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Topic: Coyote Ugly

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 DVDAnswers.com - DVD Reviews - Coyote Ugly (Region 1)
Coyote Ugly is set in New York and follows the dream of Violet Stanford (Piper Perabo) to become a famous songwriter in the Big City.
Coyote Ugly is essentially a girl goes to the big city, meets guy and falls in love.
Coyote Ugly is certainly not a life changing experience but it is the sort of film, which you can sit down, watch and forget about all your worries.
www.dvdanswers.com /index.php?r=0&s=2&c=165   (1365 words)

 Coyote Ugly - VEGAS.com
Coyote Ugly is not one of those places.
Coyote Ugly's trademark is the sexy female bartenders who get up on the bar and dance, sing and encourage patrons to drink more alcohol.
Coyote Ugly does not serve mixed drinks, only shots and beer, but there is a daiquiri bar outside Coyote Ugly selling frozen drinks for about $4.
www.vegas.com /nightclubs/coyote   (566 words)

 washingtonpost.com: At Coyote Ugly, It's Bellies Up On the Bar
They're the Coyotes, the bartenders of Coyote Ugly, Washington's newest, loudest and least undergarment-friendly nightspot.
Now a Coyote is poised over the edge of the bar, pouring "Sex on the Beach" into the mouth of a publisher who is leaning back with her face aimed at the ceiling.
"Coyote Ugly" was a movie based on the antics at a bar in New York, and the film has spawned several Coyote Uglys (Uglies?) across the country.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A38140-2004Feb12?language=printer   (1102 words)

 Coyote Ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It is not uncommon to find coyotes living in urban settings that once were a forest or part of their home range.
Coyotes are predators, a label that is hard to live down in the mind of some people.
Obviously this increase in coyote numbers and sightings are a bonus for predator hunters across the state.
www.walkersoutdoorobsession.com /coyote-ugly.htm   (895 words)

 Coyote Ugly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Look up coyote ugly on Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Coyote Ugly Saloon, a bar in New York City, which spawned multiple franchises all over North America
Coyote Ugly (film), a 2000 film based on the bar
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Coyote_Ugly   (112 words)

 Things are Getting Ugly
Unlike most chains, Coyote Ugly was not famous for its decor or signature dishes but for its attitude (the name refers to a man so homely that a one-night-stand partner would rather chew off an arm to escape his bed--like a trapped coyote--than wake him).
Coyotes mock patrons into buying shots for them, pour liquor directly into patrons' mouths (a "penalty shot" for naughtiness), serve shots in their navels (a "body shot")--and charge for every drop.
Manterola's was the first of a number of bars (he eventually closed in summer 2002) that either tried to use her brand without paying (Ugly Inc. spends several hundreds of thousands a year stopping unlicensed bars from using the Coyote Ugly name) or, once licensed, ran their bars in ways that Lovell did not like.
www.inc.com /magazine/20031101/ugly.html   (2808 words)

 Review: Coyote Ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
By comparison, Flashdance (Coyote Ugly's closest relative on the producer's resume) is a marvel of subtlety and character development.
Coyote Ugly might have been enjoyable in a tawdry sort of way if we weren't forced to endure too many of these protracted dramatic sequences.
From a creative standpoint, although Coyote Ugly comes dangerously close to the depths of the 2000 list currently occupied by Battlefield Earth, it is eminently more watchable.
movie-reviews.colossus.net /movies/c/coyote.html   (1055 words)

 Ybor City Guide - from TBO.com
Coyote Ugly's formula for success: "Beautiful girls + booze = money.'' "There's nothing else like it,'' Joanna Olsen says of her club.
Modeled after New York's famous Coyote Ugly Saloon, the one from the movie in 2000 starring supermodel Tyra Banks, the 21-and-over Ybor club is relying on the notoriety to bring in curious customers.
Coyote Ugly developed a reputation for young women pouring whiskey shots in patrons' mouths and dancing to honky-tonk and hard-rock songs.
ybor.tbo.com /ybor/ugly.htm   (534 words)

 Coyote Ugly: Cinephiles Movie Review
Coyote Ugly, directed by David McNally and written by Gina Wendkos, promotes itself as a film that focuses on a group of young female, table-dancing bartenders --or "coyotes"-- who entertain and excite their alcoholized clientele (and sober viewers) with their uninhibited and often choreographed moves.
However, Coyote Ugly soon reveals its true protagonist, an endearing small-town girl, and offers an inoffensive main story about her survival in the city and about the challenge of pursuing her dreams.
While Coyote Ugly introduces the naiveté of the female protagonist, the film also follows her transformation without losing the viewer's interest and without losing direction.
www.cinephiles.net /Coyote_Ugly/Film-Synopsis.html   (396 words)

 Coyote Ugly Bar In Las Vegas
Coyote Ugly gained international fame with the release of a $60 million blockbuster film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films (producer "Pearl Harbor") and based on the legendary bar.
The Coyote Ugly bar originated in New York City where it has remained a popular establishment for more than 10 years.
Jennifer Worthington, co-owner, operator of the bar and associate producer of the Coyote Ugly film commented, "I always believed, since working on the film, that Las Vegas would be a perfect fit for a Coyote Ugly bar.
www.ez-entertainment.net /news/coyotebar.htm   (646 words)

 Coyote Ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Inspired by a 1993 article in GQ, Coyote Ugly is formulaic almost to the point of being bland.
All the bartenders at Coyote Ugly are Coyotes.
Coyote Ugly is the first film script by Gina Wendkos and first directorial outing David McNally and it shows.
www.haro-online.com /movies/coyote_ugly.html   (478 words)

 COYOTE UGLY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
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www.cashinfo.biz /25k/coyote-ugly.html   (178 words)

 Movie-List - Reviews - Coyote Ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
An ugly world full of heart is where the dreams of a young lady can come true.
At first she wonders if they are strippers or hookers but finds out they are crowd-pleasers at a local bar called the "Coyote Ugly".
"Coyote Ugly" is in the tradition of all those films where we find the innocent trying to hard to find their place in the world through the quest of a dream.
www.movie-list.com /reviews/coyoteugly.shtml   (526 words)

 Coyote Ugly - Review - Stumped? - Stumped At the Video Store is a Magazine About Movies, DVD releases, actors, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Coyote Ugly is the story of the shy and warm-hearted "Jersey" (Piper Perabo), a country girl who moves to New York City in high hopes of becoming the next Jewel.
After overcoming several token obstacles, Jersey becomes the next Jewel and everyone is proud of her because (cue violin music) through hard work and determination, she showed that everyone can realize their dreams and earn millions of dollars.
The selling points of this film came at the titular bar, Coyote Ugly, where Jersey finds work while still struggling, where a variety of scantily clad supermodels work hawking liquor.
centerstage.net /stumped/reviews/coyote-ugly.shtml   (289 words)

 Encyclopedia: Coyote Ugly Saloon
Actor Nicholas Cage on the cover of the March, 1997 issue of GQ (U.S. edition) Gentlemens Quarterly, most often known simply as GQ, is a monthly mens magazine that focuses on mens fashion and style.
Soon after, in 2001, the second Coyote Ugly Saloon opened in Las Vegas at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino.
Additional bars continued to open across the United States in the years to come, with Coyote Ugly Saloons now located in Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, Philadelphia, Chicago, Charlotte, Panama City, Austin, San Antonio, Washington, D.C. Denver, Boston, and Nashville.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Coyote-Ugly-Saloon   (998 words)

 Coyote Ugly review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Coyote Ugly purports to be a story about a young girl looking to strike it rich in New York City, but somehow intermingled into the mix is a rowdy bar where sexy female bartenders cavort and dance on the bar-top while wearing skimpy clothing before serving beers and shots.
Soon after, she auditions for a job at Coyote Ugly, a bar where bartenders like the boss, Lil (Maria Bello), and fellow "coyotes" Cammie (Izabella Miko), Rachel (Bridget Moynahan), and Zoe (Tyra Banks) strut, dance, and serve drinks in tight outfits.
Where Coyote Ugly differs from those earlier films is the blatant addition of sex appeal.
www.moviemutterings.com /reviews/c/cyteugly.htm   (766 words)

 Coyote Ugly -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The term arises from the behavior of (Small wolf native to western North America) coyotes, which (among other (Any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles) canines), when caught in a (Click link for more info and facts about jaw-trap) jaw-trap will gnaw off a leg in order to escape death.
While she tries, unsuccessfully, to get her demo tape to be noticed by the studios, she meets Zoe ((Click link for more info and facts about Tyra Banks) Tyra Banks), a bartender at a local hot spot called Coyote Ugly.
She is hired by Lil ((Click link for more info and facts about Maria Bello) Maria Bello) and must learn the ropes of singing, dancing, and performing wild acts before a rowdy crowd of people.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/c/co/coyote_ugly.htm   (504 words)

 Coyote Ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Coyote Ugly may just turn out to do for Perabo what Mystic Pizza did for Roberts.
In Coyote she has what it takes to pull off the role of Lil the boss.
There are looks at the girls that became the Coyotes as well as screen tests, deleted scenes and a full array of supplemental material that will hold your interest.
www.hometheaterinfo.com /coyote.htm   (653 words)

 NYC Bartenders & Patrons NYCBP.COM
Ten years later, "Coyote Ugly" franchises are popping up across the country.
The fame that was to befall the dive bar on First Avenue and Ninth Street was building already in the spring of 1997 when Elizabeth Gilbert's excellent GQ piece "The Muse of the Coyote Ugly" came out in March.
Coyote Ugly's popularity grew as word got out about what an awesome place Lil was running.
www.nycbp.com /bartenders/bar3/index.html   (1784 words)

 Zap2it.com - Movie review - Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly is a bar in New York City's East Village, though the movie that bears its name wasn't filmed there but on a Los Angeles set.
Not having been to the real Coyote Ugly, I can't attest to whether producer Jerry Bruckheimer, first-time director David McNally and sole credited writer Gina Wendkos have captured the true flavor of the place, but I'm guessing they took some liberties.
Like most Bruckheimer films, "Coyote Ugly" is meant to be appreciated solely for its gleaming surfaces: the quick-cut filmmaking style of the latest commercial/video director hired by Bruckheimer; the young, attractive cast; the emotions that are as hard to read as Dr. Seuss.
www.zap2it.com /movies/movies/reviews/text/0,1259,-5--2924,00.html   (747 words)

 Coyote Ugly: Washington, D.C., Bar and Dance Saloon in DC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The bar features all female bartenders (aka the Coyotes), who dance on the bars, sass talk the crowd and spray each other with water.
Their job is to keep the party going, and anyone not joining in is likely to be taunted or, if you're female, pulled up on the bar (only women have the privilege of dancing on the bars).
Although the party usually centers on the sassy Coyotes, the joint is also a sports bar and that means even the most enamored males will inevitably turn their attention to one of the numerous TV screens.
www.kellyanncollins.com /coyote.htm   (205 words)

 CNN.com - Five babes = one varmint in 'Coyote Ugly' - August 4, 2000
"Coyote Ugly" is contrived and predictable, with a plot is as thin as the paper used to print the 1993 GQ magazine article which inspired this film.
She stumbles into a job at a joint called Coyote Ugly where the main attraction is the beautiful women bartenders.
The bar's owner Lil (Maria Bello) is savvy, tough, and rules her "coyotes" with an iron fist.
archives.cnn.com /2000/SHOWBIZ/Movies/08/04/review.coyote.ugly   (654 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | "Coyote Ugly"
If you're planning to see the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced "Coyote Ugly" just to get an eyeful of leggy beauties dancing across a whiskey-slick bartop, you should know that this is really a prudish, glassy-eyed movie about dreams coming true in the heart of the cold, cold city.
In that sense, "Coyote Ugly" may be the most disappointing movie of the summer: I went in hoping for shameless exploitation and all I got was a handful of crappy Diane Warren songs.
A chance encounter leads her to a pseudo-Western bar called Coyote Ugly, where the great-looking female bartenders (Bridget Moynihan, Izabella Miko and Tyra Banks) hop up on the bar and dance, in a mildly raunchy manner, for the customers whenever the spirit moves them.
www.salon.com /ent/movies/review/2000/08/04/coyote_ugly   (759 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Video: Coyote Ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pouring drinks and overflowing with attitude, the "Coyotes" spend more time on top of the bar than behind it, tantalising the standing-room-only crowd with their outrageous antics.
Many critics have said that Coyote Ugly is a long way away from telling the accurate story of real-life Lil and her bar in NYC where the girls dance on the bar and wear small amounts of clothing.
In short; Coyote Ugly is a feel-good movie for anyone with a job they really need, a heart, a dream, or even a love for a "romantic comedy".
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005CEKF   (618 words)

 Coyote Ugly on VHS Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The ones he makes that feature women, such as Flashdance and now Coyote Ugly, broaden their appeal with a fondness for "strong women." For Bruckheimer, that means self-determined, attractive women who don't need men to get what they want.
In Coyote Ugly, the charming young waif Piper Perabo stars as Violet, a New Jersey waitress who moves to New York to make it big as a songwriter.
In order to make ends meet, she gets a job in a bar called Coyote Ugly, where the bartenders are scantily clad women who dance on the bar and order around their mostly male clientele.
www.crimsonbird.com /cgi-bin/a.cgi?j=B000059XYL   (232 words)

 coyote ugly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Coyote Ugly Saloon National Expansion continues in Denver with March 2005 Opening.
Coyote Ugly Saloon will open its doors on Wednesday, March 23rd.
Denver marks the 15th Coyote Ugly Saloon location, and first in the state of Colorado.
www.denverpavilions.com /2ndary_art/coyoteugly.htm   (255 words)

 Barcelona-home.com • Clubs of Barcelona • Coyote Ugly Barcelona   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Coyote Ugly inicia su actividad el 6 de julio del año 2001 en la ciudad de Barcelona; un local de nueva creación conceptual dentro de la oferta del ocio nocturno de la ciudad condal así como del resto de Europa.
Dentro de la barra: bailando, escupiendo fuego, dejando exhaustos a los clientes que se atreven con los “chupitos coyote”, haciendo que la gente actúe e interactúe con ellas...
Fuera de la barra: exclusivos “dólares coyote” para todas las clientas que podrán utilizar en las subastas de chicos o canjear por consumiciones.
www.barcelona-home.com /ENG/coyote-ugly.html   (240 words)

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