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Topic: Creation (theology)

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Creation Theology: The Good News of Redemption
The Bible states that "The LORD by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding He established the heavens." Yet most will summarily dismiss the biblical creation account as being a foolish and naive myth.
Recounted in the first chapter of the Bible, the creation account cannot be isolated from the rest of Scripture.
In His wisdom and understanding, God structured the creation of the universe to prepare and support the gospel message, and then began that message with the creation account.
creationtheology.com   (0 words)

 Theology of Creation - Evolutionary, Progressive, and Young-Earth
Creation and Evolution is a links-page with an introductory overview by Jack Haas — who is current editor of the ASA Website, and former editor of ASA's journal, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith — plus links to papers expressing a wide range of views.
Theologies of an Evolving Creation by Robert Schneider, is an overview of responses to Darwin, evolution vs evolutionism, and theologies of evolutionary creation: immanence and panentheism, providence and causality, fully gifted creation, Creator as lover, vulnerable God on the cross, and Teilhard de Chardin.
There are three types of divine design and evolutionary creationists accept two (design of natural process, and design-action by a guiding of natural process) but reject the one type (design-action that is miraculous-appearing and thus could be scientifically detectable) that is most controversial and is the common meaning of Intelligent Design.
www.asa3.org /ASA/education/origins/methods2.htm   (0 words)

 Creation (theology)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Creationism or creation theology encompasses the belief that human beings, the Earth, and the universe were created by a supreme being or deity.
Many who hold "creation" beliefs consider such belief to be a part of religious faith, and hence compatible with, or otherwise unaffected by scientific views while others maintain the scientific data is compatible with creationism.
Here, clearly, creation is described as an absolute beginning, which includes the assertion that the very existence of the universe is contingent upon a necessary higher being, a God who is not himself created.
www.alloffinance.com /Creation_%28theology%29.html   (5450 words)

 Creation (theology)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Creation is a doctrinal position in many religions which maintains that one or a group of gods or deities is responsible for creating the universe.
The concern in Genesis 2 is not in the creation of the cosmos but in the origins of humankind and their environment.
The first creation story found in Genesis is also the key passage for those who subscribe to some form of creationism, which purports that Genesis 1 is a literal account of how God created the universe (see article for more information).
www.guideofpills.com /Creation_%28theology%29.html   (1165 words)

 Evolution Science and Creation Theology
On the other side are the creation scientists, Christians who have faith that the account of the creation of the world and of man given in the book of Genesis is "literally true"; since this account cannot be reconciled with that of evolution, they maintain -- in good faith -- that evolution is false.
The God-did-it account of the creation of humans given in Genesis, and the account of human creation using descriptive tools like logic that are themselves part of creation, are seen as opposed.
In fact, far from being opposed to Christian theology, I hold that the theory of evolution is deeply conditioned by it.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/anthony_garrett/esct.html   (2876 words)

 Leithart.com | Theology - Creation Archives
Wiker and Witt suggest that God created pandas as "comic relief" in a blessed fit of "divine whimsy." The suggestion is troubling even for Christians who defend creation, because, being engineers, they have swallowed the reductive notion that creation must...
According to Stephen Duffy, Philip, Chancellor of the University of Paris, was responsible for elaborating the theorem of the supernatural.
The Priesthood of the Plebs: A Theology of Baptism
www.leithart.com /archives/theology_-_creation.php   (914 words)

 Science, Technology and Faith
Our creation faith is a Trinitarian faith: the Father, who is the Source of all that is, creates and upholds the creation, that is, the visible and invisible universe, through the Son, who is the pre-existent Word who speaks the universe into being, and in the life-giving, sustaining and renewing Spirit.
In poetic and metaphorical language, the creation is depicted as responding with praise for its Creator.
Theology of creation presents the Church’s thinking about the relationship between God and the world as it is informed by our understandings of Holy Scripture and observations of nature.
www.episcopalchurch.org /19021_58397_ENG_HTM.htm   (1761 words)

 GIRS Summary Studies in Reformed Theology: PCA Creation Committee Report
For the creation, which God had announced to be very good, was subjected to vanity, not of its own will, but by reason of him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also shall be delivered from bondage of corruption into the liberty of the glory of the children of God.
When God created light (Gen 1:3), we surely are to understand that He created the entire panoply of wave phenomena that make possible all of the interactions that hold the components of the universe together and serve as the vehicle for all nuclear, chemical, and gravitational phenomena.
With respect to the relation of scientific theory and theology it is open to the study of general revelation regarding the age of the earth and the cosmos, within biblical constraints.
www.girs.com /library/theology/syllabus/pcacreation.html   (21512 words)

 Theology Today - Vol 48, No.1 - April 1991 - ARTICLE - What Is Creation? Rereading Genesis 1 and 2
According to the classical creation texts, all of these activities and reactivities are part of the complex event 'creation.' All these reactive activities, which relate to that which is already "produced, " are requisite in order to bring the process of the creation of heaven and earth to a close.
The creation account explicitly emphasizes that cultivated vegetation, an important goal of the creation event, is made dependent upon the cooperation of rain from heaven and of human activity.
According to the classical creation texts, all of these activities and reactivities are part of the complex event "creation." All these reactive activities, which relate to that which is already "produced," are requisite in order to bring the process of the creation of heaven and earth to a close.
theologytoday.ptsem.edu /apr1991/v48-1-article1.htm   (7225 words)

 Bibliology - the Theology of the Bible
The study of Theology is the scientific process of experiencing God through the written revelation in His Word, and the natural expression of Himself in the universe.
Theology then is the study of God and how He relates to the universe.
Theology is the science of studying God and how He relates to His creation.
bibliology.org /theology.htm   (6268 words)

 Impact of a young-earth creationist apologetics course on student creation worldview
The Creation Worldview Test (CWT) was administered and a total scale score, along with three subscales scores in theology, science and age, were analyzed.
Creation in the bondage of decay because of sin and the curse.
Continued creation research, such as that by the RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) research group, is crucial to establish the base in solid science that supports the YEC position.
www.creationontheweb.com /content/view/1566   (3669 words)

 Creation Spirituality and the New Story
In the interests of promoting a more Earth-centered view of life, some expressions of today's Creation theology have cancelled out the need for the Redemption of the planet through Jesus Christ, and have rolled back the clock on our understanding of the relation between God, humankind, and the world.
At times, Creation theology involves the worship of Creation more than, or in place of, the worship of the Triune God.
Some of today's expressions of Creation theology are not only misguided theology, they are misguided approaches to ecology and environmental justice.
conservation.catholic.org /creation_spirituality.htm   (2278 words)

 Creation, Evolution, and Divine Agency
First, I would characterize very simply a “theology of evolution” to be an attempt to understand the currently predominant scientific theory of evolution within the context of a doctrine of creation.
Grounded in the eternal life of the trinity, creation is the free, external emanation patterned on the eternal exemplar of the Word and called to a journey through history guided by the Spirit to a divinely intended fulfillment.
Since this theology was formulated in the pre-modern era, there is no question of its being involved in the contemporary debates about evolution or naturalism.
web.sbu.edu /theology/apczynski/professional/papers/creation_evolution_agency.htm   (4794 words)

 CRG Wiki: HomePage
canonicity wiki apologetics wiki canonicity wikipedia bible exposition wiki creation wiki apologetics wikipedia christian apologetics wiki christian apologetics wikipedia.
creation wikipedia christian wiki creationism wikipedia theology wiki theology wikipedia.
age of the earth philosophy of religion liberation theology the creation.
www.apologeticscourses.com /TextBooks   (0 words)

 Season of Creation | A Theology for a Season of Creation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The biblical theology on which the season of Creation is grounded is elaborated in a printed text entitled Christ in Creation.
This text is related to the three series of Bible studies for the season of Creation, namely, The Spirit in Creation, The Word in Creation and Wisdom in Creation, all of which are available through Openbook Publishers.
The structure of this printed volume revolves around the key components of the liturgy for the season of Creation and highlights the biblical traditions that undergird the celebration of the season of Creation with Christ and with all creation.
www.seasonofcreation.com /theology   (577 words)

 Amazon.com: In the Beginning: Foundations of Creation Theology: Books: Herman Bavinck,John Bolt,John Vriend   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bavinck displays remarkable familiarity with the scientific currents of his time, and even though his understanding of turn-of-the-century geology is partially flawed, his analysis of the issues of the antiquity of the Earth, evolution, the deluge, death before the Fall, and the nature of humans is, nevertheless, full of important insights.
The theology which it presents is a based on a thoughtful analysis of the teachings of scripture concerning creation and what it means.
He, also, shows, however, that the historical facts of the creation out of nothing by a Triune God, the creation of man in the image of God, Adam and Eve and the fall are critical foundation beliefs for a Christian.
www.amazon.com /Beginning-Foundations-Creation-Theology/dp/0801021901   (1315 words)

 Bible History 1.1: In the Beginning -- Creation Theology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Further, this creature was the final step, the culmination, the whole purpose for the rest of His Creation.
The cycle of Creation was complete, and God set apart the seventh as a day of rest.
It was designed to bless the human race, by giving them a break from labor (no employer or master could require anyone to work that day), and providing an opportunity to turn and commune with God, one of the primary purposes for humans to exist.
www.free-conversant.com /softedges/46   (825 words)

 Biblical Interpretation, Theology, and Creation Science   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For many years, young earth creation science proponents have claimed that theirs is the only way, and you must interpret the Bible literally, resulting in a “young” age for the earth.
However, for nearly as many years, old-earth believers have been saying that they do interpret the chapters of Genesis literally, and they reach a different conclusion than the young earthers.
Our goal is to provide rebuttals to the bad science behind young earth creationism, and honor God by properly presenting His creation.
www.answersincreation.org /interpret.htm   (499 words)

 GIRS Summary Studies in Reformed Theology: The Creation of Man
Five different states of man can be distinguished in Scripture: his estate at creation, his condition after the fall, his condition when redeemed, his condition after death but before the final resurrection, and his eternal estate after the resurrection.
He becomes the center of the unfolding of redemptive history and the focal point as the last created entity, made in the image of the Creator, and given the mandate of having dominion over all of the other created things on earth (Genesis 1:26,28).
We have already seen that man was created to have both a material and a spiritual element in his nature.
www.girs.com /library/theology/syllabus/theo6.html   (2338 words)

 Hall Theology of Creation
In this course, we will explore the history and development of the idea of creation in Jewish and Christian thought.
We will begin by looking at creation stories, then move to the development of the doctrine of creation, and conclude by addressing contemporary appropriations of creation.
By the end of the course, students should have some sense of the intertextual relationships between creation narratives and how our current religious understandings of the origin of things has developed in the history of thought.
web.centre.edu /halld/syllabi/rel346.htm   (761 words)

 Creation Theology from Egypt   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the earliest Egyptian creation story, the world began as a formless watery void, entombed in darkness.
In positing the priority of the divine word, this theology of creation has a notable similarity to the Priestly account of creation in Genesis.
For the text of the Memphis theology of creation see Pritchard (1969: 4-6) or Simpson (1972).
www.hope.edu /bandstra/RTOT/CH1/CH1_1A3A.HTM   (279 words)

 Thursday Theology #353 - Homosexuality and Creation Theology
The "theology of freedom"--in three recent ThTh postings (346, 349, 350)--arises from the same hermeneutics that Hoyer was using last week.
The homo hassle among Christians is all about theology of creation, some of us pots giving orders for what the potter may or may not do.
The "orders of creation" is a mis-translation for what in Luther's theology were the "creator's ordainings." Not any fixed blueprints laid down in Genesis 1, but God-creator ordaining the distinctive specs of my personal life (yours too, quite different from mine).
www.crossings.org /thursday/Thur031705.htm   (1798 words)

 Creation Theology Download Page
By downloading you agree to accept all associated risks and the responsibility of using anti-virus software.
This will unzip to the directory "Creation Website." Double click on file "index.html" or open that file with a browser to view.
When writing to a cd-rom disk, enable the "ISO Level 2" and "Joliet" options.
creationtheology.net   (0 words)

 free Apologetics courses, bible correspondence courses
Degrees in Bible, Theology, Ministry, Counseling, Apologetics, and Cult Studies are available.
Visit Trinity School of Apologetics And Theology For Your No-tuition, No-residence, Accredited, Distance Programs.
Free Courses are available on bible, theology, apologetics, Christian personality development, bible study, survey, bahai religion, mind manipulation, evolution creation, God's existence.
www.apologeticscourses.com   (0 words)

 Friends Of Creation Spirituality   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The A.W.E. Project does for the vast subject of “learning” what Fox’s Reinvention of Work did for vocation and Original Blessing did for theology.
With passion and conviction, Fox turns conventional “education” upside down, shakes out what is no longer working, and offers visions of what can be.
THE A.W.E. PROJECT includes a DVD featuring original compositions based on the 10 C's by Hip Hop Artist Professor Pitt - part of the world wide movement of rappers for peace and justice.
www.matthewfox.org /sys-tmpl/door   (373 words)

 Environmental Stewardship: Theology & the Environment   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As the advancement of science permits humanity to better understand its impact upon the earth, theologians are increasingly being forced to grapple with important questions of environmental ethics.
This section will examine the foundations of creation theology and address the proper place for the human person in the natural order.
As you read through theological statements of interest to you, you may want to consider this paradigm as you reflect on issues of enviromental stewardship.
www.acton.org /ppolicy/environment/theology/index.html   (328 words)

 Amazon.com: God in Creation: A New Theology of Creation and the Spirit of God (The Gifford Lectures, 1984-1985): Books: ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Theology of Hope: On the Ground and the Implications of a Christian Eschatology by Jurgen Moltmann
God in Creation: A New Theology of Creation and the Spirit of God (The Gifford Lectures, 1984-1985) by Jurgen Moltmann $16.32
religion (12), christianity (7), jesus (4), eschatology (2), philosophy of religion (4), science (4), theology (2), christian character formation (2), faith (2), christianity and culture (2), history (2), emerging church (2), spiritual growth (2), politics (2), soteriology (1)
www.amazon.com /God-Creation-Theology-Lectures-1984-1985/dp/0800628233   (869 words)

 Caring for Creation -- Educational and Practical Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An incisive analysis of the possibilities of caring for Creation by a leading Catholic theologian.
Argues that Christians are theologically obligated to love the Creation, and to act politically to that end.
A provocative exploration of the intersection of ecology and theology by a leading feminist theologian.
jan.ucc.nau.edu /religion/books_a.htm   (424 words)

 Bibliography for Ecology and Creation Theology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Best, Thomas F., and Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley, editors, Koinonia and Justice, Peace, and Creation: Costly Unity, Presentations and reports from the World Council of Churches; Consultation in Ronde, Denmark, Feb. 1993.
Halkes, Catherina J. New Creation: Christian Feminism and the Renewal of the Earth, ?Louisville: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1989.
McDaniel, Jay B, Of God and Pelicans: A Theology of Reverence for Life, Louisville: ?Westminster, John Knox Press, 1989.
muskingum.edu /~rel_phil/beavers/393/biblio.html   (723 words)

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