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Topic: Cramond

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  The Heroic Age: Post-Severan Cramond
Some of the coins from Cramond are of particular interest: the coin of Tetricus came from the spoil heap associated with the bathhouse excavations and was minted at Cologne; as it comes from a western mint it may well be genuine (Robertson 1983:408).
Cramond therefore means "fort on the river Almond," and the name must have originated prior to the conquest of this area by Anglo-Saxon Northumbria in the middle of the seventh century.
Cramond was probably controlled by a succession of royal owners in a manner similar to that suggested for some Roman forts in England, where churches occur from the seventh century onward (Bidwell 1997:108-9).
www.mun.ca /mst/heroicage/issues/4/Cessford.html   (3860 words)

  Encyclopedia: Cramond
Cramond is a village built on the east side of the River Almond where it enters the Firth of Forth forming a natural harbour, now a suburb of Edinburgh.
Offshore, Cramond Island has WW II fortifications and is linked to land by a line of concrete pyramids constructed as a submarine defence boom.
In 1997 the Cramond Lioness was uncovered in the harbour mud, and found to be a statue of a lioness devouring a hapless male figure, probably one of a pair at a military commander's tomb.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Cramond   (1195 words)

 Cramond Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland
Cramond lies on the south shore of the River Forth four miles north west of the centre of Edinburgh.
An attractive village atmosphere; the beach and the shoreline walks; and the harbour in the mouth of the river.
With later mansions like Cramond House, built in the 1680s, this marked the beginning of Cramond's role as the upmarket residential area it is today.
www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk /edinburgh/cramond/index.html   (567 words)

Aside from the fort and settlement and probable harbour at Cramond in Edinburgh there are two temporary marching camps to the south, at Gogar Green and Millburn Tower (both NT1771), also a Roman milestone discussed below.
A Roman milestone to the south-west of the Cramond settlement at Newbridge (NT1272), which is notable because it is one of only two recorded in the RIB for Scotland, the other being at Bar Hill on the Antonine Wall in Strathclyde ( vide RIB 2312).
Cohors Primae Cugernorum were a a five-hundred strong auxiliary infantry unit recruited from the Cugerni tribe of Lower Germany, who inhabited the lands between the Meuse and the Rhine, close neighbours of the Germanic tribes the Baetasii to the south and the Batavi in the north-west.
www.roman-britain.org /places/cramond.htm   (716 words)

CRAMOND, a surname supposed to be derived from what is now the parish of that name in the counties of Linlithgow and Edinburgh.
In the fifteenth century Catherine Cramond, daughter of the proprietor of Auldbar, married Sir Thomas Maule, ancestor of the Panmure family.
In 1575, James Cramond, the then laird, sold the barony to Lord Glammis, in whose family it continued till 1670, when Patrick, first earl of Strathmore, sold it to Sir James Sinclair, who again sold it to Peter and James Young.
www.electricscotland.com /history/nation/cramond.htm   (679 words)

 Edinburgh Today  -  Cramond Ferry
In 1945, the Earl of Rosebery, the Cramond ferry
The old leisurely atmosphere is retained at Cramond with Mr Badura responding to demand when prospective passengers shout or ring the bell which hangs on the south side.
Cramond ferryman from 1951 until 1989, Czech, Rudolph Badura, known to his friends as "Val" or "Bud", passed away in January 2007, aged 82.
www.edinphoto.org.uk /10/12_edinburgh_today_-_ferry_cramond.htm   (1007 words)

 Scotland's Past   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cramond Heritage Trust was set up by Cramond Association in 1978 with the purposes of encouraging the preservation and improvement of features of natural and historical interest within the defined area of Cramond Association.
Cramond Heritage Trust's summer exhibition at The Maltings, Riverside, Cramond, is open from 28 May until 25 September 2005.
Old Cramond by Peter and William Scholes (ISBN 1 84033 303 0 £7.50) is a collection of early photographs of the area, arranged to form two walks around the district.
www.scotlandspast.org /CHT/home.cfm   (1012 words)

 Cramond CC v BCC Sun 17 June 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Cramond side play on the University playing fields at Cramond Campus, which is a reasonable enough pitch based around a heavy clay wicket.
The Cramond bowling was effective as opposed as to dangerous and Bonfield collected late wickets to take his tally to 3.
In reply Cramond started cautiously against the Buckie attack and were lucky not to lose a wicket as they repeatedly popped the ball in to spaces.
www.nosca.freeserve.co.uk /reports/01/cramonda.html   (875 words)

 Cramond Association, Edinburgh
The obelisk on the left is one of Cramond’s early cast iron monuments
Cramond Island and the Second World War anti-shipping barrier, at high tide.
A corner of the exhibition “Cramond’s Story” in the Maltings
www.cramondassociation.org.uk /pics.htm   (82 words)

 Cramond, Housing, Edinburgh, Caer Amon, Apartments
The housing is located on the old Moray House Campus in Cramond adjacent to the remains of a Roman fort.
At Cramond we have taken our lead from traditional developments such as the Grange or Murrayfield, where roads are bounded by continuous garden walls, and frequently there is an ambiguity between garden wall and bulding.
At Cramond we have abolished the front garden for each house type, preferring to put all the available space into a private walled garden to the rear.
www.edinburgharchitecture.co.uk /cramond_housing.htm   (1248 words)

 Historical perspective for Cramond
Cramond Island, ¾ mile NNE of the village, may be reached at low water on foot, and, measuring 3 by 1½ furlongs, affords pasturage for a few sheep; 1¼ mile further is another still smaller basaltic islet, Inch Mickery.
Cramond House, a little eastward from the village, is a handsome and commodious mansion, founded about 1680, and greatly enlarged in 1772; a square three-storied tower to the NW is the only remains of a 15th century palace of the Bishops of Dunkeld.
Cramond is in the presbytery of Edinburgh and synod of Lothian and Tweeddale; the living is worth £480.
www.geo.ed.ac.uk /scotgaz/towns/townhistory288.html   (1231 words)

 99 shades of grey » travel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A perfect day to head to the ancient fishing village of Cramond, which is actually the first place I was told to put on my ‘must see’ list for Edinburgh, yet has managed to escape my explorations for almost two years now.
The most notable of these (in Cramond anyway, a look at a random part of an Edinburgh street map will give you some idea of what I mean) was ‘Fair-A-Far Shot’.
I followed the path past the Kirk toward Cramond House, but after a few hundred metres elected to see the church from the other side, and headed back to the main road.
www.99shadesofgrey.com /travel/edinburgh/cramond.php   (1420 words)

 Edinburgh Views - Cramond
Cramond sits at the mouth of the river almond where it meets the Forth estuary.
There is evidence of it being inhabited since the end of the last ice age before 4000 b.c.
Cramond was also a Roman harbour with a fort, under the control of Antoninus Pius between AD 142-161.
www.edinburghviews.co.uk /GALLERY/Cramond/index.html   (107 words)

 Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Edinburgh - Cramond is turned into next fort of call
The new interpretation panels provide visitors with a fascinating insight into life at the 1800-year-old fort near Cramond Kirk, which was designed to help protect the empire’s western flank, and at the nearby bathhouse, described as one of the best surviving Roman buildings north of the Border.
Cramond has been recognised as a site of international archaeological importance, and in order to reflect the significance of the site, a five-year plan has been drawn up to develop the site to its full potential.
She said: "The Cramond Management Plan was the culmination of months of work by the Cramond Management Group and local Cramond residents.
news.scotsman.com /edinburgh.cfm?id=495602004   (867 words)

Cramond is one of the city's most atmospheric - and poshest - old villages, the enduring image of which is of step-gabled whitewashed houses rising uphill from the waterfront.
Cramond also boasts the foundations of a Roman fort, a medieval bridge and tower house, and a church, inn and mansion, all from the 17th century.
In December 1996, a wonderful Roman sculpture of a lioness devouring a man was discovered here in the River Almond: it is thought that it was simply thrown into the river after the departure of the Romans.
www.visitscotland.com /library/edinburghcramond   (106 words)

 Afternoon tea tours - Personal tour guide to Cramond village, Edinburgh
Cramond Village sits at the mouth of the River Almond where it joins the River Forth.It is often described as a picture postcard village because of the pretty white - washed buildings and its picturesque setting beside the water.
The view as we approach Cramond Village has changed little over the years.The Cramond Inn dates from 1670 and at one time there were three inn – keepers in the village.
Cramond was at this time a busy gateway to the iron mills further up the River Almond and many raw materials were shipped from Russia, Sweden and Holland to be transformed into barrel hoops, nails and pans.
www.afternoonteatours.co.uk /the_journey/cramond_village.htm   (411 words)

 Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - Cramond set to push the boat out again   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The row boat ferry, which took people across the River Almond from Cramond village to the Earl of Rosebery’s estate, was abandoned during the foot-and-mouth outbreak.
Residents in Cramond who have campaigned for the return of the ferry said they would be delighted to see it back on the water.
Since it was scrapped at the outset of the foot-and-mouth crisis, walkers have had to walk up to Cramond Brig to get access to the estate.
edinburghnews.scotsman.com /index.cfm?id=215502003   (632 words)

 www.HeNdO_YMG_GORGIE_JUNGLE :: HOGAN_4_PRESIDENT_ME_4_SIDEKICK   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cramond were the more aggresive team in the first half but it was dalkeith that got the break through.
Cramond were the better team in the first haf with a gr8 volley scored by Ross Henderson from a wide angle.
Cramond were the better team and if it were not for the offside trap Ross Henderson wud have had plenty of goals.
www.freewebs.com /hendo69r/cramondbc.htm   (250 words)

 Cramond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cramond Island and the walkway seen from the shore.
The older houses along the wharf are typical of traditional south-east Scottish vernacular architecture, constructed in stone with harling white lime render finish, with facing stone window and door surrounds and crow-step gables, roofed with orangey-red clay pantiles imported from the Netherlands.
On the other side of the Almond, (once accessible by a rowing-boat ferry) the Dalmeny Estate has a pleasant walk through Dalmeny Woods along the shore of the Firth of Forth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cramond   (519 words)

 Clifton Diocese | Cramond Island
In the end it is the ordinary people, you and I, that will change the world, but help, guidance and wisdom that inform our choices must come from our Church and not solely from secular organisation that operate on different principles and timescales..
Cramond Island stands in the Firth of Forth as a reminder of many things; beauty and wilderness yes, but also a symbol of what we have done to the earth.
That causeway that joins Cramond to the mainland is like the Church’s teachings, a constant bridge between the holy and the secular.
www.cliftondiocese.com /cramond-island   (1098 words)

 Scotsman.com Sport - Football - Cramond spring offside trap to sink sorry City
CRAMOND BOYS’ CLUB look to be in good shape this early in the season, and they were much too good for Edinburgh City in a Lothian Buses under-15 League clash on their home pitch in Davidson’s Mains Park.
The emphatic 7-0 win was a true reflection of the gulf between the two sides and the home side look to be well coached, with an effective off-side trap to add to their skilful play and shooting ability.
But even he could not prevent the Cramond goal-scoring machine clicking into action as early as the fourth minute, Daniel McGarry running through to collect a pass through the centre of the City defence to crack a great left foot shot into the net.
sport.scotsman.com /football.cfm?id=1151592004   (1090 words)

 Edinburgh Evening News - Sport - Other Sport - Cramond are ready for a battle - Ron   (Site not responding. Last check: )
CRAMOND have accused East Cricket League officials of making up rules as they go along in appealing a decision to dock the club a staggering 43 points.
The allegation comes from Cramond president Ron Wharton, who says rules, which have seen star player Bradley Sculley deemed ineligible as a home-based amateur, are acknowledged to be out of date and unworkable.
"Cramond have co-operated fully with the league, who have admitted that current rules are unworkable.
edinburghnews.scotsman.com /othersport.cfm?id=667642005   (545 words)

 Cramond Surgery Medical Practice
Cramond surgery has one attached midwife who works within a larger team of midwives and is based at Pennywell Resource Centre (tel: 0131 537 4251).
The midwife runs an Antenatal Clinic at Cramond Surgery on Thursday afternoons as well a shared care service for pregnant ladies in assosciation with the rest of the PHC Team and Obstetric Services.
The Health Visiting team, based at Cramond Medical Practice, provides a service primarily to families with children, from birth to five.
www.cramondmedicalpractice.com /info.html   (1565 words)

 Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Lion to take pride of place at Roman ruins
But now the Cramond Lioness is set to be returned to its rightful home as part of a £2 million vision for an exhibition to showcase the Roman ruins near where it was found.
But it is the prospect of the white sandstone lioness statue returning to Cramond which has caused the most excitement.
The return of the lioness is the main feature in a conservation and management plan for Cramond which has been drawn up by a working party made up of heritage watchdogs and city officials.
news.scotsman.com /scotland.cfm?id=920942003   (850 words)

 The Coincidence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Creativity
She suggests, after a detailed comparison of the two groups, that there may be a common temperament which favors the development of behavior which is characteristic of both ADHD and creativity.
Cramond notes that similar findings have been reported by creativity researchers, although these differences have not been identified as defects.
Cramond argues, as have others, that apparent inattention is often the result of daydreaming or focusing on internal thoughts.
www.borntoexplore.org /cramond.htm   (1317 words)

 Cramond Angling Club
Cramond (in the red circle) is halfway between Edinburgh and South Queensferry
Fishing is allowed on the East bank of River Almond, from Cramond Brig till the river mouth where the Almond meets the Forth (includes the tidal stretch).
Visitors can either park their cars at Cramond Brig (access to the top of the beat), or at the School Brae car park (access to the middle beat) or at Cramond Inn to access the beat at the river mouth.
www.fishalmond.co.uk /maps.php   (566 words)

 Cramond, River Almond
Cramond village lies five miles from Edinburgh, on the River Almond.
Many of the village's 17th and 18th century houses have been beautifully restored, and it is said that Robert Louis Stevenson carved his initials on a table at the Cramond Inn.
A Roman bath-house was recently excavated here and a number of artefacts from that period have been found locally.
www.scotcolour.com /lowlandspm/cramond.htm   (61 words)

 Cramond island and village, Edinburgh « Europe A La Carte Blog
I thought that Cramond would be another great place to add to my Edinburgh: Off the beaten track guide.
Cramond village is very pretty and there are a couple of pubs, public toilets and a large free car park.
You can visit the 15th century Cramond Kirk built close to the site of a Roman fort.
www.europealacarte.co.uk /blog/2007/10/14/cramond-edinburgh   (478 words)

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