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Topic: Cornelius Boza Edwards

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In the News (Thu 19 Apr 18)

  Ringside Report "The Heart Of Boxing"
Boza was born in May 1956, and grew up in Uganda when it was under the rule of Idi Amin, one of the most bloodthirsty tyrants to ever plague the African continent.
Boza was able to leave Uganda and make his way to London, where he turned pro under the tutelage of veteran British Promoter-Manager Mickey Duff.
In their August 1981 fight, Boza was on top initially, but then sustained a bad cut, and apparently felt he had to finish the fight quickly.
ringsidereport.com /rsr/print.php?type=N&item_id=1199   (2146 words)

  Search Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Cornelius, Peter von Cornelius, Peter von, 1783-1867, German painter.
Edwards, Edward Edwards, Edward, 1812-86, English library pioneer.
Cornelius Cornelius, in the New Testament, centurion of an Italian cohort stationed at Caesarea, one of the first Gentile converts and traditionally first bishop of Caesarea.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Cornelius+Boza+Edwards   (425 words)

 Bobby Chacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In his first defense, he lost it by a decision to Uganda's Cornelius Boza Edwards, who, in turn, defended his title against Chacon on his first defense.
In between, he and Boza Edwards met for a second time, with his world title on the line, in what Ring Magazine called the fight of the year for 1983.
Chacon rose from a knockdown in round one and recovered from a dangerous cut to drop Boza Edwards in round twelve and avenge his earlier defeat to the Ugandan former champion.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bobby_Chacon   (956 words)

 Search Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Van Dyck, Cornelius Van Alen Van Dyck, Cornelius Van Alen, 1818-95, American missionary, b.
Edwards, Ninian Edwards, Ninian, 1775-1833, governor of Illinois, b.
Kapteyn, Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn, Jacobus Corneliusyäkō´bes kôrnā´lēes käptīn´, 1851-1922, Dutch astronomer.
www.encyclopedia.com /search.asp?target=Cornelius+Boza+Edwards&rc=10&fh=13&fr=11   (532 words)

 Title Bout Championship Boxing
Escalera is going to have to either assume a more defensive posture to protect his continually swelling right eye or go on an all-out offensive and try to end the fight before the eye closes completely.
Cornelius Boza-Edwards's corner is shouting at him to stay off the ropes.
Cornelius Boza-Edwards's vision has to be hampered by the ever-increasing swelling under his left eye.
umk.hostingzero.com /boxsim/results/GreatSFWTournament01/Day04/Alfredo_Escalera_vs_Cornelius_Boza-Edwards.html   (3027 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Edwards came to the attention of most fans when he fought Alexis Arguello in a non-title bout and did well enough in that fight to earn a title shot at Bazooka Limon.
The fight with Limon and the next fight with Bobby Chacon for Edwards newly won crown were classics.
These two wars took a lot out of Edwards however and he suffered a upset loss to Rolando Navarett in his very next defense.
members.tripod.com /~bxhof/bozaedwards.html   (210 words)

 Cornelius Boza Edwards - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Cornelius Boza Edwards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Cornelius Boza Edwards - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Cornelius Boza Edwards.
Here you will find more informations about Cornelius Boza Edwards.
Boza-Edwards also fought to, and lost against, other world champions such as Alexis Arguello by knockout in eight, Hector Camacho by decision in twelve, and Rocky Lockridge, by decision in ten.
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/Cornelius-Boza-Edwards.html   (248 words)

 Title Bout Championship Boxing
Cornelius Boza-Edwards reels backward from what appears to be a head butt!
Cornelius Boza-Edwards cuts loose with a combination and the crowd roars, but the truth is none of those punches landed.
Everett lands to the chest and neck of Cornelius Boza-Edwards.
umk.hostingzero.com /boxsim/results/GreatSFWTournament01/Day03/Cornelius_Boza-Edwards_vs_Tyrone_Everett.html   (1442 words)

 Corrales-Castillo Again | TheSweetScience.com Boxing
But Pacheco should have known that this was Bobby Chacon, who would rather take a sword through the eyeball than have a fight stopped due to a cut.
Chacon and Boza-Edwards first fought two years earlier, when Boza stopped the aging “Schoolboy” in the 13th round in what appeared to be Chacon’s swansong.
Boza was down three times, Chacon down once, and there was enough blood in between to make Pacheco panic.
www.thesweetscience.com /boxing-article/2711/corrales-castillo   (1642 words)

 Cornelius Boza Edwards - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Cornelius Boza Edwards - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This page was last modified 16:13, 16 Oct 2004.
This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about Cornelius Boza Edwards contains research on
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Cornelius_Boza_Edwards   (204 words)

 Cornelius Boza Edwards - Brightcove
May 21 from the album 'Sensuous' by Cornelius
Apr 10 from the album Sensuous by Cornelius on Everloving Records.
May 24 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards speaks in Montgomery.
www.brightcove.com /title.jsp?title=704328475&channel=246167424   (170 words)

 Is Wladimir Klitschko The Next One? - TheBioFile.com :: The Official Website of Scoop Malinowski
Afterwards, I was talking with former WBC Super Featherweight champion Cornelius Boza Edwards.
Boza was telling me about how, a couple of days earlier, Klitschko approached him to ask some technique questions, about how to properly turn over the fist on left hook power punches.
Boza Edwards expressed great pleasure in telling this story of Klitschko, about how he is a determined and serious student of the sport.
www.thebiofile.com /news/articles/1160159646.php   (2260 words)

 Cornelius Boza Edwards Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Cornelius Boza Edwards Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography
Looking For cornelius boza edwards - Find cornelius boza edwards and more at Lycos Search.
Find cornelius boza edwards - Your relevant result is a click away!
www.karr.net /encyclopedia/Cornelius_Boza_Edwards   (185 words)

 The Cyber Boxing Zone
Midway through the fight it appeared Boza Edwards was slightly ahead with his accuracy and volume of punches.
Although punchstat weren't used back then, boza edwards must've thrown 100 punches per round and it was impossible to get a breather when you fought him.
Boza edwards will not let him rest and must be landing 70% of his punches and Chacon is still there.Unfortunately for Bobby, his right hand counters are not having the effect they had earlier.
www.cyberboxingzone.com /boxing/box6-97.htm   (16030 words)

Hassan Wasswa was born in Kampala, Uganda, a place known for producing boxing talent.
Wasswa hails from the same neighborhood as John Mugabi, Ayub Kalule and Cornelius Boza Edwards so it is no surprise that he himself took on the sport at an early age...
KO Kenny Kost's (11-3, 6 KO's) talent and boxing skills have never been questioned.
www.minnesotaboxing.com   (1381 words)

 IBHOF / Bobby Chacon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Chacon defeated Olivares when he scored a 10-round win in their third match in 1977.
Now campaigning as a super featherweight, Chacon unsuccessfully challenged for the WBC belt against Alexis Arguello (TKO by 7) and Cornelius Boza-Edwards (TKO by 14) in 1979 and 1981 respectively.
However, the third title shot was the charm for Chacon as he scored a unanimous decision over champion Rafael "Bazooka" Limon on December 12, 1982.
www.ibhof.com /chacon.html   (261 words)

 Navarrete victim Edwards tells Morales to run - INQ7.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Cornelius Boza Edwards, knocked out by the “Bad Boy from Dadiangas” for the world junior lightweight boxing title in 1981, dropped by at the Wild Card Gym yesterday and left profuse with praises for Pacquiao.
He said the Pacquiao-Morales encounter should be very interesting but stressed the Filipino boxing hero would be very hard to contain.
Edwards, father to three daughters and running a boxing gym in Las Vegas, has a half-Filipina fighter, bantamweight Elena Reid, 16-1, whom he wanted to take to Manila.
news.inq7.net /sports/index.php?index=1&story_id=30357   (485 words)

 John Edwards (John Kerry's Vice Presidential Running Mate) News - U.S. Politics Today   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Bayh of Indiana and former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina, the 2004 vice presidential...
Voters elected Harold "Bubba" Edwards as mayor and re-elected Randall Wright to...
14, Al Paolillo of Ward 17, Alfreda Edwards of Ward 19 and Sergio Rodrigeuz of...
www.uspoliticstoday.com /news/JohnEdwardsKerryRunningMate   (1638 words)

 reviewjournal.com -- Sports: Boxer's mood swung wildly in final hours
On July 18, Cornelius Boza-Edwards saw how Rone earned the nickname.
The two were making the three-hour trek up Interstate 15 from Las Vegas to Cedar City, Utah, where Rone was to fight a rematch against Billy Zumbrun that night.
Edwards drove, not saying a word, while Rone barked orders into his cell phone.
www.reviewjournal.com /lvrj_home/2003/Jul-27-Sun-2003/sports/21819194.html   (1840 words)

 boxing-forum.co.uk :: View topic - Name this champion?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Cornelius beat Bobby Chacon in 1983 - same year that Marvin Hagler won the best fighter of the year award.
If you have never stored ship, emptying the contents of a jetty festooned with chacons on your arrival alongside you have'nt lived.
The guy who usually gets these questions right and normally adds a mass of associated info is Weaver and he has nautical connections so my clue would have helped him.
boxing-forum.co.uk /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1126   (1005 words)

 Women boxers in a ring of their own ... and the men behind them -- ULTIMATE WOMEN'S BOXING FORUM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
They will all be working the corners of women boxers on March 26 in Laughlin, Nevada.
Now he brings in Alicia Ashley, a 10-3 New York bantamweight to take on Elena Reid who hasn’t lost in 20 fights.
Staring at him in the opposite corner with Reid will be former world champion and respected trainer Cornelius Boza-Edwards.
www.voy.com /59609/5787.html   (457 words)

 Hector Camacho   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
However, the charges were later lifted and Camacho could resume his boxing career.
Camacho then retained his title vs former World Junior Lightweight champion Cornelius-Boza Edwards[?] in Miami on a unanimous decision before going up in weight again.
After a few fights there, he met former world lightweight champion Ray Boom Boom Mancini, who had a record of 29-3 with 23 knockouts, for the vacant WBO version of the world Junior Welterweight title.
www.termsdefined.net /he/hector-camacho.html   (1309 words)

 Sun.Star Cebu - Pacquiao is ‘phenomenal’
AFTER getting a firsthand account of Manny Pacquiao’s workouts at the Wild Card Gym, ex-WBC super-featherweight champ Cornelius Boza-Edwards echoed what many Filipinos already know: “Pacman” is one hell of a fighter.
He’s got that terrific handspeed of a southpaw,” he further said of Pacquiao, who is on the tail end of an intense two-month workout session under Roach before he takes on Mexican Erik Morales in a blockbuster superfight on March 19 (March 20 in RP) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
“He’s also a strong, sharp puncher, and definitely much, much quicker than Navarette,” said Edwards, who lost his WBC crown in 1981 after suffering a terrible beating at the hands of Navarette, who was an unknown fighter at the time.
www.sunstar.com.ph /static/ceb/2005/03/14/sports/pacquiao.is.phenomenal..html   (357 words)

 Archives: Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Appropriately, the boxing venue is being held in the Stockton Civic Auditorium.
It's there that the late great boxing aficionado Howard Cossell once called a championship bout in 1981 (Cornelius Boza Edwards vs. Rafael "Bazooka" Limon) before swearing off of the game forever (See: Larry Holmes vs. Randall "Tex" Cobb).
Boxing for the police and fire games began Monday with five novice bouts, with Will Johnston of the Long Beach Police Department stopping U.S. Marshall Steve Roncone in the first round of their 156-pound bout.
www.mantecabulletin.com /articles/2004/06/10/news/news6.txt   (381 words)

 Guilty of Hypocrisy, by Brian Kodi
But a study of amateur boxers by Johns Hopkins University shows that it might be proving effective against the punch drunk syndrome.
Bobby Chacon lands a right to the face of Cornelius Boza-Edwards during their WBC Junior Lightweight Title fight at Caesars Palace on May 30, 1981.
Boza-Edwards was stunned by the blow, but came back to win the title by KO in the 13th round.
bjj.org /editorials/970915-boxing   (1599 words)

 Articles - Héctor Camacho   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
However, the charges were later lifted and Camacho resumed his boxing career.
Camacho then retained his title vs former World Junior Lightweight champion Cornelius Boza Edwards in Miami on a unanimous decision before going up in weight again.
After a few fights there, he met former world lightweight champion " Ray Boom Boom Mancini", who had a record of 29-3 with 23 knockouts coming into this fight, for the vacant WBO version of the world Junior Welterweight title.
www.quickize.com /articles/Hector_Camacho   (1392 words)

Cornelius "Boza" Edwards L12 Hector Camacho- WBC Lightweight Title (1986)
Cornelius "Boza" Edwards W15 Rafael "Bazooka" Limon- WBC 130 Title (1981)
Cornelius "Boza" Edwards L12 Bobby Chacon II- WBC 130 Title (1983)
silversurfer91.homestead.com /DEF.html   (1041 words)

 Boxing News & Views - East Side Boxing
Albert Güßbacher (Nürnberg) told Universum Box-Promotion that Sturm is unable to fight and that his urgent elbow injury requires surgery.
There was only one fight in which the refs had to break clinches.
The cancellation of the biggest heavyweight fight of the year represents a complete disaster for boxing and the implications of the postponement are huge.
www.eastsideboxing.com /?p=2980&more=1   (3518 words)

 RingSideReport.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Despite controversy clouding his career including being caught “doing the wild thing” while driving and drug charges, it is important to remember that “The Macho Man” went 39-0 (17 knockouts) before he tasted defeat.
During that time he won two WBC titles at super featherweight and lightweight and had wins over the likes of Rafael Limon, Jose Luis Ramirez, Freddie Roach, Cornelius Boza Edwards, Ray Mancini, Vinnie Pazienza and Edwin Rosario, although the later was a hotly disputed decision.
His first defeat was at the hands of Greg Haugen, in a fight that he would lose by split decision.
www.ringsidereport.com /hector.htm   (634 words)

 Cornelius Items   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Mego Planet of the Apes Cornelius / Galen.
8 uf1 cornelius lever valves for postmix fountain
FIVE 5 Gallon Stainless Cornelius Tank Keg Beer Soda NR Cornelius 12" Sideshow Figure The Planet of the Apes
www.leapnext.com /cornelius.html   (192 words)

 Utah..........And All That Jazz | TheSweetScience.com Boxing
So he approached the people at Top Rank, the Las Vegas-based promotional organization controlled by Bob Arum, and asked if there was any place he could fight in a hurry.
In discussing the quality level of fights in the state, Weinsoft made the revelation that "when there is a question of a boxer's record to ask if certain boxers should fight", he contacts Cornelius Boza-Edwards.
Also, since it had been acknowledged in this meeting and others that Eddie "Flash" Newman, the promoter of the July 18 show, used Boza-Edwards and Top Rank to secure the fighters for his shows, one would be justified in bringing serious questions as to the judgment and wisdom of the Utah commission - and Mr.
www.thesweetscience.com /boxing-article/1508/utah-all-jazz   (8980 words)

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