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Topic: Count of Nevers

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  Titles of European hereditary rulers
< Mathilde I of Courtenay (+1257), Countess of Nevers 1192; ~(1) 1199 / div.
< Mathilde of Courtenay (+1257), Countess of Nevers; ~(1) 1199 / div.
< Charlotte of Albret, Countess of Rethel; ~1520 Odet of Foix (+1528), Count of Comminges >
www.geocities.com /eurprin/nevers.html   (3464 words)

Paul, priest; Péreux and Pandeacutelerin, martyrs between 272 and 303; St. Paroze (Patritius), Abbot of Nevers in the sixth century; the hermit St. Franchy (Francovæcus); the priest St. Vincent of Magny in the ninth century; Blessed Nicholas Applaine, canon of the collegiate church of Preméry (fifteenth century) whose cassock Louis XI claimed as a relic.
In 1168, William IV, Count of Nevers, willed to the Bishop of Bethlehem in Palestine the small town of Pantenor near Clamecy, also the hospital at Clamecy founded by his father William III in 1147.
In 1223, owing to the incursions of the Mussulmans in Palestine, the Bishop of Bethlehem settled at Clemecy, and exercised jurisdiction over the hospital and the faubourg of Pantenor; his successors were chosen by the counts, later by the dukes of Nevers, with the approval of the pope and the king.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/n/nevers.html   (704 words)

Renaud II de Nevers, Count of Nevers and Auxerre, b abt 1050.
Renaud II de Nevers, Count of Nevers and Auxerre, b abt 1050, d abt 1089.
Forez abt 1072, daughter of Artald V of Forez, Count of Forez.
www.geneajourney.com /nevers.html   (376 words)

Nevers, willed to the Bishop of Bethlehem in Palestine the small town of Pantenor near Clamecy, also the hospital at Clamecy founded by his father William III in 1147.
Nevers, with the approval of the pope and the king.
Nevers by the Duke of Gonzaga and the
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10778a.htm   (703 words)

 Les Huguenots (The Huguenots) - Opera
The truth of the matter is that she is Valentina, daughter of the Catholic Count de St. Bris, the promised bride of De Nevers, whom she does not love and whom she has come to implore to set her free.
He listens to her project and consents to be party to it but when he discovers Valentina to be the lady he just has seen at De Nevers' house, he refuses to enter into an engagement, which before the arousing of his suspicions, would have made him supremely happy.
The marriage of Valentina and De Nevers is urged with renewed vigor and the girl goes to pass the day in supplication at the chapel.
www.tribalsmile.com /music/article_130.shtml   (904 words)

 33rd Generation (cont.)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Henry de Lorraine II, Count of Lorraine and Louvain was born 1021 in Brabant province, Flemish Region, Central Belgium.
Dietrich Flaminius, Count in the Velue was born circa 1025.
William de Nevers I, Count of Nevers was born circa 1020 in Nevers, Bourgogne région, France and married 1046.
www.boazfamilytree.com /edebeauchamp/aqwg55.htm   (1374 words)

 Courtenay - LoveToKnow 1911
By his wife Ermengarde, daughter of Renaud, count of Nevers, Miles left a son Renaud, one of the magnates who followed Louis le Jeune to the Holy Land.
Pierre, the eldest son, was founder of a short-lived dynasty of emperors of Constantinople, which ended in 1261 when Baldwin (Baudouin), last of the Frankish emperors, fled before Michael Palaeologus from a capital in flames.
This Josselin, a notable crusader, went to the Holy Land with the count of Blois, and held by the sword for eleven years the county of Edessa, given him by his cousin King Baldwin II.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Courtenay   (2914 words)

 Opera Today : MEYERBEER: Les Huguenots
Valentine, daughter of the Count of St. Bris, enters and tells Margaret news—she has succeeded in breaking her engagement to marry the Count of Nevers, news in which both rejoice, for Valentine does not love the man, and Margaret has other plans for her.
A bridal procession passes—Valentine and the Count of Nevers are to be married.
Nevers alone among them refuses to swear allegiance to the plan; he is led away under guard.
www.operatoday.com /content/2006/11/meyerbeer_les_h.php   (1666 words)

 The Story of Les Huguenots
Nevers, as one of the leading Catholic noblemen is hosting a feast.
A female visitor in the garden is announced to Nevers, and the entire group (who know Nevers is engaged to be married) assume it is but another mistress.
Nevers, the bridegroom, unknowing of the plot, arrives on a gaily decorated barge ready to claim his bride.
www.meyerbeer.com /Hug-syn.htm   (1410 words)

 Mary Nichelson, b: -
Namur, Adelaide Countess Of (1068 - 1124) Namur, Albert III Count of (ABT 1048 -)
NAMUR, Godefroy Count Of (ABT 1073 -) NANKS, Sonichilde (Sunihilde, Swanhilde) Duchess Of, DUCHESS OF AUSTRASIA Neal, Ann (ABT 1702 -)
NEVERS, Landricun NEVERS, Renaud I Count Of NEVERS, Renaud Count Of NEVILLE, Alice (ABT 1430 - AFT 22 Nov 1503) NEVILLE, Alice De (ABT 1358 - 20 Jun 1433) NEVILLE, Anne (ABT 1411 - 20 Sep 1480) NEVILLE, Catherine (ABT 1442 - AFT 25 Mar 1504)
www.boydhouse.com /genealogy3/ipn.htm   (733 words)

 The Forsythe Saga
Eudes, II, Count of Blois and Ermengarde, of Auvergne
Geoffrey, III, Count of Gatinais and Beatrix, of Macon
Geoffrey, I, Count of Anjou [Geofffrey Greygown, Godfrey Greymantle, Geofffrey Grisgonelle]
www.rumblefische.com /ancestors/chap0032.html   (1951 words)

 Women in power 1500-1540
Elisabeth was married to Johann V Count of Nassau, Vianden, Katzenelnbogen and Diez, Baron of Breda, Stadholder of Gelre and Zutphen 1504-1505.
Took over the reins after the death of her husband, Ludovico II di Saluzzo, Count of Carmagnola from 1475 and Margrave of Saluzzo 1475-87) and (1490-1504), pretender of the Monferrato Margravate (through his mother Isabella del Montferrato (1427-75) and Viceroy of Napoli 1503, she was regent for son Michele Antonio I (1495-1504-28).
She was kept in confinement but never remained long in one place, for she enjoyed great popularity throughout a Country and there were fears of an uprising in her favour.
www.guide2womenleaders.com /womeninpower/Womeninpower1500.htm   (6136 words)

 Chapter Nestor <i>to</i> Newgate Fashion of N by Brewer's Readers Handbook   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nevers (Comte de), to whom Valentina (daughter of the governor of the Louvre) was affianced, and whom she married in a fit of jealousy.
The count having been shot in the Bartholomew slaughter, Valentina married Raoul [Rawl] her first love, but both were killed by a party of musketeers commanded by the governor of the Louvre.—Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots (opera, 1836).
N.B.—The duke [not count] de Nevers, being asked by the governor of the Louvre to join in the Bartholomew Massacre, replied that his family contained a long list of warriors, but not one assassin.
www.bibliomania.com /2/3/174/1124/14871/2.html   (610 words)

 Euryanthe - Opera
Euryanthe is a beautiful maiden who is betrothed to Adolar, Count of Nevers, but is also loved by another young nobleman, Lysiart, Count of Forest.
She has told how the gates of heaven are closed against her for this deed and how they never will be opened until the ring from which she tasted death is bathed in tears of injured innocence.
Adolar returns to Nevers, where he meets the bridal procession of Lysiart and Eglantine and sees the ghost of Emma trying to indicate to him his mistake.
www.tribalsmile.com /music/article_114.shtml   (642 words)

 List of counts and dukes of Nevers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The history of the County of Nevers is closely connected to the Duchy of Burgundy, from which it was separated in the 11th century.
The counts also held the County of Auxerre in the 11th and 12th centuries, and the county was held by the Count of Flanders and then the Duke of Burgundy again in the 14th century.
In the 16th century it was directly annexed to France and became a duchy in the peerage of France, where for a time it was held by the Gonzaga family.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Count_of_Nevers   (169 words)

 Ancestors from New England and Europe - pafg373 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Eudes III Count of Aumale s*-10224.Eudes married Adelaide of Aumale Countess of Ponthieu *-9910 about 1056 in of,,Normandy,France.
Manassess Count of Dammartin & Damp s+-10230.Manassess married Constance Princess of France +-9926.
Constance Princess of France +-9926 [Parents] was born in 1014 in of France.
www.angelfire.com /fl/Sumter/pafg373.htm   (453 words)

 34th Generation (cont.)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Renaud de Nevers I, Count of Nevers was born circa 1000 in Nevers, Bourgogne région, France.
Alvais Capet, Countess of Auxerre was born circa 1002.
William de Hiesmes, Count of Eu, Exmia, and Hiesmes and Lord Monstreul died 1022.
www.boazfamilytree.com /edebeauchamp/aqwg68.htm   (513 words)

 Book1: Origin and Establishment, Chapter 3
The Count of Nevers is said to be a defender of the Jews; if he does not dread the divine wrath, Innocent threatens to lay hands on him and punish his disobedience.
Juan Alonso Guzman, Count of Niebla, the most powerful noble of Andalusia, was adelantado of the province and alcalde mayor of Seville and his kinsman, Alvar Pérez de Guzman, was alguazil mayor.
Isabella apparently hesitated long between statesmanship and her conceptions of duty, while Torquemada never ceased to urge upon her the service to be rendered to Christ by clearing her dominions of the descendants of his crucifiers.
libro.uca.edu /lea1/1lea3.htm   (17212 words)

 Homage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I have voluntarily sworn that I will never take a husband without the advice, consent, and wish of my lord, Philip, king of France, and that I will place under his guardianship my daughter and any child of whom I may be pregnant from my late husband, count Theobald.
The lord of Marolles shall put himself and his castle also under the control of the king, and similarly all the knights who hold fiefs of Provins, and all the men of Provins, and all the men of Lagny and Meaux, and all the knights who hold fiefs of these places....
Know that the noble man, Theobald, count palatine of Champagne and Blois, did homage to us for the castle of Nogent-sur-Seine and its dependencies, in the same manner as Milo of Chalons, former lord of that castle, who held it as a fief from the church of St. Denis.
www.hillsdale.edu /personal/stewart/war/Med/1200s-Homage.htm   (423 words)

 Ne   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Renaud II of Nevers, Count of Nevers and Auxerre
Parents: William I of Nevers and Ermengarde of Tonnerre
Parents: Renaud I of Nevers and Hedwige of France
www.packrat-pro.com /ne.htm   (121 words)

 Philip II, Count of Nevers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Phillip II, Count of Nevers (October 1389, Villaines-en-Duesmois – October 25, 1415, Agincourt) was the youngest son of Philip II, Duke of Burgundy and Margaret III of Flanders.
He succeeded his brothers John, Duke of Burgundy and Antoine, Duke of Brabant as Count of Nevers and Rethel respectively after each of them acceded to their duchies.
He married again, in Beaumont-en-Artois on June 20, 1413, Bonne of Artois, daughter of Philip of Artois, Count of Eu.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Philip_II,_Count_of_Nevers   (148 words)

 Beauty Stone Preface   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Upon the advance of the Duke the siege was raised, and the rebels retreated upon Liege, where they were totally routed, the Lord of Pieruels and his two sons being put to death.
In this battle nearly the whole of the allied forces were put to the sword, but Bajazet spared the lives of John of Nevers and of certain lords in his retinue, holding them prisoner in Turkey till a fitting ransom had been provided by the French King.
Froissart has left us a picturesque account of the sufferings endured by those nobles during the period of their captivity, and of the adventures that befell them on their homeward journey through the Greek islands.
math.boisestate.edu /gas/other_sullivan/html/beauty_preface.html   (277 words)

 The Forsythe Saga
von Redlich (pg 279) and Planche lists Beatrix de Montdidier as the daughter of Hildouin IV, Count of Montdidier and Adelaide the daughter of Manasseur, Count of Rheims, and as grandaughter of Hildouin III and Alix de Roucy.
It is apparent by examining the line numbering, that Weis had removed a generation since a previous edition of the his book, implying the typesetter omitted a line.
Fulk, IV, Count of Anjou [Fulk the Quarreler]
www.rumblefische.com /ancestors/chap0031.html   (2231 words)

 Family of Barbara L. Sherman - pafg74 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Ermengarde De Nevers married Milo De Courtenay in 1095 in,, France.
Count of Nevers Renaud was born in 1047.
Ermengarde De Nevers was born about 1073 and died in 1095.
www.web-glitter.com /ali/sherman/pafg74.htm   (358 words)

same year the pious and merciful count Thibauld, seneschal to the king of the Franks, the count of Clermont, the count of La Perche, the duke of Burgundy and Phillip count of Flanders all by God's summons entered the way of all flesh at the siege of Acre.
The count of Flanders' lands passed to his nephew Baldwin, son of the count of Hainault and later made emperor of Constantinople, because he had no other heir.
For it is not in the power of arms but in the virtue and mercy of Christ that Christians place their trust, nor do they achieve great things (virtutem faciunt) in themselves but in God, overcoming the unbelieving peoples and reducing to nothing the enemies of Christ's cross.
www.arts.cornell.edu /prh3/408/texts/Rigord10.html   (2621 words)

 Genealogy of the Gallyot and Gallyot de La Villette Family   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Currently, the earliest known Gallyot/Galliot on record in Nivernais is Jeannet Galiot who is mentioned in a record* of 1 January 1477 concerning the expenditure for the household of the Count of Nevers (Nevers was raised to a Duchy in 1539).
Archers du corps (in effect a bodyguard of the Count of Nevers).
Jean Gallyot, possibly a kinsman of Jeannet Galiot, was a merchant and resident of Entrains who purchased a property (Noire-Epinay) from Claude de Foix the Countess of Laval (after she became a widow).
hometown.aol.com.au /gallyotinfo/GallyotGenealogy.htm   (623 words)

 The Forsythe Saga
[5240787508] Geoffrey, I, Count of Anjou [Geofffrey Greygown, Godfrey Greymantle, Geofffrey Grisgonelle]
Hugues, I, Count of Meulan and _____ de Valois
Geoffrey, I, Count of Anjou [Geofffrey Greygown, Godfrey Greymantle, Geofffrey Grisgonelle] and Adelaide de Vermandois
www.rumblefische.com /ancestors/chap0033.html   (1781 words)

 Othon-Guillaume de Mâcon
Burgundy was annexed to the crown of France by king Robert II in 1004, and after this date, Otto-William was nominal count of Burgundy.
He married Ermentrude of Reims, daughter of Count Renaud of Reims.
He was a Count of Mâcon from 981 to 986.
www.delmars.com /family/perrault/7277.htm   (188 words)

 [Jeanne d'Arc]>> Battle>Agincourt
Philip of Burgundy, Count of Nevers and Rethel (b.1389)
Charles I d'Albret, Count of Dreux, the Constable of France
The French lost 5000 of noble birth killed, including the constable, 3 dukes, 5 counts and 90 barons (see below); 1000 more were taken prisoner, amongst them the duke of Orléans (the Charles d'Orléans of literature) and Jean Le Maingre, marshall of France.
www.jeanne-darc.dk /p_war/0_battles/agincourt.html   (2144 words)

 Richard Leech Live Performance Video Clips
Raoul, son of the Huguenot Count de Nangis, is attending a dinner at the home of the Catholic Count de Nevers.
In the course of the opera Marguerite de Valois has arranged for Raoul to marry Valentine (and reconcile Catholic and Protestant), and Raoul has rejected this arrangement, incorrectly believing she is involved with Nevers.
Rebuffed by Raoul, she has gone on to marry Nevers after all, and Raoul has learned of the error of his ways.
www.richardleech.com /video.html   (326 words)

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