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  PBS - JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns: Selected Artist Biography - Count Basie
Count Basie was a leading figure of the swing era in jazz and, alongside Duke Ellington, an outstanding representative of big band style.
After studying piano with his mother, as a young man he went to New York, where he met James P. Johnson, Fats Waller (with whom he studied informally), another pianist of the Harlem stride school.
The contract expanded and within a year the Count Basie Orchestra, as it had become known, was one of the leading big bands of the swing era.
www.pbs.org /jazz/biography/artist_id_basie_count.htm   (586 words)

  Count - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Military counts in the Late Empire and the Germanic successor kingdoms were often appointed by a dux and later by a king.
From the start the count was in military charge, not of a roving warband, but settled in a locality, a countship, his main rival for power being the bishop, whose diocese was often coterminous.
In many Germanic and Frankish kingdoms in the early Middle Ages, the count might also be a count palatine, whose authority derived directly from the royal household, the "palace" in its original sense of the seat of power and administration.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Count   (1333 words)

 Count von Count - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Count has a compulsive love of counting (arithmomania); he will count anything and everything, regardless of size, amount, or how much annoyance he is causing the other Muppets.
The Count bears a noticeable resemblance to Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula, including a similar accent and oversized, pointed eye-teeth, but it would appear that he is different from other vampires.
The Count appeared on a video package aired on the first episode of The Late Show with David Letterman that was shown after Letterman's emergency quintuple bypass operation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Count_von_Count   (704 words)

 Count Basie   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Count Basie, who was born on August 21, 1904, in Red Band, New Jersey, began his music career by playing piano with his mother.
At this point they became known as Count Basie's Orchestra and also one of the leading bands of the "swing era." Basie developed an "elliptical' style of melodic leads and cues which allowed him to control the band from his keyboard while also blending in with his rhythm section.
Much of the success of the rhythm section was due to both "Papa" Joe Jones, one of Basie's contemporaries and pioneer of the constant high-hat cymbal style, as well as the fact they practiced independently of the band on many occasions to exact the buoyant swing heard in the music.
www.duke.edu /~stc2   (439 words)

 Reticulocyte count
A reticulocyte count is usually performed when patients are evaluated for anemia and response to its treatment.
A low reticulocyte count indicates that the bone marrow is not producing a normal number of red blood cells.
A dye that is used to stain the blood cells for the reticulocyte count.
www.lifesteps.com /gm/Atoz/ency/reticulocyte_count_pr.jsp   (778 words)

 WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock
If the site admin decides to count reload (count_reload=Yes), then a user can choose to count or ignore reload with parameter reload=T or F. Note, if the side admin decided to ignore reload, then the user preference is ignored.
Count or ignore Consecutive reloading a page from the same host a configurable option in the count.cfg file (used to be a compile-time option).
The parameter offset is used with parameter align to specify the offset of the counter image in pixels from the edge of the base image while compositing the counter/clock image with an base image.
www.muquit.com /muquit/software/Count/Count.html   (9310 words)

 Seattle King County Coalition for the Homeless - One Night Count
The Seattle/King County Coalition for the Homeless changed the date of the count in response to a call from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to have all counts across the country occur on the same night.
The annual Seattle-King County Homeless Street Count was first conducted over 20 years ago and consists of a ‘moment in time’ unduplicated tally of people living ‘on the street’ in downtown and outlying neighborhoods in Seattle.
The purpose of the street count is to foster an understanding of the patterns of survival for people who sleep in publicly accessible areas, rather than to identify the exact number of people unsheltered in our city.
www.homelessinfo.org /onc.html   (654 words)

 Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Count Five pose in front of San Jose's historic Winchester Mystery House.
The Animals, The Surfaris, The Count Five, Floyd and Jerry, The Avengers.
Count Five appear on episode #1748 of American Bandstand (broadcast 12-Nov-66) performing Psychotic Reaction and Piece of Mind.
www.nemsworld.com /count5/count5.htm   (459 words)

 PHP: count - Manual   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When running loops with count conditions, the code runs faster if you first assign the count() value to a variable and use that (instead of using count() directly in a loop condition.
As you can see, the second method (which doesnt use count() directly in the loop) is faster than the first method (which uses count() directly in the loop).
If some elements in your array are not set, then sizeof() and count() will not return the index of the last element, but will return the number of set elements.
us3.php.net /count   (1013 words)

 CD4 Count: The Test
The CD4 count tells your doctor how strong your immune system is, how far HIV disease has advanced (the stage of the disease), and helps predict the risk of complications and debilitating infections.
The CD4 count is used in combination with the viral load test, which measures the level of HIV in the blood, to determine the staging and outlook of the disease.
A CD4 count and a viral load test are ordered when a person is first diagnosed with HIV as part of a baseline measurement.
www.labtestsonline.org /understanding/analytes/cd4/test.html   (555 words)

 Count Me In » Home
Count Me In provides micro loans from $500 to $10,000 to women who are starting or growing their businesses.
Count Me In will address the systemic challenges that women face in traditional lending institutions that do not account for the realities of women's lives today.
Count Me In will develop a more "woman appropriate" credit scoring technique that will measure a woman's economic life and business development potential.
www.count-me-in.org   (281 words)

 AskTom "COUNT(*) Vs COUNT(1) on tables with CLOB..."   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Count(*) uses dba_tab_columns to identify the execution plan.
count(*) is not the same as count(1) count(*) is the correct way to write it and count(1) is OPTIMIZED TO BE count(*) internally -- since a) count the rows where 1 is not null is less efficient than b) count the rows count(*) uses dba_tab_columns....
select count(*) from t; should use a primary key index (or an index on any column that is not nullable) -- it won't even touch the table in most cases.
asktom.oracle.com /pls/ask/f?p=4950:8:::::F4950_P8_DISPLAYID:40208915257337   (305 words)

 PHP: count - Manual
This is particularly useful for counting all the elements of a multidimensional array.
When running loops with count conditions, the code runs faster if you first assign the count() value to a variable and use that (instead of using count() directly in a loop condition.
As you can see, the second method (which doesnt use count() directly in the loop) is faster than the first method (which uses count() directly in the loop).
www.php.net /count   (1439 words)

 AskTom "difference between count(1) and count(*)..."   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dear Ram, in your second query you have used analytic function: count(*) over(....) so it returned count for each department (which is the same as in the query with group by clause) but for each and every row in emp table.
count is an aggregate function designed to count either all or distinct occurrences of an expression.
Then, select count from dual where 1=0 should be equivalent to select sum(1) from dual where 1=0 In general, it would be nice to maintain elementary constistency in SQL.
asktom.oracle.com /pls/ask/f?p=4950:8:::::F4950_P8_DISPLAYID:1156159920245   (6037 words)

 Kids Count in Missouri   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Now in its second decade, KIDS COUNT in Missouri (KCM) is a project of Citizens for Missouri's Children, the Children's Trust Fund and the University of Missouri's Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis.
The cornerstone of KCM is the annual Kids Count in Missouri Data Book which documents the status of children in each of the state's 115 counties.
In 2005, KIDS COUNT in Missouri again partnered with the Missouri Children's Trust Fund, the primary funding source for primary child abuse prevention efforts in the state, to produce and disseminate the report.
www.mokids.org /kidscount.htm   (556 words)

 OWL at Purdue University: Count and Noncount Nouns (with Plurals, Articles, and Quantity Words)
The main difference between count and noncount nouns is whether you can count the things they refer to or not.
Normally the noncount meaning is abstract and general and the count meaning concrete and specific.
These exceptions require that the rule for pluralizing be revised: count nouns and nouns used in a count sense pluralize; noncount nouns and nouns used in a noncount sense do not.
owl.english.purdue.edu /handouts/esl/eslcount.html   (907 words)

 I Count - Stop Climate Chaos
This Autumn I Count is calling on as many people as possible to contact their MP about the Climate Change Bill.
I Count's polar bears have been run off their paws visiting No.10 and hanging out with Hilary Benn.
I Count won both of the gongs it was nominated for at the 2007 Green Awards.
www.icount.org.uk   (244 words)

 Christmas Bird Count
The field season of the 107th annual Christmas Bird Count season ended on January 5th; tens of thousands of volunteer birders both braved stormy conditions in the west, and counted in absurdly mild conditions in the east on their respective count days.
Over the next few weeks we will see how the determined efforts of CBC participants--and the weather-- determined what birds were found, and in what numbers, from the high arctic to southern South America.
Meanwhile, the 106th Christmas Bird Count summary issue of American Birds is completed and was sent out in October, with feature articles highlighting peoples’ experiences on the CBC over the years.
www.audubon.org /bird/cbc   (249 words)

 SQL: COUNT Function
For example, you could use the COUNT function to return the name of the department and the number of employees (in the associated department) that make over $25,000 / year.
Since the COUNT function will return the same results regardless of what field(s) you include as the COUNT function parameters (ie: within the brackets), you can change the syntax of the COUNT function to COUNT(1) to get better performance as the database engine will not have to fetch back the data fields.
Now, the COUNT function does not need to retrieve all fields from the employees table as it had to when you used the COUNT(*) syntax.
www.techonthenet.com /sql/count.php   (334 words)

 Carcassonne - The Count of Carcassonne | BoardGameGeek
Der Graf von Carcassonne (The Count of Carcassonne) is another expansion to the well-known series.
At each scoring opportunity the Count performs a specific action, depending on the town tile the Count is on at the time.
This action might entail extra points for the scoring player, or might be imprisonment for the player's follower, until the Count finishes his trip through the town.
www.boardgamegeek.com /game/12903   (369 words)

KIDS COUNT is a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S. By providing policymakers and citizens with benchmarks of child well-being, KIDS COUNT seeks to enrich local, state, and national discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all children.
Using data from the KIDS COUNT State Level Data Online System, this snapshot highlights the 15.7 million children in immigrant families currently residing in the U.S. and includes background on why it is critical to help this growing group of children as well as resources for improving the well-being of children living in immigrant families.
Some of the updated indicators include: child population by year of age, teens who are high school drop outs and children in single parent families.
www.aecf.org /kidscount   (336 words)

 Count On
Find out about mathematicians through the ages with the Count On maths timeline.
Take survey 1 if you are a pupil or survey 2 if you are a teacher, parent or other professional.
An Index for Teachers - Selected Count On mathematics resources indexed according to the national curriculum from reception through to year nine - click here to view.
www.counton.org   (245 words)

 Word Count and Character Count Software: AnyCount
After you have finished selecting the files to be counted, you can either click the Settings button first to view/adjust the counting settings, or click the Count!
When you are in Settings window, you can adjust count settings for each of the file types of files you have selected on Files screen:
You can edit existing count units (for instance, change the number of characters in a line or in a page) or create your own count units.
www.anycount.com   (607 words)

The authors got double-screwed because the giveaways don’t count in the standard industry calculations of sales volume, thus leaving them at a disadvantage when they later tried to negotiate deals with other publishers.
People who support the amnesty like to claim that the companies should not be punished for doing what the government asked of them.
It is not unreasonable to expect that such well defended companies would have the legal brainpower to realize that they were, in fact, being asked ot break the law.
www.icount.com   (15892 words)

 Free-Counters.co.uk Counter
1000+ Web Image and 1,000,000 text types and counting, there are lot's of styles for a webmasters website including a count for your myspace and blogger visitors as well.
Lot's of other count styles to choose from and ideal for My Space or host on your Blogger.
Our New Free Link and Downloads Tracker this new counter is capable of counting how many times someone clicks a specific link on your site!
www.free-counters.co.uk   (304 words)

 Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program
Create a free account or transfer your existing profile to Calorie Count Plus, which bring you everything you love about Calorie Count Classic - and more:
Visit Calorie Count Plus to find out more!
Calorie Count users have lost nearly 1 million pounds since February, 2005!
www.calorie-count.com   (223 words)

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