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Topic: Cosmic Sounds

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  Cosmic Landscapes
Cosmic Landscapes Radio - All of the nation's sci-fi radio shows on one station.
Cosmic Landscapes Redux - A repeat of last week's programming, just in case you missed it.
When Total Recorder is recording, other sounds from other programs will be blocked, so that Window chimes or "You've Got Mail" won't intrude on your recording.
www.cosmiclandscapes.com   (213 words)

  Yoga, classical spiritual literature of the power of spirituality of the life.
This is because the flow of natural sound waves becomes identical with light that is matter element or light element is converted to natural sight element and related to natural cosmic element hearing.
There is a mixture of echoes of cosmic sounds of innumerable living and non-life form in light elements of natural in respect of both matter and natural subjects and objects of matter world.
This is the echo of the cosmic sound, which reverberates, in the light elements of natural.
www.heavenlygardens.org /vibhuti/step41.htm   (628 words)

 [No title]
Since this article concerns sounds generated in the early Universe, it is important for readers to listen to the sound files submitted with the article --- they are scientifically accurate reconstructions of the primordial sound, simply shifted up by 50 octaves into the human frequency range.
The sound waves created from these regions are, in a sense, {\underbar {louder}} than sound waves from regions of intermediate size, and hence they dominate the sound and create the harmonics.
Our knowledge of the CMB sound spectrum has slowly improved over the last decade, and now spans about 10 octaves, of which the highest 5 correspond to acoustic waves (the lower octaves are a whole other story, and give a picture of the Universe less than a nanosecond after it was born).
www.astro.virginia.edu /~dmw8f/griffith05/griffith.txt   (6089 words)

 Universal Tao: Cosmic Healing Sounds
The sounds are used for connecting with the Second Brain and extending the positive chi of the vital organs out to the universe.
These skills are combined with simple arm movements and special sounds to produce a cooling, balancing effect on the internal organs and the emotional energy that is stored there.
The Cosmic Healing Sounds method is beneficial to anyone practicing various forms of meditation, martial arts, or sports in which there is a tendency to build up excessive heat in the system.
www.universal-tao.com /9formula_page/cosmic_healing_sounds.htm   (159 words)

 indiayogi.com - Kundalini - The Gentle Awakening - Frequency, Pitch, Volume, Tone,Subtle Qualities,Brahma ...
These cosmic sounds probably emanate at different vibratory levels and vary according to the density of the energy at that plane.
The subtlest and constant resonating 'nada' sound that belongs to the cosmos is the sound or echo that lingers after a single bang on a drum.
There are other soundless sounds that sound like a thunder-clap, an explosion or a single clap, and it is experienced in the physical form as a jerk, the intensity depending on the intensity of the impact.
www.indiayogi.com /kundalini/nada.asp   (1155 words)

 HeadRoom Cosmic and Maxed Home Headphone Amplifiers by Todd Warnke
The Cosmic is so good, in fact, that HeadRoom themselves recommend purchasing the $449 Supreme if you plan on using the amplifier with portable sources only as the cheaper amplifier will give a softer edge to the typically rough portable source sound quality.
Where HeadRoom has aimed the Cosmic is not just at the portable user who wants to take the sound quality of a true audiophile system with them, but at the person who will also use the Cosmic at home to listen to their big rig.
I also borrowed a friends older Cosmic for a couple of days and found the newer version to sound smoother but with no loss of detail, to have a better midrange and to be ever so slightly quieter.
www.enjoythemusic.com /magazine/equipment/0402/headroomsennheiser.htm   (3640 words)

 Article 2: The Cosmic Mind   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Imagine cosmic minds from civilizations millions of years beyond their own transition from hallucinating bicameral minds to integrating Neotech minds.
The cosmic seeds of Neotech are silently growing in 151 countries.
On acquiring the Neotech cosmic mind, one realizes the inchoate, immature, goofy nature of that dying other world...and the incredible adventure of happiness that now awaits every value producer on Earth who enters the cosmic-mind world of Neotech.
www.neo-tech.com /neotech/discovery/article2.html   (1482 words)

 Article 2: The Cosmic Mind   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Despite their super-advanced knowledge and technology, those cosmic beings would have no way to relate to or comprehend the nothingness disease of mysticism and its destructiveness.
The cosmic seeds of Neo-Tech are silently growing in 151 countries.
On acquiring the Neo-Tech cosmic mind, one realizes the inchoate, immature, goofy nature of that dying other world...and the incredible adventure of happiness that now awaits every value producer on Earth who enters the cosmic-mind world of Neo-Tech.
www.neo-tech.com /discovery/article2.html   (1482 words)

Sound is generated directly from this digital spectra data, appearing ancient drum rhythms of different types, octave distribution and volume can be controlled through sliders.
Sound is created coding each nucleotide ATGC to a binary pair with selectable combination, i.e.
This program generates complex tones from molecular atoms and geometry, taking as input one of the thousand.pdb files from Protein databank, generates a sound as a listener would hear located in front of the molecule, being the atoms resonant points at atomic mass frequency shifted to octave cero.
www.voicesync.org /tools.htm   (1061 words)

 ATMA JYOTI ASHRAM - The Sound of Cosmic Resonance
The spiritual efficacy of Om is based not on the gross sound, but on the subtle sound, which is heard, not by the ears but by the heart, which is uttered not by the mouth but by the mind.
This Upanishad exhorts that the sound of Om is of the nature of effulgence; that mind exists so long as the sound exists, but when sound is absorbed in the soundless Brahman, mind is dissolved finally and irrevocably.
Through sound the soundless Brahman has been revealed, the din and darkness of worldly life is ended for ever and silence now prevails, the eternal silence in which the sound, spirit and matter merge together losing their separate identities.
www.atmajyoti.org /me_om_sound_cosmic_resonance.asp   (2038 words)

 cosmic sounds
Their voice or song is a rapid click click move or a chica-chica-chic and sounds choose of advance like winding an old clock with a buzz/buzz/buzz and every other note a tone above or below the one before it.
In the Incan cosmic vision kaypacha is the world we live in hananpacha the higher world of spiritual beings and ukhupacha the interior and bridge between worlds.
Strange cosmic activity has been bringing turmoil and utter chaos into my life (and now I just sound like a dodgy horoscope) but not necessarily in a bad way you understand.
cosmic-sounds.geminiblogs.com   (3439 words)

 Naad Yoga
The Sensory Human vibrates the Cosmos.* It is through sound that this cosmic vibration happens.
The highest sounds are cosmic frequencies known as mantras or naad yoga.
The sound current is that which you create with the organic matter of your body where you use your pranas.
www.harisingh.com /newsNaad.htm   (481 words)

 Cosmic Harmony the CD. An interpretation of Celestial Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Towards the end of the century and the end of the two thousand year major cycle the sound of the Avatar (God encased in flesh) sweeps away the dissonance of self-centered ignorance to reveal the harmonius sound of the restoration of right ideals.
Cosmic Harmony was composed and performed by Gerald L. Davidson using a bank of MIDI controlled synthesizers.
Cosmic Harmony is an attempt to represent the Celestial Music of the Spheres through the arrangement of harmonic chords played using the aesthetic sounds of the various synthesizers.
www.cosmicharmony.com /Cd/CDMain.htm   (2215 words)

 SoundClick artist: Gulan-meditation - Ambient, Meditation, Space music.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Interesting combinations of synthetic and acoustic sounds and effects, unusual constructions of musical phrases and melodies give to his music its originality and mysteriousness.
Lovers of electronic music were greatly impressed by the wonderful sounds of his compositions.
Beautiful spherical and cosmic sounds full of enigmatic music constructions give to a listener a chance to touch the mystery and infinity of the Universe.
www.soundclick.com /gulanmeditation   (473 words)

 Cosmic Jokers - Free Music Downloads, Videos, Lyrics, CDs, MP3s, Bio, Merchandise and Links
The Cosmic Jokers were the greatest Krautrock supergroup that..
From these 1973 sessions, the Cosmic Jokers were born, as Kaiser and Dierks edited and mixed the material and slapped it out on vinyl on Kaiser's Kosmiche Musik label without the other musicians knowing anything about it until the records appeared in stores, even as their pictures were posted prominently on the covers.
By 1975, all the albums were withdrawn until the musicians rights could be sorted out and Kaiser was run out of the country by the authorities, his record empire destroyed.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/music/artist/bio/0,,417771,00.html   (509 words)

 Welcome to COSMIC - Bright Ideas Bright Future
We hope that our website provides information about all of our current services, projects and people but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more or if you would like to speak to one of the team.
As a leading social enterprise, COSMIC is involved in many projects which provide social benefit in communities across the South West.
If our work sounds like it suits yours, then give us a call today 01404 813226 or use our online contact form.
www.cosmic.org.uk   (183 words)

 Celestial WindowPane FAQ and Manual
Most of the sounds were constructed at that tempo and that is where they deliver optimum quality.
If you are creatively inclined to edit your own sounds, I discuss some of acid's advanced techniques below that will help you get the most our of the Windowpane, or for that matter other ambient-based acid cd rom.
Making New Sound FX I included a large selection of sound effects from my Mystik garage CD Rom and Ice Kold Tekno CD Rom.
www.tweakheadz.com /celestial_manual.html   (521 words)

 Radio Massacre International - Emissaries
In view of the title, the cosmic sounds and effects, which convery a sense of emptiness, but also of speed (sounds a bit like a jet wind) fit well.
Here, the guitar is relatively prominent again (but there is always a high amount of ehm environmental sounds that drown out much of it; it certainly does not lie on top of the music as is usually the case).
The sequencers sound clear, later the single sequencer is accompanied by others, it is time it seems for the void to fill.
www.cs.uu.nl /people/jur/reviews/emissaries.html   (1069 words)

 Interview to  ZELJKO KERLETA
Listening to the latest releases of Cosmic Sounds Records I was wondering if the artists you selected to be on them, for example on "Wizard", are they being played in Czech clubs or not.
Since I started Cosmic Sounds label I don't have much time for my music but all kind of ideas are going through my head.
They both sounds so fresh and still have preserved original roots in the best manner and created their own recognisable style (but very different).
www.thevibes.net /interviews/zeljko.htm   (1156 words)

 The Zodiac - "Cosmic Sounds"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Quite a bit of the music is actually very creative and trippy, utilizing unusual instruments that may sound familiar to some now, but were unheard of in rock music in 1967.
The detailed liner notes explore the entire history of the album, how it came to be, and who the players were.
Cosmic Sounds is a fascinating and entertaining glimpse into the past, into a time full of innocent hope and joyous experimentation.
www.aural-innovations.com /issues/issue21/zodiac01.html   (263 words)

 The Zodiac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After Sea Drift, work on Cosmic Sounds at last began.
Dolenz, with Beaver, recorded the Moog on two Monkee songs that were featured on the group's fourth album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones Ltd., which was released just after Cosmic Sounds.
In 2002, Water Records remastered and reissued Cosmic Sounds on CD, with a booklet featuring liner notes by 60s rock buff Ritchie Unterberger.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Zodiac   (569 words)

 Aterciopelados: Gozo Poderoso
Breezy and warm, Andrea Acheverri's beautiful vocals merge with trippy lyrics and cosmic sounds that work off of each other brilliantly to create a melodious album.
There's a little bit of everything, from their native vallenato sounds to cumbia and electronica.
Underneath the salsa sounds of "el álbum" lie creative lyrics about memories of a former lover.
www.plume-noire.com /music/releases/aterciopelados.html   (180 words)

 MusicESP Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The extaordinary Cosmic Sounds label was a dream child born under the stars of a beautiful Belgrade spring night.
The tracks have a good mixture of 70s soundtrack funk with touches of 90s sample/beat culture -- and there's plenty of warm soulful moments, and strong jazzy playing, both of which make for a real album of grooves that goes way beyond a simple postmodern pastiche of tricks.
The sound of REFERENCED is that of technology driven beats noises and samples.
www.musicesp.com /sef_pages/ECL_page_1.htm   (776 words)

 Cosmic Healing Sounds (E-Audio DL-CD6)
Cosmic Sounds that Heal presents detailed instruction on the postures, sounds and emotional tuning that constitute the Six Healing Sounds.
The Sounds are easy to learn and joyful to practice.
Cosmic Sounds That Heal takes you right into the classroom with Mantak Chia at his annual summer and winter retreats at Tao Garden.
www.universal-tao-eproducts.com /Mantak-Chia-books-booklets-audio-posters/dl-cd6.html   (159 words)

 The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds Liner Notes
The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds, however, was like none of those records.
The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds was not an accidental one-shot aberration from an out-of-control producer, but in fact instigated by Elektra founder and president Jac Holzman himself.
Kaye, who did uncounted sessions in the 1960s (including some others with Garson, and some other dates with Beaver), recently confirmed after listening to the record that it is indeed her on bass: "That's me on the whole thing.
www.richieunterberger.com /zodiac.html   (2897 words)

 october 9, 2004- crosswicks cosmic coffeehouse 7
The Cosmic Coffeehouse was thrilled to present another evening of unique, genre-busting live music.
It often sounded as if more than two people were playing, as Peter looped his live guitar playing, and then soloed on top of it as his original riff repeated.
With the audience's encouragement, the "fluxers" managed to create some interesting new cosmic sounds, all of which was digitally recorded for an anticipated Live from the Cosmic Coffeehouse CD.
www.brainstatik.com /ccc100904.html   (588 words)

 Cafe Erte Internet Cafe - Cape Town - South Africa
The decor in the early 80s portrayed the life and style of this truly talented design guru.
From there Erte transcended into a hip and trendy cyber cafe with 8 Debian Linux workstations combined with the cosmic sounds of the London underground and a collection of some the best trance music from all over the world.
So Come and check your mail, have a cocktail and maybe a bite to eat, or just chill-out and let the music wash over you.
cafeerte.com   (400 words)

 Cosmic Sounds
THE GONERS (see above) proved to be very inspirational so we have few producers working on several remixes that might come out on 12" singles.
Albums by CS cosmonauts are being finalized in studios and should come out soon: BELGRADEYARD SOUND SYSTEM, SO HAYASHI and COXLESS PAIR.
Fantastic double album from 1978 packed with killer big band funky fusion tunes where the Balkan Express tune is just the one of many.
www.cosmicsounds-london.com /menu.html   (290 words)

 Cosmic Family Workshop Seminar - The Solvents Theatre Company
Cosmic Family Workshop Seminar - The Solvents Theatre Company
The Solvents is a theater company, our main way of working is improvisation, we explore taboos and shocking images.
The Cosmic Family Radioplay (mp3) (edited by Alex Forge)
www.thesolvents.net /cosmicfamily/sounds.html   (126 words)

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