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Topic: Corporal punishment (Judaism)

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

Conservatives Protestants have become the main supporters of corporal punishment of children, probably because of their belief in the inerrancy of the Bible, and the frequent advocacy in the book of Proverbs of spanking as the method to discipline children.
We feel that the debate corporal punishment of children is one of the most important, current, religiously-based, conflicts in North America.
If corporal punishment advocates are correct, then the abandonment of spanking will significantly increase violence and criminal activity by the next generation of adults.
www.religioustolerance.org /spanking.htm   (1030 words)

  Corporal punishment (Judaism) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One form of non-capital corporal punishment is known, namely that of lashes (malkuth).
Apart from as a punishment for violating Torah law, malkuth mardus (lashes of rebellion) was also administered in cases of contempt of court and violation of rabbinic law.
Jewish philosophers argue that the whole point of corporal punishment was to serve as a reminder to the community of the severe nature of certain acts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Corporal_punishment_(Judaism)   (338 words)

 Halakha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Judaism regards the violation of the commandments, the mitzvot, to be a sin.
Judaism has a wider definition of the term "sin", and also uses it to include Violations of Jewish law that are not necessarily a lapse in morality.
Judaism has always held that Gentiles are obligated only to follow the seven Noahide Laws; these are laws that the Oral law derives from the covenant God made with Noah after the flood, which apply to all descendants of Noah, i.e.
halakha.iqnaut.net   (3580 words)

 Paul's crime and criminal justice Page: criminal justice ethics: Pt 5 - penology and punishment (chain gangs, corporal ...
This section explores ethical issues involved in punishment and the infliction of pain on offenders (penology); it includes chain gangs, corporal punishment, and a variety of issues related to the death penalty.
Newman is in favor of implementing corporal punishment in the form of public electric shocks for many minor crimes.
In “Physician Participation in Capital Punishment,” the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association states that a physician’s opinion on capital punishment is a personal matter, but as a profession dedicated to preserving life they should not participate.
paulsjusticepage.com /cjethics/5-penology.htm   (1208 words)

 Paul's crime and criminal justice Page: criminal justice ethics: Pt 5 - penology and punishment (chain gangs, corporal ...
This section explores ethical issues involved in punishment and the infliction of pain on offenders (penology); it includes chain gangs, corporal punishment, and a variety of issues related to the death penalty.
Newman is in favor of implementing corporal punishment in the form of public electric shocks for many minor crimes.
Her opinion about capital punishment is also notable because she has worked extensively with families of murder victims as well as with men on death row.
www.paulsjusticepage.com /cjethics/5-penology.htm   (1194 words)

 Jewish Traditions from Ashkenazic to Zionist
One of the two main cultural branches of Judaism is Sephardic, derived from the Hebrew word for Spain.
In the 1830s, German rabbi Abraham Geiger suggested reforming Judaism by downplaying traditional beliefs, and concentrating instead on the promotion of moral law and monotheism.
Conservative Judaism believes that while sacred Jewish writings did come from God, there was a human component.
www.infoplease.com /spot/judaism1.html   (1065 words)

 Homosexuality and Judaism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The subject of homosexuality in Judaism dates back to the Biblical book of Leviticus, which describes sexual intercourse between males as an "abomination" that may be subject to capital punishment (although Halakhic courts are not authorized to administer capital punishment for sexual immorality in the absence of a Temple in Jerusalem).
Conservative Judaism's Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, which until December 2006 had the same position as Orthodoxy, has recently revised its position on the subject, permitting multiple viewpoints under its philosophy of pluralism which straddle the societal debate on the issue.
Chassidic Judaism (a branch of Orthodox Judaism) uses explanation of Kabbalah that sexual intercourse is a holy act because as a class it leads to new life (at least, it has a potential to lead to new life) and because it mimics the mechanism through which the Universe is created.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jewish_views_of_homosexuality   (2427 words)

 Corporal Punishment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
However, it is better to try other methods, and to use corporal punishment only as a last resort.
The halachah allows a teacher to use a shoe latchet on a refractory child (B.B. 21a), but in modern education, corporal punishment is ill-advised and likely to invite
In certain cases of emergency, a Jewish court sometimes had the power to inflict corporal punishment as a deterrent, but this was
headcoverings-by-devorah.com /CorporalPunishment.html   (225 words)

 school corporal punishment - Books, journals, articles @ The Questia Online Library
Corporal Punishment and School Suspensions: A Case Study...settle the issue of using corporal punishment in schools; on the contrary, it...Jersey have laws against corporal punishment in schools, and Maryland has a...
...displacement of capital and corporal punishments by the use of imprisonment...the demise of capital and corporal punishments and in turn led to changes...human misery as many of the corporal punishments and less orderly gaols that...
Corporal punishment Natural other disasters...affected by an account of a school in Italy that had collapsed...children generally attend school only to participate in...would be inviting his own punishment if he continued to violate...
www.questia.com /search/school-corporal-punishment   (1450 words)

 Repeal 43 Committee
Recent court decisions allowing for the corporal punishment of children have debased their value as human entities so that abuses perpetrated against children are just regarded as a parent going too far, rather than as humiliating and despicable crimes.
Corporal punishment of children raises the risk of poorer mental health, higher levels of aggression, and less rule-abiding behaviour, both in childhood and adulthood.
Research shows a convincing correlation between corporal punishment of children and aggression by them when their anger and fear are turned outward, and depression and suicide when they are turned inward.
www.repeal43.org /news3.html   (18858 words)

In their own parenting style, they either reject corporal punishment entirely as a method of discipline, or adopt it only in very unusual circumstances.
Some would interpret the passages in Proverbs as accurately reflecting Solomon's parenting style, and the devastating consequences of corporal punishment on his son.
According to a year 2004 ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada, any corporal punishment of a child under the age of 24 months is a criminal act of child abuse.
www.religioustolerance.org /spankin3.htm   (2280 words)

 Work of Alice Miller on Emotions, Unhealthy Relationships and Corporal Punishment
When laws prohibiting corporal punishment were launched in 1977 in Sweden, 70% of the citizens were against it.
The claim that mild punishments (slaps or smacks) have no detrimental effect is still widespread because we got this message very early from our parents who had taken it over from their own parents.
Sanctions deriving from it could take the form of parents being obligated to internalize information on the consequences of corporal punishment, in much the same way as drivers of motor vehicles are required by state law to be familiar with the highway code.
www.eqi.org /amiller.htm   (4807 words)

 currentchristian.com » Corporal Punishment
“Corporal punishment is not something you do to the child, it’s something you do for the child.”
The Denver Post: "Church advocates spanking kids" [tags]Corporal Punishment, Kent Brandenburg[/tags]
Discussion of an important topic: Christians and corporal punishment on the latest episode of the Albert Mohler Radio Program [tags]Spanking, Corporal Punishment[/tags]
currentchristian.com /blog/category/corporal-punishment   (153 words)

This was the first official encounter between the Jews and the Greeks, between Judaism and Hellenism, an encounter that eventually changed the course of Western civilization.
He believed Judaism to be a universal religion and that it did not achieve this universality by any abandonment of its believes or practices.
The encouragement was in the form of a promise of speedy deliverance from current evils by the intervention of God, which would bring about the end of the present world order, the resurrection, and the eternal reward of the righteous and damnation of the unrighteous.
members.tripod.com /~Kekrops/Hellenistic_Files/Judaism.html   (5924 words)

 Daily Life » Family Life | AskMoses.com - Judaism, Ask a Rabbi - Live
Rabbi Shlomo Chein: ok i_gotta_problem: whats the best way to deal with parents who hate their judaism »read more...
Rabbi Gurkow: Welcome to the Rabbi's one on one chat room, how can I help you today?Chanie: i want to drop religion and become non-orthodoxRabbi Gurkow: but why?Chanie: i figure that if i did that my parents sure would think a »read more...
The Debate Modern society has long debated the merits of corporal punishment.
www.askmoses.com /article_list.html?h=637   (498 words)

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