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  BoingDragon's Lair | Counters
The main problem with the counter logging right now is that it isn't resolving IP addresses, which kills the 'top 20 visitor domains' part of the reporting (the older counters had this, and I'm trying to maintain all of the same reporting features).
Some of the old counters will no longer be available in their current form, as I'm switching most of the 'overlay' ones (fairy, unicorn, etc) back to optimized inline images.
The counters are going to be limited to 2000 hits/day at first, so it really counts as a beta test for how much the system can handle.
www.boingdragon.com /counters.html   (5484 words)

 WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock
The implication is, if the counter is the first thing in a large table, the browser will not have to wait to calculate the width and height of the counter image before loading the rest.
The parameter offset is used with parameter align to specify the offset of the counter image in pixels from the edge of the base image while compositing the counter/clock image with an base image.
You can position the counter image anywhere on the base image using the parameter xy or you can use align to align at top, middle and bottom of the base image.
www.muquit.com /muquit/software/Count/Count.html   (9310 words)

 Counter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general, a counter is a device which stores (and sometimes displays) the number of times a particular event or process has occurred, often in relationship to a clock signal.
The simplest counter circuit is a single D-type flip flop, with its D (data) input fed from its own inverted output.
A Johnson counter is a special case of shift register, where the output from the last stage is inverted and fed back as input to the first stage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Counter   (765 words)

 How to use the SIPB Counters
The SIPB counter is a script that can report how many requests (some people call them hits) have been made to a particular home page.
If you try your counter for the first time and see a number greater than you expect (say, more than 1), someone else may be using this identifier.
The perday counter keeps track of when it was first used, and the total number of hits it has received.
stuff.mit.edu /doc/counter-howto.html   (607 words)

 Generated content, automatic numbering, and lists
Counters may be specified with two different functions: 'counter()' or 'counters()'.
The counters defined by these properties are used with the counter() and counters() functions of the the 'content' property.
Counters are "self-nesting", in the sense that re-using a counter in a child element automatically creates a new instance of the counter.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-CSS2/generate.html   (4575 words)

 Matt's Script Archive: Counter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Counter allows you to represent the number of visitors to your page (or more accurately, the number of people to load the counter image) through a graphical depiction.
The Counter program at MSA requires a C program called fly, which is located at: http://martin.gleeson.com/fly/ in order to put multiple gif images together into one on the fly.
Counter can be downloaded in several different formats, or you can even have it mailed to you as a uuencoded file.
www.worldwidemart.com /scripts/counter.shtml   (415 words)

 WebCounter Free Counter Creation Page
The Web-Counter identifies which counter is being requested by using a special string which it calls the Counter Name.
Make sure you note the exact counter that was created as well as the HTML code that was returned after successful creation of your counter.
In addition, understand that the case (whether upper or lower) of the characters in the counter name is significant.
www.digits.com /create.html   (1040 words)

 LiveCounter Classic : web page access counter, live Java display, CGI backup counter
It was also the first Java enabled counter to have a CGI backup counter, making it possible to count visitors using non-Java enabled browsers as well.
LiveCounter Classic counter and log processor installation ($30.00) : This is for installing the counter and the basic text-only log processor.
LiveCounter Classic counter and log processor installation plus the log analyzer ($55.00) : This includes the counter and the basic log processor installation, plus a single-user license to the Log Analyzer for generating easy to read and comprehensive graphical reports.
www.chami.com /counter/classic   (1199 words)

 ssd's counter page
If you see a news message about a counter from someone other than the person who owns the counter that explains how to use it without mentioning the implications or referring them to the author, the poster probably deserves to be flamed.
Please read the rules in the documentation section to make sure your counter URL is valid before complaining to me that it doesn't work.
When I bring the counter back online, I hope to be able to sort things out and maybe spread my load around a little; also, hopefully the registration process will be more automated and will redirect users to "regional" counters...
www-mae.engr.ucf.edu /~ssd/counter.html   (660 words)

 Free-Counter.com - Free Counter provides a reliable hit counter with real time web site statistics and customizable ...
Hit Counters can give you a better understanding of how much web traffic is coming to your web site and how many times your web pages have been viewed.
We have English free counters, Mandarin Chinese free counters, Traditional Chinese free counters, Japanese free counters and Arabic free counters.
A free counter allows you to notice which pages are your anchors and which ones are your exit pages.
www.free-counter.com   (784 words)

 Aaddzz - FREE Counters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Once you have created your counter or tracker, you may choose to allow visitors to view your reports.
Please note that, while your counter will provide a link to your Aaddzz reports page, reports are only generated if you have an Aaddzz ad space or tracker on your page.
In the Create Counter or Create Tracker form, type the URL of the page where the counter or tracker will be displayed.
www.aaddzz.com /pages/counters   (727 words)

 Free Hit Counters - track how many visitors come to your site with our free counter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Our traffic counters are totally and completely free so try it out and start counting the visitors to your website.
Our counters are not only free but free from a lengthy sign up process- (you do not have to register or sign up for anything!).
Hit counters are a great way to keep track of what is happening with your website.
www.freehitcounters.net   (243 words)

 Hit Counter - Free Counter By Bpath
With our free counter you can track the number of people who visit your site each day.
By using several hit counters, you can monitor the number of visitors to any of your web site pages, providing you vital information on how to manage your site more effectively
With each visitor's entry to your web site, the counter will be automatically incremented..
www.bpath.com /counter   (120 words)

 COUNTER - Online Usage of Electronic Resources
The COUNTER Codes of Practice provide these standards and protocols and are published in full on this website.
Release 2 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for Journals and Databases (published April 2005)
Peter Shepherd, Project Director, is responsible for the day-to-day management of COUNTER and reports to the Executive Committee.
www.projectcounter.org   (321 words)

 Hit counters from Free-Hit-Counters.com
Free hit counter service is very easy to use, and we offer inexpensive hit counter upgrade services to users who need a different profile than the free account provides.
Special Hit Counter- $9.95 per year ($2.50/month!) One year of traffic reporting without display of the hit counter banner.
Super Special Hit counter- $39.95 The experts at free hit counters will install tracking code in up to 10 pages plus all the benefits of the Special Hit Counter for one year.
www.free-hit-counters.com   (394 words)

 Free Hit Counter / Web Counter
Firstly it is completely optional whether to display a counter or not.
Most members however, freely choose to display a hit counter because the level of configurability is just so damn good.
Of course the only way to experience this highly configurable counter interface for yourself is to register right now for your free account.
www.statcounter.com /free_hit_counter.html   (312 words)

 Free Web Site Blog Counter,Visitor Page Stats,Javascript Hit Tracker
You are invited to visit our fresh create spa health directory, we also feature different websites like our local apartments directory where you can find an apartment in CA and in towns starting with C. If you are interested in primary school you will find a German shop for the 1.
Your free javascript counter will be up and running in a few seconds.
There are tons of other features available for all users, account creation is easy and copying the counter code on your site is done in seconds.
www.xtrastats.com   (369 words)

 Over 150 FREE hit counter styles to choose from!
With the Free Stats Counter all you have to do is pick your counter, paste the code on your site and you're ready to start counting your visitors.
With over 160 counters to choose from, we've got something for everyone.
No need to keep the free traffic counter a secret - tell all your friends how they can keep an eye on their visitors with our free hit counter.
www.freestatscounter.com   (257 words)

 Create Web Counter - Free Web Counter Free Hit Counters
The first step is to choose a counter style.
We have hundreds of great styles of web counters to choose from, so one of our free hit counters is bound to suit your site perfectly.
To select a counter, just click the circle to the left side of the style you want.
www.amazingcounters.com /sign-up.php   (186 words)

 Web site counter and web page counter by CounterCentral
That code will cause a counter image to display on your page (this image can be invisible - one of the many options we offer - but technically it is still an image).
When a visitor accesses your site, his or her browser requests your page from your server and then goes on to load the hit counter image from the CounterCentral servers ; when this happens we capture information on that visitor and record the data into your own personal log files.
The day you install your hit counter you stop flying blind : you start measuring and understanding the results of your promotional strategy which means better results, less time wasted and a nice, exponentially growing traffic curve.
www.countercentral.com   (952 words)

 COUNTER - Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources
Introduction to Release 2 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for Journals and Databases PDF (103KB)
XML Schemas for the COUNTER usage reports have been developed by Project SUSHI (Standardised Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) and are available on the NISO website, where they may be accessed by clicking on the link below:
Release 1 of the COUNTER code of Practice for Journals and Databases (published January 2003)
www.projectcounter.org /code_practice.html   (236 words)

 ZCounter :: Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Counter provides free counters, in exchange for your return link(as provided).
Counter is fully dedicated to reliablity, we provide no responsibility of service.
Counter site, and will not be sold to commercial entities.
www.zcounter.com   (150 words)

 Free Hit Counter - Invisible Web Counter - Free Website Hit Tracker And Stat Counter
There are many hit counter services out there that promise you the world - for a fee.
At RiteCounter, we decided it was time someone took all the best features from the existing hit counters out there, added a few more on top, and offered the entire package to people as a free service.
Simply sign up for our free web counter services and within minutes you'll have a feature-rich invisible stat tracker on your website, telling you how many people are hitting your site, where they're from, when your site is most popular, and a whole lot more besides.
www.ritecounter.com   (553 words)

 Web Site Counter
Our customizable Counter — available for only $59 per year — displays the number of hits or unique visitors to a web page.
Counter's IP address exclusion feature allows you to visit your own site without skewing visitor data, and its invisible counter option allows you to track hits without showing your results to visitors!
By providing independent third-party auditing with the most accurate hit-counting service available, our Counter has emerged as the leading counter service on the web.
www.web-site-tools.com /counter.htm   (196 words)

COUNTER STRIKE: CT VICTOR - Possibly the first CS Flash movie, I dunno.
COUNTER STICK 2 - The sequel to the other Counter Stick movie.
COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT - It isn't Counterstrike, but CS fans may get off on it.
www.newgrounds.com /collection/counterstrike.html   (454 words)

 Pro-Counter.com - The web's only high speed professional counter system
Pro-Counter.com is dedicated to offering its users a professional, reliable counter service.
Using state of the art UNIX servers and an XML based design, we provide our users with blazing fast hit tracking and a wide variety of popular designs.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions, including ideas for new counters.
www.pro-counter.com   (125 words)

 Free Web Page Hit Counter #1
If you have problems please inspect the HTML on your web page carefully because the most common error is a typographical error.
Some web page editors modify the HTML in a way that the counter may not work.
If this is the case with your editor, you may have to enter the HTML with another editor like Notepad.
www.easycounter.com /FreeCounter3.html   (150 words)

 Amazing Counters - Free Web Counter Free Hit Counters
Unlike other hit counters, we feature free web site statistics, allowing you to track your web site traffic over time.
We even have an invisible counter, so you can just use our free web counter for private stats.
Our free hit counter is simple even if you don't know html code, and it doesn't require java script.
www.amazingcounters.com   (280 words)

 Counter-Strike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Killing or injuring a hostage incurs a penalty of $2250 times the fraction of the hostage's health that was taken away, up to a maximum of 1.
In this mission, one counter-terrorist team member becomes a "VIP" - a player with 200 units of Kevlar and nothing more than a knife and the counter-terrorist team's standard-issue USP pistol with one extra magazine.
Counter Strike: Source featured enhanced graphics and a physics engine as a result of being developed using Valve's new technology, the Source engine, which had also been used to develop Half-Life 2.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Counter-Strike   (3292 words)

 So, You Want Your Own Counter CGI, Huh?
I love the look of a counter proclaiming to all that my page is cool enough for a couple hundred thousand to roll through.
The problem is that counters are not all that easy to come by if you don't own the CGI.
If someone is nice enough to ask to use the counter CGI, it's up to you to let him or her or not.
www.htmlgoodies.com /beyond/cgi/article.php/3470131   (2409 words)

 Free Hit Counter For Website
Our website counters and statistics counters are provided free of charge, we donot require your email or any personal information and you can signup with our services in less then a minute.
Just choose the counter style, provide us the start count and thats it.
Your counter code will be generated upon clicking the submit button.
www.hit-counts.com   (79 words)

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