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Topic: Convento de San Francisco

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  San Francisco de Oaxaca. Felipe de Ureña's last church.
A striking exception to this tradition is the 18th century Franciscan church and convento of San Francisco, a building virtually ignored by tourists and architectural guidebooks alike, located in the less visited southern part of the city.
The church and convento of San Francisco were late starters in the Dominican stronghold of Oaxaca.
San Francisco de Oaxaca is a subtle but virtuoso example of Ureña's high art in this down-to-earth southern city; truly an elegant parallel to the sinuous movements of the classic tango.
www.tomzap.com /lasttango.html   (1128 words)

 San Francisco museum in Quito
The temple of San Francisco of Quito is the religious construction of greater extension in the region.
In 1996 a sector of the temple for the San Francisco museum adapted.
The route begins by the choir of the church, a precious cockpit with capacity for 61 friars, crossed by two organs German and decorated by an exquisite one adorned with caissons of style to mudéjar, compound of 4,600 wood pieces, in whose center there is a peculiar star of eight ends.
museums.in-quito.com /quito-museums-convento-de-san-francisco.htm   (598 words)

 --colima--   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
It is located in the garden of San Francisco, between the avenues De los Maestros and Manuel Alvarez, in the city of Colima, state of Colima.
Visitor Lorenzo Lebron de Quiñones undertook an inspection in 1554, by request of the Spanish Crown, in order to find out about the life conditions of the region and agreed to dictate the dispositions for the establishment of a convent of Franciscan friars to protect the desolated indigenous communities.
We should not forget that the natives of Colima, at the time of the San Francisco convent’s foundation, were in decline and even at risk of disappearing.
www.inah.gob.mx /inah_ing/core/htme/mohi0608.html   (781 words)

 san francisco traffic report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Francisco Caballero, 42, of Salinas, was arrested by...
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Internet-sector bellwethers are all expected to report higher profits later this week, largely due to the surging popularity of search and as more advertisers venture online.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 11 -- Fueled by new vehicle financing and record growth and success in San Francisco and throughout the country, Zipcar, North America's largest car sharing company, today announced plans to rapidly double its Bay Area fleet within the year, expanding into new communities throughout the region while increasing service in existing neighborhoods.
report.time-information.com /san-francisco-traffic-report   (891 words)

 Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen
The son of Lorenzo de Lasuénand Maria Francisca de Arasqueta, Fray Fermín Francisco de Lasuén, was born at Vitoria, in the province of Alava, (Cantabria, Spain), June 7, 1736, and was baptized on the following day by the Rev. Francisco de Elosu in the church of San Vicente Martir.
Serra reestablished Mission San Diego in the summer of 1776 and on November 1, reestablished that of San Juan Capistrano.
Even after the uprising of 1775, affairs at San Diego remained unsettled, and his life was in danger for a great period of the time, owing to the nature of the local Indians.
www.sbthp.org /soldados/SBMission/Lasuen.htm   (2610 words)

 studio rent san francisco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
San Francisco yuppies restore a costly Victorian, then rent a studio to a landlord's nightmare.
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 Antiguo Convento San Francisco, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur and the Southwest Coast
But the Convento San Francisco (two blocks north and one east of the main cathedral, tel.
The Fortaleza de la Pólvora (at the terminus of Calle Xalteva, next to a deep gully) was built in 1748 to secure Granada’s gunpowder supply from invading pirates.
www.moon.com /planner/nicaragua/mustsees/antiguoconvento.html   (308 words)

 Birth to Missionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Serra teaches the complete course of philosophy at the Convento de San Francisco, and among his students are Francisco Palóu and Juan Crespí, natives of Palma.
Dr. Serra is appointed catedratico de prima of the Duns Scotus Chair of Sacred Theology at Llullian University.
Dr. Serra is chosen by professors and benefactors to deliver the most prestigious sermon of the year, delivered at San Francisco Church in honor of the feast of Blessed Ramón Llull, patron of Mallorca.
www.catholic-church.org /serra-beth/serra-5.html   (640 words)

 Buenos Aires Travel Guide | Fodor's Online
Buenos Aires, the ninth-largest city in the world, is a sprawling metropolis rising from the Río de la Plata and stretching more than 200 square km (75 square mi) to the surrounding pampas, the fertile Argentine plains.
With more than one-third of the country's 39 million inhabitants living in or around Buenos Aires, the city is the political, economic, and cultural center of Argentina and the gateway to the rest of the country.
San Telmo and La Boca have a distinctly working-class Italian feel, in contrast to the stately aplomb of Plaza de Mayo and Avenida de Mayo.
fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=buenos_aires@38&...   (455 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on San Francisco Convent and Catacombs at Epinions.com
The Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas dates back to 1540 and it was a vital center of political and social power throughout its history.
I usually love classic baroque style churches and cathedrals, but the main church at San Francisco is, to my eyes, rather ugly.
The Convento de San Francisco is located in historic downtown Lima, two blocks from the Plaza Mayor.
www.epinions.com /content_183851716228   (2070 words)

 Tenerife information - Resorts - Garachico, Tenerife, Canary Islands, see Volcanic Rock pools,
The Castillo de San Miguel, a small sturdy fort, was built in the 16th century to guard the important harbour of Garachico from pirates.
The Castillo de San Miguel, fort survived the destructive lava flow.
Castillo de San Miguel is located on the sea front near Garachico's volcanic rock pools.
www.just-tenerife.com /resorts/garachico.htm   (615 words)

 Information Peru Travel Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
In the center of this plaza is located a fountain with the statue "Tuturutú" on the top, which is an important symbol of Arequipa.
Neo-renaissance style temple, designed by Andrés de Espinoza, built in ashlar, with Gothic vaults of brick, two stylized towers, in their interior there are jewels of great value such as the seat of the choir, the sacristy and a great organ.
In 1844 a fire destroyed all the ornamentation of its interior and in 1868 it suffered serious damages caused by an earthquake, then it was restored.
www.go2peru.com /webapp/ilatintravel/articulo.jsp?cod=199882   (906 words)

 Churches and Convents | Old Havana Web
In order to create a hospital for convalescents, once more the Bishop Diego Avelino de Compostela donated his own orchard in San Diego and a part of his wealth to be used, along with the alms collected for such a charitable deed, on the construction of this convent, finished in 1718.
The Iglesia de la Catedral (Cathedral Church) is the result of a turbulent long historical process that started on the first half of the 17th century.
Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula (Saint Francis of Paula Church)
www.oldhavanaweb.com /categories/churches_and_convents   (706 words)

 Casa San Francisco
Casa San Francisco is located adjacent to the historic Convento San Francisco with its captivating anthropological museum.
Casa San Francisco's owners are no strangers to life in foreign countries.
Throughout their lives, they have enjoyed absorbing different foreign customs and have developed the cultural sensitivity which has made Casa San Francisco a comfortable haven for all its guests - no matter what their origin.
www.csf-hotel-granada.com /area.html   (222 words)

 Old Havana Web | The ultimate guide to Old Havana, Cuba
The area where the Plaza de la Catedral is located used to be, according to 17th century records, a marshland renewed each year during the rainy season.
At the place where the plaza was created, and due to its surface’s properties, the waters became stagnant, so that the place was known at the beginning as Plaza de la Ciénaga (Swamp Square).
Compostela street, named in honor to the Bishop Diego Evelino de Compostela, has its beginning at the foot of the atrium of the Santo Angel Custodio Church, a splendid construction crowed by beautiful Gothic domes.
www.oldhavanaweb.com /node?from=80   (450 words)

 Monterey County Historical Society, Local History Pages--Father Junipero Serra   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
At age 16 he enrolled as a novice at the Convento de Jesús at Palma, and subsequently studied philosophy and theology at the Convento de San Francisco.
In 1758, Serra was recalled to the College of San Fernando, where he remained until 1767, although during these years he visited, sometimes for extended periods, missions in Mexico City, the Rio Verde area, Puebla, Oaxaca, Huasteca and elsewhere.
The various parts of the expedition had all arrived at San Diego by July 1, 1769, and shortly afterward the land party headed north in search of Vizcaíno's fabled port of Monterey.
www.mchsmuseum.com /serra.html   (530 words)

 Leyendas de Morelia: El callejon del muerto
This was located in the southern part of the ruins of the San Francisco convent.
It was constructed with a ribbed vault and a magnificent Roman door crowned with the order's shield: the Holy Cross overlaying the world, the two wounded hands crossed over the middle of the Cross with the five stigmata.
The governing authorities under command of the Viceroy had remanded several Spanish and Creole prisoners to the Convent of San Francisco, rightfully suspecting their involvement in the insurrection against the King.
www.ccu.umich.mx /cultura/leyendas/pagina-7-ingles.html   (1572 words)

 Attractions in Pachuca Mexico   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Showing a Victorian style and comprising beautiful stained glass windows, the house enhances the beauty of the urban scenery of the City since 1880, when it was the residence of Francisco Rule, a man whose wealth was due to the mining activity.
It was erected between the years of 1596 and 1660, under the surveillance of Fray Francisco de Torantos.
Above all, we can point out the pictures of Emiliano Zapata and Francisco "Pancho" Villa, to mention only two of the portrayed characters, besides the takes that depict scenes from the Mexican Revolution, elementary to comprehend the history of a Nation.
www.enjoymexico.net /pachuca-attractions-mexico.php   (1070 words)

 Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco | Museum/Attraction Review | Cusco | Frommers.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
It is best known for its collection of colonial art works, including paintings by Marcos Zapata and Diego Quispe Tito, both of considerable local renown.
A monumental canvas (12 by 9m/39 by 30 ft.) that details the genealogy of the Franciscan family (almost 700 individuals) is by Juan Espinoza de los Monteros.
The Franciscans also decorated the convent with ceiling frescoes and a number of morbid displays of skulls and bones.
www.frommers.com /destinations/cusco/A31088.html   (215 words)

 Havana Travel Guide | Fodor's Online
Graham Greene and Ernest Hemingway drank deeply of it and were inspired; Ava Gardner and Winston Churchill -- to name a few -- also imbibed and were enchanted.
One of the oldest cities in the Americas, Havana was founded on Cuba's southern coast as San Cristóbal de la Habana in 1514.
In 1519 it was moved to its present northwestern location, where a natural harbor, one of the Caribbean's best, made it an ideal maritime hub.
fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=havana@170&...   (872 words)

 XIII FMVL 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Proof of the relevance of this convent and church in the island's history is that its most prominent citizens and their wives chose to be buried there.
And indeed, the San Francisco Convent houses the tombs of the island's most outstanding historical figures, such as Agustín Herrero Rojas.
This building will soon be the home of Lanzarote's Museum of Religious Art.
www.musicavisual.com /2002/esp3ing.htm   (211 words)

 Penitenciaria de Lima, Convento de San Francisco. / Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe, 1821-1886 / 1865
Short Title: Penitenciaria de Lima, Convento de San Francisco.
Vista del Primer Claustro del Convento de San Francisco.
Paris, Libreria de Augusto Durand, Calle de Gres-Sorbonne, 7.
www.davidrumsey.com /maps2817.html   (503 words)

 News & Views
Participates with his work The centre and the periphery in the Cuban soap opera Salir de Noche His work Brilliant Intimidation is included in the interior design of the Cesarco Fernandez school,
His works have illustrated and have been referred to in numerous magazines and books in various countries of the world, and have participated in fairs, events and auctions in international places, important to the art world.
The written press, television and radio media have followed the development of his work with frequent interviews, and news reports on his artistic labour.
www.artnexus.com /NewsDetail/9745   (2356 words)

 World Tourist Attraction Index
Ex Convento de San Francisco Tepeapulco, Hidalgo, Mexico
Ex Convento de San Francisco Tecali, Puebla, Mexico
Ex Convento de San Mateo Atlatlahuacan, Morelos, Mexico
www.planetware.com /index/489.htm   (209 words)

 CONVENTO DE SAN FRANCISCO Spain | Self Catering Breaks
A 3 star hotel, the Convento De San Francisco Hotel, provides guests with large and modernly appointed rooms, all well-equipped with all modern amenities.
Centrally located, well-facilitated, the hotel makes an ideal stay for any leisure traveller.
Centrally located in the touristic resort of Vejer de la Frontera.
www.self-catering-breaks.com /Properties/Prop13572.htm   (101 words)

El Ex-Convento De San Francisco En Pachuca: El Pozo
El Ex-Convento De San Francisco En Pachuca: El Patio
El Ex-Convento De San Francisco En Pachuca: Los Muros
www.allegro-music.com /online_catalog.asp?sku_tag=URT341   (92 words)

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