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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: County Louth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
County Wexford (Contae Loch Garman in Irish) is a maritime county in the southeast of Ireland, in the province of Leinster.
County Armagh (Contae Ard Mhacha in Irish) is a county in Ulster, Ireland.
The county is in the Protestant dioceses of Armagh and Clogher and the Roman Catholic diocese of Armagh.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/County-Louth   (2035 words)

 County Louth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
County Louth (Contae Lú in Irish) is a county on the east coast of Ireland.
The majority of the county's population live either in Dundalk or in the town of Drogheda.
County Louth is the smallest County in Ireland, it is the 'wee county'.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/County_Louth   (359 words)

 Lewis County Louth
, a maritime county of the pro­vince of LEINSTER, and the smallest in Ireland, bounded on the east by the Irish Sea; on the north, by the bay of Carlingford and by the county of Armagh; on the west, by the counties of Monaghan and Meath; and on the south by that of Meath.
In military arrangements the county is included in the South-Eastern district, with the exception of the town of Dundalk, which is in the Northern; in the same town is the only barrack within the county, adapted for 25 officers, 513 men, and 320 horses.
The rest of the county is chiefly occupied by clay-slate, except where limestone occurs in detached districts, as in the neighbourhood of Ardee, Killyner, and Mell.
www.jbhall.freeservers.com /lewis_county_louth.htm   (2582 words)

 COUNTY LOUTH, Tourism and Business Guide
County Louth, affectionately known as "The Wee County" is ideally situated on the North East coast of Ireland enjoying simultaneous views of the mountains and sea alike.
County Louth is renowned for it's beautiful beaches - some of which have featured in well-known box-office films.
County Louth is well served with shops, restaurants, pubs, banks and a wide selection of tourist accommodation and recreational amenities.
www.travelireland.org /louth/index.html   (247 words)

 magoo.com: McGoughs, McGeoughs and McGeoghs in County Louth by Hugh McGough
County Louth is in the province of Leinster.
The townland of Corcreeghagh is in the civil parish of Louth, county of Louth.
The townland of Drumard (H903 994) is in county Louth on the eastern border of the civil parish of Killanny.
www.magoo.com /hugh/louth.html   (10447 words)

Cole, Grenville A.J.: The County of Louth: its surface and its foundation-stones, 14-16.
Duffy, Patricia: Cholera in County Louth, 1832–39, 117-126.
Murphy, Deirdre: Archaeological excavation of a souterrain at Farrendreg, Dundalk, County Louth, 261-280.
www.xs4all.nl /~tbreen/Journals/Louth.html   (9370 words)

 County Louth Ireland Ireland Genealogical Project IGP
, the smallest county in Ireland and affectionately known as "The Wee County", is a county in the northeastern Republic of Ireland, in Leinster Province, on Dundalk Bay, an inlet of the Irish Sea.
County Louth is ideally situated on the North East coast of Ireland and covers an area of only 317 square miles.
Louth was part of the Pale, a large area that remained under the constant control of the English.
www.rootsweb.com /~irllou   (534 words)

 Louth, IrelandGenWeb Project
The smallest county in Ireland, with an area of 317 sq mi (821 sq km), it is bounded on the north by Northern Ireland, on the east by the Irish Sea, on the south and west by County Meath, and on the northwest by County Monaghan.
Only one-eighth of the county is unimproved land, of which the largest stretch is in the mountains of the Carlingford Peninsula in the northeast.
The kingdom of Oriel, established in the 4th century and comprising Louth, Monaghan, and Armagh, was conquered by Anglo-Norman invaders, and in 1185 Prince John annexed the barony of Louth to the English crown.
www.jansdigs.com /Ireland/louth.html   (484 words)

 Irish Ancestors /Co. Louth
Prince John annexed the area to the English crown in 1185 and from that point on the dominant influences were English and Norman; Louth was part of the Pale, the belt of land surrounding Dublin where the jurisdiction of the English crown remained undefeated.
This urbanisation, unusual by Irish standards, may also partly account for the fact that by the middle of the nineteenth century the most densely populated area in Ireland, outside Dublin, was the Armagh-Louth-Monaghan area.
The most beautiful part of the county is the Cooley peninsula, where the medieval harbour town of Carlingford overlooks a deep fjord with jagged mountains at its back.
scripts.ireland.com /ancestor/browse/counties/leinster/index_lh.htm   (193 words)

 Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society, From Ireland web site, ©Jane Lyons
The County of Louth: Its Surface and Foundation Stones.
Disturbances in the County Louth, A.D. By the Late Major-General Stubbs.....................................................................304
County Louth Representatives in the Irish Parliament, 1613-1758.
www.from-ireland.net /jours/louthjour1.htm   (585 words)

 County Louth Golf Club - Course   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The late Frank Penninck wrote in an article in 1962 in the "Golfers Companion" referring to the Course as "natural unspoilt seaside territory with towering sand hills, murderous rough, and a rating of long holes that call for powerful hitting".
Sometimes also referred to as Baltray this has to be one of the most enjoyable Links in Ireland and undoubtedly represents superb value.
The changes although minimal have had a significant impact on the course and with the addition of some new Tees "Baltray" now measures over 7,000 yds thus bringing it in line with the modern game.
www.countylouthgolfclub.com /course.html   (346 words)

 North West Passage : : Counties And Regions : County Louth : Ireland Travel Tourism Tour Irlande Irlanda Irland Donegal ...
Named after Lugh, the Celtic sun god, Louth is the smallest county in Ireland, affectionately known as the 'Wee County'.
Louth's two main towns, Drogheda and Dundalk, have their origins in Norman times.
Louth's stunning Cooley Peninsula boasts panoramic views to the Wicklow mountains in the south and the Mournes in the north.
www.northwestpassage.org /counties_and_regions/county_louth   (384 words)

 Cullather Donahue Kessler Lynch Family: MORGAN Family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Patrick Morgan (#702) was born in Louth Village, County Louth, Ireland 1834.
She was baptized at the Catholic Church in Louth Village, County Louth, Ireland, 12 Apr 1835.
Catherine Morgan (#6) was born Ballyoran Townland, Louth Village, County Louth, Ireland 4 Jul 1845.
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~cullather/FAMTREE/i0000316.htm   (622 words)

 Louth CDB Web Site - Office of Community & Enterprise
County and City Development Boards (CDBs) have been established in all county and city local authorities on the recommendation of the Interdepartmental Task Force for the Integration of Local Government and Local Development.
By identifying the weaknesses, challenges and opportunities facing the county over the next number of years the Strategy attempts to provide a broad framework within which all parties can operate and essentially achieve an improvement in public service provision at a local level.
Louth CDB identified a set of principles, which it has, and will continue to seek to embody in its work.
www.louthcdb.ie /louthcdb/ce.asp   (354 words)

 County Louth Information Louth Tourist Information Louth Attractions County Louth Dundalk Drogheda County Louth ...
The territory now known as County Louth figures prominently in the epic tales of ancient Ireland.
It was also the scene of important events, and many other chapters of Ireland's history are illustrated by the county's numerous relics of the past.
Drogheda at the southern most point of the county is built on the River Boyne and by the 14th century was the biggest town in Ireland.
www.ebookireland.com /louth.htm   (842 words)

 Louth Leader
Louth LEADER offers a range of supports to business and communities.
Louth LEADER’s primary goal is to foster new businesses ideas and see them through to operation.
Contact us here at Louth LEADER where our staff are available to answer any questions you might have.
www.louthleader.com   (290 words)

 Irish Roots
It covers every county in Ireland and it is a free service.
You can choose a link directly to the county you are interested in from the menu on the left.
If you are not sure of the county your ancestors are from use the "Ireland Section".
www.irishroots.net /Louth.htm   (111 words)

 County Louth Adventure Travel - County-Louth Travel Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
To the north and east of Meath is Louth, the smallest of Ireland's counties at only 824 sq.
It is wonderfully situated on a spur of the Cooley Mountains, overlooking Carlingford Lough and the Irish Sea at the northernmost point of Ireland's east coast, south of Northern Ireland.
Louth is not a place of outstanding scenic beauty, and most visitors move on after exploring a few sites of historic interest.
away.com /destination-overview/County-Louth-278526-travel-guide.html   (265 words)

 County Louth 118 Local Search Directory - Ask Whatever about County Louth
County Louth family life from education to County Louth weddings.
The local environment of County Louth is very important and should be protected.
All year round in County Louth these County Louth searches are always in season.
www.118.askwhatever.co.uk /louth.htm   (248 words)

 County Louth Towns - Dundalk, Louth
The ancient and historic town of Drogheda is situated on the River Boyne, which at this point seperates the counties of Louth and Meath.
Although 4 miles (6 km) from the coast, Drogheda is also a notable port with a fine harbour formed by the estuary of the River Boyne.
Louth Foxhounds and Dundalk Harriers hunt the district.
www.countylouth.com /louth_dundalk.htm   (613 words)

 Index to Louth Inscriptions
This is because two sources were used, those in the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead and those in an index to an unpublished typescript held in the Louth County Reference Library.
The index is not intended as a replacement for the published transcriptions and does not obviate the need to consult the original publication, but may make the task easier in deciding which publication to consult.
It may also help in identifying surname ‘clusters' within the county and be of some help to those involved in one-name studies.
www.jbhall.freeservers.com /index_to_louth_inscriptions.htm   (927 words)

 County Louth, Ireland, From Ireland web site, ©Jane Lyons
People said that they came from A, B, or C, possibly in such and such a county in Ireland, and the thing is, that today, some people don't know if their ancestors were talking about the Civil Parish that they came from or the Religious parish or Barony or which division.
Some cover only Louth, while others take in parts of the surrounding counties or are districts whose main town is in another county and which covers only part of Co. Louth.
The centre for any registration district was a town in a county and the area taken in by the Poor Law Union related to that town.
www.from-ireland.net /contents/louthcontents.htm   (1911 words)

 Louth Ireland tourism - hotels, bed and breakfast,car rentals Louth, county maps...
Known as the 'wee county', County Louth covers an area of only 317 square miles.
In north Louth, beside Dundalk Bay, lies the mountainous Cooley Peninsula.
County Louth was the scene of important events throughout the ages and many chapters of Ireland's history are illustrated by the county's numerous archaeological sites and relics from the past.
www.countylouth.com   (256 words)

 County Louth Golf Club - Home
County Louth Golf Club or "Baltray" as it is more affectionately known is situated 4 miles from the historic town of Drogheda at the mouth of the river Boyne.
In today's language it could well be described as "user friendly".
County Louth Golf Club were the proud hosts of a highly successful Nissan Irish Open in 2004.
www.countylouthgolfclub.com   (166 words)

 County Louth : Introduction | Frommers.com
Blink and you'll miss it -- to the north and east of Meath, little Louth is Ireland's tiniest county at only 824 sq.
On the heights above the town, the ancient Irish folk hero Cùchulainn is said to have single-handedly defeated the armies of Ulster in an epic battle.
Aside from Carlingford, Louth is not a place of outstanding scenic beauty, and most visitors move on in fairly short order, leaving it in peace.
www.frommers.com /destinations/countylouth/1032010001.html   (214 words)

 Sinn Féin: 26 County Local - Louth Constituency
Councillor Kevin Meenan is a Sinn Féin Councillor on Dundalk Town Council and Louth County Council.
Councillor Pearse McGeough is the Sinn Féin Councillor for Louth County Council - Ardee.
Councillor Imelda Munster is the Sinn Féin Councillor for Louth County Council - Drogheda East.
sinnfein.ie /elections/constituency/louth_local   (194 words)

 UK-GolfGuide.com: : Golfers' Reports on County Louth Golf Club, Drogheda in Ireland
A warm and hospitable welcome awaits visitors to County Louth G.C. along with a fabulous course and a fierce challenge.
County Louth may be consdiered a hidden gem by those of us from overseas, but it is highly acclaimed in Ireland, and deservedly so.
I played Royal County Down on the same day and think this course more than holds its own.
www.uk-golfguide.com /eire/26053_reports.html   (542 words)

 County Louth Genealogy Home Page
You may not otherwise copy, modify or distribute the contents of these pages, including illustrations, or publish, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise distribute them without the written permission of the Webmaster.
Some of the lists found here are quite obscure, but give an indication of the alternative sources - those all-important census substitutes - that are available for further family research in County Louth.
1794 Blaney Balfour (Sheriff of County Louth) Approbation
www.jbhall.freeservers.com   (426 words)

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