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Topic: Country pop

  Country pop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Country Pop is a subgenre of country music that first emerged in the 1970s, with roots in both the countrypolitan sound and in soft rock.
Country pop music gained its first success in the early 60s with a new widespread creation by producers Owen Bradley and Chet Atkins called the Nashville Sound.
Country pop enjoyed a resurgence beginning in the mid-1990s, primarily because of Garth Brooks and Shania Twain, among others.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Country_pop   (642 words)

 Country Music - MSN Encarta
Country harmony relies for the most part on a simple selection of repeated chords—usually three, although additional chords or as few as two may be used.
The country genre began in the 1920s with string bands, which usually consisted of various combinations of guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and string bass, also known as a double bass.
The piano can be found on country records as early as 1925, but it did not become a lead instrument until the late 1940s, with the boogie-woogie recordings of singer and songwriter Aubrey “Moon” Mullican.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761558215/Country_Music.html   (1143 words)

 Country music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Country music, the first half of Billboard's country and western music category, is a blend of popular musical forms originally found in the Southern United States.
The term country music began to be used in the 1940s when the earlier term hillbilly music was deemed to be degrading, and the term was widely embraced in the 1970s, while country and western has declined in use since that time.
Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family are widely considered to be the founders of country music, and their songs were first captured at a historic recording session in Bristol, Tennessee on August 1, 1927, where Ralph Peer was the talent scout and sound recordist.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Country_music   (4485 words)

 Country Music - MSN Encarta
Western swing was a country version of the big-band jazz music popular during the 1930s and 1940s, a period known as the swing era.
Although it featured country songs performed by country stars, the Nashville sound was produced with the technology and sophistication of popular music of the period.
The big-label, large-studio approach has remained part of the country music industry, as has the overall tendency to combine popular and country music into a style often referred to as country pop.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761558215_2/Country_Music.html   (1552 words)

 Country Downloads - Download Country Music - Download Country MP3s
Often, Alternative Country was used interchangeably with Americana -- the difference between the two is that alt-country had its roots in country, while Americana grew out of the roots rock movement of the '80s, and found former rock & rollers turning to folk and country as they grew older.
Contemporary Country is the mainstream country and country-pop that evolved after the slick country-pop of the Urban Cowboy movement in the early '80s.
The sound dominated the country charts in the '70s and stayed popular until the early '80s, when it was replaced by Urban Cowboy, a country-pop genre that was explicitly influenced by rock.
www.mp3.com /country/genre/10/styles.html   (2506 words)

 Country-Pop Downloads - Download Country-Pop Music - Download Country-Pop MP3s
That's why she managed pop crossover hits in the early '80s and also why she was able to sustain country success throughout the decade.
During the mid-'70s, she established herself as a country superstar, crossing over into the pop mainstream in the early '80s, when she smoothed out the rough edges in her music and began singing pop as well as country.
Most of her albums were dominated by the adult contemporary pop of songs like "Islands in the Stream," and it had been years since she had sung straightforward country.
www.mp3.com /country-pop/genre/185/subgenre.html   (6714 words)

 Country Music Editorial - The different sounds of country music, June 2005
Country music certainly has gone through a number of phases in the past decade or so.
All of a sudden, the sound purveyed by Travis Tritt (though he was far more country than the current crop) and Montgomery Gentry (more rock than country) seems to have gone full tilt towards southern rock.
The point is that what used to be country not too long ago has far expanded for better or worse well beyond its roots.
www.countrystandardtime.com /d/editorial.asp?xid=197   (548 words)

 Country-Pop Downloads - Download Country-Pop Music - Download Country-Pop MP3s
When rockabilly took off, however, country musicians were forced to consider whether their true affinities lay with traditional country or with this popular new style, which allowed artists to reach crossover audiences for the first time.
Because the melodies and song structures of country music were usually very simple and catchy, they worked well when placed in a pop-oriented format; Atkins' productions often placed the songs in orchestral arrangements heavy on the strings, which sometimes blended with country instrumentation and sometimes stood alone.
Ronnie Milsap was one of the major figures of country music in the 1970s, developing a hybrid of country and pop which brought him a large audience.
www.mp3.com /country-pop/genre/186/subgenre.html   (5495 words)

 Country-Pop - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
On the one hand country music is simple and homespun, defined by twangy vocals, mournful guitars and fiddles, and lyrics about dogs, death, mother, and your childhood home in the hills.
But erase the cliches and you'll quickly realize that country covers a surprisingly large amount of territory--everything from Hank Williams' honky tonk to the western swing of Bob Wills and Milton Brown; from the slick pop stylings of Faith Hill to the melancholy acoustic songs of Gillian Welch.
These days country's got rock, soul, maybe a touch of jazz, and plenty of the blues, but when you're pining for a lost love or yearning for the smell of your mama's cooking, there's nothing like a good country song to bring you back home.
music.download.com /2001-8939_32-0.html   (264 words)

 HOT TOPIC: Country vs. Pop - The Shania Forums
I come from a mainly pop background, being from Asia which is a huge market for pop and not even considered for country...
Country Music has to point their fingers at someone and they are going to blame Shania on killing Country music.
From a country perspective, I, as many, have watched the country music industry grow into the power kingdom that it is today.
www.shaniaforums.com /showthread.php?t=412   (3603 words)

 CD Baby: COUNTRY: Country Pop - music you will love.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Country Rock/J.C. Andersen has a voice that's smooth and exciting.
Bumpkin's first studio effort blends Irish, Cajun, and mainstream country influences to create what could be the second best demo ever made.
Pop music that wears a cowboy hat and boots.
www.cdbaby.com /style/28   (471 words)

 USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Cary crafts charming and bittersweet Southern pop with occasional touches of steel guitar and Memphis-style horns, and tunes such as Thick Walls Down, Pony and Shallow Heart, Shallow Water sink into your skin like the springtime sun.
Steve Riley, Sonny Landreth, Michael and David Doucet, and others form an all-star Cajun band behind the singers, and though the musicians and singers are all on their best first-date behavior, they bring a fire and authenticity to the music that longtime fans will love.
The one written from Jesus' perspective precedes the one that says, "A friend of the devil is a friend of mine." And the one about "going straight to hell" probably turns into a raucous sing-along in concert.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/country.htm   (877 words)

 Country - Download.com Music
Her sweet, endearing voice infuses the music with sincerity and imagination, proving the best country pop can come from unexpected places.
Their knack for popular, authentic country music, along with their solid songwriting and musicianship, should make the likes of Toby Keith and Alan Jackson both proud and a little nervous.
This is honest, soulful country balladry of the sort Nashville’s been missing lately.
oldhomepage.com /cnetmusic.htm   (430 words)

 Country Music at MSN Shopping
Carter cracked it finally at 30, after trying since she was 17 as the daughter of kicking country guitar picker Fred Carter.
It's a good time for a live video from Urban, who topped the country charts and went platinum with Be Here, the album the tour was promoting, after several years of increasing success.
Urban, an expatriate New Zealander, is anything but a Nashville purist; in fact, his music is only nominally definable as country, due to the frequent inclusion of a Dobro, banjo, or mandolin in his arrangements and the slight country twang in his singing voice, acquired from years of listening to country music as a child.
shopping.msn.com /results/shp/?bCatID=5346   (2061 words)

 The Pop vs. Soda Page
They have a multiple choice poll between pop and soda.
People who say "Pop" are much, much cooler.
CommonCensus.org is a similar survey that asks you which city is the cultural center of your area, and also has a question about which sports teams you support.
www.popvssoda.com   (684 words)

 All Available Artists in Country-Pop - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
Editors' Review: If tracks like "County Line" read like a catalog of country living, from cherry bombs to 4-H fairs to whitewall tires, that only proves what we already knew: Sugarland has their audience pegged.
Editors' Review: Country singers love to sing about their steeds, but this young voice comes by her barnside topics honestly: raised on a farm, she's now an award-winning equestrian.
From the artist: Christle sings original and traditional country music from the heart.Her songs have been aired on local radio stations and hopes for a national release in the future.
music.download.com /3605-8349_32-0.html   (455 words)

 Country Pop Classics on KUED 7- The University of Utah
Country Pop Classics on KUED 7- The University of Utah
Country pop legends unite to perform their biggest and most-loved hit recordings from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s in an all-new entry in the MY MUSIC series of specials.
There are no Country Pop Classics episodes in the schedule on KUED (7).
www.kued.org /whatson/series.cgi?nola1=MMCP&channel_id=1   (139 words)

 eBay - country ..., CDs, Home Decor items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
COUNTRY JOE and THE FISH "Electric Music For Mind..." LP
Country cabin kitchen honey bear bread box bn
Country cabin kitchen honey bear paper towel holder bn!
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=country+...&newu=1&krd=1   (433 words)

 CD Baby: USA: Colorado: Country: Country Pop - from info
Outstanding country pop with a great traditional country backing band; a great album for the Patsy Cline or Patti Page fan.
Traditional and contemporary country pop and adult comtemporary songs combining memorable melodies and thoughtful lyrics performed by Kerri Wilson.
A mixture of Country, blues and rock, it is an upbeat CD with a few tear jerkers thrown in for those true country diehards.
cdbaby.com /places/9CO0/from/info?cat=5&subcat=28   (651 words)

 Country -- Hip Hop General Charts - The First Internet Charts (SM)
Alternative Country Bluegrass Cajun/Zydeco Christian Country Country and Western Country General Country Swing Country-Pop Cover Songs Rockabilly Traditional Country
MMissary a husband and wife team Country to Country Rock to Light Pop for vocal music and Easy Listening to Alternative for instrumentals
Rickie Lee Tanner and Powder Keg are a St. Louis based band that loves to have a blast and play rockin country music.
www.soundclick.com /genres/ChartsSub.cfm?Genre=Country&Subgenre=184   (280 words)

 All Available Artists in Country-Pop - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
Tanner's songs reflect the tradition of country music aswell as the modern country rock.
From the artist: The music of Steale doesn't easily fit into a single genre, but could best be described as blend of new country mixed with classic rock creating a sound that will penetrate your soul and leave you wit...
From the artist: Composer/Producer/Performer of Pop, Country, Latin and Children's music.
netscape.com.com /3605-8939-0-3.html   (314 words)

 Country Bands - from A to Z
Gary is a British songwriter who's writing style covers everything from Smooth Pop to Surf Twang and every stop in between.
Modern country songs with Alan Jackson and George Strait feel.
A little country and a little rock with a little fun in between.
www.soundclick.com /genres/a2zSub.cfm?genre=Country&subgenre=184   (300 words)

 Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Find out more about Gun Country and the owner Bob Poplin on the “About Us” page.
Sharpen your skills in the indoor shooting range.  A road map and driving directions to come by and see for yourself is on the “Contact Us” page.
Gun Country offers a large showroom with a wide variety and selection of guns including all major brands of popular sporting guns.
www.popsgunshop.com   (82 words)

 PG Music Inc. - Styles Set 7: Country and Pop...
Country and Pop (requires Band-in-a-Box version 7.0 or higher) only $29
Six new pop styles including a "PHIL_C" ballad, a "MANLOW" pop ballad with strings in the "B" section, a Beach Boys style and a Techno-Disco style.
Memo: This style is between a swing and a light pop style.
www.pgmusic.com /styles7.htm   (1011 words)

 PG Music Inc. - Styles Set 4: Jazz, Country, Pop, Ethnic and More...
Styles Set 4 is full of great styles for every kind of music - jazz, country, pop, ethnic and more.
Rhythmically it is softer in the A section and has a heavy backbeat in the B section.
Memo: This is a 50's 12/8 pop ballad style for five instruments (strings in B section).
www.pgmusic.com /styles4.htm   (1492 words)

 Nashville Star: Pop Goes Country - TV.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Tonight on Nashville Star, we saw the remaining contestants bring their country style to a pop standard.
Judge Charlie Robison and Tracy Gershon told her that she took that pop song and made it her own.
Barbara Mandrell informed us that she knew what it was like to be a military dependent, being that her husband was a Navy pilot when they got married.
www.tv.com /nashville-star/pop-goes-country/episode/236849/summary.html   (639 words)

 Artsandentertainment: Perfect country-pop combo still has it
They're the dead-on combo of traditional country and pop appeal, the perfect mainstream honky-tonk act that has remained stronger than ever.
They dove into hits from their 2005 album Hillbilly Deluxe (the award-winning Believe, Play Somethin' Country) to the title cut from Red Dirt Road and live favorites My Maria and Boot Scootin' Boogie, just to name a few.
It's not the kind of Johnny Cash/Waylon Jennings country my dad played me when I was a kid, and it's certainly not the kind of country - the Steve Earle/Whiskeytown Americana kind - I dug in my postpunk adulthood.
www.sptimes.com /2006/11/12/Artsandentertainment/Perfect_country_pop_c.shtml   (389 words)

 Country OR Pop? [Archive] - Planet Garth Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
I don't listen to pop radio too often because it is too depressing.
he seems pretty country to me. the fact that he is sooo popular and has sold sooo many albums, and people see that he runs around on stage, non country people see him as pop.
It's sung by Mark Chesnutt, something that surprised me since he is always saying that he's country, not pop and that he does not want to be pop.
www.planetgarth.com /forums/archive/index.php/t-44501.html   (982 words)

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