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Topic: Control engineering

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Control Engineering Fact Sheet
Control engineering is used to optimize the performance of engineered products with respect to measures such as energy and material usage, speed, reliability and accuracy of direction, or velocity of mechanical motion.
Control engineering is an area of specialization within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at North Dakota State University.
Control systems have ranged from the centrifugal governor controlling the speed of James Watt's 18th century steam engine to computer-based autopilots controlling the flight paths of 20th century jumbo jets.
www.ndsu.edu /ndsu/academic/factsheets/eng_arch/control.shtml   (658 words)

  Control engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Control engineering is the engineering discipline that focuses on the mathematical modelling systems of a diverse nature, analysing their dynamic behaviour, and using control theory to make a controller that will cause the systems to behave in a desired manner.
Control engineering is the engineering discipline that focuses on the modelling of a diverse range of dynamic systems and the design of controllers that will cause these systems to behave in the desired manner.
Control engineering has a wide range of applications from the flight and propulsion systems of commercial airliners to the cruise control present in many modern automobiles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Control_engineering   (583 words)

 Control theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Controllability and observability are main issues in the analysis of a system before deciding the best control strategy to be applied.
Controllability is related to the possibility of forcing the system into a particular state by using an appropriate control signal.
Adaptive controls were applied for the first time in the Aircraft industry in the 1950s, and have found particular success in that field.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Control_theory   (2550 words)

 control engineering, turnkey system integration
is a control system engineering and integration firm that has been helping companies to achieve their goals through automation for over eleven years.
control engineering has completed projects in the oil and gas, chemical, water treatment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, utilities, material handling, manufacturing and semiconductor industries.
control engineering has the in house experience and expertise required to address these challenges.
www.controlengineering.com   (151 words)

 Control Engineering
Engineers there needed to replace an obsolete control system with technology capable of supporting global enterprise integration and reduce process variability caused by manual interventions.
Goals of the engineering phase (phase 1) were to establish a solid knowledge base of current control system functionality and develop a clear understanding of expectations for the new system.
For the project to be successful, the team was convinced the correct engineering firm needed technical competence, flexibility, and empathy with the schedule; the winner also needed to be void of bureaucracy and stubbornness.
www.capesoftware.com /mead_johnson.htm   (3372 words)

 Career Opportunities In Control Systems Engineering
Control systems are found in cars, house appliances, medical instrumentation, petrochemical refineries, commercial and military jets, robotic manufacturing systems, precision missile systems, etc. At the core of every control system are basic feedback principles.
Control systems engineering is a sub-branch of engineering which addresses modeling, analysis, design, and implementation of feedback control systems.
Similar control systems and feedback principles are found in many areas: satellite attitude control systems, launch vehicle guidance and control systems, modeling of neural cortex functions and other biological processes, semiconductor manufacturing furnace temperature control systems, environmental systems (e.g.
www.eas.asu.edu /~aar/classes/eee480S99/articles/careertracks.html   (854 words)

 CDI - Engineering
While each of CDI's five service groups – Engineering, Manufacturing, OEM Products, Aftermarket Support, and Staff Augmentation – provide a complementary component of our full scope of services, our Engineering Group is the focal point for the development of the superior control solutions that have made CDI a recognized leader in our industry.
CDI's Engineering Group is staffed with certified professional engineers (PE) and project management professionals, degreed in electrical engineering, computer science and chemical engineering.
This focus has allowed us to develop critical insights on control and automation issues unique to these industries – insights that result in solutions that are developed more quickly, perform more efficiently, and operate more reliably.
www.controldynamics.com /engineering.htm   (511 words)

 Control Engineering
Control Engineering 's editors know this sensation too, experiencing it often as they selected the 35 best products to be awarded the publication's 15th annual Editors' Choice Awards.
These areas include: process and advanced control; instrumentation and process sensors; software and information integration; machine control and discrete sensors; human-machine interface; motors, drives and motion control; embedded control; networks and communications; and control components.
In a critical situation, the controller goes into a user-defined safe state for an orderly shutdown, while providing extended diagnostic data to operators with safety-related functions and 200-500 msec reaction times.
www.sytech.com /comceng2.htm   (2986 words)

Is the measurement for process control (where repeatability is the major concern), or for accounting or custody transfer (where high accuracy is important)?
As with many other products, a plant engineer generally gets what he pays for when he purchases a flowmeter.
Although suppliers are always ready to provide flowmeter installation service, estimates are that approximately 75 percent of the users install their own equipment.
www.omega.com /techref/flowcontrol.html   (5120 words)

Intelligence test - Artificial intelligence is unlikely to replace engineers, says Charles Clarke, but knowledge-based tools are already playing an important part in testing and 'genetically engineering' complex design processes.
But before these molecules were crafted into modern engines, virtual facsimiles of them were subjected to vivid, lifelike simulations of these actions, the whole shebang conjured by an artificial intelligence as sophisticated as anything conceived of in The Matrix.
Structural engineering is defined as a field which encompasses design, fabrication, construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, towers, dams and other similar structures.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/engin.html   (3621 words)

 Doug Cooper is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut
Control Station is used by hundreds of companies and academic institutions around the world for process control education and training.
Model based controllers contain two elements that must be adjusted to maintain desired performance: parameters of the process model and a tuning parameters in the controller design equation.
Controller performance evaluation is used to determine appropriate adjustments to the tuning relations such that an accurate process model will produce desired controller performance.
www.eng2.uconn.edu /control/pubs.html   (4719 words)

 Control System Professional: Integrated Symbolic Capability
Control System Professional's built-in time-domain response functions make it easy to test your system to investigate step, impulse, and ramp responses as well as to simulate responses to any other input signal of your choice.
To correct the behavior of your control systems in a desired direction, a broad selection of feedback design tools is provided, including traditional and robust pole assignment algorithms as well as linear-quadratic optimal control tools.
Control System Professional is widely applied in control engineering, mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, satellite instrumentation, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, power electronics, hard drive manufacturing, communications, mobile communications, life sciences, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutics, pathology, business and finance, econometrics, mathematical sciences, physical sciences, geophysics, computer sciences, and process control.
www.wolfram.com /products/applications/control   (523 words)

 Control Global | Process Automation Technologies
Flowmeter Technology Library is a one-stop, educational shop for industrial manufacturing professionals, control technicians, engineering students, and researchers working and training in the process industries.
CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes is scheduled to speak at several upcoming industry events over the the next few months.
The benefits of Advanced Process Control (APC) technology are deemed so significant that many manufacturing experts consider the use of APC a necessary requirement to remain competitive.
www.controlglobal.com   (856 words)

 Control engineering consultant McCann Science
Dr Mike McCann, a Chartered Engineer, is an expert in the application of quantitative methods to give practical solutions to problems in business and engineering and the physical sciences.
With a strong background in electrical engineering, electronics and process control engineering and in management sciences and operations research, he has managed teams of analysts and engineers in business planning, in electronics development and in simulation consulting.
As well as teaching control engineering and system dynamics, this provided a lot of experience in academic level research linked to consulting for the industrial sponsors of the programme.
www.mccannscience.com /principal.htm   (1216 words)

 Control Engineering Resource Center
This section is unique content to the Resource Center and includes 'how to' articles written by engineers for engineers regarding applications, tutorials and white papers.
Research was undertaken to gain a better understanding of Control Engineering subscribers’applications and needs regarding Recorders....
Albany, Oregon based Concept Systems Inc., Control Engineering magazine Integrator of the Year in the up to $10M revenue category, provides automation services to manufacturing companies in the areas of forest products, converting, food processing, aerospace, automotive, mining, pulp and paper, communication equipment, entertainment, packaging, and others.
resource.controleng.com   (654 words)

 Atlanta Training - PID Troubleshooting, Process Control Training
Rice received his BS in Chemical Engineering from the Virginia Polytechnic and State University and both his MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.
This process control training course, as with all of our training courses, is not just text book instructions but practical knowledge and case examples based on years of experience.
Your process control manager should send at least two engineers to the Atlanta training, as this PID training is second to none in the process control industry.
www.bin95.com /process_control_atlanta_training.htm   (921 words)

 Elsevier.com - Control Engineering Practice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Control Engineering Practice strives to meet the needs of industrial practitioners and industrially related academics and researchers.
It is normally expected that practical results should be included, but where simulation only studies are available, it is necessary to demonstrate that the simulation model is representative of a genuine industrial application.
Control Engineering Practice papers will tend to be shorter, and relevant to industrial readers.
www.elsevier.com /locate/conengprac   (458 words)

 Sanjay's Coding Tips :: Control Engineering
The Recursive Control pattern implements a clear separation between the control aspects and the service providing aspects of a real-time system allowing each to be defined and modified independently.
Until the owners and managers of manufacturers become more optimistic in their outlook, they will continue to remain very conservative in spending on new projects which in turn means most other sectors in the economy are missing a major chunk of their customers.
I'm sure you've heard the story of the engineering consultant who was called to repair a machine that had stopped the factory and tightened a single screw within about 5 minutes to re-start the whole place.
sastools.com /b2/category/ControlEng   (3623 words)

 Control Engineering
Legend has it that certain divinely inspired engineers in the automation industry are capable of producing bug-free control code on the first pass.
Using a spare controller and the same operator interface used with the on-line controller, operators can get a view of what appears to be the process in operation.
Operators and engineers can also work out the bugs in how the operator interface screens display process data even before the process is brought on-line.
www.capesoftware.com /VanDoren.htm   (623 words)

 Communities - Technical Communities - Divisions & Groups
Promoting the art and science of engines while also encouraging and fostering research and development for mobile, marine, rail, generation and stationary applications.
ASME technical division concerning noise control and acoustics principles and its applications to noise control engineering.
Concentrates on control methods and devices, from servomechanisms and regulators to automatic controls, for dynamic systems involving forces, motion and/or the flow of energy or material.
www.asme.org /Communities/Technical/Divisions   (1011 words)

 Control Engineering Inc. - Home Page
Control Engineering was established in 1971 in West Springfield, Massachusetts as a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic control products serving industrial, commercial, and OEM accounts.
These controls incorporate the logic for dual level control using conductivity probes for point level detection.
Control Engineering product brochures and pricing are also included.
www.controlengineeringinc.com   (250 words)

 Order Page for Institute of Noise Control Engineering
This, the 35th in a series of international congresses on noise control engineeering was held held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on December 3-6, 2007.
These papers are a valuable resource of information on noise control engineering that will be of interest to engineers in industry, acoustical consultants, researchers, government workers, and the academic community.
These papers are a valuable resource of information on noise control engineering that will be of interest to researchers in the academic community, government workers, engineers, acoustical consultants, and students.
www.bookmasters.com /marktplc/00726.htm   (666 words)

 Engineering | The WWW Virtual Library
Industrial engineers integrate human, information, material, monetary, and technological resources to produce goods and services optimally.
Links pertaining to petroleum engineering for the academic, governmental and industrial communities.
The Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library was established on Dec. 5, 1994 and is devoted to all aspects of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.
vlib.org /Engineering   (743 words)

 System Control Engineering: Products
System Control Engineering strive to provide you with your entire gas combustion needs at the one site.
System Control has been a leader in gas combustion in Australia and New Zealand for forty years.
With the combination of well respected and high quality products, technical knowledge and large stock levels we are well placed to continue to meet all of our customers' expectations and more.
www.systemcontrol.com.au   (176 words)

 Frank Potter's Science Gems - Engineering
ENGINEERING ETHICS - Division of Technology, Culture, and Communication, University of Virginia "This web site consists of a collection of cases that focus on ethical considerations in the early stages of the invention and design process, rather than as aftermath of a completed design." About 20 cases with abstracts.
The intended audience are students in science and engineering at the advanced undergraduate level and higher.
I have chosen an oven controlled by a PID temperature controller to use as a case study but the behaviour described is characteristic of many systems that employ feedback.
www.sciencegems.com /engineer.html   (5547 words)

 University of Cambridge: Control Group
University of Cambridge > Department of Engineering > Control Group
I.C. Engines - Emissions, Measurement and Control Group
Control of Uncertain Systems: Modelling, Approximation, and Design
www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk   (49 words)

 Hydraulic cylinder anatomy - 5/1/2005 - Control Engineering Resource Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
External braking is the more familiar stopping method, but three-phase ac induction motors provide internal electronic means to slow and brake their motion—among them, dc-in...
The concept of higher the SNR value the better the system or device performance is simple enough, but keeping signal levels high is often impractical and holding down electrical noise often...
These actuators convert hydraulic fluid pressure into rapid, controllable linear motion and force to move loads.
resource.controleng.com /article/CA528250.html   (1205 words)

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