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Topic: Cover version

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  iTunes Visualizer: Cover Version
“Cover Version” displays artwork and lyrics as they are embedded within the iTunes audio track.
Since “Cover Flow” also uses advanced graphics systems and techniques, resource claims may conflict between the OpenGL based “Cover Version” visualizer and the built-in browse mode “Cover Flow”.
The core engine of “Cover Version” is published as an open source project called “VizKit”.
www.imagomat.de /coverversion   (639 words)

 PULP LYRICS - Bad Cover Version
And every time he kisses you it leaves behind the bitter taste of saccharine.
A bad cover version of love is not the real thing.
Bikini-clad girl on the front who invited you in.
www.azlyrics.com /lyrics/pulp/badcoverversion.html   (223 words)

 Disc Cover - Version Changes
Disc Cover version 1.5 features improved compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard.
Disc Cover version 1.4 update, features Labelflash™ support.
Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard Beta (version 10.5.
www.belightsoft.com /products/disccover/versch/versions.php   (1033 words)

 Favourite Cover Version of Ozzy Era Songs? - Black Sabbath Online Forums
Also, I have the single version of Ozzy's cover of changes, which is very hard to find.
This version is the demo of the corny, fake-audience version of changes that appears on Ozzy's Live and Loud album.
An example is I love Megadeth, but think their cover of never say die is horrible.
www.black-sabbath.com /forums/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/8621/site_id/1   (2231 words)

 Pulp Bad Cover Version PT. 1 CD Single
Tracks, 'Bad Cover Version' & two previously unreleased non-LP tracks, 'Yesterday' & 'Forever In My Dreams'.
Remember to focus your comments on Bad Cover Version PT.
Check our review guidelines for specific details regarding customer review policy.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/3438273/a/Bad+Cover+Version+Pt%2E+1.htm   (168 words)

 Cover Version 1.6.1 software download - Windows - VersionTracker
Cover Version 1.6.1 software download - Windows - VersionTracker
Notify me when Cover Version is updated on VersionTracker.
Cover: The cover art work can be animated as a flapping flag, as a rotating cuboid, as a kaleidoscope or with Vertigo effect.
www.versiontracker.com /dyn/moreinfo/win/36103   (154 words)

 Bruce Cockburn - Songs - Alphabetical Index
If you have more material you want to add to a song or album page, read this first.
The Huron Carol/Iesus Ahatonnia ("Jesus, He is born") cover version)
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (cover version)
www.cockburnproject.net /songs&music/alpha.html   (333 words)

  Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah - best cover version ever | skriker
The definitive version of this song to date is the version recorded by John Cale — one time member of the Velvet Underground http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J…
Apparently it was also the version used in the movie, Shrek, which introduced the song to the masses.
If you love his cover of Hallelujah, buy his album Grace and see just how amazing his own music is. I honestly find it hard to believe that anyone could be disappointed with it, especially the tracks Forget Her, Mojo Pin, and Grace.
www.fredfred.net /skriker/index.php/jeff-buckleys-hallelujah-best-cover-version-ever   (2492 words)

  The Band: Audio Files - Cover versions
Sweethearts of the Rodeo's cover version from Rodeo Waltz.
Cover version with Marty Stuart from Marty Stuart.
Cover version with Jesse Winchester, from Jesse Winchester.
theband.hiof.no /sounds/covers.html   (1682 words)

  Cover version - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1978 it was covered by French singer Sheila accompanied by the B.
An extreme example of punk cover versions is the punk tribute band Gabba, who mix the songs of ABBA and The Ramones.
A type of cover version that existed from the early 1950s to the late 1970s in Louisiana was known as swamp pop.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cover_version   (2453 words)

 Cover version
Although cover versions are often produced for artistic reasons, they are commonly released to fill bargain bins in the music section of supermarkets and even specialized music stores, where uninformed customers can easily confuse them with original recordings, especially since the packaging is usually intentionally confusing.
Over the years, cover versions of many popular songs have been recorded, sometimes with a radically different style, and in other cases the cover version is virtually indistinguishable from the original.
Cover versions can also be in different languages; for example, Falco's 1982 German-language hit "Der Kommissar" was covered in English by After the Fire later in the decade, although the German title was retained.
www.mp3.fm /Cover_version.htm   (1768 words)

 Talk:Cover version - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I am searching for a song from the 1950ies, which is a cover by white musicians but had actually no mentioning (at least in the first release) of the original fl songwriters and artists (which is an example for plagiarism).
An example of a COVER record would be the release of "Sh-Boom" by the Crew Cuts in 1955 at almost the same time as the original by The Chords.
Originally, cover versions of a song were released almost concurrently with the hit version and would pick up sales to people who liked the original, thus covering the bet made by the first label to release the song.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Cover_version   (2242 words)

 Cover version (music)
"Versioning", is at the heart not only of reggae but of all Afro-American and Caribbean musics: jazz, blues, rap, r&b, reggae, calypso, soca, salsa, Afro-Cuban and so on.
It is often used to create an upbeat version of a song for playing by disc jockeys in nightclubs.
The most versioned riddims are more than 20 years old and originated at Coxone Dodds legendary Studio One studio, Brentford Road, Kingston.
www.jahsonic.com /CoverVersion.html   (1378 words)

 cover - Wiktionary
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the original sense of the verb and noun cover was hide from view as in its cognate covert.
Except in the limited sense of cover again, the word recover is unrelated and is cognate with recuperate.
Of, pertaining to, or consisting of cover versions.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/cover   (441 words)

 [No title]
Version 0.9.6 - added: new option '-n' to generate a new cddb file to be edited by hand (or script).
Version 0.9.3 - added: new option '-e' which results in extended track info to be added to the back cover whenever available.
Version 0.7 - added: the total time of a disc is added as the last line of the track list - added: possibility of using cddb formatted files as input.
www.vanhemert.co.uk /disc-cover/CHANGELOG   (3675 words)

 The Covers Project: Jacques Brel
The cover version of this song appears on the David Bowie album Bowie at the Beeb (disc 3).
The cover version of this song appears on the Sting album I Shall Be Released (disc 3).
The cover version of this song appears on the Goodbye Mr.
www.coversproject.com /artist/Jacques+Brel   (635 words)

 ForestERA Data Layer Details - Canopy Cover (version 1.0)
Canopy Cover is a measure of the amount of surface area that is covered by overhanging vegetation.
Linear regression was used to determine the relationships between the canopy cover as estimated by the ground data and the canopy cover as estimated by the DOQ imagery.
As the two measures of canopy cover are expected to be equal we used the best-fit line of a regression with intercept constrained to zero.
www.forestera.nau.edu /detail_canopy_cover.htm   (1460 words)

 CLUAS | Features | Ten great cover versions
Their version gave the song a harder edge and showed that you didn't have to have a high pitched voice to sing it.
And to those of you who think Nirvana's 'The man who sold the world' is a much better cover than this I advise you listen to David Bowie's original version, as well as both versions of 'Word Up'.
Not a cover in the strict sense, the b-side of "Levi Stubbs' Tears" (also to be found on 'Reaching to the Converted', BB's new collection of b-sides and rarities), has Johnny Marr playing the melody of the original song on acoustic guitar, with Billy talking over the top.
www.cluas.com /music/ten/covers.htm   (1251 words)

 Good Hodgkins » Blog Archive » The Music Blogosphere Presents: Exceptional Cover Songs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Covering a song does not take a multi-million dollar commitment on the part of the artist nor does it require a number of hours on the part of the observer.
Perhaps “superior” is not necessarily what we mean here, and perhaps those covers we consider exceptional are exceptional because they are mindful of what made the original version so great to begin with while managing to find and explore their own voice.
Origianaly by Dolly Parton, covered by Whitney Housten.
www.goodhodgkins.com /2006/05/30/the-music-blogosphere-presents-exceptional-cover-songs   (4642 words)

 WDFW -- Washington Gap Project Land Cover Data
The land cover was continually evolving, so version numbers were assigned to each new set of modifications.
For each new version, the vertebrate models had to be rerun, a process that was very time-consuming.
The last version of the vertebrate models was run on Version 5 of the land cover, but a few changes were made to the land cover after the last vertebrate models were run.
www.wdfw.wa.gov /wlm/gap/landcov.htm   (100 words)

 Don McLean Fan Forum:   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A cover record is a recording which is an exact duplicate of the same song released by a lesser artist on a lesser label.
The cover is meant to do just that - bury the original because the new version has a major artist and a major record company and they already know the song’s a hit because they use the original as a “stalking horse’ (since we’re talking horses here).
If this works out right the “cover” version takes off and with the superior resources of the major label artist, the original recording is buried or “covered” and the small label with the little artist is crushed thus solidifying the major label’s power and the major artist’s power as well.
don-mclean.com /d/view.asp?topic=5432&s=Definition+...+Version&l=True   (8418 words)

 Cover Versions
In music, a "cover version" is when one artist or group records a song originally recorded by another artist or group.
The idea is that the covering artist brings something new to the song: a new twist, a new sound, a new passion.
I love cover versions, since it's always fun to see how an original gets changed, for the better or worse, in someone else's hands.
department.monm.edu /english/mew/cover_versions.htm   (581 words)

 bigchill.net -cover version covers original music versions song
Covers seem have become really popular in recent years, the success of Nouvelle Vague and a certain Mr Middleton's Cosmosonica Crazy Covers being examples of the phenomenon.
That's why there'll always be cover versions, regardless of the number of great new songs.
The honesty and emotional delivery of the lead vocal and interpretation of the lyrics is vital to the validity and integrity of a good cover version in my opinion.
www.bigchill.net /story/1468/whatisitaboutcoverversions.html   (1164 words)

 Cover Version | Art Meets Matter
Our new range of Cover Version lampshades breathes new life back into the vinyl single of the past.
Impress your friends and gain eco-points too, as Cover Version lampshades encourage the reuse and repurposing of old materials into new and desirable objects.
The 7” shade is ideal for table standing lights and the 12” version can be used on table or floor standing lights and can be adjusted, (by changing the position of the wire frame), to be used as a pendant lampshade hanging from the ceiling.
www.artmeetsmatter.com /cover-version.php   (270 words)

An instrumental version of Françoise's L'amitié is one of four songs on this EP played in the Latin American style.
All songs on the CD are cover versions of hits from a wide variety of international stars.
The band are from New York, and have been described as "raunchy faux-French rock and roll that's both a sendup of and a tribute to the dark tunes of late-period Serge Gainsbourg and punchy ye-ye girl pop".
www.all-over-the-world.com /FrancoiseHardy/cover.shtml   (3462 words)

 Eighties Cover Songs
This should of course come to no suprise to most people, some big hits of the eighties were covers as well ("Mickey", "Der Kommisar", "You Keep Me Hanging On" (which was remade into a hit four times so far)).
I have no problem with artists who do a cover of a song in concert, or because they are just starting out and don't have enough original material of their own for a full set of songs.
As a matter of fact, I think cover bands can be great fun to go and see.
www.inthe80s.com /covers/index.shtml   (918 words)

 The Ultimate Punk Rock Cover Song Project
Their version of "Manic Depression" was done back in 1985 on the You Kill Me EP; their cover is better than competant-it's quite good.
Covered by NYC punk band The Dictators on their 1976 "Blood Brothers" LP, a band, which next to The Ramones, Suicide and probably even Blue Oyster Cult, were essential bands of early NY punk.
Comments: this is the best version of this song because they took out the annoying "dadalada"s and inserted a gut wrenching scream of the word "surrender" gotta hear it to appreciate it.
www.savethehumans.com /punkcoverproject/index.shtml   (4966 words)

 XTC Forum - When is a cover version not a cover version?
On another forum I was just posting on a thread titled "Cover version that were better than the original".
I'd guess that the first released version of a song is the original and so all subsequent releases would be a cover.
Atomic Kitten managed to do a cover version of Billie Piper's cover version of Blondie's cover version of The Paragons original number.
xtcidearecords.co.uk /cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=36&topic=505   (625 words)

 New cover version of - The Dance - - Planet Garth Forums
I once heard a cover- it was a pop version sung by a woman...
Garth was the first to give that song attention, and left such an impression being the first that it is hard not to compare any version of it to his.
I agree, the first version you hear tends to stick with you.
www.planetgarth.com /forums/showthread.php?t=121179   (815 words)

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