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Topic: Conversion to Judaism

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  Reform conversion to Judaism | www.somethingjewish.co.uk
According to rabbinic interpretation, the "persons they had acquired" represented the first converts to Judaism and all converts, when they acquire their Hebrew name, are known as ben (son of) or bat (daughter of) Abraham.
In the Talmudic period several well-known rabbis and scholars were themselves converts, or descended from converts, and there have also been interesting examples of group conversion to Judaism, most notably the entire kingdom of the Khazars in the eighth century.
Conversion certainly diminished during the Middle Ages but this seems to have arisen largely because Jews were forbidden on pain of death to convert Christians to Judaism, rather than any essential change in the Jewish attitude.
www.somethingjewish.co.uk /articles/320_reform_conversion_to.htm   (1058 words)

 Interfaith Los Angeles - Conversion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Judaism has a long history of accepting converts; as we are reminded, the founders of Judaism: Abraham and Sarah were both converts themselves.
Judaism is not a religion that is solely focused on its own people`s death and destruction but rather on the miracle of our survival and the importance of "Tikkun Olam" (repairing the world of its flaws).
Conversion is a personal matter, and individuals should decide for themselves whether or not a ceremony announcing their experience is appropriate.
www.interfaithla.org /Conversion.htm   (2980 words)

 Wikinfo | Religious conversion
Ritual immersion in a small pool of water known as a mikvah is required, and the convert takes a new Jewish name and is considered to be a son or daughter (in spirit) of the biblical patriarch Abraham, and a male is called up in that way to the Torah.
The Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism movements are lenient in their acceptance of converts.
As late as the 6th century the rump Roman empire (ie Byzantium) was issuing decrees against conversion to Judaism, implying that conversion to Judaism was still occurring.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Religious_conversion   (1627 words)

 Basic Judaism
Judaism is the religion and culture of the Jewish People and the first recorded monotheistic faith.
Judaism believes that God created the world for the purpose of having people upon whom to bestow kindness.
Rabbinic Judaism holds that the Torah is the same one that was given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai.
www.basicjudaism.org   (1416 words)

 [No title]
However, the official position of the Conservative movement is that Reform conversions can be accepted by all Conservative rabbis as long as they include the halachic requirements of milah and t'vilah and a course of study.
Conservative Judaism teachs that we should assume that the convert was judged as sincere and knowledgeable by competent witnesses.
Conversion to Judaism Resource Center, an inter-denominational effort to welcome and educate people who choose to convert to Judaism, or for those who are just curious about the concept.
www.seedwiki.com /wiki/conj/conversion?wpid=270638   (760 words)

 Conversion to Judaism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Conversion to Judaism (Hebrew גיור, giur, "conversion") is the religious conversion of a previously non-Jewish person to the Jewish religion.
The procedure for conversion depends on the sponsoring denomination, and hinges on meeting the ritual and substantive requirements for such conversion.
Once undergone, a religious conversion to Judaism is irreversible (from a Jewish perspective), unless there are convincing grounds to believe that the convert was insincere or deceptive during the conversion process.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Conversion_to_Judaism   (2909 words)

 Conversion to Judaism | Ohel Sarah Imenu | Who Was Sarah Imenu
Conversion to Judaism is not always viewed favorably in all Jewish communities.
A universally-accepted conversion to Judaism requires a specially-trained beis din with expertise in the laws of conversion to Judaism.
Conversion to Judaism is done exclusively by the beis din at the discretion of the rabbis.
www.ohelsarahimenu.org   (779 words)

 Cult Movies: Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook - $35.00   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
- Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook - $35.00
Conversion to Judaism provides information, advice, and support for individuals contemplating conversion to Judaism, as wеll as those who have converted and thе families affected by this decision.
For the numbers of those who are potential candidates for conversion has increased.Also given thе demographic crisis the Jewish people is presently facing a number of important figures, including Epstein himself are calling for thе changing of general policy on Conversion in order to facilitate the рrосеss.
www.cultmoviesstore.com /tvr31353638323131323837.html   (626 words)

 Judaism 101: Jewish Attitudes Toward Non-Jews
Judaism maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come.
Judaism generally recognizes that Christians and Moslems worship the same G-d that we do and those who follow the tenets of their religions can be considered righteous in the eyes of G-d.
The more liberal branches of Judaism have tried to embrace intermarried couples, hoping to slow the hemmorhaging from our community, but it is questionable how effective this has been in stemming the tide, given the statistics that intermarried couples are unlikely to have any Jewish involvement or to raise their children Jewish.
www.jewfaq.org /gentiles.htm   (2179 words)

 Conversion to Judaism
Conversion is just the start of a process; like a wedding day between you and Am Yisrael (The Jewish People).
The conversion itself consists of acceptance of this commitment before a properly constituted Bet Din (Jewish Legal Court) and immersion in a mikvah (Ritual Bath).
Most Reform conversion programs make this limitation clear to prospective converts, but I have met several people who were not told this up front and, as you can imagine, were very hurt to learn this later.
members.aol.com /judaism/ask/archives/qg001.htm   (684 words)

 Becoming Jewish: Converting according to Jewish Law
Judaism demands ongoing and constant study of Torah and all aspects of Judaism.
One can be found in the files section of the Orthodox Conversion to Judaism Yahoo list, which is an online support group for Orthodox-Jewish converts and for those seeking to convert to Orthodox Judaism.
The theology and philosophy of Judaism is equally as important as the fulfillment of the Commandments.
www.beingjewish.com /conversion/becomingjewish.html   (3505 words)

 AllFaith.com: Religious Studies: Judaism: US Hinterland Jews
In fact, converts to Reform Judaism are required to make six public statements of intent, including a pledge to establish a Jewish home, raise Jewish children, and participate actively in the life of their synagogue and Jewish community.
Linda Emery says she was most attracted to Judaism's concepts of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and "deed before creed," the traditional exhortation to perform mitzvot even if you're not sure why, on the grounds that faith, even understanding, may follow.
At least half of the converts interviewed for this article say that they had been thinking about Judaism for a long time but that it was the ad for Taste in their local newspaper that gave them the push to set foot in a synagogue.
www.allfaith.com /Religions/Judaism/hinterlands.html   (4177 words)

 Conversion Today Judaism - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
I wish it were otherwise; nevertheless, unless Judaism radically alters its value system--a proposal I do not in the least endorse--I do not believe that widespread conversion to Judaism is likely.
Judaism is, to be sure, a universal religion but it is a universal religion lived through a particular people.
There's the rub; those singles willing to examine Judaism as a meaningful option rarely figure that identification with the Jewish people is essential; those interested in conversion whose view of Judaism does include the concept of Am Yisrael are frequently at a loss as to how to build their own serious connection with the people.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0411/is_3_48/ai_64507448   (920 words)

 Friends of Judaism
It is also perhaps a reflection of the viewpoint in Judaism that the Jewish faith is a religion for Jewish people but not a required by God for all people to follow.
Christians may be interested in the Jesus for Judaism resource group which offers a Christian viewpoint supportive of conversion to Judaism.
However, within Judaism, it is generally understood that a person is either born Jewish (their mother or both parents are Jewish) or they have completed a lengthy and formal conversion process that has been overseen and accepted by agreed upon Jewish standards.
www.resourcesforlife.com /groups/friendsofjudaism/index.htm   (1043 words)

 Conversion To Christian Judaism
The Messianic Judaism of Jesus came into existence at a time in the history of Israel when the prophecy of Daniel concerning the seventy weeks was realized to be unfolding and the temple cult and hierarchy was giving it no spiritual significance.
Conversion to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus is not accomplished by a ritual, mental acceptance, or joining a church.
Messianic Judaism conquered even yet another attempt to destroy the Israel of God by others plotting to corrupt and alter the doctrines and teachings of Christ which he ordained to be preached to all the world.
jesus-messiah.com /conversion/convert.html   (5068 words)

 Conversion to Judaism - Jewish Business - Synagogues Colorado and surrounding states
That is because Judaism teaches that the righteous of all nations and peoples have a share in the World To Come.
Before this question can be answered, you need to answer the basic question is Judaism for me and what does conversion to Judaism mean.
Ask your Rabbi doing the conversion, in future if my brother or sister or other family members are getting married can I enter the church and be a part of the ceremony.
www.milechai.org /conversion-to-judaism.html   (1309 words)

 About the Center for Conversion to Judaism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Center for Conversion to Judaism is an institute which offers a variety of programs and courses to introduce both Jews and non-Jews to Jewish learning and living.
Should students then desire conversion, they are expected to incorporate Jewish religious practices into their way of life accept the Jewish belief and value system and identify with the Jewish people.
A conversion in accordance with Jewish law is arranged when the candidate, the sponsoring rabbi and the mentor feel that an appropriate state of Jewish growth and commitment has been attained.
www.jewishconversion.com /Aboutcenter.htm   (333 words)

 clickonJudaism: FAQs
Conversion to Judaism is a process of cognitive and affective development -- that is, learning what it means and how to be Jewish and then experiencing and internalizing what has been learned.
While a conversion ceremony is transforming in several ways it is also a statement that the celebrant has become Jewish and is ready to declare his/her Jewish identity and commitment.
However, since Judaism was recognized by both of these daughter religions as the prior, incomplete, revelation of God, they decided to permit an active Jewish presence in their midst.
www.clickonjudaism.org /pages/FAQ_choosing.html   (1714 words)

 Religious conversion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
No formal conversion procedure is given in the text; modern critical historians generally hold giur, in its modern sense, to be an innovation of a later period.
One such group, Conversion Exodus, was founded to assist persons who experienced serious social and psychological difficulties as a result of excessive obstacles placed in the way of their conversion as well as practices which they deem to be unethical or emotionally abusive.
Of course, conversion to Judaism also entails a declaration of faith, and, in Christian churches, conversion also has a social component, as the individual is in many ways adopted into the Church, with a strong family model.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Religious_conversion   (4633 words)

 Conversion to Judaism  - Mile Chai Jewish Books and Judaica
Lovesong is the moving account of a life and spiritual odyssey, of a major writer's path from his boyhood as the son of a fl Methodist minister in the South to his conversion to Judaism.
This is the story of Julius Lester's life as he wrestles with the hard and often painful issues faced by so many people: coming to terms with his father; his own identity; marriage and divorce and single parenthood.
Lovesong is equally a powerful picture of Lester's spiritual struggles, in which he poignantly portrays his early encounters with faith in the figure of his father, his earliest recollections of the pull of Judaism, the South before the Civil Rights Movement, the impact of that movement, and his eventual conversion to Judaism.
www.milechai.com /jewish-book/conversion-to-judaism.html   (165 words)

Although there is no legal requirement mandating that a male convert to Judaism adopt the Hebrew name of Abraham or that female converts use Ruth or Sarah as a first name, there is a longstanding tradition to this effect.
First, the Bible (Genesis 17:5) speaks of Abraham as being "the father of a multitute of nations," and since proselytes come from diverse peoples and backgrounds, it is appropriate that they be called the sons and daughters of Abraham.
Female converts to Judaism also take the name of Ruth because the Ruth of the Bible is regarded as the epitome of loyalty to Judaism, although she was not a convert in the formal sense, not having undergone immersion in a ritul bath (mikva).
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Judaism/Conversion.html   (944 words)

This is a process that, will take the better part of a year before you even go through the conversion process.
In order to even get to the conversion ceremony, you will have to go through intense study, and you'll have to explore all aspects of who you are.
The rituals will gain you acceptance into the Jewish community, however, the work of creating a Jewish life for yourself takes a lifetime, even if you were born a Jew.
members.aol.com /just1crzyju/Conversion.htm   (326 words)

 Judaism - headings
The ultimate aim of the journal is to promote the reconceptualization of the study of Judaism, by acknowledging and incorporating the roles played by women, and by encouraging the development of alternative research paradigms.
After their conversion, the Khazar people used Jewish personal names, spoke and wrote in Hebrew, were circumcised, had synagogues and rabbis, studied the Torah and Talmud, and observed Hanukkah, Pesach, and the Sabbath.
The UJCL strives to preserve the continuity of Judaism in the region and to give a voice to all the small liberal communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu /Internet/judaism.htm   (3805 words)

 Soc Culture Jewish Intermarriage and Conversion Reading List: Conversion
Discusses conversion, including a historical summary and descriptions of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform views and procedures.
Contains a section on the experiences of (halachic) converts, in their own words, then an examination of the laws of conversion, then an examination of after the conversion--dealing with Jews, with one's family, holidays, etc. Finally, a section on basic Jewish practice and belief.
Ordained to Be a Jew: A Catholic Priest's Conversion to Judaism.
www.shamash.org /lists/scj-faq/HTML/rl/int-conversion.html   (650 words)

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