, of all the branches of power." Citizens in a constitutional republic should thus "keep a watchful, tho' not censorious eye" over the executive branch.
www.cato.org /research/articles/samples-021021.html   (1011 words)

 Citizens for a Constitutional Republic
This site is dedicated to returning The United States Of America to a Constitutional Republic, with a limited Federal Government and restoring and preserving freedom under The Constitution of the United States of America.
"A constitutional republic means a representative polity established on fundamental law, each person has the right to pursue and fulfill his or her unobtrusive vision of the good life.
It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed in their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden.
www.citizensforaconstitutionalrepublic.com   (2093 words)

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