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Topic: Crazy Hand

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In the News (Wed 16 Jan 19)

  Hand Honey - Crazy Palm Mute Review
Hand Honey creates a melodic sound while not compromising the aggressive aspect of their music.
Hand Honey is able to move from soft sequences to loud sequences fluidly.
Hand Honey has created driving melodies that can speak to the soul on "Crazy Palm Mute".
www.golistenlive.net /reviews/hand-honey.asp   (309 words)

 Poker Articles: A Crazy Hand
The hand has a good deal of history behind it which is part of the reason why it is so special.
The hand I want to write about didn't come until late in the cruise, it was the 5th day we'd been sailing and not only were Dan and I playing lots of poker together, but we were also playing some Gin on the side.
Dan could also bet big and just blow me off of the hand, so I decided to do something that I had only done once in the past and that was to make the minimum raise.
www.pokerpages.com /articles/archives/nick-eisel22.htm   (1497 words)

 G4 - Feature - 'Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller' (Xbox) Review
Now on the Xbox, "Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller" continues the game's goal of getting taxi customers to their destinations in the quickest amount of time with total disregard for traffic laws and public safety.
One of "High Roller's" few highlights is the Crazy X mode, where you take on unusual minigames that include running your taxi into UFOs, getting your cab to the end zone in football, crossing canyons on cliff edge, and even playing a game of crazy baseball.
In the end, "Crazy Taxi 3" is a worthwhile exercise of the phrase "more of the same." Fans of the series expecting innovation will be disappointed, but newbies will now be able to see what Dreamcast owners have been secretly enjoying for years.
www.g4tv.com /techtvvault/features/39085/Crazy_Taxi_3_High_Roller_Xbox_Review.html   (689 words)

 Smash Bros. Online - Excoboard.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Suddenly, Crazy Hand pushed a button on one of the dark gray boxes near the bottom, and a chip that said “1P” on it fell on the Mario face.
Crazy Hand was about to poke it when it disappeared and the Stage Select screen appeared.
Crazy Hand was so frustrated that he forgot to pick a stage, and so Master Hand chose the Rainbow Cruise.
excoboard.com /exco/thread.php?forumid=1813&threadid=137360   (6507 words)

 Textiles : Quilts : All Items on Ruby Lane
The antique, near antique patchwork ‘crazy’ quilt is unusual with lovely silk and silky velvets, linen, and cotton materials in a 4 in 4 block style accented with solid and patterned and triangular patches.
Hand appliqued and quilted; all cotton except Navy Blue is rayon.
It is hand quilted in the center and has muted rose, soft blues on the...
search.rubylane.com /search/,id=78.10.html   (1497 words)

 Christine Dabbs
Her first quilt was made for her daughter Jennifer, in the hope that it could be handed on to future generations.
Crazy quilting has remained Christine's passion, and whenever possible she spends six to eight hours each day at it, despite her part-time job in a doctor's office.
Christine does teach Crazy quilt techniques, but she limits her teaching to the Crazy Quilt Society Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, held each year in July.
www.qnm.com /articles/feature11/index.html   (604 words)

 "Crazy Legs: Hand-Crafted Hopper & Cricket Legs - FAOL"
Crazy Legs are realistic terrestrial legs that are cost effective and easy to make from commonly available materials.
The tan "Crazy Leg" was made using white shrink tubing that was colored tan with a ChartPak marker.
The next two Crazy Legs to the far right were made using clear shrink tubing with brown, and then green strands of Gliss N Glo flash material placed inside of the tubing prior to thermally forming these legs.
www.flyanglersonline.com /flytying/fotw2/110804fotw.html   (1791 words)

 Magic tricks and illusions, learn the latest magic tricks
A borrowed bill is held openly in hands, both sleeves are rolled up and hands are shown to be empty separately.
Hands are brought together and the borrowed bill is fanned out into ten or more bills, multiplying before the eyes.
Learn the latest magic tricks such as crazy mans handcuffs, coin in ball of wool, misers dream, alternative appearance, children's magic tricks, perfect poker tricks, drop challenge, and do as I do in pubs and full stage illusions.
www.magichobby.co.uk   (607 words)

 Adoption Information for Crazy Daisies Custom Tote Bags and Accessories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Currently all proceeds from Crazy Daisies™ products are being put towards the adoption costs of the MacNeil family.
Crazy Daisies™ would like to thank you for your interest in learning more about adoption.
Former Bolton MA., resident Jessica (Burgwinkle) MacNeil and her husband, Greg, are looking forward to the arrival of their first child, a little girl, in eight to 12 months.
www.crazydaisies.com /adoption.html   (503 words)

 Master Hand and Crazy Hand New Move Concepts - Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo NSider Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Hand then proceeds to curve it's fingertips inward slightly, and begins hitting the victim with their Fingertip Lasers from Melee.
This will continue until there are three bombs, at which point Master Hand will fling all of them high int the air, Crazy Hand will pin you to the ground, and then they will begin spiking the bombs at you.
Master hand and crazy hand go under the stage and poke up when you land on it.(This can be dodged with air doge or good timing with jumps) this deals 20%.
forums.nintendo.com /nintendo/board/message?board.id=smash&message.id=1059325   (897 words)

 DOG GONE CRAZY DESIGNS - Hand Carved | Hand Crafted Gifts for Dog Lovers
If your dog is more than just your trusted companion then you'll love having him or her looking back at you the next time you hang your jacket, look in the mirror, or pull your favorite novel out of your magazine rack before settling into your favorite chair.
There'll always be a place for furniture that requires "minor assembly", but when you want something to be a part of your life forever, or a gift to someone you love and want them to know it, then bring home a piece of functional art and watch the room light up.
But each and every one of the reproductions is produced and hand painted in Michael's studio to match your dog's exact colors.
www.doggonecrazydesigns.com   (818 words)

 Crazy Vegas Casino | $75 in Free Credits! | Online Casino
Crazy Vegas Casino is offering an incredible $75.00 in free casino credits in your account!
Register the special flash version of Crazy Vegas Casino software.
You can transfer these winnings to your Real account by pressing the button that is displayed in the software.
casinocashjourney.com /crazy_vegas_casino.htm   (120 words)

 Petey Piranha - Uncyclopedia
He was born in the warm summer of '02 after Super Smash Bros. Cast beat Crazy Hand.
Crazy Hand weakened from this limped over to a baby piranha seed which he puked on before getting arrested.
Petey never grew up knowing his parents until Crazy Hand was let out of an Asylum and they crossed pathes at a puking contest where Petey would have lost if Crazy Hand was fed anything before the contest.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Petey_Piranha   (637 words)

 Rotten Tomatoes: The Vine: crazy hand
crazy hand has not added any friends into his/her network.
crazy hand is not a member of any Groups.
crazy hand has not rated any items yet.
www.rottentomatoes.com /vine/journal_view.php?journalid=300770   (118 words)

 Re: AB's Second Place Mario Fan-fic! Chapter 6 Posted! Come and rate! (please) - Mario - Nintendo NSider Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Master hand: It is called the Plain of Destiny, or better known as the last stage I was ever seen, Final Destination.
Master and Crazy Hand show their true form and the bodies of Peach and Daisy are sent back to Peach's castle.
They fire the ball at Crazy Hand and it turns into a wave of fire and incinerates Crazy Hand on contact.
forums.nintendo.com /nintendo/board/message?board.id=mario&message.id=1360136   (814 words)

 FAQ Crazy Daisies Custom Tote Bags and Accessories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
It may be the case that a software firewall is also blocking cookies, in which case you will have to temporarily unblock cookies in the firewall.
Yes, please contact Crazy Daisies™ for more information by using our contact page.
Please contact Crazy Daisies™ and we will see if it is possible to re-create a similar item to the one that you want.
www.crazydaisies.com /faq.html   (458 words)

 Online Life
Crazy Hand is smacked and smacked and smacked with damage, even though he's able to avoid a lot.
The hand is a rampaging rocket of death and destruction...
While Crazy hand is still close to the ground, Sonic the Hedgehog curls into a ball, somersaulting towards the evil hand as fire flares up around him.
www.rpgclassics.com /~onlinelife/Logs/Ashton-Anomoly.html   (17017 words)

 The Super Mario Brothers Monster Compendium -- Crazy Hand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
His nature and fighting technique, along with his maniacal laughing, have led people to believe he is indeed crazy.
Same as the Master hand, but if one of the hands is inactive, then it means they are preparing for a Team Attack.
When fighting both, take the Master Hand out first, but be careful: this will mean that he speeds up a lot when Master hand is down.
www.mariomonsters.com /c/crazyhand/index.html   (190 words)

 The Life of a Crazy Teen - hand in pain
i went out into the main hall where all the parents usually stand and the bandaged my hand up, then my mom drove me to the emergency room where i had about a 2 1/2 hour wait, then sat in the real room for about half and hour till the doctor came.
which has to be the hand that i write, and do most everything with.
yesterday my hand was in pain the whole day, so i just sat and watched movies.
www.homeschoolblogger.com /iluvhorses/278689   (424 words)

 this is an absolutely crazy hand!!- Bad Beats?
The only ways Aces can lose on that hand are if a the board fills up a straight using either a 5 or a Q high, OR if a the board shows 4 to a diamond or club flush.
Hand 3: 01.8184 % 00.03% 01.78% { 5h5s }
Hand 4: 01.8271 % 00.04% 01.78% { 5c5d }
www.blindbetpoker.com /subfolder/forum/t988-this-is-an.html   (562 words)

 The 2+2 Forums: Another hand with crazy people (LO8)
Best made high hand is a straight w/ KQ on top, so any flush is an improvement over any existing made hand.
My strategy is to not simply call any hand with +EV for the simple fact that it has +EV.
Absent some infomation about my opposition that they are on tilt or overplaying a "last hand", there are times when small a EV+ is not enough to run the risk to your stack.
forumserver.twoplustwo.com /showflat.php?Number=8206064   (1153 words)

 Crazy Hand Card Holders
Description: Crazy Hands™ have six fingers and will hold 24+ playing cards and are free standing with the use of crazyfeet™.
Crazy Hands™ have six fingers and will hold 24+ playing cards and are free standing with the use of crazyfeet™.
Crazy Hands™ come in blister packs with 4 Crazy Hands™ (assorted colors) and 4 Crazyfeet™ (2 fl & 2 white).
www.newtscards.com /detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=SPO-CHBP-4&REFERER=hoc   (376 words)

 Crazy poker hand on WPT - actionBERG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The other day I was watching a WPT show and witnessed one of the craziest poker hands that I have seen in a while.
This hand involves Antonio Esfandiari and Gus Hansen.
I think I would have folded that hand pretty quickly, but I guess Gus is Gus.
actionberg.com /2005/03/31/crazy-hand-on-wpt   (319 words)

 The 2+2 Forums: Another hand with crazy people (LO8)
It might be worth to a "feel" where you are at on the cheap street.
If everyone is playing crazy as you stated then you could be looking a a scoop!.
I doubt I could fold this when I have the very off chance of scooping in a huge pot and a bazillion outs to made hands that are not the nuts, especially against your line-up of retardos.
forumserver.twoplustwo.com /showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=8214963&Main=8206064   (440 words)

 Crazy Quilt Kits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
CRAZY QUILT STITCHES by Dorothy Bond (pocket-sized softcover, 103 pp.).
Hand Crazy patchwork and embroidery are her forte, and she includes many patterns to choose from, as well as diagrams and close-up photos.
This book is excellent for learning how to stitch a Crazy by hand.
www.cindybrick.com /ClassyGirl/crazy-quilt.htm   (794 words)

 Crazy Bones: Hand-Eye Coordination at Canadian Content
The only way to fight this is to speak out, and of course some people will say we are crazy.
Men must be born and reborn to belong.
I know if I lived on a Rez, with a Chief who`d be crazy enough to do something like that...
www.canadiancontent.net /dir/Top/Games/Hand-Eye_Coordination/Crazy_Bones   (899 words)

 Open Directory - Games:Hand-Eye Coordination:Crazy Bones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Crazy Bones is a modern version of Tabas.
They are colorful, collectable characters that you use to play games.
The traditional form of the game is to merely throw the crazy bones on the ground.
dmoz.org /Games/Hand-Eye_Coordination/Crazy_Bones/desc.html   (59 words)

 Lyrics: Johnny Otis - Willie And The Hand Jive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive, doin' that crazy hand jive
Been doin' that hand jive with his feet
Been doin' that hand jive on his knees
lyrics.tandj.net /index.cgi?&song=Johnny_Otis_-_Willie_And_The_Hand_Jive   (141 words)

 CardPlayer.com :: View topic - Right play? Crazy hand
Some say reraise before the flop, but you know it's gonna be heads up and it disguises your hand better and lets him think he has a hammer lock on the hand.
3 of these hands fold to your bet when they might not if you represent some sort of baby pair by checking.
AK is going broke anyway and KK is just a depressing hand for him to have, given your hand.
forums.cardplayer.com /forums/viewtopic.php?p=376509   (829 words)

 eBay — embroidered quilt, velvet quilt and silk quilt items on eBay.com. Find IT on eBay.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Victorian Crazy Quilt Velvet Silk Hand Paint 40" x 53"
Antique Crazy Quilt Crazy Blanket Americana very nice
antiques.listings.ebay.com /Quilts_Crazy_W0QQsacatZ63630QQsocmdZListingItemList   (528 words)

 Gifts Ideas | Gizmos | Boys Toys | Christmas & Valentines Gifts » Crazy About Gadgets
Your browser does not support flash or you currently have this technology disabled.
Measuring only six inches long and weighing an mind blowing 10 grams, the virtually pocket size Picoo Z is a fascinating flying machine that is very stable and easy to fly in the smallest of spaces, and unbelievably fits in the palm of your hand!...
If you're looking for a remote control plane that's fun to use, easy to fly, quick to charge, and perhaps most importantly can withstand the odd nose dive then the Mini Bi-Plane could be the perfect choice!...
www.crazyaboutgadgets.com   (1136 words)

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