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Topic: Courts of Scotland

  [Courts of Scotland] | [All the best Courts of Scotland resources at karaoke.velocityincome.com]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Courts of Scotland are the civil, criminal and heraldic courts responsible for the administration of justice in Scotland.
Although the Court of Session and Sheriff Courts have a largely co-extensive jurisdiction, with the choice of court being given in the first place to the pursuer (the claimant), the majority of difficult or high-value cases in Scotland are brought in the Court of Session.
Scotland has a standing court of heraldry and genealogy - the Court of the Lord Lyon which is responsible for civil and criminal enforcement of armorial bearings and the right to use certain titles in Scotland.
karaoke.velocityincome.com /Courts_of_Scotland   (2051 words)

 Scotland - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Scotland (Alba in Gaelic) is a nation in northwest Europe and a constituent country of the United Kingdom.
The Kingdom of Scotland was united in 843, by King Kenneth I of Scotland, and is thus one of the oldest still-existing countries in the world.
Scottish sundial — the renaissance sundials of Scotland.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/s/c/o/Scotland.html   (5679 words)

The links between Scotland and England were reinforced by dynastic strategy when King James VI of Scotland acquired the English throne as James I. The next century saw internecine religious war and a shift in power from the monarch and court to the parliaments.
Scotland has a social democratically inclined middle class with a strong sense of its roots in the industrial working class and the formation of the welfare state; there is a widespread belief that egalitarianism is inherent in the national culture.
The highest civil court of appeal is the UK House of Lords, and for criminal cases it is the High Court of Criminal Appeal, which is Scottish.
www.everyculture.com /Sa-Th/Scotland.html   (5143 words)

 Shelter: Courts in Scotland
There are four main courts that deal with all legal cases that go to court in Scotland.
As well as these courts, a few cases go to a court called the House of Lords, which is in London.
The High Court of Justiciary also deals with appeals where people who have been convicted disagree with the court's decision or are trying to get their sentence (for example, if they've been put in jail) reduced.
scotland.shelter.org.uk /advice/advice-6823.cfm   (1116 words)

 The Herald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The stated aims of the dedicated multi-agency team which makes up the drug court are to reduce the level of drug-related offending behaviour, and to reduce or eliminate offenders' dependence on illicit substances.
DTTOs, one of the measures administered in the specialist courts, are now available across Scotland as an alternative to custody, but the drug courts themselves have not yet been rolled out – a decision thought to be motivated by their cost.
Mondays are the busiest day of the week, with the court dominated by the number of custody cases taken in over the weekend.
www.theherald.co.uk /features/67016.html   (1730 words)

 SHA Scotland
SHA Scotland acknowledges that this is not a matter to be addressed without a great deal of thought, consultation and debate, but it believes this is an issue that the Scottish government should take very seriously by promoting an informed debate on drug policy.
Patients and other users of the NHS in Scotland should be the focus of the service, not as ‘customers’ but as partners with rights and responsibilities and an entitlement to be treated with dignity and respect.
SHA Scotland also believes that in order for the NHS to be able to transform itself into an patient centred Health Service staff must be supported, empowered and valued to a greater extent than has been done in the past.
members.aol.com /shascotland/slphealth.htm   (7299 words)

 General Register Office for Scotland - Adoption statistics
The number of adoptions per 1,000 children in Scotland (0.3) is similar to the figure for most of the countries studied, though Norway and Denmark have higher figures of 0.9 and 1.0 adoptions per thousand children, respectively.
Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Germany have seen declines in the number of children adopted over the five years to 2002, but England and Wales and the Netherlands have seen increases of nearly one third of the same period.
Adoption applications are made to the Sheriff Courts in Scotland and are also considered by the Court of Session.
www.gro-scotland.gov.uk /press/news2004/03adopt-press.html   (848 words)

 European Commission - European Judicial Network - Jurisdiction of the courts - Scotland
If you use the wrong court or if there is a dispute over the question of jurisdiction you run the risk of a considerable delay in the proceedings or even of a dismissal of your case because of a lack of jurisdiction.
Maintenance - a court has jurisdiction in matters relating to maintenance if it is the court for the place where the maintenance creditor is domiciled or habitually resident or if the maintenance claim is ancillary to proceedings before it concerning the status of a person and it has jurisdiction to entertain those proceedings.
If courts are exercising jurisdiction in relation to proceedings for divorce, legal separation or annulment of marriage, the same court will have jurisdiction in relation to matters of parental responsibility over a child of both spouses where that child is habitually resident in the Member State concerned.
ec.europa.eu /civiljustice/jurisdiction_courts/jurisdiction_courts_sco_en.htm   (1582 words)

 Ancestry.co.uk - Probate in Scotland, 1500 to 1901
In both cases the court confirmed the executor or the executrix (the purpose of the testament); there was usually an inventory of the goods.
Commissary court divisions were derived from the old Catholic dioceses of Scotland so their boundaries do not coincide with county lines.
At all times the Edinburgh court was a senior court that could be used by anyone from anywhere in Scotland; also, it was the probate court for those who died overseas.
www.ancestry.co.uk /learn/library/article.aspx?article=7286   (1080 words)

 Government Innovators Network: Article: Special courts may cover environment
THE system of specialist courts in Scotland could be extended to include environmental crime, ministers announced yesterday.
Courts where sheriffs and prosecutors have specific expertise have already been operated in areas such as drugs and domestic abuse, but yesterday a consultation paper suggested this concept could be extended to cover environmental offences.
The Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, recently referred to the fact that she now had 14 fiscals with specialist knowledge of wildlife crime so that a case "doesn't land in the intray of a young fiscal in the middle of a city who has never seen an osprey egg".
www.innovations.harvard.edu /news/16110.html   (342 words)

 Redress crack Scottish lawyers scotland - Redress
He has qualified as a Solicitor Advocate with rights of audience in the higher Civil Courts of Scotland and has acted for victims of industrial accidents in all employment areas including such major disasters as Piper Alpha.
She is accredited as a specialist in personal injury law by the Law Society of Scotland.
Chris Gordon is a Partner pursuing personal injury cases mostly at the Court of Session and he has dealt with a wide and varied number of cases.
www.redress.info /Redress_scottish_lawyers_scotland.html   (406 words)

 The Court of the Lord Lyon, The Heraldry Society of Scotland - UK Heraldry
The Court of the Lord Lyon indeed reflects, not the curt severity of the Police Court or the Magisterial Bench, but rather the stately benevolence of distant days when our ancient Scottish laws were administered upon the "moot hill" of some old barony or thaneage.
The Court of the Lord Lyon is situated in H.M. New Register House, its records (part of the National Records of Scotland) being entrusted to the Lyon Clerk.
She joined the Court of the Lord Lyon in 1975 and was appointed Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records in 1986.
www.heraldry-scotland.co.uk /lyoncourt.html   (906 words)

 California Courts: Courts: Courts of Appeal
In 2006, the California Appellate Court Legacy Project was undertaken to interview all retired justices in the state, as well as active justices who may be nearing retirement.
Overseen by the Appellate Court Legacy Project Committee (chaired by Associate Justice Judith L. Haller of the Fourth Appellate District, Division One), interviews are videotaped or audiotaped and conducted by interviewers selected from within the appellate branch.
As California's intermediate courts of review, the Courts of Appeal provide access to justice by ensuring that the law is interpreted and applied consistently and uniformly.
www.courtinfo.ca.gov /courts/courtsofappeal   (770 words)

 BBC News | SCOTLAND | Drugs courts come to Scotland
The courts will deal with drug users, leaving more serious crimes like drug dealing to be tackled by mainstream courts.
How the courts will work, and when or where they will begin work, will be fleshed out in the consultation process.
Under her motion, a pilot scheme would be established with a view to setting up courts in areas where adequate rehabilitation and treatment resources already exist.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/low/uk_news/scotland/1002748.stm   (675 words)

 Child Support Appeals (Jurisdiction of Courts) (Scotland) Order 2003
An appeal under section 20[4] of the Act shall be made to a court instead of to an appeal tribunal in the circumstances mentioned in article 3.
(b) the child, the non-resident parent or the person with care of the child is domiciled in Scotland on the date when the appeal is made or is habitually resident in Scotland on that date.
Article 8 of the Child Support Appeals (Jurisdiction of Courts) Order 1993 (which amended the Law Reform (Parent and Child) (Scotland) Act 1986 consequential on that Order) is re-enacted as article 7 of this Order with necessary amendment to reflect the terms of this Order.
www.opsi.gov.uk /legislation/scotland/ssi2003/20030096.htm   (944 words)

 What is Scots Law?: The Law Society of Scotland
The highest civil appeal court is the House of Lords which sits in Westminster, although that function will be transferred to the proposed UK Supreme Court when the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 comes into effect.
The highest criminal court in Scotland is the High Court of Justiciary, which is headed by the Lord Justice General, who is also the Lord President.
The lower court in Scotland is the Sheriff Court.
www.lawscot.org.uk /about/scots_law   (566 words)

 BBC - Law - Courts in Scotland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
For example, if a case starts in the Sheriff Court, the arrows show you it can either go into the Court of Session or the High Court of the Justiciary.
If you select any of the blue boxes with the name of the specific court in it, you will be a taken to a profile of what that court does and how it works.
At the bottom of each of these court profiles is a link back to this diagram.
www.bbc.co.uk /crime/law/scotlandcourts.shtml   (110 words)

 The Scotsman - Can drug courts combat Scots scourge?
For supporters of the scheme, the concept works because it is the antithesis of the traditional court, where the relationship between the perpetrator and the judge is punitive.
But drug courts are no soft option; those referred undergo a rigorous programme of testing and treatment and can be sent back to court for sentencing if they breach treatment orders by failing to attend rehabilitation programmes or continuing to take drugs.
A review of criminal courts suggested that, despite demand in some areas, drug courts would be expensive and there was "no compelling case" for their creation.
thescotsman.scotsman.com /index.cfm?id=568312003   (646 words)

 UNISON Scotland Smarter Justice Briefing 113
Increasing the sentencing powers of sheriffs in the summary court from six months to one year in custody, allowing experienced judges to deal with more cases in the summary justice system - which is faster than solemn procedure.
96% of prosecutions in Scotland are dealt with in non-jury courts Sheriff and District Courts.
They argue that running courts is not local authorities' core role, and councils should concentrate on the reduction of anti-social behaviour and of reoffending.
www.unison-scotland.org.uk /briefings/smarterjustice.html   (919 words)

 District court Information
Each court comprises one or more Justices of the Peace (lay magistrates) who sit alone or in threes with a qualified legal assessor as convener or clerk of court.
District courts can refer to either a particular level of trial courts in a state or the trial courts of the federal court system.
The federal district courts have jurisdiction over federal questions (trials and cases interpreting federal law, or which involve federal statutes or crimes) and diversity (cases otherwise subject to jurisdiction in a state trial court but which are between litigants of different states and/or countries).
www.bookrags.com /wiki/District_court   (665 words)

 Special Courts May Cover Environment - Science - RedOrbit
THE system of specialist courts in Scotland could be extended to include environmental crime, ministers announced yesterday.
Courts where sheriffs and prosecutors have specific expertise have already been operated in areas such as drugs and domestic abuse, but yesterday a consultation paper suggested this concept could be extended to cover environmental offences.
The Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, recently referred to the fact that she now had 14 fiscals with specialist knowledge of wildlife crime so that a case "doesn't land in the intray of a young fiscal in the middle of a city who has never seen an osprey egg".
www.redorbit.com /news/science/742652/special_courts_may_cover_environment/index.html?source=r_science   (349 words)

 California Courts: Courts: Courts of Appeal: 3rd District: Justices
Justice Scotland is a native Californian born in Sacramento on October 19, 1946.
And he is a Past-President of the Anthony M. Kennedy American Inn of Court, an organization of judges, attorneys, and law students that is dedicated to promoting civility, ethics, and professionalism in the practice of law.
Active in his community, Justice Scotland was named Humanitarian of the Year in 2002 by the Sacramento County Bar Association for his volunteer work on behalf of the Sacramento Children's Home, a residential and treatment facility for abused and neglected children.
www.courtinfo.ca.gov /courts/courtsofappeal/3rdDistrict/justices/scotland.htm   (313 words)

 Scotland on Sunday - Scotland - Cost to courts soars to £20m
The plan, revealed by Scotland on Sunday, would lead to 7,000 people a year escaping jail terms for non-payment of fines, and save thousands of hours of police time currently spent chasing fine defaulters.
Scotland’s sheriff courts are owed £9.1m in unpaid fines for crimes as serious as assault.
District courts are owed £10m, almost £2m of which is outstanding from 1998.
scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com /scotland.cfm?id=909092002   (695 words)

 The Lord Lyon and his Jurisdiction
No statute has been referred to which confers such a jurisdiction; no institutional writer says that such a jurisdiction exists; and, as the Lord Lyon states in the note appended to his interlocutor, there is no instance on record of a case in which such a jurisdiction has been exercised.
Much of the interest of Scottish heraldry lies in the fact that the law and practice of arms in Scotland are living and functioning survivals of old feudo-tribal laws of honour as applied to "Earldoms, Baronies and other impartible tenures" as these existed in the eleventh to seventeenth centureies.
Lyon Court and the Armorial Noblesse of Scotland are thus a living survival of the old mediaeval realms, and accordingly of immense legal and social interest, perpetuating as they do the organisation and concepts of the old clan or family organisation of the kingdom."
www.heraldica.org /topics/britain/lordlyon.htm   (3793 words)

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