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Topic: Country

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  Country Music at Country Standard Time
The oxymoronically-named quartet does the kind of country music that would have been considered mainstream rock in the '60s or '70s.
This year marks a half-century since singer and guitarist Charlie Waller and a then-teenaged banjo standout Bill Emerson formed the Country Gentlemen, a band that changed the face of bluegrass and continues today under the direction of Waller's son, Randy.
Country Standard Time editorial – The late Porter Wagoner was a true legend.
www.countrystandardtime.com   (897 words)

  CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country for PlayStation 2 Review - PlayStation 2 CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution ...
Karaoke Revolution Country finally adds some focus to the Karaoke Revolution party games, but the focus is too strict, and there are not enough great country classics to appeal to a wide enough range of people.
Country is as much about singing off-key as it is about singing on-key.
It's nice to be able to customize characters, and some of their "country moves" are entertaining, but the game has a limited look to it that could probably stand to be improved upon.
www.gamespot.com /ps2/puzzle/karaokerevolutioncountry/review.html   (1103 words)

  Country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In most usages outside the UK, however, the term Country carries with it strong connotations of political independence, and it may be considered politically incorrect by neutral observers to refer to Tibet as a country, for example.
A country usually has its own government, administration and laws; and often a constitution, police, military, tax rules, and a population who are referred to as one another's countrymen.
In this sense of country, the reference is more likely to be to a group that supposedly shares a common ethnic origin, language, religion, or history (real or imagined).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Country   (1042 words)

 Country music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Country music, also known as country and western music or country-western, is a blend of popular musical forms originally found in the Southern United States.
Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family are widely considered to be the founders of country music, and their songs were first captured at an historic recording session in Bristol, Tennessee on August 1, 1927, where Ralph Peer was the talent scout and sound recordist.
Even today the variety of country music is not usually well reflected in commercial radio airplay and the popular perception of country music is fraught with stereotypes of hillbillies and maudlin ballads.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Country_music   (4257 words)

 MARC Code List for Countries   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When using the country codes to retrieve records, this practice should be specially noted as not all records encoded before 1971 may have been changed.
When a country has changed its name, the existing code is retained but the new name is used and the earlier name is added as a reference.
Thus when using country codes to retrieve records, if the code for the entity has changed since the implementation of an earlier code list, it is advisable to specify both the new and previously assigned (historical) codes in the retrieval request if records coded prior to the changes are desired.
www.loc.gov /marc/countries   (1473 words)

 Country Music at MSN Shopping
With producer Josh Leo and a deck of tough songs, Mattea showed a side her country audience hadn't yet seen, and one that the adult contemporary and emerging AAA formats could embrace.
But no country artist's greatest-hits album is complete without the obligatory addition of at least two new songs, and Strait fulfills this obligation with a slightly appealing duet with fellow country artist Alan Jackson, crooning about "Murder on Music Row," and "The Best Day," which has filled the airwaves of country radio.
Urban, an expatriate New Zealander, is anything but a Nashville purist; in fact, his music is only nominally definable as country, due to the frequent inclusion of a Dobro, banjo, or mandolin in his arrangements and the slight country twang in his singing voice, acquired from years of listening to country music as a child.
shopping.msn.com /results/shp/?bCatID=5346   (1259 words)

 Amazon.com: Country: DVD: Jessica Lange,Sam Shepard,Wilford Brimley,Matt Clark,Theresa Graham,Levi L. Knebel,Jim ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Country is not a true story but is based on a number of true stories.
Country is a movie that allows Lange to showcase her true to life living.
"Country" is a beautifully shot, written, and acted film that honestly deals with the pain of family farming under the dreadful reagun administration.
www.amazon.com /Country-Jessica-Lange/dp/B00008L3V9   (1309 words)

 BBC - Music - A quick guide to Country   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Country music's premier arena for amateur talent in the South and Midwest became the focus of professional talent due, in no small part, to the regular appearances of Roy Acuff.
Popular in the 30s and 40s as a direct result of the boom in cowboy films it was mainly the domain of a man, with a big hat, an acoustic guitar and, most importantly, a horse on which to sing/yodel.
This was the first form of country to introduce drums and Hawaiian Steel guitar (later known as pedal steel) to the mix.
www.bbc.co.uk /music/folkcountry/guide_country.shtml   (1904 words)

 One Country
NEW YORK — Bahá’í students in primary and secondary schools throughout Iran are increasingly being harassed, vilified, and held up to abuse, according to recent reports from inside the country.
BRAZZAVILLE, Congo Republic — The Congo Republic became the second country to issue a postage stamp for World Religion Day, an annual event commemorated in dozens of cities and towns around the globe.
MOM VILLAGE, Papua New Guinea — In a simple but striking example of grass roots development, a group of villagers on a remote island some 30 kilometers off Papua New Guinea’s northern coast have funded and built their own medical aid station.
www.onecountry.org   (430 words)

 CD Baby: CD Baby: COUNTRY music you will love.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
What really seems to stick out is the drive and energy, even amongst the lightness and carefree buzz of this playful group, who you would imagine, are enjoying some nice cold beers between songs; more evidence that Bucket of Clams is well-suited for summer beer festivals and music jams.
Modern Country isn’t immune to this phenomenon where music is not only more accessible but more disposable and short-lived.
Bringing a rowdy, rebellious and scoundrel-like nature to the medium of traditional bluegrass and country folk, The Benders deliver unrelenting, sometimes frantic, sometimes sharp-edged and mishief-making, whiskey-guzzling music with no qualms about throwing in some rock or blues influence here and there (or whatever they fancy) to light up these songs with crooked hillbilly danger.
www.cdbaby.com /style/country   (863 words)

 XM Radio - Country   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you love Country music, you know that Country is more than a place on a map; it's a place in the heart.
Country superstars are more than what's playing right now.
For hits from the late 80s and 90s, a journey into US Country is well worth the visit.
www.xmradio.com /programming/neighborhood.jsp?hood=country   (367 words)

 MusicMoz - Styles: Country
Country Music Bulletin Boards - Forum for country music fans to discuss their favorite artists.
Country Music File - Album list, charts, birthdays, almanac, UK radio and television show schedule, UK tour and event dates, trivia, awards, interviews, and categorized links.
Hitdude Country - Index of country artists including their biggest records and year each was a hit.
musicmoz.org /Styles/Country   (536 words)

 Country Dance, Line Dancing Instructional Videos. Learn country dancing
Wiley Hicks, a 3-time national country dance champion with a Masters Degree in Performing Arts and 25 years as a professional instructor/choreographer, shows you the real moves and the style and grace necessary for great country partner dancing.
Christy Lane, the most traveled country dance teacher in the U.S., now comes into your home with warmth, enthusiasm and humor as she skillfully teaches you the most popular versions of Hip Hop, Black Velvet, Tumbleweed and Cowboy Hip Hop.
Wiley Hicks 3-time national country dance champion, Masters Degree - Performing Arts, and 25 years as a professional instructor/choreographer shows you the real moves and the style and grace necessary for great country partner dancing.
securesearch.org /country_dance/index.html   (2239 words)

 Country News
The Statler Brothers, who enjoyed a four-decade run as one of the most successful groups in country music, were honored Friday as Virginians of the Year by the Virginia Press Association.
Country music superstar Jo Dee Messina is coming to town this summer.
PAIN and suffering are the bread and butter of most country music artists but Keith Urban insists his latest album is a celebration of happy times: friends dropping by and his marriage, last June, to the...
www.topix.net /music/country   (821 words)

 Country - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
If tracks like "County Line" read like a catalog of country living, from cherry bombs to 4-H fairs to whitewall tires, that only proves what we already knew: Sugarland has their audience pegged.
They may have stirred political debate in recent years, but as their recent sweep of the '07 Grammy awards attests, no one denies the Dixie Chicks are a talented bunch.
One of the kingpins of contemporary country, George Strait has stuck to his trademark neo-trad style throughout his 25-year career, racking up a truckload of Number Ones in the process.
music.download.com /2001-7981_32-0.html   (528 words)

 COUNTRY MUSIC | WHAS11.com | News for Louisville, Kentucky
King George Strait, the quintessential traditional country singer from Texas, will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Nov. 6 during the 40th annual Country Music Association Awards ceremony.
Country singer Steve Holy spent more than two years diligently planning and helping build his Dallas home, with its French antique, New Orleans vintage design.
HARD COUNTRY: On her second album, South Carolina's Julie Roberts sinks her bluesy twang into a batch of stone-country songs about cheating, drinking, loving, Mama and even some girl-next-door jealousy.
www.whas11.com /sharedcontent/features/country2/index.html   (902 words)

 radioioCountry. your world. your station. no boundaries.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
country music has covered a lot of territory since jimmie rodgers hopped off the train in the early part of the 20th Century-it's been the soundtrack of the everyman, conveying the complexities of life in sometimes the simplest of ways and of course, detailing lives and loves with gut-wrenching honesty.
in other words, it's all country music, it just depends on what country you're coming from-or better yet, which country you're now entering.
the eponymous debut collaboration of country and bluegrass legend ricky skaggs with renowned pianist and songwriter (not to mention virginia native) bruce hornsby is as fascinating and masterful as the two stars that created it.
www.radioio.com /radioiocountry.php   (777 words)

 Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of Congress
The Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world.
Because the original intent of the series' sponsor was to focus primarily on lesser-known areas of the world or regions in which U.S. forces might be deployed, the series is not all-inclusive.
At present, 101 countries and regions are covered.
lcweb2.loc.gov /frd/cs/cshome.html   (219 words)

 Country Charts - The First Internet Charts (SM)
His hit song "A Country Road From You" climbed the country music charts all the way to number one in 1978.
The country girl queen is the answer to the Brittany fans who think that she's all that.
But i have new for them,the most sexest ladies on earth ware cowboy boots and wrangler jeans.Just listen to the song country girl queen and you'll see what i m..
www.soundclick.com /genres/charts.cfm?genre=Country   (342 words)

 Country guitar lessons
All country lessons include audio MP3 files, PDF notation and tab files and PowerTab, so that you can "see" and "hear" the tab played out as well as slow it down without effecting pitch.
Individual country guitar lessons can be immediately downloaded and CD compilations feature collections of country guitar lessons.
You can choose from live performance DVDs, country guitar instruction DVDs, country guitar instruction books with CDs and a wide collection of PlayAlongs and songbooks.
truefire.com /lessons/countryguitarlessons.html   (341 words)

 Hire A Country Band, Country Western Music, Country Music Bands
Country music, once known as Country and Western music, originated in the southeastern United States in the 1920s with roots in the blues, traditional spirituals, and folk music.
Country music has lyrics which portray the failures and successes of everyday living.
Country western music of today is widely popular at festivals, sporting events, reunions, and more.
www.gigmasters.com /Country/CountryBand.asp   (474 words)

 Country Guitar - Elderly Instruments
Burton is considered one of the finest guitar pickers in either country or rock.
The first eight licks are fill-in licks, while the rest are typical country lead lines from the playing of famous country guitarists.
In this comprehensive course Carr teaches the fundamentals of country guitar, including major, minor and 7th chord forms, major scales and flatpicking techniques.
www.elderly.com /highlights/country_guitar.html   (1032 words)

 Music, Genres, Country,
This !tzalist ring is open to all country music-related websites, including country music singers and songwriters, new country, old country and western, country music fan sites, and more.
Country is a great way of life and country music is the best there is.
This is a group of sites dedicated to uniting country music fans and organizing a support base for established acts and up-and-coming singers or groups.
dir.webring.com /rw?d=Music/Genres/Country   (617 words)

 MusicMoz - Lyrics: Country
America's favorite patriotic songs and hymns, most by country music artists.
Lyrics from recent country top ten charts plus many new singles.
Original country and gospel songs with links to songwriting tips, lyric critique, songwriters and music resources.
musicmoz.org /Lyrics/Country   (144 words)

 High Country News: Home Page
High Country News talks to Dennis McFarland, the Montana rancher who also leads the state’s Democratic Party.
The wolf known as B-7 — the last surviving member of a group of Canadian wolves released in Idaho in 1995 — has died.
On South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation, some Oglala Lakota are defying the federal government to grow industrial hemp, hoping that it can help to revitalize both the tribe's economy and its government.
www.hcn.org   (606 words)

 SKY.fm - Country Internet Radio channel
Here on the Country Channel at SKY.fm, you'll get passed all that and explore deep into the world of country music.
You will still find the hits, but with a wide variety of the best country artists that do not receive much radio time due to traditional radio thinking.
If you truly love the sounds of country music and want more of it, this is the place to be.
www.sky.fm /country   (194 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with country
Join country radio host Kevin Richards as he hosts an Eastern Caribbean Cruise with Collin...
Mike Manuel has led the way in establishing what is known today as Christian country music.
Register now, and choose from a wide variety of your favorite Country artists and songs, such...
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/country   (167 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Music: Lyrics: Country   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Country Music Lyrics Corner - A large, searchable database of country music lyrics by various popular country artists.
Insurgent Country Homepage - Large list of country artists and songs, many with guitar chords, lyrics, and album reviews.
Patriotic Country Music Lyrics - Lyrics and clips to some of America's favorite patriotic songs and hymns, mostly by country music artists.
dmoz.org /Arts/Music/Lyrics/Country   (237 words)

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