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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Will contactless payment cards connect in the U.S.? (Page 1 of 2)
Contactless payment, which is what the radio frequency identification, or RFID, chip makes possible, allows cardholders to simply hold their credit or debit cards within an inch or two of a card reader to complete a purchase transaction.
Contactless card in hand, you'll find around 30,000 merchant locations where you can use it, from locally owned cafes to major chains such as KFC and McDonald's.
With a contactless card, purchases under $25 don't require a signature and flashing the card in front of the reader is said to be noticeably faster.
www.bankrate.com /brm/news/cc/Oct06_contactless_payment_card_a1.asp   (618 words)

 Alliance Activities : Publications : Contactless Payment Security FAQ - Smart Card Alliance
Contactless payment devices are designed to operate at very short ranges–less than 2-4 inches–so that the consumer needs to make a deliberate effort to initiate the payment transaction.
Contactless payment devices are designed to be read when placed in close proximity to a contactless payment terminal.
Contactless payment information as read from a contactless payment device by an illicit reader cannot be used to create fraudulent contactless transactions, or to create a counterfeit payment card.
www.smartcardalliance.org /pages/publications-contactless-payment-security-qa   (1075 words)

 Contactless Intelligence TV
Ellie speaks to a couple of well-known retailers about the London launch of Contactless Payment and shares her experiences of the last few episodes with us.
MasterCard explains contactless payment, the London Launch and what their relationship with Jason Bourne is.
Ellie demonstrates the usage of a contactless payment card and gives us some background knowledge about this new way of payment.
www.contactless-intelligence.tv /index.html   (308 words)

 Contactless News: Technology, Smart Cards, Readers, Programmers, Government, and Software
The vigorous take up of contactless payment in the United States and its future in mobile phones, plus a Mount Sinai Medical Center initiative to give patients control of their own health and hospital registration information, highlighted day two of the Alliance annual conference.
The gates, which allow passengers with contactless smart cards to access the railway, did not start working when the system was opened.
While the cause of the failure is not yet known, the fault appears to lie with the manufacturer of the ticket gates, Nippon Signal Co., according to a report by Computer World.
www.contactlessnews.com   (1157 words)

 The University of Tokyo Hospital Deploys Fujitsu's Contactless Palm Vein Authentication Technology for Room Access ...
A contactless palm vein authentication device has been installed at the entrance of each room.
The system is able to restrict an individual's entry in stages, by checking data read by the contactless palm vein authentication device against pre-registered palm vein patterns.
With the cooperation from individuals from various regions worldwide across a wide range of ages and occupations, Fujitsu has already individually accumulated 140, 000 palm vein patterns and based on tests using this data, Fujitsu has verified a high level of accuracy in authentication(*).
www.fujitsu.com /global/news/pr/archives/month/2005/20050511-01.html   (882 words)

  Benefits of Contactless Smart Cards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Contactless smart cards and readers are much more durable in harsh, dirty, or outdoor environments, such as those typically found in access-control applications.
Contactless smart-card technology is optimized to provide highly secure devices by using cryptography, encryption, and the internal computing power of the smart chip.
Contactless smart-card memory capacity ranges from 64 to 64k bytes; standard proximity-card memory ranges from eight to 256 bytes (2k bit).
www.buildings.com /Articles/detail.asp?ArticleID=3338   (745 words)

 AvidCard Contactless Resources & Information
Contactless cards are both robust and flexible, giving security professionals the ability to reduce maintenance costs, improve employee productivity and increase security.
Contactless smart cards offer advantages to both the organization issuing the card and the cardholder.
Standards-based contactless smart cards can authenticate a person’s identity, determine the appropriate level of access, and admit the cardholder to a facility, all from data stored on the card.
www.avidcard.com /contactless.html   (248 words)

 The Korea Times : Contactless Card Strengthens Customers’ Shopping Experience   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Contactless payments are poised to emerge as the latest innovation in the way consumers pay for their purchases at the point-of-sale (POS).
Contactless payments hold the promise of being simpler and easier to use than cash and other forms of payment and are ideal for traditional cash environments where speed is essential, such as quick-service restaurants, gas stations and movie theaters.
Contactless payment systems enable retailers to better understand customer behavior by enabling them to track data that cannot be collected through cash transactions.
times.hankooki.com /lpage/biz/200608/kt2006082916180811860.htm   (830 words)

 Contactless Payments | Fact Sheets | Newsroom | Visa Corporate
Contactless payments are popular when time is short or when it may be physically difficult to swipe a payment card in a payment terminal – for example, at drive-through restaurants and parking garages.
In Malaysia, more than 500,000 contactless smart cards are being issued – the world's first commercial implementation of contactless based on EMV smart card standards.
Contactless payments are expected to become widespread within the next few years, and Visa member financial institutions worldwide are expected to take advantage of Visa's flexible contactless payments platform in 2006 to launch their own contactless programs.
corporate.visa.com /md/fs/consumer/contactless.jsp   (364 words)

 Visa USA | Personal | Visa Contactless - FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Visa Contactless payment uses the latest radio frequency technology to send card information to the reader, and most of the time, with transactions under $25, there is no need for cardholders to sign a receipt, enter a PIN or hand over the card.
In the event that a contactless transaction cannot be completed, your card’s magnetic strip may be used.
Contactless transactions are just as secure as magnetic stripe transactions and are processed through the same payment network.
usa.visa.com /personal/cards/contactless/faq.html?it=l2|/personal/cards/contactless/index.html|FAQ   (1004 words)

 BAI Online | Banking Strategies | November/December 2005 | Contactless: The New 'Wave' In Payments
Contactless payment is typically aimed at consumers making purchases for less than $25; a signature is usually required for transactions of greater value.
Contactless card advocates point to the building support from merchants and issuers alike in arguing that this time will be different.
However, the contactless pilots, coupled with the new developments in technology, have convinced the card associations as well as the merchants that contactless cards will be easier and less expensive to implement, Vanderhoof says.
www.bai.org /bankingstrategies/2005-nov-dec/contactless/index.asp   (1787 words)

 Visa USA | Personal | Visa Contactless   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Visa Contactless is a new payment feature for Visa cards that makes your purchases quicker and more convenient.
In locations where Visa Contactless is accepted, you simply hold your Contactless card in front of the reader.
All Visa Contactless cards also have the traditional magnetic stripe on the back, and are accepted at more than 20 million locations worldwide.
usa.visa.com /personal/cards/contactless   (414 words)

 ICMA - Industry Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The research was conducted to gauge the level of consumer interest and responsiveness to contactless payment product in Bangkok, prior to the launch of Visa contactless later this year.
Contactless payment is a new payment method in a form of chip-based technology that removes the need to physically swipe or insert a card into a payment reader.
Contactless Consumer Research was conducted in October 2006 with 500 respondents in Bangkok, aged 18 to 46 years who own a bank account.
www.icma.com /info/TaiContactless07.htm   (604 words)

 The Green Sheet, Inc. · in Print ::
AmEx pilots have shown that contactless payment spurs spending increases of up to 30%, for example, presumably because consumers are not limited to the money that happens to be in their wallet.
With millions of contactless cards already in circulation and the numbers poised to soar as card issuers roll them out in new geographical markets, merchants in any industry may be open to tap-and-go equipment.
Learn which terminals have contactless capabilities, which contactless peripherals are certified on which terminal platforms, which resellers can supply you with those peripherals, and whether you need to establish direct relationships with the peripheral manufacturers.
www.greensheet.com /PriorIssues-/051202-/10.htm   (1432 words)

 Payments News: Contactless A Hit With Small Number Of Consumers Who Have Tried It - October 03, 2006
Contactless A Hit With Small Number Of Consumers Who Have Tried It According to new research produced independently by Javelin Strategy & Research for the Smart Card Alliance, contactless payment is a big hit with consumers who have tried it but still not well known.
When consumers who said that they were unlikely to use contactless payments were asked what would hold them back, 61 percent of that group said security would be their biggest concern.
"Contactless payment is a winner with consumers, and the banking industry still has work to do to promote it, but it is a huge market and it is very early," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance.
www.paymentsnews.com /2006/10/contactless_a_h.html   (515 words)

 Visa Expands Contactless Card Efforts - Security Technology News by InformationWeek
Visa's contactless payment chip uses 128-bit encryption and Triple Data Encryption Standard technology to protect the data used during a transaction, which includes the user's account number and a unique numeric code generated for each transaction.
The greatest drawback to contactless technology is that, since no PIN or signature is required, the merchant has no way of knowing whether the person making a purchase is the rightful card owner.
Another factor aiding adoption of contactless payment devices and readers for small purchases is that, over the past few years, businesses specializing in high-volume, low-value transactions, such as movie theaters and fast-food restaurants, have embraced credit and debit card payments.
www.informationweek.com /security/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=183702491   (830 words)

 Contactless and the Dawn of a New Payment Era
After years of testing contactless payment devices, many financial institutions are now offering these devices to their customers nationwide.
This is proving to be a big year for the contactless payment industry with over 30,000 merchant locations in the US now capable of handling a contactless transaction and over 13 million contactless devices in the hands of consumers.
Contactless technology is robust, flexible, and next generational and can pave the road for issuers seeking new interchange opportunities.
www.celent.com /PressReleases/20060905/Contactless.htm   (538 words)

 USNews.com: Money: "Contactless" credit cards let buyers wave and go
Contactless cards are intended for purchases of $25 and below that are typically made with cash.
Citi and MasterCard will begin testing the use of contactless cards at some New York subway stations this summer, allowing trial participants to pay for subway fares by swiping their Citi MasterCard PayPass cards at readers on the turnstiles.
Advocates are also concerned that the growth in contactless payment systems will only encourage cardholders to spend more–and sometimes money they don't have.
www.usnews.com /usnews/biztech/articles/060629/29creditcards.htm   (494 words)

 Contactless technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Contactless technology is based on inductive transmission, which is used in the transmission between a smart card and a terminal.
Furthermore, the use of contactless smart cards with a microprocessor allows for a high level of transaction security as well as infinite possibilities for applications.
In addition, the electronic purse is an easy way to ensure the interoperability between the various service providers who may also benefit from rapid transactions, where use of a contact card is impossible (not equipped or amount too small).
www.contactless-club.com /pages/contactless.htm   (376 words)

 Are Contactless Payment Cards Tickets to Wholesale Fraud?
Contactless radio signals are very short range, but can be picked up from three to six feet.
What if the cashier simply moves the contactless card reader to the edge of the counter, where it is directly up against the customers that typically lean against the counter while purchasing their items.
Unbeknownst to the customer, however, the proximity reader has picked up data from the contactless card in her purse; she never realizes the cashier actually used the contactless card to process the order, while pocketing the cash.
www.cioinsight.com /print_article2/0,1217,a=158341,00.asp   (954 words)

 Contactless cards Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Contactless cards are smart cards that communicate by means of radio frequency (RF); there is no visible module and no need for physical contact between the card and the reader.
Gemplus contact cards are used in taxis, subway stations, bus and toll collection applications to increase the speed at which customers can pay for their travel.
Contactless technology is even being utilized for e-passports as a secure way to store, protect and manage identity credentials.
www.gemplus.com /techno/contactless   (241 words)

 Contactless cards, contactless payment, contactless technology, smart cards, RFID, chip cards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Contactless cards are also equipped with a magnetic strip so they can still be used in traditional swipe machines.
Industries using contactless smart card technology include government and corporate ID cards, transit fare payment cards, passports and visas, and financial payment cards.
Contactless payment cards utilize technology that brings more security to the card holder by making it almost impossible to skim the card information.
www.cpicardgroup.com /plasticcards_contactless.htm   (328 words)

Contactless technology is invisible, efficient, and secure; for most end users it works just like magic, giving them more control over their transactions, and making life simpler and safer.
We are simplifying the deployment of contactless technology in multiple environments, making life smoother, safer and better for people around the world.
Contactless technology promises to replace a major part of the contact-based smart card market.
www.insidecontactless.com /about/vision.php   (329 words)

 BB&T Corporation :: BB&T kicks off contactless card pilot program
The Contactless BBandT Check Card speeds purchases by enabling clients to hold their card near a secure contactless card reader instead of handing it to a cashier or swiping it to make purchases at checkout.
The contactless chip embedded in the card also generates a unique digital watermark for every purchase to prevent fraudulent contactless transactions.
The contactless feature can be used at any of these locations that display the contactless symbol.
sev.prnewswire.com /banking-financial-services/20070129/CLM17029012007-1.html   (496 words)

 Technology News: Wireless: Contactless Payment Cards Catch On With Consumers
Banks are rapidly taking up contactless technology, testing and launching credit and debit cards that need only be passed before a point-of-sale reader and don't necessarily yield a receipt for signature.
Wells Fargo is on schedule to reach 400,000 contactless Visa credit cards by year's end, and US Bank has announced a contactless payment project in Denver that will allow select customers to use Visa contactless credit cards at more than 600 area merchants.
The resulting report revealed that 41 percent would most likely take up contactless if assured that their financial information was secure, and 35 percent would if given a better explanation of benefits and risks.
www.technewsworld.com /story/54635.html   (885 words)

 A True Test for Contactless Payments: The Market for Open-Network Transit Solutions
Luckily for the providers of contactless solutions, the technology has demonstrated a considerable utility for driving efficiency in at least one segment with particularly high volumes, small average ticket sizes an absolute requirement for maximizing throughput.
Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 23, 2006 -- Despite consistent marketing by key parties to the contrary, contactless payments have yet to demonstrate a substantiated impact on retail purchases.
Contactless transactions have been available in mass transit systems since 1996, and though the technology has been historically deployed in only closed loop environments, we are beginning to see a concerted effort on the part of branded associations to drive open network payment integration into closed transit systems.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/11/prweb482036.htm   (711 words)

 Contactless Credit Card Advantages
Contactless cards make use of the most secure encryption standards practical with current technology.
For example, the RFID reader that sits on the merchant's counter may use some sort of special signal, or offer a special set of frequencies, that would be difficult for a thief with an off-the-shelf reader to duplicate.
One additional fact that is known about contactless cards is definitely an advantage for merchants - consumers may feel otherwise.
www.technovelgy.com /ct/Technology-Article.asp?ArtNum=62   (294 words)

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