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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Control unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A control unit is the part of a CPU or other device that directs its operation.
The outputs of the unit control the activity of the rest of the device.
Words of the microprogram are selected by a microsequencer and the bits from those words directly control the different parts of the device, including the registers, arithmetic and logic units, instruction registers, buses, and off-chip input/output.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Control_unit   (156 words)

 Control store checking system and method - Patent 4019033
These storage locations store a number of basic hardware logic test (BLT) microprograms which are used to perform preliminary testing of the adapter circuits and control section, to gain access to main memory 115, and to load the other sections of control store 110 with verification routines and "personality" (normal operating) microprograms or firmware.
It is a 14 bit register which stores a 13 bit address generated by the circuits of section 201 and a single parity check bit which, in accordance with the present invention, is previously generated during the assembling of the microinstructions of the microprograms subsequently loaded into control store 201-10.
In the branching convention employed, a control store microprogram branches to the branch address location when the state of the indicator specified by test field 1 is not true and the state of the indicator specified by test field 2 is true.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4019033.html   (13690 words)

 Active Noise Control e-Store
Included in the book is C and assembly code for the most popular adaptive control techniques, but beware of bugs and patent issues.
Extensive discussion on active structural acoustic control, the use of generating vibrations on a radiating surface in order to minimize the overall acoustic sound radiation.
Discusses experiments in using analog adaptive controllers for active control, although these experiments were limited by the choice of electronics selected for implementation.
www.signalsystemscorp.com /anc_e-store.htm   (297 words)

 Microinstruction substitution mechanism in a control store - Patent 4422144
The ROS stores frequently used sequences of microinstructions and is not altered during operation.
As new microinstructions are transferred from main store to the WCS, the replacement algorithm identifies the portion of the WCS to be replaced by the new group of microinstructions.
When a halt is indicated on signal line 64, the address stored in the Present Address Register 51 of the microinstruction for which a substitute microinstruction is to be accessed, is transferred on a line 69 through a gate 70 to the Address Substitute mechanism 62.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4422144.html   (7516 words)

 Disclaimer, Product Returns, and Shipping Info - The Pest Control Store
The advice given by an employee or agent of The Pest Control Store or Peachtree Pest Control Co., Inc. or any pages on this website for pesticide application or use, are based on common application practices in the pest control industry only.
The Pest Control Store and Peachtree Pest Control Co., Inc. assumes that all customers are of sound mind, and can read and interpret English (as all pesticide labels are written in English), and that the customer assumes all responsibility for purchase and safe, proper and legal use of the products they purchase from this website.
Any and all legal issues brought forth against The Pest Control Store or Peachtree Pest Control Co., Inc. will be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.
www.thepestcontrolstore.com /disclaimer.cfm   (743 words)

 Drug Store News: Systemizing inventory control - Drug Store Management Training Program
It is not uncommon for a store manager to be confronted with a blizzard of paper containing product-specific data on levels and movement.
Inventory control efforts should be focused on the value of a product first and its contribution to inventory investment second (a very close second).
Some suggestions on where to place control efforts have been offered, based on the premise that much computerized data will be available to the manager.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3374/is_n17_v16/ai_15835519   (1222 words)

 Role-Based Access Control for Multi-tier Applications with Authorization Manager
The authorization policy store is replicated to all domain controllers in the domain in which the authorization policy is stored and Authorization Manager objects are referenced in each global catalog server in the forest.
The XML store does not support delegation because access to the XML file is controlled by the discretionary access control list (DACL) on the file which grants or restricts access to the entire contents of the file.
If the user has access to the controls, the controls are displayed, an expense form is retrieved from a SQL store and loaded into the control, and the user is allowed to enter the expense data.
www.microsoft.com /technet/prodtechnol/windowsserver2003/technologies/management/athmanwp.mspx   (14291 words)

 Control store -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
It is usually accessed by a (Click link for more info and facts about microsequencer) microsequencer.
A control store is usually implemented as a diode-array of read-only memory on modern (Click link for more info and facts about VLSI) VLSI CPUs.
Historically, (Click link for more info and facts about IBM mainframes) IBM mainframes loaded their microprograms from floppy disks into a control store consisting of ultra-high speed random-access memory.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/c/co/control_store.htm   (268 words)

 Television Pest Control Expert   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Pest Shop, Inc. is a unique pest control company because in addition to being a full service pest control firm, it is also a do-it-yourself store as well as the home of the world famous "COCKROACH HALL OF FAME MUSEUM".
My 20 years as a pest control specialist and work with the media has shown me that most people are fascinated with bugs.
Our do-it-yourself store not only has traditional product but also a complete line of low-impact and non-chemical pest control products to help you in the "battle of the bugs".
www.pestshop.com   (440 words)

 The Pet Store Web Site
The EJB controller, which is a stateful session bean, uses the data encapsulated in the Event to create and execute the EJBAction.
If the customer is not signed on, the pet store saves the request URL (for use after signon) and then redirects the request to the pet store signon form, shown in Figure 7.
Note in the diagram that control flow is handled by the framework (the classes and interfaces across the top of the diagram), while application-specific code executes in developer-defined subclasses.
java.sun.com /blueprints/guidelines/designing_enterprise_applications_2e/sample-app/sample-app1.3.1a3.html   (11459 words)

 The Pest Control Store - Professional Pest Control Products; Professional Pest Control Advice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Peachtree Pest Control Co., has been Protecting Health and Environment since 1976.
The Pest Control Store has been an integral part of our Georgia operation since 1985.
No matter the pest problem, residential or commercial, large or small, the friendly professional staff at Peachtree Pest Control is only a call or click away.
www.thepestcontrolstore.com   (265 words)

 Moving from Envy to Store Source Control System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Having used the two source code control systems "Envy" and "Store" for some years, I want to briefly compare the two products.
The discussion is based on Store as implemented in Cincom VisualWorks 7.2 and Envy in IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk 6.0.1.
I have switched from using Envy to Store, and therefore this text can be seen as help for people doing the same change.
www.cincomsmalltalk.com /userblogs/runarj/blogView?showComments=true&entry=3260445839   (190 words)

 Infocomm - News - Soundcraft MH4 stars at new Sound Control London store
LONDON -- Sound Control opened its flagship 12th venue in the basement of the Virgin Megastore on London's bustling Oxford Street.
In a joint venture between the two music retail giants, the Live Stage has now been updated with a brand-new PA rig capped off with a 48-channel Soundcraft MH4 desk to accommodate both FOH and monitor mixing duties.
The Dido show was the first of several showcases planned by Sound Control to inaugurate the partnership with Virgin and to launch a top-notch operation made possible by a new injection of capital into the company.
www.infocomm.org /newsnetwork/index.cfm?objectID=9DDE64ED-1A08-4EDA-B1849BF40D2FEF61   (513 words)

 Reynolds Electronics Remote Control Store
Control 4 10A relays + 4 digital outputs with standard 12-bit Sony
RX-5 Remote Control RF Receiver Interface with 2 Relay and 2 digital outputs HERE
High-Speed [up to 19200 baud] 8-pin infrared serial data communications transmitter and remote control IC.
www.rentron.com /PicBasic/RemoteControl.htm   (298 words)

 Control store
A point-of-sale program which can be used in any store to input merchandise items purchased, calculate total sales, generate sales invoices and or receipts, control and maintain inventories, store and update customer, and many other features.
Describes what it is, things that make it worse, who gets it, treatments from the store and from the doctor, and scars.
Governmental agency of the State of Texas created as a conservation and reclamation district with responsibilities to control, store, preserve, and distribute the waters of the Sabine River and its tributary system for useful purposes.
omniknow.com /essays/Control_store.html   (1295 words)

 Mosquito Magnet Mall
American Biophysics is the manufacturer of this mosquito control device.
We are here to please our customers, Mosquito Magnets have been proven to be the best mosquito control device available on the market.
We are a proud reseller of this product and we hope that you will also be happy with your mosquito control purchase.
www.mosquito-trap-mall.com   (286 words)

 Innovative Pest Control Products-Baits and Bait Stations
Ant Control does not have to be difficult, but you need to understand the ant your trying to control and you need the proper tools to work with.
We will also make it convenient to purchase the products that you will need to achieve control safely and effectively with minimum effects on other animals in the environment.
We believe strongly that most ant problems can be resolved with wise use of baits and that most baiting can be conducted outside of the infested structure.
www.antcontrol.org   (365 words)

 Kidtastic - The City - Kidtastic Store - Radio Control
Somebody definitely knew what he was doing when he made this powerful little radio-controlled speed machine.
The Sea Hawk, a small racer with an open cabin and roll bar, is the perfect boat to take along on a lakeside vacation: just right for canals, small lakes, and slow rivers and ponds.
Radio Control White and Red Cessna Airplane with Battery Pack and Charger.
www.kidtastic.com /city/kidtasticstore/kids_parents/kids/products/sections/tft1a/radiocontrol/radiocontrol.html   (178 words)

 Nikko Megatech Remote Radio Control Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
is the largest manufacturer of remote control boats, cars, trucks and jeeps in the world.
Nikko is one of the few remote control manufacturers in the world to offer customer service to consumers.
offers a wide variety of high-technology remote control airplanes, boats, submarines and helicopters that are extremely user friendly and ready to use right out of the box.
1radio-remote-control-cheap-car-airplane-boat-truck-helicopter.com   (326 words)

 Creating an Online Store - HD Control Panel Menu Based Guide - HD Budget Web Hosting
Your control panel comes with two on-line store builders, Miva Merchant and osCommerce.
Driving targeted shoppers to your store with a search engine and "shop box" that is displayed on popular web sites.
Switching off your osCommerce will permanently remove all your osCommerce settings, databases, etc. So the next time you enable it, you'll have to configure it from scratch and you will be charged the osCommerce setup fee.
www.hostdepartment.com /budgetwebhosting/d/user/ecommerce.html   (763 words)

 Pest control products, Termite, Flea control, Trapping Supplies
We are a do-it-yourself pest control store that sells professional strength products to the general public.
Whether you have ant or roach problems or an infestation of drywood or subterranean termites, or maybe fleas we have cost effective solutions for you.
The presence of termites in your home or under your home is a serious problem and should be not be confused with carpenter ants.
www.floridapestservice.com   (233 words)

 NASCAR 06: Total Team Control Hist Store Shelves Today
With new squad-based racing controls, players can communicate with teammates through the crew chief and spotter, working together to bring home top 5 finishes for the whole team.
Players are able to radio to teammates for assistance, while managing on-track partnerships, or take the wheel of a teammate's car in the middle of a race to fend off rivals by utilizing the new car swap feature.
With all-new game controls, and using real-time voice commands, players can communicate with the crew chief, spotters, and on-track allies to help punch through the pack.
www.xboxcore.com /gaming_news/868.html   (326 words)

 Store Initial Control Selections for Later Recall
You can build into your application a way to do this, but it will be for naught unless you stored the initial value.
stores the unedited value while the value is being edited.
Because no tables are involved, you can copy the code into other controls' event stubs and just change the name of the control reference in the code.
www.oreilly.com /pub/h/3321   (634 words)

 Pestproducts.com - Professional Pest Control Products And Advice
The same pesticides, pest control products used by professional pest control operators are available for you to use in your home and business.
Also available: pest control kits which can contain various combinations of concentrates, dusts, aerosols, baits and (in some cases) equipment used to apply the pest control products safely and efficiently.
Products used in rodent control include rodenticides, rat traps, mouse traps, rodent baiters and also products used to control odors created by mice, rats or other animals.
www.pestproducts.com   (625 words)

 Do it Yourself Pest Control, Supplies @ AllPest Professional Products
We sell a complete line of professional exterminating products online from our pest control supply center located in Baltimore, Maryland.
Glue traps for rats and mice or Tin Cats and Ketch All Traps (Catch and release) for humane mouse control.
AllPest Do it yourself pest control supply store.
www.allpestpro.com   (462 words)

 DownloadPipe.com Secure Store - Anyplace Control -
Anyplace Control is a remote control program that can display a screen of another computer (via internet or network) on the screen of yours.
The program allows you to use mouse and keyboard to control that PC remotely.
It means that you can work on a remote computer like if you are sitting in front of it, right from you current location.
www.shareit.com /product.html?productid=190709&language=English&affiliateid=71975   (122 words)

 The Pragmatic Store - Version Control
Get Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion, Pragmatic Unit Testing with Java, and Pragmatic Automation as a set for just $72.00.
A PDF copy of the version control book, delivered within minutes of placing your order, and the paper book delivered by mail.
An introduction to version control the pragmatic way: recipes for teams to follow when using CVS to manage their project's assets.
www.pragmaticprogrammer.com /shopsite_sc/store/html/page1.html   (273 words)

 Sound Control - Music gear online -Guitars Amps Keyboards drums and more   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Academy of Sound is changing to Sound Control.
Sound Control is proud to present the Session Pro 5-Piece drum kit....
Best-seller since the 1940s and nicknamed by artists as "The Workhorse." Equipped with transducer pickup.
www.soundcontrol.co.uk   (315 words)

 The Birth Control Store - pill, natural, yasmine, information, alesse, emergency, day after   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
We here at The Birth Control Store have found some of the most relevant sites for birth control, and have compiled a list of the best birth control information sites online.
Learn about contraceptive choices, birth control for both men and women, and the future of birth control.
Lipitor beautiful will nor qd depo provera diane 35 triphasil brith control aviane birth control, family planning lipitor depro provera evra cyclen zovia spermicide femodene.
www.birth-control-pills.online-ortho-tri-cyclen.com /birth-control/chr...   (416 words)

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