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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Craton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A craton is an old and stable part of the continental crust that has survived the merging and splitting of continents and supercontinents for at least 500 million years.
Cratons are generally found in the interiors of continents and are formed of a crust of lightweight felsic igneous rock such as granite attached to a section of the upper mantle.
Cratons are subdivided geographically into geologic provinces, each province being classified as an Archon, a Proton or a Tecton according to its age:
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Craton   (234 words)

 North American craton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While much of the stable craton is exposed at the surface north of Indiana as the Canadian Shield, the middle of the craton, located in the United States, is covered with sedimentary rocks of the Interior Platform.
The cratonic rocks are metamorphic and igneous while the overlying sedimentary rocks are composed mostly of limestones, sandstones, and shales.
Much of this time the craton was covered by a large shallow sea, a so-called "epicratonic sea" (meaning literally "on" the craton).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/North_American_craton   (334 words)

 Railroad collections
Craton's career was written by him in November 1978 at the request of Milton Wise of the class of 1924 of Syracuse University, who was compiling a book on the surviving members of their class at the College of Applied Science.
Craton became eligible for the GE stock plan in 1953 and was authorized to purchase 900 shares of company stock over the next 10 years at $71.00 a share.
Craton was a regular attendant at the YMCA Friday speakers luncheon, lunched with a friend on a weekly basis and he and Willie enjoyed frequent dinners out with the Reeds and the Ogdens, friends of long-standing.
americanhistory.si.edu /archives/d8454.htm   (7661 words)

 craton on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Craton Energy Corporation Is a Newly Formed Company.
North Star to commence ground magnetic survey on Superior Craton Project and outlines exploration schedule.
North Star Diamonds to commence drilling by mid-December on Superior Craton Project.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/X/X-craton.asp   (200 words)

 Craton -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
A craton is an old and stable part of the (additional info and facts about continental crust) continental crust that has survived the merging and splitting of (One of the large landmasses of the earth) continents and (additional info and facts about supercontinent) supercontinents for at least 500 million years.
Cratons are subdivided geographically into (additional info and facts about geologic province) geologic provinces, each province being classified as an Archon, a Proton or a Tecton according to its age:
Saharan craton, (A republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea with a population that is predominantly Sunni Muslim; colonized by France in the 19th century but gained autonomy in the early 1960s) Algeria
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/c/cr/craton.htm   (661 words)

 Press and Reviews for - Markus Wiener Publishers
Finally, those who know Craton will welcome this opportunity to revisit and re-examine his contributions to the field because it is all too rare to fmd a collection that so eloquently speaks to the development and refinement of an historian during his writing life.
In the introductions to the chapters, Craton is sometimes defensive of the criticism he received in the past and he uses this opportunity to try to respond to his critics.
Craton's work compellingly describes the unachieved (perhaps unachievable?) struggle for freedom in the Caribbean; his thesis remains a challenge to those who would see a more radical ideological critique smouldering within what Hilary Beckles called the 'self-liberation ethos' of enslaved Africans and their Caribbean descendants.
markuswiener.com /book_reviews.html?products_id=94&...+in+the+Caribbean   (2056 words)

 Congo craton - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Congo craton, covered by the Palaeozoic-to-recent Congo basin, is an ancient Precambrian craton that with four others (the Kaapvaal, Zimbabwe, Tazania, and West African cratons) makes up the modern continent of Africa.
The Congo craton occupies a large part of central southern Africa, extending from the Kasai region of the DRC into Sudan and Angola.
In Late Neoproterozoic time, the Congo craton was a low-lying platform the size of the conterminous United States.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /congo_craton.htm   (159 words)

The relatively stable core of a continent that is not currently affected by tectonics along plate boundaries.
Cratons generally consist of highly deformed metamorphic rock that formed during ancient orogenic explosions.
Cratons exist in the hearts of all the continents, a typical example being the Canadian Shield.
www.tiscali.co.uk /reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0006373.html   (98 words)

 Gawler Craton Map Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Craton can be subdivided into a number of tectonic subdomains on the basis of structure and tectonostratigraphic history.
In the central Craton, the Yarlbrinda Shear Zone was likely formed by the Kararan Orogeny and it is host to several major gold prospects including those in the Nuckulla Hill region (Sheoak, Myall and Bimba) and at Tunkillia (see adjacent aeromagnetic map).
Palaeoproterozoic rocks of the eastern and central Gawler Craton are overlain by relatively unmetamorphosed clastics of the Corunna Conglomerate, the Gawler Range Volcanics, the Pandurra Formation, and thin platformal late Proterozoic and Cambrian sediments of the Stuart and Spencer Shelves.
www.users.on.net /~geosurveys/gawler3.htm   (439 words)

 Chapter 10: The Cambrian Craton
Cratons were low in relief and characterized by broad, gentle warping of the crust.
a) flexing of the craton in response to thermal subsidence of rifted continental margins.
Erosion of the cratonic surface over the previous half a billion years created a huge volume of clastic material available for redistribution by wind, rivers and the invading shallow seas.
www.uh.edu /~geos6g/1376/cambrian10.html   (1530 words)

 EDGE-driven convection
Because the craton and the cratonic root are assumed to have been stable for a billion years or more, we assume that the root is not significantly deforming and that from the point of view of the mantle, this root is a stable, fixed boundary.
Because the craton and oceanic lithosphere are stable, fixed boundaries and the mantle is mobile, this configuration will evolve to a point where the base of the craton and the base of the oceanic plate are at nearly the same temperature.
The distance between the edge of the craton and the ocean ridge is varied from 400 to 1,600 km in a series of calculations to study the pattern of the small-scale flow as the width of the ocean basin is increased.
www.mantleplumes.org /EDGE.html   (3375 words)

 John Craton Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Craton demonstrated rapid advancement on both violin and piano and was playing in the Jacksonville State University String Orchestra while still in high school.
When not involved in music, Craton enjoys watching the Mets play baseball in the summer, the Saints football in the fall, and sumo wrestling whenever it is available in the U.S. He is an avid reader and has a special interest in history, particularly ancient history and the history of the First World War era.
Craton is a member of ASCAP, the American String Teachers Association, the Indiana Music Teachers Association, Opera America, the Classical Mandolin Society of America, the Monarchist League, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
www.craton.net /john   (473 words)

 Dr. Earl F. Craton's published articles.
Craton, E. Condyle - paraglenoid ligament: A controversial subject.
Craton, E. Nerve signal interference in the cranial vertebral junction.
Craton, E. The error of atlas adjusting [Letter to the editor].
www.nsirtech.com /articles.html   (88 words)

 John Craton Music Studio: Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Craton is currently accepting new students for private instruction in violin and classical mandolin.
Craton’s home, and appropriate assignments will be given to help the student achieve the best results in developing proper musical technique and interpretative ability.
Craton is also available for commissioned works as a composer.
www.craton.net /studio   (101 words)

 Geological Society of America - GSA Today - v. 10, no. 2, February 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Overall, the Kaapvaal craton is made up of a number of granite-greenstone terranes with distinctive igneous rocks, deformation histories, and tectonic styles that were welded together to form the core of the continent (de Wit et al., 1992).
In contrast to the Late Archean ages of central craton granulite xenoliths, the abundant garnet-bearing granulite and upper amphibolite facies xenoliths from the Markt kimberlite, at the southwestern edge of the craton, yield Mesoproterozoic metamorphic zircon U-Pb dates ranging from 1114 to 1092 Ma (Schmitz and Bowring, 1999).
As is typical of Archean cratons, preliminary seismic results from the Kaapvaal project (James et al., 1999) show that the Kaapvaal and Zimbabwe cratons are underlain by a thick, seismically fast "root" that extends to depths of at least 200–250 km.
www.geosociety.org /pubs/gsatoday/gsat0002.htm   (4565 words)

 Preliminary Precambrian Basement Map Showing Geologic-Geolphysical Domains-Wyoming.html
The boundary between the Colorado orogen and the Wyoming craton is the Cheyenne belt (Karlstrom and Houston, 1984), a well-documented 5-km-wide mylonitic shear zone that verges northward (Duebendorfer and Houston, 1987).
The Colorado orogen collided with the Wyoming craton at 1.78-1.75 Ga. Collision of the Colorado orogen and the Trans-Hudson orogen with the Archean craton produced strong structural overprinting along the southern and eastern margins of the craton.
The Colorado orogen, accreted to the Wyoming craton in the Paleoproterozoic along the Cheyenne belt, is a >500-km-wide belt of Proterozoic island-arc rocks.
pubs.usgs.gov /of/2001/ofr-01-0199   (4542 words)

 ESRI Map Book Gallery Volume 18: Mining and Earth Sciences - Yilgarn Craton Aeromagnetic Interpretation (1:1,500,000)
This is an aeromagnetic interpretation (lithology distribution and structure) of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, one of Australia's key mineral provinces.
The Yilgarn Craton occurs within Western Australia and covers 10 percent of the onshore continent.
The Yilgarn Craton is arguably Australia's premier mineral province, attracting more than half the mineral exploration expenditure and producing two-thirds of the gold and most of the nickel mined in the country.
www.esri.com /mapmuseum/mapbook_gallery/volume18/mining3.html   (277 words)

 Petrology of Peridotite and Pyroxenite Xenoliths from the Jericho Kimberlite: Implications for the Thermal State of the ...
The Slave craton comprises dominantly late Archaean (2·7-2·6 Ga) supracrustal and plutonic rocks (Padgham and Fyson, 1992), within which are blocks of older (4·0-2·8 Ga) gneiss and younger sedimentary rocks (Percival, 1996).
Comparative datasets for the Kaapvaal craton and the Siberian Craton are taken from Finnerty and Boyd, (1987) and Griffin et al.
In the Kaapvaal craton, the absence of G10 garnet compositions was interpreted to result from equilibration of harzburgitic assemblages with a lherzolite-dominated mantle (Boyd and Nixon, 1978; Skinner, 1989).
library.iem.ac.ru /j-petr/1-4099/html/egc006_gml.html   (10923 words)

 Tectonothermal evolution of Archaean basement rocks from the Eastern zone of the North China craton
The eastern zone of the North China Craton consists mainly of pre-tectonic high- and low-grade gneisses, syn-tectonic granitoids and minor amounts of ultramafic (komatiitic) to mafic volcanic and sedimentary supracrustal rocks.
The continental rifting and continental magmatic arc models are inappropriate for the origin of the basement rocks in the eastern zone as they cannot explain the widths of exposed basement rocks, dominant oval structures and lack of intrusion of abundant mafic dykes which are commonly associated with rifting and continental magmatic arc regions.
This tectonothermal process is consistent with the anticlockwise P—T paths estimated from the basement rocks in the eastern zone of the North China Craton.
pandora.nla.gov.au /pan/13607/20010606/virtualexplorer.com.au/ACRC/news/conf/Conferences/HallsGapOrg/GuochunZhao.html   (1028 words)

 Craton Leads Men's Tennis at ITA Regionals :: Junior reaches final 16 singles and doubles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Craton and Burman were still alive in the doubles bracket as of Sunday afternoon.
Craton was seeded No. 14 in the singles bracket and, after receiving a first-round bye, won two matches before falling in the final 16.
Craton's run came to an end in the round of 16 when he fell to top seed Jonathan Chu of Harvard, the No. 25-ranked player in the country, in a close 6-4, 7-6 match.
www.fansonly.com /schools/prin/sports/m-tennis/recaps/102404aaa.html   (474 words)

 Havilah Resources - Exploration Projects
Havilah’s chief exploration focus is on its Curnamona Craton properties in the northeast of South Australia, where it holds a large prospective landholding (Figure 1).
The Curnamona Craton is a world class Proterozoic basemetal-gold province, that hosts the massive Broken Hill basemetal orebody and numerous other promising prospects.
This similarity may result from the fact that the Mt Isa – Cloncurry region and the Curnamona Craton were possibly joined together as one continuous terrain during their formation in the Proterozoic era (Figure 1.5).
www.havilah-resources.com.au /projects.html   (718 words)

 Diamond Exploration Targets in the Wyoming Craton
The Colorado Province is a cratonized Proterozoic basement that underlies portions of Colorado and southeastern Wyoming.
Cratonic terrains can be separated into regions of favorability to facilitate preliminary evaluation for diamonds (Janse, 1994).
Areas of lower potential are known as Protons, or terrains of cratonized Early- to Mid-Proterozoic belts last affected by a thermal event with a minimum age of 1.6 Ga. Regions of lower potential are called Tectons.
www.wsgs.uwyo.edu /metals/wyoming_craton.aspx   (2702 words)

 PhD Abstract for Andrew Long
The Albany-Fraser Province lies to the south of the Yilgarn Craton and is adjacent to the Perth Basin at its western end.
The Pinjarra Orogen lies along the western margin of the Yilgarn Craton and is largely concealed by the younger rocks of the Perth Basin.
Structures in the southwest Yilgarn Craton identified from the gravity and magnetic data generally terminate at or near the Darling Fault.
pangea.stanford.edu /research/crustal/along/phd.html   (1972 words)

 Journal of the Geological Society: Thabazimbi-Murchison lineament of the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa: 2700 Ma of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Kaapvaal Craton of southern Africa is one of the few regions on Earth where a large portion of relatively pristine Mid-Late Archaean rocks has been preserved.
The northern margin of the Kaapvaal Craton lies within the transition of the southern margin of the Limpopo Belt and the Pietersburg-Giyani and Murchison Greenstone belts to the south (Fig.
The general orientation of the fast polarization directions (determined from shear-wave splitting) of the Kaapvaal craton at subcontinental mantle depths is NE-SW, except in the vicinity of central TML where the mantle contains an E-W fast polarization direction, sub-parallel to the Mesoproterozoic and Archaean structural trends observed within the TML at surface.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3721/is_199701/ai_n8736984   (1347 words)

 Reverberation Folding, South of Siberian Craton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Siberian craton occupies the region between the Yenisey River on the west and the Lena River in the east.
The central and southern parts of the craton constitute the Lena- Tunguska oil-gas province.
Under reverberation folding is understood a complex of plicative-fault structures in the sedimentary cover of a craton that formed in part by the action of the frontal portion of overthrusting sheets of crystalline basement and in part by tangential pressure from allochthonous basement highs and processes involving salt.
www.geocities.com /internetgeology/L77a.html   (515 words)

 Phanerozoic evolution of the lithosphere beneath the Sino-Korean Craton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This is a case history of using "4-D lithosphere mapping methodology" (see section of that title) in tracing the evolution of the Sino-Korean Craton in Northern China from its original state through reworking during several tectonic episodes from at least the Mesozoic to the present day.
For example the Sino-Korean Craton is prospective for diamonds because of the Ordovician kimberlites that traversed Archean-type mantle.
Beyond the diagram to the left there is "cratonic" depleted mantle in west with Vp of ~8.25 km/sec characteristic of buoyant, depleted, cool mantle of the average composition of Archean mantle (Griffin et al, 1997)
www.es.mq.edu.au /GEMOC/oreilly/SinoEvol.html   (3559 words)

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