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 Judicial review - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Judicial review of federal and state legislation for constitutionality is established by Section 76 of the Constitution of Australia, making the High Court of Australia the second court in the world to exercise this power, after the US Supreme Court.
Judicial review is indeed intended as a safeguard against tyranny of the majority and has been successfully employed to challenge, for example, the national census efforts of the German government in the 1980s.
In some state courts, such as the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, legislation may be referred in certain circumstances by the legislature or by the executive for an advisory ruling on its constitutionality prior to its enactment (or enforcement).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Judicial_review   (3322 words)

 Encyclopedia: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
The court was established in 1692 as the "Superior Court of Judicature".
An appellate court is a court that hears cases in which a lower court -- either a trial court or a lower-level appellate court — has already made a decision, but in which at least one party to the action wants to challenge this ruling based upon some legal grounds that...
The Court consists of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts with the consent of the Executive Council.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Massachusetts-Supreme-Judicial-Court   (1500 words)

 Court (judicial)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Official site of the office of the Reporter of Decisions of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court.
Federal Court of Australia The Court is a superior court of record and a court of law and equity.
Supreme Court of Korea History and organization of the court and the judiciary; judicial procedure of Korean legal system and the information system of the judiciary.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Court_(judicial).html   (527 words)

 Fifth Judicial District Court
The Fifth Judicial District Court was organized in 1889 and consisted of the counties of Socorro and Lincoln.
The Counties of Socorro, Lincoln, Chaves and Eddy constituted the Fifth Judicial District.
The Fifth Judicial District is one of the largest districts in the State of New Mexico.
www.fifthdistrictcourt.com   (628 words)

 Commission on Judicial Conduct
Alaska's Commission on Judicial Conduct oversees the conduct of justices of the Alaska Supreme Court, judges of the state court of appeals, state superior court judges, and state district court judges.
Judicial appointments to paid positions like masters may give the public impression that the judge is conferring a monetary benefit and creating a special close professional relationship with the attorney who receives the appointment.
Court employees, in general, have no special privileges and should respect the integrity of the court process by insulating the judicial officer from factual information outside of the court record.
www.ajc.state.ak.us /CONDUCT.htm   (10423 words)

 California Courts
The Bench-Bar Coalition invites court leaders to regional meetings in November to discuss priority bills for the next legislative session, strategies for outreach to legislators and key staff in their respective regions, and issues of importance to local bench and bar groups.
The Judicial Council seeks comments on proposed new mandatory forms that would implement changes to the Family Code made by Senate Bill 1082, urgency legislation that permits military service members activated to duty to file and serve a notice of activation and request modification of support orders.
The courts and public are invited to review and provide feedback on two statewide court facilities proposals that will come before the Judicial Council for approval in December.
www.courtinfo.ca.gov   (415 words)

 Wisconsin Court System
The courts of our state belong not to the lawyers and the judges, but to you — the public.
The question before the Supreme Court is whether the officer illegally seized the man within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment and, if so, whether the drugs that were found in the man’s coat should have been disallowed as evidence at his trial.
Court of Appeals opinions and certifications are hyperlinked.
www.courts.state.wi.us   (291 words)

 About the Alaska Court System
The supreme court and the court of appeals are appellate courts, while the superior and district courts are trial courts.
The chief judge of the court of appeals is appointed by the chief justice to serve a two-year term.
The court of appeals has the authority to hear appeals from judgments in criminal cases and certain other quasi-criminal cases in which a minor is accused of committing a crime (juvenile delinquency cases), cases in which prisoners are challenging the legality of their confinement (habeas corpus matters), and cases involving probation and parole decisions.
www.state.ak.us /courts/ctinfo.htm   (4404 words)

The Court of Judicial Discipline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was established by Constitutional Amendment adopted on May 18, 1993 and declared in effect by the Governor's Office on August 11, 1993.
Judicial officers include all Magisterial District Judges; Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, the Commonwealth Court and the Superior Court; and Justices of the Supreme Court.
The Court of Judicial Discipline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
www.cjdpa.org   (202 words)

 ipedia.com: State supreme court Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
The court consists of a panel of judges, either appointed by the state governor, or elected by the state legislature or the people for a limited term.
Under the American system of federalism, the interpretation of a state supreme court on a matter of state law is normally final and binding and must be accepted in both state and federal courts.
Federal courts may only overrule a state court when there is a federal question, which is to say, a specific issue (such as consistency with the U.S. Constitution) that gives cause for federal court jurisdiction.
www.ipedia.com /state_supreme_court.html   (478 words)

 THE HIGH (AND MIGHTY) COURT: Judicial Supremacy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
The former view, known as judicial supremacy, is certainly the view most widely held today, yet a number of legal scholars are challenging it.
Aaron, the Supreme Court for the first time, made the sweeping assertion that "The federal judiciary is supreme in exposition of the law of the Constitution." Presidents, members of Congress, governors, state officials--all, the Court held, must submit to the constitutional interpretations of the Supreme Court.
The power of judicial review, that is the authority of the federal judiciary to invalidate acts of the President and Congress on grounds that they violate the Constitution, dates from the 1803 case Marbury v.
www.uncommonknowledge.org /800/822.html   (3829 words)

 The Supreme Court, judicial activism, and fraudulent interpretation of the 14th Amendment.
The Supreme Court, judicial activism, and fraudulent interpretation of the 14th Amendment.
In 1857, the Court had handed down the Dred Scott decision, a decision that was motivated by judicial bias and was grossly unjust, a decision that Abe Lincoln called a perversion of the Constitution, and a decision that Lincoln's contemporaries blamed for causing the Civil War [7].
In April, 1867, the National Independent wrote that the Supreme Court was "regarded as a diseased member of the body politic," and was at risk of "amputation" Much of this criticism of the Court occurred while the 14th Amendment was before the states for ratification [11].
ttokarnak.home.att.net /UnnaturalSelection.html   (2805 words)

 Colorado State Judicial Branch
The Branch includes the Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Court of Appeals, and district and county courts, served by 262 justices and judges in 22 judicial districts across the state (excluding 17 Denver county court judges).
The stone column, at left, is one of two that flank the Colorado Supreme Court bench in the old Supreme Court chambers at the State Capitol.
The Supreme Court moved across the street from the State Capitol to its new chambers in 1977.
www.courts.state.co.us   (179 words)

 North Dakota Supreme Court Home Page
The North Dakota Supreme Court has issued a Notice of Consultation, requesting written comments on the judicial vacancy that will be created when Judge Robert Holte retires.
Mont. court rules criminals can't be punished for lack of remorse
Holte is a judge of the Northwest Judicial District with chambers in Stanley.
www.court.state.nd.us   (643 words)

Circuit courts generally hear felony, domestic relations, domestic violence, juvenile, probate, guardianship, mental health, child support and civil cases where the matter in controversy is $15,000.00 or more.
County courts generally hear misdemeanor, small claims, landlord/tenant disputes, violations of county or municipal ordinances, traffic violations and civil cases where the matter in controversy is less than $15,000.00.
The State Attorney is Chief Advisor to the grand jury; represents the public interest in all criminal matters and cases that affect the community safety, peace and welfare; and conducts and coordinates all criminal investigations with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies concerning violations of state law.
www.co.hernando.fl.us /judicial   (384 words)

 Sixteenth Judicial Circuit - DeKalb, Kane & Kendall Counties
Judicial Circuit is composed of three adjoining counties: Kane, Kendall, and DeKalb.
Kane County, the largest of the three, houses the location of the Chief Judge’s Office at the Kane County Judicial Center.
The Kendall County Courthouse is located in Yorkville, and Sycamore is the county seat of DeKalb County.
www.co.kane.il.us /judicial/index.htm   (59 words)

 Fourth Judicial Circuit Court
The Florida Courts System is divided into five districts which are made up of 20 circuits and are further broken down into 67 counties.
The Fourth Judicial Circuit is comprised of Clay, Duval and Nassau Counties.
In the interim, limited court information for Clay and Nassau Counties can be accessed by going to the web sites of the Clay County Clerk of Court or Nassau County Clerk of Court.
www.coj.net /Departments/Fourth+Judicial+Circuit+Court   (176 words)

 Administrative Office of the Courts
The Tennessee Supreme Court is seeking a qualified individual to serve as the state court administrator.
Serving as chief administrative officer of the state court system and reporting directly to the Chief Justice, the Director manages the Administrative Office of the Courts, preparing, overseeing, and administering a $90M court budget and providing operation support to approximately 190 judges and 490 other personnel.
The judges of the 13th Judicial District have filed an order soliciting comments on proposed amendments to Local Rules of Practice pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 18.
www.tsc.state.tn.us   (1416 words)

 Editorial: Judges on trial / The judicial court pursues charges against its own   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
In the case against District Judge Ernest Marraccini in Elizabeth, the board filed six misconduct counts stemming from actions last May 25 when he was filling in for a colleague in Forest Hills.
Both magisterial district judges face trials before the state Court of Judicial Discipline and, if found guilty, will receive anything from a reprimand to dismissal.
That's a disturbing prospect, but knowing that the charges have been taken up by the judicial court also shows that the system is working.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/05053/460914.stm   (310 words)

 LII: Federal Law Collection
U.S. Court of Appeals (1st Circuit) (Jan. 2000 - present)
U.S. Court of Appeals (4th Circuit) (Jan. 1996 - present)
U.S. Court of Appeals (D.C. Circuit) (Sept. 1997 - present)
www.law.cornell.edu /federal/opinions.html   (143 words)

 18th Judicial District
County Court judges handle civil cases under $15,000, misdemeanors, traffic infractions, felony complaints (which may be sent to district court), restraining orders, and small claims.
Clerks of the Court are the custodians of all records processed by the court.
Records include but are not limited to court documents such as case information, warrants, filings, pleadings, orders, writs, transcripts of judgment, garnishments, and payments for filings, fines, bail and other monies.
www.courts.state.co.us /district/18th/18dist.htm   (268 words)

 OSCN: The Oklahoma Supreme Court Network
Under the Direction of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma and the Chief Justice, the Administrative Director of the Courts assists the Supreme Court in the performance of their administrative duties and serves at the pleasure of the Court.
The Administrative Director serves as the liaison of the Supreme Court to the Oklahoma Legislature and assists the Court on the Judiciary and the Judicial Nominating Commission.
This vacancy is due to the appointment of the Honorable Doug Gabbard to the Court of Civil Appeals on September 12, 2005.
www.oscn.net /applications/oscn/start.asp   (1210 words)

 Arizona's Judicial Branch
The Arizona Supreme Court formally adopted a set of statewide, uniform and comprehensive rules for family law cases on Wednesday, October 19, 2005.
The Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments is accepting applications for vacancies on the Maricopa County Superior Court when Judge Frank Galati retires on October 31 and Judge Rebecca Albrecht retires on November 30.
The Pima County Commission on Trial Court Appointments is seeking comments from the public on 20 applicants to fill a vacancy created on the Pima County Superior Court by the addition of a new judgeship.
www.supreme.state.az.us   (294 words)

 The Massachusetts Court System
This site includes the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the courts, judicial profiles, press releases, recent court opinions, and a variety of other useful information.
The Judicial Branch is dedicated to the improvement of the administration of justice.
The Land Court announces the adoption of an updated manual for the preparation of surveys and plans for submission to the court's Survey Division.
www.state.ma.us /courts   (274 words)

 The Sixth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida
Sixth Judicial Circuit Courts in both Pasco and Pinellas counties will be closed Monday, Oct. 24.
Emergency Court Matters – Attorneys needing to get emergency matters before the court may call the dispatch number in the State Attorney’s office (727-464-6221).
Traffic Court - Persons scheduled to appear in day or night traffic court during the closed days should contact the clerk’s office in either Pinellas or Pasco counties for a new hearing date.
www.jud6.org   (247 words)

 Colorado Judicial Branch
The Colorado Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort.
The Chief Justice appoints the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals and the Chief Judge of each of the state’s 22 judicial districts, and is vested with the authority to assign judges (active or retired) to perform judicial duties.
Colorado’s attorneys are licensed and disciplined by the Supreme Court.
www.courts.state.co.us /supct/supctindex.htm   (250 words)

 Colorado State Judicial Branch - Judicial Discipline Committee
The Colorado Constitution established the Commission on Judicial Discipline to investigate allegations that a judge is not properly performing his or her official duties because of willful misconduct, ethical violations or a permanent disabling health condition.
Created in 1966, the commission is composed of 10 members: four citizens, two attorneys, two district court judges, and two county court judges.
The judge members are appointed by the Colorado Supreme Court.
www.courts.state.co.us /supct/committees/judicialdiscipline.htm   (320 words)

 Beijing court tightens judicial discipline
The Beijing High People's Court Wednesday increased the severity of punishments made against judges that have improper relationships with litigants and their lawyers.
Judges at various levels of local courts in Beijing will be immediately dismissed if they violate the six rules, vice-President of the Beijing High People's Court Li Ke announced Wednesday.
Local courts in Beijing have taken the lead in establishing these departments.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2004-08/19/content_366667.htm   (379 words)

 Ben's Guide (3-5): Branches of Government -- Judicial Branch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-06)
The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land.
Constitution established this Court and all other Federal courts were created by Congress.
Courts decide arguments about the meaning of laws, how they are applied, and whether they break the rules of the Constitution.
bensguide.gpo.gov /3-5/government/national/judicial.html   (76 words)

 Loudoun Circuit Court
The circuit court is the trial court with the broadest powers in Virginia.
In addition, the circuit court hears cases appealed from the general district court and from the juvenile and domestic relations district court.
Circuit court judges are elected by the General Assembly for 8-year terms.
www.courts.state.va.us /courts/circuit/Loudoun/home.html   (183 words)

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