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Topic: Creativity Movement

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  DLTK's Article:  Creative Movement
Creative Movement is a way for children to know themselves and to see connections with the rest of the world.
Creative movement gives children the opportunity for movement that relieves tension, which would otherwise be expressed as "wiggling." Also, children become more capable of determining what kind of movement is appropriate for different situations, for example, when to move freely and when to move carefully.
Creative Movement for Children of all Ages is designed to help children develop motor coordination, increase spatial and rhythmic awareness, and to help provide a positive learning experience.
www.dltk-kids.com /articles/creativemovement.htm   (1405 words)

 SE-GAG Info - Creativity Movement
The Creativity Movement is attempting to unite various white-supremacist groups throughout the nation, and some Shinheads have become members and reverends in Creativity Movement.
George Loeb, a Creativity Movement "reverend" with a history of racist harassment, was arrested along with his wife, Barbara, on June 6, 1991, in Poughkeepsie, New York, and charged with the crime.
In March 1994, the family of the murdered veteran filed and subsequently won a lawsuit against Creativity Movement, resulting in a $1 million damage award and the dissolution of the organization for vicarious liability in the murder.
www.segag.org /hateinfo/frcofc.html   (1329 words)

 Global Creativity Network
Global Creativity Network stands for the right of every human being to become all that he or she was created capable of being — the right to be creative and successful.
Global Creativity Network is dedicated to raising global awareness of the centrality of creativity in human life, its primacy among the forces driving human behavior, and the necessity of its actualization, both for personal fulfillment and for responsible social and ecological behavior.
Global Creativity Network is also dedicated to strengthening the capacity of individuals and groups that are actively working to foster creativity in homes, classrooms, institutions, organizations, communities, and national societies and, thus, to make the world a better, more fulfilling, place for all to live.
global-creativity-network.net   (857 words)

 New Page 1
While the value of creative movement is gaining recognition, we hope that our work will encourage teachers and parents to consider adopting creative movement centers as an integral part of their existing curricula.
Creative Movement provides all children, regardless of age, gender, or developmental stage, with opportunities for noncompetitive, success-oriented and creative experiences.
Experiences in creative movement can help children respect the working space of others, as they learn about 'personal space' and 'shared space.' Children also learn to recognize, appreciate and respect differences in the people they come in contact with.
www.creativekidsonthemove.com /Dance.htm   (1705 words)

 creativity definition / definition of creativity / raw creativity / creativity movement / intelligence and creativity / ...
Creativity is moving toward 'truth', using tradition (static knowledge) as orientation and movement to reach a local peak in intelligence
Creative behavior is exposing to others the boldness of ones individuality.
Members of different cultures have different kinds of creativity, and might see it as 'holy spirit' or 'natural force' (no harm meant).
huizen.daxis.nl /~henkt/creativity-definition.html   (733 words)

 Elementary Approach: Movement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The movement approach is based on the Education Through Movement: Building the Foundation program developed by Phyllis S. Weikart in over 30 years of teaching movement to learners of all ages.
Movement engages students both cognitively and physically-action, thought, and language unite to form important knowledge connections.
Movement can be initiated by the teacher or by students for short blocks of time during transitions in the classroom, during physical education, or during art or music times.
www.highscope.org /EducationalPrograms/Elementary/movement.htm   (861 words)

 The Brights' Movement Forums > Creativity
Also I think that the concept of creativity is a very important one and it appears to me that we seldom give any serious thought to the matter.
Creativity is about understanding in your gut, getting inside of what it might be like to be the first person to set foot on a new continent.
The thing about creativity is to attempt it, to find something that you can do, that you feel is a challenge and that you learn from.
www.the-brights.net /forums/forum/lofiversion/index.php?t4761.html   (5407 words)

 Project Renaissance, Recommended Resources--Other Valuable Sites to Check Out
The Foundation and its congress, known as The Creative Problem-Solving Institute, were founded a half century ago as the very start of the world-wide creativity movement.
In the 1950s, Alex Osborn launched the world-wide creativity movement, at a time when everyone "knew," as so many today "know" to be the case with "intelligence," that "creativity" was something you were either born with or born without, not something that could be learned, practiced, taught.
The Osborn-Parnes CPS Method is still the reference method for the creativity movement, and the annual Creative Problem-Solving Institute, at which our own Win Wenger has taught for twenty-eight years, has pretty much been the annual World Congress on creativity.
www.winwenger.com /links2.htm   (2625 words)

 Creativity Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Creativity Movement is a racialist, and White-supremacist organization that advocates a "White Religion" called Creativity.
Though "Anti-Christian" in a contemporary sense, the Creativity Movement is a surrogate of Positive Christianity, and is guided by elements of a pseudo-Christian racial Manichaeanism.
The Creativity Movement was known as the World Church of the Creator or WCOTC from 1996 to 2002, and Church of the Creator from 1973 to 1996.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Creativity_Movement   (1368 words)

 Project Renaissance, Winsights, Part 57, "The Socratic Continuum" (February/March 2002)
Argument has often been made that creativity methods and practices should be included in the curriculum both for their own sake and because learners thus taught become more creative citizens, more capable of coping with the situations they encounter, and more effective in their productive lives.
To this day, most of the world-wide creativity movement, which has spread and advanced around the world for a half century, is totally unaware that this movement's own methods can be used to improve and accelerate learning — as we've done with Dynamic Format (full instructions given here).
Creativity — oops, Socratic — methods, by getting one to examine one's own, first-hand awarenesses and to seek to respond from what one discovers there, does more than just reinforce whatever particular awareness is being fished for in the lesson.
www.winwenger.com /part57.htm   (1712 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In fact, the movement has become less an organized group than a loose array of largely uncoordinated white supremacists who use the trappings and language of the group’s original founder, Ben Klassen.
Creativity always appeared hierarchical, with official titles for members and specially designated positions ranging from state leader to prisoner coordinator, but in fact the group revolved around Hale.
Creativity’s defeat in the trademark lawsuit over its name was a body blow that threatened its identity.
www.adl.org /learn/extremism_in_america_updates/groups/creativity_movement/Creativity_Update_3_14_05.htm   (475 words)

 Doug Nufer on DAY
Well, the creativity I see Goldsmith attacking is essentially an outgrowth of the imaginative position in the old imagination versus invention debate.
Inventors who rip stuff apart and start over from the ground up, who experiment with forms and disciplines can also be good newspaper copy, but these oddballs of inventive bent are prudently categorized as crackpots by a system they do not respect and would eagerly destroy.
Creativity, then, is not an activity likely to produce art, but the code word for a means of production that begins with a dream of self-fulfillment and ends with the maxim that nothing happens until somebody sells something.
wings.buffalo.edu /epc/authors/goldsmith/nufer_day.html   (746 words)

 Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation
In the Intent's creativity, qi circulation and body movement, they are the disciplines that Tai Chi Chuan incorporates the Intent to work on the three subject of Intent, Qi and Body.
Therefore, the body movement is the expression of Intent's creativity outward.
Although the Intent creativity and qi circulation are intangible, the posture and movement a practitioner demonstrates in Tai Chi Chuan, is an expression of Intent creativity and qi circulation outward.
www.gstaichi.org /english/aboutIntent.php   (1279 words)

 Creativity Mind Map - Practical Creativity by Silvia Hartmann
The real movement in creativity (and if you haven't read how I define "creativity", you might want to do so now) is down and then across into this other dimension altogether.
The "down" movement from "fancy" to "seed idea" is a refinement on one hand, on the other hand it is a progression whereby something that is energetic in nature and in essence is being TRANSLATED into something that will make sense as a practical or hard existence.
In the creativity diagram, that is where now the magic happens - where the seed idea crosses OVER as it turns up in a different dimension altogether and it starts a whole new journey towards becoming manifest, as we sit down and create the love song.
silviahartmann.com /creativity-map.php   (734 words)

 Home Page
uthentic Movement is a moving meditation in the presence of a supportive witness.
the power of movement, dance and other somatic approaches to healing, creativity, and community building.
On the present board of directors of Movement Matters Association are Sarah Atkinson, Philip Clement, Catherine Fallis, Lizanne Fisher, Tannis Hugill, Marcia Jones, Doris Maranda, Sunita Romeder, Ingrid Rose, and Jennifer Scott.
www.movementmatters.ca   (453 words)

 Creativity Movement - religious cults and sects
The Creativity Movement is a white supremacist church run by Matthew Hale.
Essentially, it is a hate group masquerading as a religious movement.
Todd Reardon, representing Hale's group, which now calls itself the Creativity Movement, said group members were trying to comply with the judge's order.
www.apologeticsindex.org /c171.html   (648 words)

 Owner occupied real estate movement - Creativity Pool
What I am imagining, is a very simple, quiet movement, that strikes at the very heart of the inequity inherent in a divided class system: ownership.
Or it could be that a local business association decides to pool the resources of local businesses to purchase the commercial property that has just been put up for sale - a process that will eventually result in true community ownership of their common home.
I continue to believe that creativity will eventually triumph over greed and mediocrity and, as soon as my business is sufficiently successful, I intend to promote that process by starting a foundation that will do exactly what I have described.
www.creativitypool.com /viewtopic.php?t=2391   (1246 words)

 Three Principles Behind All Tools
The tools of creative thinking are simply various combinations of practical ways to implement this heuristic -- to focus attention, escape the current reality, and continue mental movement.
Creativity requires that we first focus our attention on something; typically something that we have not focused much attention on before.
Movement is a key principle behind the classic creative thinking technique of brainstorming.
www.directedcreativity.com /pages/Principles.html   (1135 words)

 Karel Appel Biography, CoBrA the spontaneity of movement and creativity.
Karel Appel Biography, CoBrA the spontaneity of movement and creativity.
The CoBrA group of which Appel was a member, rejected the academic tenets of the School of Paris in favor of a more destructive, primal aesthetic that was informed by the art of children and the art of the insane, as well as the "action painters" of Abstract Expressionism.
In particular, Appel's works are characterized by a restless vitality and what he called "kinetic thought" -- the spontaneity of movement and creativity.
www.e-fineart.com /biography/appel.html   (744 words)

 Amos Hetz
Slowly they are inhibited as the child acquires the ability to differentiate head movement from the pelvis, arm gestures from the torso and the movement of the legs from the pelvis.
In 1972, Amos set up a dance ensemble called “TNU’Ot” (“Movements”) and from 1989 he is the artistic director of of a chamber dance festival ("Room Dances Festival") in its frame he was performing his dances composed with the EWMN (Eshkol-Wachman Movement- Notation) in Israel and all over the world.
Each participant was asked to compose a movement sequence for a group of limbs, to teach it to the others by imitation and then to create a small dance phrase from all the gestures together.
www.nmia.com /~cornelia/Amos_Hetz.html   (1487 words)

 Rowan University Course Catalog
This is a movement course which introduces students to a broad spectrum of dances from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.
Students are introduced to the vocabulary and techniques of ballet movement with emphasis on body alignment and effective methods for gaining strength and flexibility necessary for proper ballet deportment.
Utilizing functional movement experiences, this course emphasizes creative expression and its relationship to the aesthetic development of the young child.
www.rowan.edu /catalogs/ugrad/courses/?dnum=1008   (1319 words)

 Boston IMC: newswire/58160   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Seeking to reopen old wounds and cause racial tension, the neo-Nazi Creativity Movement has announced plans to hold a white power rally in York, PA on April 29th.
Matt Hale, the former leader of the Creativity Movement, is currently serving a 40-year sentence in federal prison for conspiring to have a federal judge assassinated.
The Creativity Movement has recently stated that if they are not allowed use of the library, then they will have their white supremacist rally in front of
boston.indymedia.org /newswire/display/58160/index.php   (546 words)

 About the JCC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This class is focused on the young dance student who wants to be exposed to movement concepts and ballet in a comfortable, structured atmosphere that allows for creativity.
An introductory class for children that encourages creativity through movement, music and props while developing coordination and balance.
Creative Movement with a more structured approach, including an introduction to ballet and tap techniques.
www.jccoflouisville.org /departments/danceclasses.htm   (208 words)

 Creativity Movement (formerly World Church of the Creator) -- Extremism in America
Ideology: White supremacy, "Creativity." WCOTC is a white supremacist group that considers itself a religion founded on the proposition that the white race is "nature's highest creation" and that "white people are the creators of all worthwhile culture and civilization." Followers of the WCOTC do not believe in God, heaven, hell or eternal life.
The Creativity Movement was one of the most notorious hate groups in the 1990s, gaining publicity for its rapid growth and the violent incidents with which it was associated.
The Creativity Movement, whose motto is "RaHoWa" (Racial Holy War), proclaims that its belief system, Creativity, "is a racial religion" whose primary goal is the "survival, expansion, and advancement of [the] White Race exclusively." Creators, as members of the group call themselves, do not believe in God, heaven, hell or eternal life.
www.adl.org /learn/ext_us/WCOTC.asp?LEARN_Cat=Extremism&LEARN_SubCat=Extremism_in_America&xpicked=3&item=cm   (3127 words)

Dear Creativity participants, we are happy to a...
They were miniatures of a future world, the world we want to live in.
A world where difference is a motivating power, equality is a must, mistakes are tools for change and development and creativity is being.
www.creativity.gr /2   (209 words)

 Movement Improvisation: In the Words of a Teacher and Her Students (book)
Movement Improvisation: In the Words of a Teacher and Her Students describes how to teach expressive movement by helping students recognize and release the creativity inside them.
Future dance educators will learn the many benefits of movement improvisation, the principles involved in teaching it, and the techniques used to stimulate it.
One of the most significant features of Movement Improvisation is its collection of 135 classroom-tested themes, which are excellent for eliciting genuine impromptu responses.
www.onlinesports.com /pages/I,HK-0-87322-530-9.html   (630 words)

 Creativity Movement - Lindaland (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Their religion and philosophy called "Creativity" is based on the external laws of nature, the experience of history, on logic and common sense.
A polyglot mind, or a polyglot movement is as hopeless and as confused as a polyglot society.
It did not create a creed or a movement or a religion that could be applied on a worldwide basis without a militarily triumphant Germany.
www.linda-goodman.com.cob-web.org:8888 /ubb/Forum2/HTML/001026.html   (7706 words)

 Los Angeles Alliance for Childhood - Arts/Music/Movement
The primary experience of movement is to create space and ease not only for our elbows but for our bodies, minds and spirits.
Eurythmy forms a language that integrates sound and gesture in a seamless whole; it draws the intricacies of human anatomy and spirit into harmony with the world.
Nurturing Arts help to regain contact with the creative and intuitive aspects of ourselves often relieving spiritual and emotional blocks and allowing the body to regain balance.
www.lachildhood.org /arts.html   (431 words)

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