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Topic: Copy protection

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Software Protection, Copy Protection with SDProtector Software Copy Protection System!
SDProtector is a powerful tool offering both software developers and distributors a protection of software products against unauthorized copying, use and distribution.
SDProtector software protection system was designed with ease of use and high speed as a priority without sacrificing high levels of protection.
In addition, it uses RSA 1024 algorithm, new anti-debug tricks, active protection against memory dumping and tracers.
www.sdprotector.com   (196 words)

  Copy protection - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Copy protection is an intiative by the entertainment industry to protect all copyrighted work from being illegally reproduced, sold, distributed, altered, misread, misheard, or thrown away.
Early attempts at copy protection have resulted in many brutal and unnecessary deaths, but recent attempts at copy protection have resulted in little more than the destruction of personal property, physical harm, or jail time.
Copy protection has been in use ever since the days of the Roman Empire.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Copy_protection   (983 words)

  Halfbakery: copy protection dongle
Copy protection systems normally rely on software which runs on hardware under the user's control and are therefore pretty well doomed to be cracked in a matter of time; obfuscation can only delay the inevitable.
More protection is possible if the software and the CPU that runs it are physically protected, but that means shipping a computer along with the software to be protected, which is really expensive (you'd like to sell a game for $40 but the computer needed to run it costs $2000).
Copy protection crackers are foiled because they only have direct access to a mishmash of inner loop code with none of the overall control logic.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/copy_20protection_20dongle   (2479 words)

 Copy Protection Robs The Future
Copy protection will break the chain of formal and informal archivists who are necessary to the long-term preservation of creative works.
Copy protection, like poor environment and chemical instability before it for books and works of art, looks to be a major impediment to preserving our cultural heritage.
Copy protection is arising as a "simple fix" to preserve business models based upon the physical properties of old media and distribution.
www.bricklin.com /robfuture.htm   (1939 words)

 Copy Protection stabilizer Macrovision remover descrambler filter remover Enhancer Eliminator Picture Stabilizer Video ...
Copy Protection stabilizer Macrovision remover descrambler filter remover Enhancer Eliminator Picture Stabilizer Video Stabilizer copy protection eliminator copy enhancer Sima CT-2, Sima CT-200, Sima GoDVD, ATX-500, ATX500, AT-500 SEDCT2, Archiver, Videographer, Videographer SE, DP 1000, Copy DVD to DVD or VHS to DVD, copy protection filter, copy protection remover.
This product is used to eliminate copy protection allowing you to record any source of media into a DVD recorder or a VHS recorder.
The DP-5000 is an advanced backup tool defined as "Copy Protection Remover and Eliminator and also a Copy Enhancer".
www.regioncodefreedvd.com /copyeliminator.html   (1363 words)

 Copy Protection
Copy protection is a technical protection measure designed to prevent duplication of copyrighted works.
Copy protection is often hotly debated, and is sometimes thought to infringe on customers's property rights: for example, the right to make a backup copy of a videotape they have purchased, or to install and use computer software on multiple computers.
Some modern forms of copy protection are invisible to the end-user, such as CD subchannel data or other protection mechanisms such as SafeDisc which only become apparent once an attempt to copy is made.
www.hacking.teleactivities.net /cracking/copy_protection.html   (1325 words)

 Copy Protection
Copy protection comes in many forms, and is an attempt by manufacturers to limit the use of their software to people who actually buy it.
A more severe form of copy protection uses a key disk, which is a floppy disk that cannot be copied and is needed to install the program.
A recent protection trend requires you to phone or email the manufacturer when the program is installed; they give you a special code number to enter, which is needed to install.
www.ethanwiner.com /copyprot.html   (2076 words)

 What is copy protection? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
As enticing an idea as it may be, copy protection has not proved to be a viable strategy.
For one, it is practically impossible to create software that cannot be copied by a knowledgeable programmer.
Thus, if their original copy of the software is damaged, the user must contact the manufacturer for a new copy.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/C/copy_protection.html   (415 words)

 Introduction to copy protection
Copy protection in the old days was merely a technique for stopping diskette copying.
In other instances, pure data files need to be protected, but this requires a somewhat different technique: the data itself is encrypted, while the text retrieval utiltiy, the executable, is copy protected.
All copy protection schemes are alike in that they must have these three parts in order to work.
www.linkdata.com /introduc.htm   (3274 words)

 Software Copy Protection
On the contrary: the price of software copy protection is negligible compared to the losses incurred by developers through the pirating of their software.
However, the aim of software copy protection is to provide protection for a reasonable period of time.
This new version should be protected again, with a protection system that was also improved in parallel, thus assuring a long and profitable sales life for the protected application.
www.aladdin.com /hasp/fivemyths.asp   (532 words)

 Introduction To The SoftwareShield System
Copy protection is a critically important subject for software developers today.
This means that once your client purchases the software from you, the code to release copy protection that you provide them (as with other FingerPrinted codes) which works on their system, will not work on any other system.
Regardless of which method you choose, or at what level you choose to protect your software, the flexible and powerful nature of our system makes it easy to implement a solution that is perfectly suited to your needs and required level of protection.
www.softwareshield.com /Introduction/copy-protection.htm   (511 words)

 G4 - Feature - Is Universal Music's Copy Protection a Joke?
The first disc released with Midbar's protection was "More Fast and Furious: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture 'The Fast and the Furious.'" According to stories posted online, Universal plans to copy protect its entire lineup of CDs.
The announcement that Universal will copy protect its CDs -- ostensibly to prevent users from ripping MP3s for trade online -- came the day before the launch of pressplay, Universal's (and Sony's) subscription outlet for digital audio.
With a purchased copy of the "More Music" CD, I discovered that it is possible to copy the disc and burn MP3s from it using software freely available for download online.
www.g4tv.com /techtvvault/features/19233/Is_Universal_Musics_Copy_Protection_a_Joke.html   (633 words)

 The cranky user: And in this corner: Copy protection versus usability
Copy protection, and programs to try to defeat it, have been with us since the days of the Commodore 64.
According to sources, if you got a cracked copy of the game (for you grand-pa and -ma developers, that means the copy-protection scheme had been defeated), it would run fine on any Amiga -- it was the copy protection itself, not the game, which was incompatible.
Another popular tool for copy protection is a hardware device which must be present to use a given program, called a dongle.
www-106.ibm.com /developerworks/web/library/wa-cranky29.html   (1869 words)

 Az-Tech's Everlock BBI's StopCopy Copy Protection with autoloader   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Copy protection is a more rigid method of combating illegal copying.
Copy protection can be achieved in a number of ways.
Another method is to purchase a disk containing a copy protection signature- a set of special characters- and use it to make your master disks.
www.copypro.com /newwebsite/Diskette/hprt.htm   (168 words)

 DVD Copy Protection
CPSA (content protection system architecture) is the name given to the overall framework for security and access control across the entire DVD family.
In order to provide digital connections between components without allowing perfect digital copies, five digital copy protection systems were proposed to the CEA.
These copy protection schemes are designed only to guard against casual copying (which the studios claim causes billions of dollars in lost revenue).
www.edocpublish.com /dvd-copy-protection.htm   (2331 words)

 Copy Protection Association Proposed
Developers of Copy Protection Technologies have observed that some of the negative publicity relating to copy protection is unfounded and untrue.
An example was that there was a tale that copy protected discs could destroy the ROM of certain Apple computers, and while it is true that in some cases the computer may need to be restarted, there is no recorded instance of ROM damage.
The association would also be able to set standards to describe the different levels of copy protection, in some cases share technical information, and have a forum to discuss legal and ethical issues.
www.copycontrol.org /cc/ccpr01.htm   (931 words)

 Copy Protection
The six major copy protection schemes are serial number/ authorization code, hidden file placement during installation, original CD insertion during launch, authorization floppy disks, challenge/ response strings, and the dongle.
You could make copies of key disks, but you would have to damage the exact same sector, and then write a copy program that would make an exact image of the original but not fail the copy when encountering the bad sector.
One problem with ProTools and other DAW systems with copy protected plug-ins is that if you send a ProTools file to someone else, they have to own the same plug-ins that you own, or the session will not play back the same way.
www.rogernichols.com /EQ/EQ_2001_05.html   (1862 words)

 TechBlog: Updated: Copy protection crippling TiVo
This copy protection may be applied to certain limited categories of programming (such as Pay Per View, Video On Demand, DVD or VHS sources) and requires TiVo to respond in a pre-defined manner.
Comments regarding the use of Macrovision copy protection should be directed to the copyright holder applying the copy protection.
The bottom line is that the cable and satellite companies have a cash cow in the form of PPV movies and sporting events and they will do everything in their power to protect this income, including various forms of copy protection and networking limitations.
blogs.chron.com /techblog/archives/2005/09/copy_protection.html   (1629 words)

 "Copy Protection" on the album Velvet Revolver: Contraband - Engadget
The disc has "Copy Protection" from SunnComn called MediaMax, which on some Windows systems will force the user to install software on their system in order to listen to the music and restrict what they do with the music, for example you cannot make MP3s.
This so called copy protection that record companies are trying to force on users is simply going to push people towards getting the files online without paying for them via file sharing networks, buying a non-Windows system and in general, buy less music.
I always wondered what could really be done in terms of actual copy protection, since you've got to be able to play the music on a cd player then the tracks have to be on there somewhere.
features.engadget.com /2004/06/28/copy-protection-on-the-album-velvet-revolver-contraband   (2930 words)

 Copy-protected Dion disk is Sony's first - 04 April 2002 - New Scientist   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 2001, BMG had to replace copies of CDs by Five and Natalie Imbruglia because they had no label to warn consumers that the Cactus system used to obstruct copying made the music play in very lo-fi on a PC.
But some copy software, like Clone CD, can still make a copy onto blank CD, as long as an 80-minute disk is used to record the 73 minutes of music.
Copies can also be made with an analogue connection from a consumer CD player to a PC sound card.
www.newscientist.com /article.ns?id=dn2127   (465 words)

 History of Copy Protection
The infamous Locksmith and the more recent COPY ][ are examples of such programs, called bit copiers or nibble copiers because they copy the data one bit or one nibble at a time, rather than one sector or one track at a time.
Those firms that continued to protect their disks were upset by the introduction of a hardware device developed by pirates and later marketed which allows the entire state of the computer to be frozen and remembered, down to the last status bit, and restored at will later.
When disks are copied, the two drives doing the copying are seldom running at the exact same speed, so the duplicate disk will contain tracks which are slightly longer (more nibbles) or shorter (fewer nibbles) than the original.
www.studio-nibble.com /countlegger/01/HistoryOfCopyProtection.html   (1811 words)

 Information Security Glossary - Copy Protection
It is not difficult for an organisation to purchase, say, one licensed copy of a program and then install it on, say, 6 separate machines.
Moral; a legal copy comes with an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) which states the terms upon which the software may be used.
One copy of the manual or code sheet will have been supplied with the software and the required input will change each time the program is started.
www.yourwindow.to /information-security/gl_copyprotection.htm   (375 words)

 New Audio CD Copy Protection May Already Be Cracked
The issue of consumers being allowed to make a single copy of a copyrighted work for private use also applies in the US, but it has been noted that while US legislation makes it legal to create such a copy, it does not require the copyright owner to make the copy possible.
The CD Freaks site also refers to other "more recent" copy protection schemes in which additional unreadable data tracks are placed between or after the audio data.
These are not "seen" by an audio CD player but they are by computer applications, which then fail trying to copy the faulty data tracks – a technique perhaps similar to the old floppy-disk-based copy protection schemes.
www.avrev.com /news/0701/24.safeaudio.shtml   (917 words)

 Professional CD Copy Protection Services from Davis Rubin Associates Ltd
SecuROM™ copy protection is a solution for publishers to protect their software on CD.
Combats copying and ripping attempts: key2audioXS™ is a comprehensive and sophisticated package with effective active copy control capabilities protecting against the threats of unauthorized copying and ripping, as well as any circumvention effort.
A protected CD still achieves a maximum recording time of 77 minutes and supports full ISRC, UPC and CD-Text capabilities.
www.davisrubin.com /cd-copy-protection.htm   (803 words)

 Microsoft Vista Content Protection - Inflating the Price of a Computer Near You at The Musings of Chris Samuel
Amusingly, the Vista content protection docs say that it’ll be left to graphics chip manufacturers to differentiate their product based on (deliberately degraded) video quality.
The only way to protect the HFS process therefore is to not release any technical details on the device beyond a minimum required for web site reviews and comparison with other products.
That logic is in the Vista protected kernel space and the premium contents credentials are inputs to its policy engine that will decide for you what happens.
www.csamuel.org /2006/12/24/microsoft-vista-content-protection-inflating-the-price-of-a-computer-near-you   (1551 words)

 Copy Protection using ShareGuard
This award winning program is for software developers and/or web authors who want to increase their revenues and protect their software investment.
This is simply the most versatile and the best copy protection available at this price anywhere in the world.
ShareGuard can be used as a wrapper for easy to use copy protection or as internal code in your application for more control over the copy protection.
www.zappersoftware.com /shareguard.html   (1643 words)

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