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Topic: Copenhagen criteria

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Cyprus :: EP president urges Turkey to observe Copenhagen criteria
Cyprus EP president urges Turkey to observe Copenhagen criteria
EP president urges Turkey to observe Copenhagen criteria
Visiting European Parliament President Jose Borrell on Tuesday urged Turkey to open its ports and airports to Cypriot ships and aircraft and to honor and observe the Copenhagen criteria in the framework of its negotiations for its European Union accession.
www.cyprus-forum.com /viewtopic.php?p=112477   (366 words)

  Copenhagen criteria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The criteria require that a state have the institutions to preserve democratic governance and human rights, a functioning market economy, and that the state accept the obligations and intent of the EU.
These membership criteria were laid down at the June 1993 European Council in Copenhagen, Denmark, from which they take their name.
The declaration of the June 1993 European Council in Copenhagen, i.e.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Copenhagen_criteria   (1744 words)

 Tutor2u Discussion Forum - copenhagen agreement and convergence criteria.
The Copenhagen agreement is the the criteria for candidate countries who wish to join the EU (European Union), they have to fulfill this before they can join.
The convergence criteria, i think, is referring to the Maastricht criteria, which is the convergence criteria for joining the EMU (European Monetary Union).
The principle associated with the Copenhagen Criteria is known as "conditionality".
www.tutor2u.net /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=18261𨠌   (449 words)

 Accession Criteria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
The Copenhagen Criteria determine which countries are eligable for begining the accession negotiations for EU integration.
An applicant country cannot open accession negotiations until it fulfills the Copenhagen Criteria.
All 13 applicant countries meet the Copenhagen political criteria with the exception of Turkey.
www.mtholyoke.edu /~vshristo/criteria.htm   (104 words)

 Address by Gunter Verheugen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
As you know, on 13 October the European Commission proposed to open negotiations with all candidate countries which met the Copenhagen political criteria and had proved ready to take the necessary measures to comply with the economic criteria.
The abolition of the death penalty and the establishment of a Framework Programme on the Roma are important steps.
But to meet the Copenhagen criteria fully, reform efforts need to be sustained: privatization must be completed, financial discipline in the enterprise sector (e.g.
www.bild.net /verheugen.htm   (1648 words)

While having full regard to all Copenhagen criteria, including the absorption capacity of the Union, if Turkey is not in a position to assume in full all the obligations of membership it must be ensured that Turkey is fully anchored in the European structures through the strongest possible bond.
In accordance with the conclusions of the Copenhagen European Council in 1993, the Union's capacity to absorb Turkey, while maintaining the momentum of European integration is an important consideration in the general interest of both the Union and Turkey.
Negotiations are opened on the basis that Turkey sufficiently meets the political criteria set by the Copenhagen European Council in 1993, for the most part later enshrined in Article 6(1) of the Treaty on European Union and proclaimed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
www.hurriyetusa.com /haber/yazdir.asp?id=6383   (2185 words)

 Selcuk Gultasli, The Copenhagen Summit: A New Era or Another "Déjà Vu" for Turkey?
Bahçeli was against EU reforms as he saw Copenhagen criteria as a tool detrimental to the "indivisibility of the Turkish state".
The Report indicated that despite the "great leap forward" by Turkey to meet the Copenhagen criteria, she was far away from the target and thus did not deserve the date to start accession talks.
From November 8 until the Copenhagen summit, it was possible to see an article on Turkey in one or several of the major European papers on a daily basis.
www.alternativesjournal.net /volume1/number4/selcuk.htm   (5026 words)

 Daylife / Copenhagen
Copenhagen landmark doused with red paint during new round of clashes John McConnico / AP Vandals struck Copenhagen's famed Little Mermaid for the second time since March, covering the bronze statue in red paint amid another series of clashes with...
Copenhagen (IPA: [kəʊpənˈheɪgən] or [kəʊpənˈhɑˑgən]; Danish København (help·info) IPA: [købn̩ˈhaʊˀn]) is the capital of Denmark and the country's largest city (metropolitan population 1,211,542 (2006)).
Copenhagen is the seat of the national parliament, the government, and the monarchy.
www.daylife.com /topic/Copenhagen   (495 words)

 Turkey:Copenhagen criteria or Stockholm sydrome?
Unfortunately, these "rules" are null and void: the Copenhagen criteria are what is known in French an "auberge espagnole" - what you get out of it depends on what you put in.
As with the recognition of the Armenian genocide, neither the abolition of torture for instance, nor the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Cyprus are formally among the Copenhagen criteria which are vaguely worded as respect of the rule of law, human rights and the rights of minorities.
This is no longer a matter of Copenhagen criteria, this is rather a well-known psychological disorder: the Stockholm syndrome.
www.aztagdaily.com /EnglishSupplement/IP_10202006_0002.htm   (664 words)

 Report of Parliament
The Commission would be closely monitoring the situation with regard to freedom of religion under the framework of the Copenhagen criteria.
Mr Nicolaï recognised that this was "an open-ended process" and that Turkey "feared new criteria, further to the Copenhagen criteria being introduced".
A country is either a member of the European Union or it is not and he believed that a country seeking to join the European Union must clearly comply with all aspects of the Copenhagen criteria.
www.emu.edu.tr /modeleu/new_page_1.htm   (4387 words)

 Emeğin Partisi - EMEP - The Party of Labour
The Copenhagen criteria do not only mean respect for human rights, recognition of minority rights or the functioning of representative democratic institutions.
The Copenhagen criteria have another face and this is called market economy, neoliberalism and the imposing of the interests of western imperialist forces onto other countries in the name of "legislations".
These rules and criteria, which are explained in detail in EU's Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties, have also taken their places in the first article of the draft Constitution prepared by the Convention.
www.emep.org /docs/article/euandturkey.html   (2411 words)

 Strategy Paper and Report of the European Commission: The Copenhagen Criteria
In June 1993, the European Council at Copenhagen laid down the foundations of the current enlargement process by declaring that ``the associated countries in Central and Eastern Europe that so desire shall become members of the European Union'' and by defining the membership conditions, the so-called Copenhagen criteria.
These criteria are consistent with the principles for economic policies as enshrined in the EC Treaty by the Maastricht Treaty that entered into force on 1 November 1993.
In order to evaluate the extent to which candidates meet the political criteria, the Commission not only provides a description of their various institutions (Parliament, Executive, and Judiciary), but examines how the various rights and freedoms are exercised in practice.
www.fifoost.org /EU/strategy_en_2002/node7.php   (1091 words)

 Abdullah GÜL | Official Web Site
It was also decided at Copenhagen that the Accession Partnership for Turkey would be revised; the process of legislative scrutiny would be intensified; the Customs Union would be extended and deepened; and the Union’s pre-accession financial assistance for Turkey would be significantly increased and financed under the budget heading of “pre-accession assistance”.
For priorities other than the political criteria, it is important to plan the short-term activities so that they are completed within the period of 2003-2004 and the medium term activities by the end of 2005.
In light of the decision taken at the Copenhagen European Council, a more in-depth analysis will be conducted on Turkish legislation, draft laws and regulations in different sectors at the technical level in the period ahead in order to identify the differences that exist with respect to alignement with the Community Acquis.
www.abdullahgul.gen.tr /EN/news.asp?158   (3755 words)

 [No title]
Finally, economic Copenhagen criteria aim at evaluating both macroeconomic stability and sustainability as well as the structural transformation of transition economies in a medium-term perspective.
The Commission assessment of a country's capacity to join the EU is based exclusively on the Copenhagen criteria and not the Maastricht one.
The Copenhagen Council concluded that membership requires that a "candidate country has the ability to take on the obligations of membership, including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union".
www.ecu-activities.be /documents/publications/publication/1999_2/47_1.html   (3350 words)

 Tourist Copenhagen - Official tourist-site about CopenhagenTourist Copenhagen - Official tourist-site about ...
Copenhagen maintained its position in 2005 as one of the world's preferred international conference destinations.
This is why Copenhagen has been registered for different numbers of meetings and therefore has different placings in the statistics.
In addition to the conferences registered by the UIA and ICCA, Copenhagen is also host to numerous other conferences and conventions.
www.meetincopenhagen.com /professional/news/copenhagen_on_top_10   (397 words)

 European Affairs [A Publication of the European Institute]
Last time an EU summit meeting took place in Copenhagen, in 1993, the basis for future membership of the candidate countries was established by adoption of the so-called Copenhagen criteria - the economic and political requirements for EU entry.
Countries that fulfill the Copenhagen criteria should not have to wait for countries that need more time.
That would not be fair to candidate countries that have carried out difficult reforms to fulfill the Copenhagen criteria.
www.europeanaffairs.org /archive/2002_spring/2002_spring_14.php4   (1646 words)

 EIoP: Text 2004-010: Full Text
It is possible to predict that the Copenhagen criteria will continue playing an important role in the regulation of the future rounds of enlargement, including, of course, the one to accommodate Romania, Bulgaria and, probably, Croatia, which has recently been awarded a candidate country status.
The assessment of compliance of the candidate countries with the Copenhagen criteria is well documented, which allows the researchers to trace the implementation of this ‘strict scrutiny’ principle by the Commission in practice.
The Criteria addressed to the reforming candidate countries should definitely be understood in the light of the national concepts existing in the candidate countries and corresponding to the Rule of Law.
eiop.or.at /eiop/texte/2004-010.htm   (14077 words)

 7.4. Luxembourg European Council extracts from the Presidecny Conclusions13th December 1997   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Compliance with the Copenhagen political criteria is a prerequisite for the opening of any accession negotiations.
Economic criteria and the ability to fulfil the obligations arising from membership have been and must be assessed in a forward-looking, dynamic way.
Their conclusion and the subsequent accession of the different applicant States will depend on the extent to which each complies with the Copenhagen criteria and on the Union’s ability to assimilate new members.
www.kypros.org /CY-EU/eng/07_documents/document004.htm   (1201 words)

 European Union Enlargment
Guaranteeing the rule of law, human rights, and respect for and protection of minorities is fundamental to stable democratic institutions.
Nevertheless, a number of them still had to make progress in consolidating their democratic practices and in the protection of human rights and minorities.
By July 1999, with the introduction of a range of political reforms in Slovakia, that country was deemed to have met the political criteria for membership in the EU.
www.unc.edu /depts/europe/conferences/eu/Cfsp/enlarge5.htm   (504 words)

 Turkish Policy Quarterly
Therefore, decision to be taken in the Copenhagen Summit will be a milestone for the relations between Turkey and the EU The way ahead is to ensure alignment with the universal norms in the EU acquis and with practices in EU Member States, principally in the areas of democracy and human rights.
The same criteria means, Turkey has to fulfill, as all other candidate countries, the Copenhagen criteria.
The Copenhagen Summit will be a Lithmus Test for the Turkish candidacy, yet it will also test the courage, wisdom and farsightedness of the whole continent shaping the politics of the 21st century.
www.turkishpolicy.com /default.asp?show=articles_3_vural   (2104 words)

The workshop on the Copenhagen Criteria and NGOs, chaired by TESEV Director Özdem Sanberk, ended in agreement that civil society organisations should seek to play an expanded role in the accession process.
The workshop's final declaration emphasised that NGOs should be fully informed about all EU documents and criteria related to Turkey, and that NGOs working in the areas covered by the Copenhagen criterian should seek to improve their capacity by developing communications networks, and sharing information at the individual and regional levels.
It stressed that the contribution of NGOs working on the Copenhagen criteria should be taken into account in the preparation of the National Program for the Adoption of the Acquis.
www.tesev.org.tr /eng/events/tcsp_ss9.php   (508 words)

In 1993 in Copenhagen, all then-Member States agreed unanimously on the criteria that new states would have to meet to join.
The Copenhagen criteria went on to acknowledge that when a country joins the EU, that affects both the country itself and the existing members.
The important point I would like to stress from these criteria are the commitments to “political union” and to the continued “momentum of European integration.” Of course these commitments apply to existing members as well as to new ones.
www.eurunion.org /welcome/AmbassadorsCorner/AmbWklyMess/2005/20050613jbwklymessage.htm   (591 words)

 The Copenhagen criteria - What are they? - Turkish Daily News Jun 28, 2000
Some of us see the Copenhagen criteria as something that is being imposed on us with the aim of dividing Turkey by creating minority groups.
These are basic universal criteria which any country which wants a civilized and modern way of life has to adopt.
The Copenhagen criteria make up a document consisting of five or six paragraphs, a document which states the general principles without going into details.
www.turkishdailynews.com.tr /archives.php?id=18124   (836 words)

 Copenhagen Hotels - Online Copenhagen Hotel Reservations
Copenhagen, the capital and largest city of Denmark.
About a fourth of all Danes live in the Copenhagen area, and almost half of the country's manufacturing industries are located there.
Copenhagen is a great city to visit and many travellers enjoy the great hospitality only the friendly danes can offer.
www.copenhagen-hotel.demon.co.uk   (267 words)

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