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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Cornice - Venice International Art Fair
Cornice, from its very first year, is proving to be the most international art fair in Italy, with over 70% of the galleries coming from abroad.
Cornice is easily accessible by car, truck or boat, with ample parking nearby.
Il Venezia Calcio a Cornice in occasione della cena di gala del Gruppo Poletti...
www.corniceartfair.com   (223 words)

Cornices are the fatal attraction of the mountains, their beauty matched only by their danger.
Cornices are elegant, cantilevered snow structures formed by wind drifting snow onto the downwind side of an obstacle such as a ridgeline.
Cornices tend to become unstable during storms, especially with wind, or during times of rapid warming or prolonged melting.
www.avalanche.org /~uac/encyclopedia/cornice.htm   (663 words)

 cornice - Encyclopedia.com
cornice, molded or decorated projection that forms the crowning feature at the top of a building wall or other architectural element; specifically, the uppermost of the three principal members of the classic entablature, hence by extension any similar crowning and projecting element in the decorative arts.
The cornice undoubtedly had its origin in the primitive eave projection: the Greek Doric and lonic cornices recall early wooden roof forms, and the Egyptian cavetto-and-fillet cornice is a derivation of the overhanging papyrus stalks that formed the eaves of primitive shelters.
The cornice early lost its structural significance and became a stylized decorative element; in the Greek and Roman eras it assumed firmly standardized forms in the classical orders that were retained, with variations, through the Renaissance and later periods.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-cornice.html   (646 words)

 Cornice - LoveToKnow 1911
cornice), in architecture, the projection at the top of a wall, which is provided to throw off the rain water from the roof, beyond the face of the building.
As employed in classic architecture it forms the upper part of the entablature of an order, and is there subdivided into bed mould, corona and cymatium.
The term is also ger..erally applied to any moulding projection which crowns the feature to which it is attached; thus doors and windows, internally as well as externally, have each their cornice, and the same applies to pieces of furniture (see also Masonry).
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Cornice   (107 words)

 Cornice: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia.com Online Library
The cornice undoubtedly had its origin in the primitive eave projection: the Greek Doric and lonic cornices recall early wooden roof forms, and the Egyptian cavetto-and-fillet cornice is a derivation of the overhanging papyrus stalks that formed the eaves of primitive shelters.
The cornice early lost its structural significance and became a stylized decorative element; in the Greek and Roman eras it assumed firmly standardized forms in the classical orders that were retained, with variations, through the Renaissance and later periods.
As an element in the classical entablature the cornice is composed of the cymatium, or crown molding, above the corona, the projecting flat member, which casts the principal shadow; in this shadow, and supporting the corona, are a group of moldings called the bed molds, which may be elaborated with dentils.
www.questia.com /library/encyclopedia/cornice.jsp?l=C&p=8   (1750 words)

 Build a Window Cornice
The width should be equal to the measurement from outside window casing to outside window casing plus 4 1/2" for the width of the cleat and L bracket.
Using a carpenter's square, mark the width and height of the cornice on the brown paper.
Mount the cornice using 1" screws to attach the inside cleats to the L brackets on both sides.
www.lowes.com /lowes/lkn?action=howTo&p=Build/BuildCornice.html   (872 words)

Cornice can add the finishing touch that makes a room look complete and it requires no special skills to put up.
Take care to place the cornice the right way around and always double check that you are cutting the angle in the correct direction.
Depending on the type of cornice, you might also find it beneficial to put a couple of these nails in the ceiling as well to stop the cornice rolling forward.
www.diyfixit.co.uk /flash/building/Coving/cornice.htm   (1003 words)

 Cornice And Roof
The cornice occurs at the junction between the roof and the wall.
Do not replace an original cornice with a new one that conveys a different period, style, or theme from that of the building.
If the cornice is missing, the replacement should be based on physical evidence or documented evidence, or barring that, be compatible with the original building.
www.staunton.va.us /default.asp?pageID=681D821F-46D0-4E20-8156-7CF6CC5A8C5D   (404 words)

 Professional, custom looking, light weight window cornices
Light weight, expanded polystyrene sections are simply glued together with a low temperature glue gun to create a cornice for any size window.
This is an excellent way to replace those old fashioned valances with a hard, crisp, professional cornice.
Cornices are an excellent way to bring color to a room using fabric.
www.cornicekits.com   (216 words)

 Campbellsville Cornice
The planning and creation of a custom cornice system is a demanding art, and requires the skills of artisans and craftsmen from inspiration to completion.
Here is a collection of standard cornice profiles which has been popular over the years, and is offered in any quantity in lengths up to 12'-0".
Stock cornices are available in.032" aluminum with Kynar 500 baked-on finishes (white, sandstone, cream, colonial white, ivory, and medium bronze), 20 oz.
www.cvilleindustries.com /Cornice.htm   (479 words)

 Cornice Sends Jobs Abroad - Technology - RedOrbit   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cornice's decision to send sales, marketing, customer engineering and manufacturing jobs to Asia and Europe is not a cost-cutting measure, said Camillo Martino, chief executive officer.
Cornice also will move some operations jobs to be close to the Asian plants of its manufacturing partner SAE, he said.
Cornice's job fair drew many people who had been laid off in Longmont by hard-disc drive maker Maxtor, which cut about 640 local jobs this spring after being taken over by rival Seagate Technology.
www.redorbit.com /news/technology/638959/cornice_sends_jobs_abroad/index.html?source=r_technology   (525 words)

Cornice designed the Dragon series drives from the ground up to withstand the most extreme conditions while providing continuous playback without skipping or restarting.
Cornice Inc. is the leading innovator in consumer storage solutions that enable a new generation of pocket-able consumer electronic devices for the world's foremost brand-name manufacturers.
The one-inch Cornice storage solutions are durable, integrated personal storage that brings new levels of ruggedness and content capacity to these devices.
www.corniceco.com /news/010206.html   (766 words)

 Coving | Cornice | Plaster Mouldings
Coving, cornice and other architectural features can transform a home.
Plaster mouldings are beautiful but difficult to install.
LeeWay coving, cornice and decorative features offer the beauty of plaster mouldings, but with an ease of installation that plaster cannot achieve.
www.ukhomeinteriors.co.uk   (40 words)

 Start-up brings hard drive to the masses | CNET News.com
A new hard drive from Cornice is small enough to fit into MP3 players or cameras but costs less than memory cards and other tiny drives.
The Cornice drive is essentially a minimalist hard drive that has been shorn of any materials not needed for portable electronics.
Cornice's chief technology officer, Curt Bruner, served as chief electronics architect at Quantum.
news.com.com /2100-1041-1012235.html   (1060 words)

 Minidrive maker Cornice slapped with another suit | Tech News on ZDNet
Western Digital said it is seeking to "prevent Cornice from illegally using Western Digital patented technology, as well as seeking to recoup monetary damages resulting from patent infringement by products Cornice has already sold to its customers." A Cornice representative said on Wednesday that the company does not comment on pending litigation.
Cornice might be able to win the lawsuits, he said, but it "won't be easy" for the company to defend itself on two fronts.
Cornice was formed in August 2000 by Kevin Magenis, former vice president of engineering at Maxtor, and Curt Bruner, formerly the chief electronics architect at Quantum and Intersect.
news.zdnet.com /2100-9584_22-5253500.html   (753 words)

 WebWire | Cornice Provides HDD Storage For Samsung Multimedia Mobile Phone
Cornice’s storage is a natural fit for the mobile phone market, offering both the thinnest available storage solution, which is important for compact-sized mobile phones, and the extreme durability of Crash GuardTM technology, which is crucial to the consumer.
The Cornice SE is able to withstand even the most extreme abuses of the mobile phone environment, such as accidental drops or excessive physical activities, without skipping, stopping or corrupting data.
Cornice Inc. is the leading innovator in consumer storage solutions that enable a new generation of pocket-able consumer electronic devices for the world’s foremost brand-name manufacturers.
www.webwire.com /ViewPressRel.asp?aId=7430   (734 words)

 Cornice (architecture)
In classical architecture the cornice is the set of projecting moldings that crown an entablature.
In non-classical building practice, this function is handled by eaves and gutters, and in modernist architecture the elimination of the cornice has been important enough, often simply for demands of style, that elaborate internal drainage systems are provided.
A pediment is formed under the gable end of a building, where the cornice is carried across the wall at the height of the eaves and repeated above, under the roof line.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/c/co/cornice__architecture_.html   (181 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cornice's drives will be showing up in a number of upcoming MP3 players focused on the value end of the MP3 player arena.
Cornice's embedded-storage element is designed to execute out of RAM on the motherboard, rather than on the drive itself.
Further, the motherboard integration helped Cornice achieve high shock resistance for its drive without adding a lot of mechanical elements to suspend the drive unit.
www.lycos.com /info/cornice--cornice-storage-element.html   (393 words)

 Cornice - a cross platform image viewer
Cornice is a cross-platform image viewer written in
First I tried to add such features to it, but then I decided to rewrite it from scratch, so that I could use it also on windows (and also because I had some troubles, especially when trying to port GTKSee to the gdk_pixbuf lib, and also because Python is more fun than C, and...
NOTE 2 (For Windows and Mac advanced users): cornice comes with a custom directory tree view that needs to be compiled (being partially written in C) on Windows and MacOSX.
wxglade.sourceforge.net /extra/cornice.html   (523 words)

 Detroit Cornice & Slate., Inc. - Cornice Restoration.
Many of the ornate window cornices had been removed and discarded when the building facade was completely paneled over to "modernize" it.
The few cornices that had been left in place provided our craftsmen with a pattern to fabricate new to match the existing - exactly.
Large enough for a person to take a bath in, this gutter is hung on heavy iron hidden cradles that are cemented into the brick walls and fastened as in the original construction.
www.detroitcorniceandslate.com /cornice_restoration.htm   (305 words)

 CSR Gyprock - Cornice   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cornice is designed to provide an attractive finish at the junction of the wall and ceiling.
The cornice is composed of gypsum plaster encased in a strong linerboard, and comes in a range of designs.
This new cornice is extremely easy to cut, join and paint with no special tools or fixing equipment required, making it a cost-effective way to create great ambience at home.
www.gyprock.com.au /common/category.asp?catalog_name=Gyprock&category_name=Cornice   (808 words)

 Cornice Creations Foam Cornice Kits --- Instructions & Mounting
The cornice returns or "sides" enable you to mount the cornice over many types of window treatments such as curtains, roller shades, mini blinds, or pleated shades.
All cornice kits will require between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 yards of fabric depending on the look you wish to create.
Working toward the center of the cornice tuck the pre-gathered panel into place making sure that gathering is consistent along width.
www.draperytech.com /Instructions~CC.html   (988 words)

 Engadget Search
You wouldn't think it would have taken Cornice 8 months to announce a 2GB growth in their drives, but the portable drive manufacturer announced their first (but not the first) 12GB 1-inch Dragon series drive, due to ship to OEMs Q306 for $85 apiece....
Cornice, the company which makes those mini 1.5GB hard drives found in MP3 players from Rio, Philips, and others, says there are plans for a 3GB version that can withstand a drop of 1.5 meters (which is critical if these things are going to...
Apparently Fujitsu wants a little of that mini hard drive lovin' that Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Cornice have been digging on lately, and are planning to introduce their own line of 1-inch and 1.8-inch drive sometime later this year.
www.engadget.com /search/?q=cornice   (633 words)

 The Classic Cornice   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This cornice features cut outs of stars and moons with a variety fabric backings, which can be coordinated with your nursery theme.
This cornice is hanging in a child's playroom and is a delightful addition.
This miniature cornice can be used to accent any entry hall or side window and are especially cute when fringe, beads or trim is added.
www.theclassiccornice.com /CC/productexamples.htm   (453 words)

 Cornice Installation Instructions
The tools required to install a cornice are a step ladder, steel tape measure and a screw driver (or screw gun).
Reach under the cornice and add a the remain 2 screws in each angle bracket.
Depending on the thickness of the top of your cornice select the appropriate length so the screws will not protrude through the top of the cornice.
www.newtowncurtains.com /CorniceInstallInst.html   (394 words)

 [No title]
The agreement brings to an end the action Seagate had been pursuing against Cornice at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), which was due to begin hearing the case this week.
Dave Feller, Cornice's vice president of marketing, said that active consumers are avoiding the iPod from Apple Computer because of its inability to handle vibration.
Cornice may stop making offending drives, and may soon have rid itself of its stockpiles of the products, but Seagate presumably maintains that those products violated its intellectual property rights.
www.lycos.com /info/cornice--drives.html   (391 words)

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