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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

Councils in which the pope is represented by legates are, indeed, also representative of the whole teaching body of the Church, but the representation is not absolute or adequate, is no real concentration of its whole authority.
Councils over which the pope presides through his legates are not identified with himself in the same degree as the former.
The infallibility of the council is intrinsic, i.e.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04423f.htm   (12232 words)

  Ecumenical council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Council of Vienne, (1311–1312) - Disbanded Knights Templar
Council of Siena, (1423–1424) is the high point of conciliarism, emphasizing the leadership of the bishops gathered in council.
Council of Trent, (1545–1563, discontinuously); response to the challenges of Calvinism and Lutheranism; imposition of uniformity in liturgy in the Roman Rite (the "Tridentine Mass").
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ecumenical_council   (2359 words)

 Catholic Encyclopedia: GENERAL COUNCILS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Councils are legally convened assemblies of ecclesiastical dignitaries and theological experts for the purpose of discussing and regulating matters of church doctrine and discipline.
The council is, then, the assessor of the supreme teacher and judge sitting on the Chair of Peter by Divine appointment; its operation is essentially co-operation -- the common action of the members with their head -- and therefore necessarily rises or falls in value, according to the measure of its connection with the pope.
A council in opposition to the pope is not representative of the whole Church, for it neither represents the pope who opposes it, nor the absent bishops, who cannot act beyond the limits of their dioceses except through the pope. /GENERAL%20COUNCILS.htm   (12419 words)

 London Councils - Home
London’s council leaders have today approved a Bill that will seek to ban the distribution of free, throw away shopping bags in the capital.
London Councils welcomes the Mayor’s decision to drop his plans to change the number of homes going into the London wide choice and mobility service Capital Moves.
London Councils is launching a tendering round for voluntary and not-for-profit organisations under its European Social Fund co-financing programme.
www.londoncouncils.gov.uk   (455 words)

 All Ecumenical Councils - All the Decrees
Third Council of Constantinople (680-681), under Pope Agatho and the Emperor Constantine Pogonatus, was attended by the Patriarchs of Constantinople and of Antioch, 174 bishops, and the emperor.
Council of Constance (1414-1418), was held during the great Schism of the West, with the object of ending the divisions in the Church.
Council of Basle (1431), Eugene IV being pope, and Sigismund Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
www.piar.hu /councils/~index.htm   (1185 words)

Councils provide opportunities for interaction that transcend chapter and regional boundaries, enabling members to meet other professionals who share an interest in a specific FM practice or who work in the same business sector.
Councils direct their own programs, which are structured to meet the needs of their membership.
Councils provide opportunities for interaction that transcend chapter and regional boundaries, enabling members to meet other professionals who share an interest in a particular FM practice or who work in the same business sector.
www.ifma.org /membership/councils.cfm   (421 words)

 NARC&DC: National Association of Resource Conservation & Development Councils, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
RC&D Councils work to improve the general level of economic activity and to enhance the environment and standard of living in all communities.
Councils provide a system of rural development to encourage the wise use of natural resources, and improve the quality of life in America.
Councils provide a focal point of local leadership and bring together private citizens and local, state and federal agencies to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of their area.
www.rcdnet.org /councils.htm   (294 words)

 UTHSC-H Councils
The executive leadership at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston is supported by a series of councils which focus their expertise and collective wisdom on three university mission areas: education, research, and patient care along with two infrastructure councils: institutional relations and administration.
Councils are composed of faculty and administration leaders with representatives from the student, classified staff and faculty councils as appropriate.
Advisory councils and standing or other committees provide important input to the five councils and provide a means for information to flow throughout the campus.
www.uth.tmc.edu /council   (150 words)

 ULI - the Urban Land Institute | About Councils
Council participation is a key benefit available only to ULI Full Members. ULI's 44 domestic Councils meet twice yearly, in conjunction with the Spring Council Forum and Fall Meeting. ULI's Global Councils meet twice a year outside the U.S. and sometimes at the ULI Fall Meeting.
Council members, upon payment of the CAF, agree to remain on the Council to which they have been appointed for a period of one year (through June 30 of the year of their appointment).
Councils are responsible, through their Program Vice Chairs, for the programming that takes place during the main concurrent programming days of the Spring Council Forums and Fall Meetings.
www.uli.org /Content/NavigationMenu/DiscoverULI/Network/Councils/AboutCouncils/About_Councils.htm   (676 words)

 CFA Breed Councils
The CFA Breed Councils were established in 1970 to serve as an advisory body on breed standards to the CFA Executive Board.
The CFA Breed Councils are comprised of individuals experienced in their chosen breed/division section, and who meet other eligibility requirements established by the CFA Executive Board.
Each Breed Council channels opinions and suggestions from the individual breeder to the Board through the specific breed secretary, and the breed standard is updated as the breed progresses.
www.cfainc.org /breeds/breed-councils.html   (497 words)

 Roman Catholic Listing of Ecumenical Councils
Council of Ephesus (#3) June 22 to July 17, 431 AD The Council of Ephesus was significant for its dogmatic decrees on the position of the Virgin Mary in the celestial hierarchy and on the nature of the incarnation of Jesus Christ.
Second Council of Nicaea (#7) 787 AD This Council ruled on the use of saints' images and icons in religious devotion, declaring that whereas the veneration of images was legitimate and the intercession of saints efficacious, the veneration of icons must be carefully distinguished from the worship due God alone.
The Council of Constance (1414-18) settled the division.
mb-soft.com /believe/txs/councils.htm   (3947 words)

 A Review of County Health Councils in Alabama
Health councils are dedicated to increasing the degree of control that local people have over both their own health and the health status of the communities in which they live.
It was discovered that 48% of the counties currently had an existing health council, 18% had never attempted to organize a health council, 31% had organized a council at some point between 1979 and 1992, but were no longer active, and 3% of the counties were unsure a council ever existed.
The selected health councils were chosen on the basis of their county's population, council's start date, membership size, organizational goals, activities, future plans, and perceived effectiveness.
www.joe.org /joe/1995december/a4.html   (2139 words)

 ISAR - The Citizens Councils   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To be sure, the Councils and the Klan are not on speaking terms, but the aims are the same: the maintenance of segregation and the preservation of "the Southern way of Life." The Councils appeal to the better educated, more sophisticated Southern segregationist because their tactics are more subtle, more clever than Klan activities.
The Councils, as did the Klan, blossomed into full flower as a direct result of the Supreme Court's 17 May 1954 ruling on Brown vs. the Board of Education, the Court held that "separate but equal" school systems were outside the pale of constitutionality.
This is not a problem so long as the Councils are a force; but once the members feel that the reins of power are slipping from their grasp, the "uptown Klan" will be forced by temperament and circumstance to relocate itself in a less savory section of town.
www.ferris.edu /isar/Institut/cca/Thayer.htm   (4087 words)

 Advisory Councils
The councils are the recognized bodies representing their communities and to which the district has to listen but not necessarily agree and follow through.
And councils are wise to have long-range planning committees that are ready with specifics and sketches, discussed with the park supervisor and area or regional manager, park neighbors, community leaders/stakeholders, and the alderman well before the budget rounds start.
Councils that take in more than a few dollars are well advised to set up their own account and/or spend the money on things for their park or risk their money being "swept up" by the Park District.
www.hydepark.org /parks/councils.htm   (1274 words)

 Institute of Transportation Engineers -- ITE
This council serves as a forum for the discussion of the common interests of its member companies as well as a vehicle for support of programs and projects that advance council members and the transportation profession.
Membership in area-of-practice councils also provides opportunities to be instrumental in developing technical products and to actively contribute to the body of knowledge in a discipline.
ITE council leadership welcomes members’ identification of the most important transportation issues to address and suggestions for products that should be developed to assist in solving them.
www.ite.org /councils/index.asp   (417 words)

 AORN Journal: State councils—collaboration, networking, and education - Limited
Although initially there was no formal recognition of state councils from AORN, this did not deter the councils from organizing or quench members' enthusiasm for reaching out to all perioperative nurses in their respective states on issues pertinent to their work settings.
More state councils were formed during the 1980s, including the Georgia State Council (GSC), the Operating Room Nursing Council of California (ORNCC), the Indiana Council of Operating Room Nurses, the North Carolina Council of Operating Room Nurses (NCCORN), the Ohio Council of Operating Room Nurses (OCORN), and the Maryland/Washington, DC State Council.
Other councils that organized in the 1990s included the Oklahoma State Council of Perioperative Nurses, which was organized in 1996 for the purpose of education and networking, and the Oregon State Council of Perioperative Nurses, which was organized in 1997 to provide quality education to a region with many rural hospitals.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FSL/is_5_78/ai_111011828   (1265 words)

 Synod regional councils to be formed | The-Tidings.com
The formation of councils is one of the strategies called for in the documents of the Synod under Pastoral Initiative II: Structures for Participation and Accountability.
With the regional councils the infrastructure is created to implement the rest of the archdiocesan strategies and initiatives, said Deacon David Estrada, director of Synod Implementation.
Regional councils are mandated to "address common goals, concerns, challenges and the sharing of resources" as stated in the Synod documents.
www.the-tidings.com /2004/0220/synod.htm   (315 words)

 Citizen Corps : Councils
The Citizen Corps mission is accomplished through a national network of state, local, and tribal Citizen Corps Councils.
These Councils build on community strengths to implement the Citizen Corps programs and will carry out a local strategy to have every American participate.
Click here to view a map of where these Councils are located or click here to view a listing of the Councils.
www.citizencorps.gov /councils   (368 words)

 ACL: Communitarian Councils   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Appointed councils are the backbone of communitarian societies.
For a simple overview of how these councils are overturning the Constitution of the United States, see our new chart Chain of Command and Rule of Law.
One unifying aim and ongoing project of such community councils is participation in the biennial nomination and popular election of, as well as continuing communication with, delegates to the proposed United Nations Citizens (Peoples') Assembly, each representing their area's residents as global inhabitants, as well as national citizens.
nord.twu.net /acl/commcouncils.html   (916 words)

 Councils oppose buying land for Mon-Fayette Expressway too soon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
So said Pittsburgh City Council yesterday in a resolution urging the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission not to buy land sought for the Mon-Fayette Expressway until it has the funding needed to build the toll road.
County Council is considering a similar resolution, sponsored by President Rich Fitzgerald, for the same reasons.
City Council members voted 7-0 for the resolution, with Jim Motznik abstaining and Dan Deasy absent at the time of the roll call.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06340/743805-53.stm   (461 words)

 MASSPAC-Regulations & Definitions of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The impetus for this need of parental input and involvement is similar to the requirement for school councils in Ed Reform.
It is important to educate and remind community and school members that parent advisory councils are not school councils.
Special Education Parent Advisory Councils are an umbrella organization of all schools in a district.
www.masspac.org /info/regulations.htm   (1622 words)

 Sea Power: Ten councils designated "outstanding": Eight receive "meritorious" citation
The councils are in the field, proactively working with local sea-service units and personnel, with the state and national legislatures, with private industry, and with other leaders in their own communities.
The Outstanding and Meritorious Council Awards are presented each year at the Navy League's National Convention to councils that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in all areas required, in accordance with the criteria listed in the NLUS Operations Manual.
The "mini-profiles" of the Outstanding and Meritorious Councils that accompany this article are necessarily limited to only a very few of each council's accomplishments and are presented as examples of just some of the representative activities carried out by the 335 NLUS councils in the United States and overseas.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3738/is_200107/ai_n8963490   (445 words)

 ASIS International: ASIS Councils
The ASIS Councils have been established to serve the membership through identification of information regarding security issues in their specific concentration.
In addition, ASIS Councils provide support to, and enhancement of, ASIS educational programs and materials designed to meet the needs of professionals with specific security concerns and issues inherent to a specific industry.
The ASIS Councils provide a vital link between practitioners and the Society to ensure that only the most relevant and latest information on security practices is made available for members.
www.asisonline.org /councils/index.xml   (148 words)

These councils are special groups that organize and runs a certain task of the guild.
Councils may not interfere with the Law of the guild.
This council is to explore new areas and report back its findings to the guild.
www.saumag.edu /Haney/allianceplanes/Members/councils.html   (227 words)

 Library Index
Convened in 1311 by Clement V. The synod dealt with the crimes and errors imputed to the Knights Templars, the Fraticelli, the Beghards, and the Beguines, with projects of a new crusade, the reformation of the clergy, and the teaching of Oriental languages in the universities.
Church Councils - V2LAITY.HTM - Decree On the Apostolate of the Laity
The eleven canons (anathemas) of the Second Council of Constantinople, which was called to resolve questions which had arisen from the Definition of the Council of Chalcedon, dealing with the unity of the two natures of Christ.
www.ewtn.com /library/indexes/COUNCILS.htm   (3094 words)

 AMA Councils
For participants, AMA Councils keep members and their organizations abreast of the latest innovations and challenges as seen by peers from other companies and industries.
Council appointments are for at least one year, and Council members do not usually serve longer than five years.
All Council members have on ongoing relationship with the AMA Vice President of Councils and direct access to the President of AMA and other senior executives.
www.amanet.org /aboutama/council.htm   (772 words)

 Cornell Applied Research and Extension Program Councils and Work Teams
The councils will be organized around five major theme areas that are the focus of extension and experiment station activities.  These theme areas include: agriculture and food systems, quality of life for individuals and families, youth development, community and economic vitality, and natural resources and environment.
Both directors believe that the work and guidance of the new councils will result in the closer integration of the applied research conducted by Cornell faculty with the educational outreach programs of Cornell Cooperative Extension.
A list of members on the five new program councils can be viewed here.
www.cce.cornell.edu /admin/program/pwts/councilrelease.htm   (237 words)

 BBC NEWS | Politics | Councils warned about tax rises
Leaders say an ageing population and tighter regulation of waste disposal is putting extra pressure on councils and those receiving the minimum grant increase would face "very real difficulties" in balancing the books.
LGA chairman Lord Bruce-Lockhart said: "It is the council tax payer that has funded the 'unprecedented increase in spending', as government grant has not kept pace with the demands on local government, including rising demand and the costs from new legislation."
Conservative local government spokesman Eric Pickles said council tax had "rocketed" since Labour came to power in 1997, rising by 84% to £1,268 for a band D property this year.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/6190222.stm   (647 words)

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