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Topic: Credit (finance)

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Credit (finance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In finance, credit (as in the term "credit card") is the granting of a loan and the creation of debt.
Any movement of financial capital is normally quite dependent on credit, which in turn is dependent on the reputation or creditworthiness of the entity which takes responsibility for the funds.
Credit is denominated by a unit of account.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Credit_(finance)   (233 words)

 Credit (finance) Summary
Credit as a financial term, used in such terms as credit card, refers to the granting of a loan and the creation of debt.
Credit records are closely in relation with the 3 C's of credit: collateral, capacity, and character.
Credit accounts are accounts where the payment at the end of a month would only be a minimum payment of the total balance.
www.bookrags.com /Credit_(finance)   (591 words)

 Credit Rating, Credit Score, Free Credit Reports - MSN Money
The credit survey is for educational purposes only and the score range generated is based solely on the information you provide.
The Credit Survey is intended as an educational resource to help you get an idea of your potential credit score range.
Credit grantors employ their own methods and standards to make lending decisions and the type of credit score used and risk-level categories may vary from lender to lender.
moneycentral.msn.com /investor/creditreport/main.asp   (485 words)

 Lennar Corporation - Finance Your Home - About Credit
Your credit score is a very important consideration that a lender looks at when determining whether or not to approve your loan application.
Your credit score or FICO (Fair Isaacs Credit Organization) is a value that ranks your credit worthiness.
The three credit bureaus use the same statistical model for everyone (Fair Isaacs Credit Organization is the most commonly used).
www.lennar.com /finance/aboutcredit.aspx   (617 words)

 Finance Division: Credit Card Policy
While credit card payments offer a convenient manner for students and parents to pay tuition and fees, the cost to the university for providing this convenience has grown to more than $600 thousand annually.
If it would still be preferable to pay by credit card, a MasterCard may be applied for at 1-800-441-7048 (request code LZE4 for a UTD-arranged MBNA MasterCard) or by clicking here.
The complicated regulations are such that to charge a convenience fee for credit card transactions at the Bursar's Office would also necessitate the same charge for payments made by cash or check.
finance.utdallas.edu /bursar/credit-cards.html   (1040 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Personal Finance
A personal line of credit for most Canadians can be arranged at their local financial institution, often at single-digit rates.
Once you have any credit card, you can also expect to be offered incentives to charge more though "convenience cheques." One company suggested the cheques could be used to pay the babysitter.
For those who can't get a credit card, or those who have a poor credit history that limits access to other forms of credit, payday loans are the lenders of last resort (loansharks excepted).
www.cbc.ca /news/background/personalfinance/creditcards.html   (1582 words)

 Finance Reestablishing Credit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
If you have destroyed your credit rating and have exhausted your other options, the final option is to obtain a secured card.
The credit card issuer asks you to send a predetermined sum from your savings or checking account, and this becomes your credit line.
If you need to obtain a credit card and have a problematic credit history, a secured card is more advantageous than a card with high interest.
www.military.com /Finance/Content?file=using_credit_bad_credit.htm&area=Content   (250 words)

 Personal finance Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A recent amendment to the federal Fair Credit and Reporting Act requires each of the three national consumer reporting agencies to provide consumers with an annual free copy of their credit report.
Credit reports contain information about the credit history of each individual consumer, such as bill payment history, number of credit cards, and total debt.
This bulletin gives tips to consumers on how to manage credit and avoid adversely affecting their ability to obtain new credit for postgraduation purchases such as a car or home.
www.ag.state.mn.us /consumer/finance/default.htm   (421 words)

 Understanding Business Lines of Credit | Finance > Business Loans from AllBusiness.com
Such commercial lines of credit take the business owner out of the equation so that his or her personal credit rating is no longer affected by business transactions, nor is he or she putting up personal assets as collateral.
Such credit lines can also be based on receivables and, in some cases, inventory (although this is less common since the value of inventory can decline very quickly and is therefore seen as a greater risk to the lender).
While seeking such a line of credit, you will also want to know that the interest being paid is only on the money being borrowed, as opposed to being calculated on your borrowing limit or in any other manner.
www.allbusiness.com /business-finance/business-loans-business-credit/11195-1.html   (793 words)

 Financial managers
A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field is the minimum academic preparation, but many employers increasingly seek graduates with a master’s degree in business administration, economics, finance, or risk management.
Credit managers oversee the firm’s issuance of credit, establishing credit-rating criteria, determining credit ceilings, and monitoring the collections of past-due accounts.
Financial institutions, such as commercial banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and mortgage and finance companies, employ additional financial managers who oversee various functions, such as lending, trusts, mortgages, and investments, or programs, including sales, operations, or electronic financial services.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos010.htm   (2366 words)

 Credit Finance
You might have the clearest credit terms possible, be explicit about what you expect from customers and be super-fast in chasing up debt, but you can never eradicate late payment completely.
Recent research by the Credit Management Research Centre shows that, on average, small and medium-sized businesses are forced to write off around £14,000 worth of debt every year, because they failed to secure payment.
Good credit insurance should cover you against a range of risks, whether they originate from customers at home or overseas.
www.startups.co.uk /Credit_Finance.YSH1Dt9oF9Pphg.html   (821 words)

 Public Finance Credit Enhancement
Our Public Finance Credit Enhancement practice combines the expertise of our commercial finance practice with our public finance bond counsel practice (generally ranked number one in the country) to offer a credit enhancer expert advice regarding legal issues relating to creditors' rights in general and with respect to public entities in particular.
In addition, while private obligations are generally backed by the general credit of the obligor or specific collateral, a vast array of limited obligation security structures are employed by public entities to comply with or avoid their peculiar legal restrictions.
Given these specialties, when the use of credit enhancement devices for municipal bonds suddenly became commonplace during the 1980s, it was natural that Orrick would be called upon to represent a number of providers in transactions across the country.
www.orrick.com /practices/public_finance/financeCredit.asp   (472 words)

 Credit, Finance & Money   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Credit-finance-money.com is your one-stop destination for all of your personal finance needs.
We understand that managing your finances can certainly be a struggle - especially finding information that’s reliable, current and impartial.
We also realize that when dealing with money and personal finances, the average person is at a clear disadvantage to the market professionals.
www.credit-finance-money.com   (266 words)

 Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing - Rockland Credit Finance LLC
Rockland Credit Finance is committed to working with its clients to minimize costs and improve Cash Flow.
We enable you to act promptly on special circumstances such as past-due payables, taxes and gap financing, to cover seasonal variations or the sudden rush requirement.
Rockland Credit Finance is a specialty factoring firm, with considerable experience servicing small and emerging businesses.
www.rocklandcredit.com   (415 words)

 Credit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Credit (education), a system of measuring academic coursework
Opening or Closing credits, a list of the cast and crew involved in the production of a movie or television program, shown at the beginning and end of the broadcast
Credits (science fiction), a unit of currency used in science fiction.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Credit   (141 words)

 OECD Workshop on Rural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in China – 13-14 October, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Establishing a comprehensive and efficient rural credit system providing finance for both the commercial (agricultural and non-agricultural) sector of the rural economy and small-scale farming, is among the most pressing issues on China’s reform agenda today.
Outflows of finance from rural to urban areas that stem from rational investor decisions will not be solved through financial reforms alone.
It is essential to provide effective financing and channel resources to the dynamic parts of the rural economy (non-agricultural activities and the competitive parts of Chinese agriculture) which will be the main source for growth, employment creation and sustained income rises for the rural population.
www.oecd.org /document/32/0,2340,en_2649_33727_22335456_1_1_1_1,00.html   (1081 words)

 Credit magazine, corporate bonds, derivatives, structured credit, leveraged finance
Credit Suisse trader suspended after insider trading probe
Credit looks at the obstacles in the market and the tools investors are using to overcome them.
With Europe’s first commercial real-estate CDO coming to market, Credit asks market participants for their opinions on the potential of this emerging asset class.
www.creditmag.com   (175 words)

 USAID - Development Credit Authority - Water Finance Credit Guarantees
This is one of a number of innovative DCA projects in India that have given access to financing for water and sanitation projects to benefit the urban and rural poor.
Without access to financing, the LGU’s efforts to act decisively and effectively to improve inhabitants’ quality of life are seriously constrained.
This USAID credit guarantee will cover up to 50% of the risk exposure held by a set of lenders on the principal (and interest) of loans extended to qualifying non-sovereign borrowers defined as municipalities endeavoring to improve the quality and sustainability of essential municipal services, particularly water supply.
www.usaid.gov /our_work/economic_growth_and_trade/development_credit/water_finance_credit_guarantees.htm   (1033 words)

 Meridian Finance Group - Export Credit Insurance, International Trade Finance, Exim Bank Programs
Meridian has helped hundreds of exporters increase their international sales using trade finance, credit insurance, forfaiting, international leasing, Eximbank programs, and other export financing alternatives.
Credit insurance protects receivables against non-payment risks, helps increase sales by facilitating more competitive credit terms, and enhances borrowing capacity by making receivables more attractive to banks and other lenders.
Beyond export insurance, trade finance, Ex-Im Bank programs, and political insurance, Meridian offers diverse in-house expertise in related fields and, when appropriate, we can provide access to tools from a variety of other resources.
www.meridianfinance.com   (187 words)

 How to keep good credit - Finance Jet - Find Articles
People with good credit have established a good credit history with a proven record of making at least the minimum payments on time--by or before the due date, and staying within their credit limits.
It bears repeating that if you have been denied credit, employment or insurance because of information on your credit report, you must receive the contact information for the credit bureau that supplied the report.
If there is a mistake on your credit report, contact the credit bureau in writing and explain the situation.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1355/is_25_102/ai_95357996   (437 words)

 Personal finance Credit Contact Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In order to receive a copy of your credit report, you may need to supply all variations of your name and address, previous addresses and your social security number.
CSC Credit Services is a credit services company that owns consumers’ credit files in several different states, including Minnesota.
To obtain your credit report, you may want to consider using the Credit File Request form on the opposite side of this sheet.
www.ag.state.mn.us /consumer/finance/Credit_Contact.htm   (222 words)

 Compare mortgage rates, home loans, CD rates, auto loans, credit cards, mortgages and more
When exchanging, you may pay restocking fees, get store credits in lieu of cash and have less time to do it.
The IRS is going after the money it feels it is owed but hasn't been able to collect.
Credit Cards: Compare rates, Credit card basics, Calculators, Glossary, Graph trends, Credit unions, Safe and Sound star rankings, Story archive, More...
www.bankrate.com   (497 words)

 SOHO Finance -- Canceling Credit
Keeping your available credit to a reasonable level is a good idea.
If you apply for a home mortgage or auto loan the lender is going to add up all the available credit that you have and compare that to your income level.
Jonnie also has the option of contacting the creditors and asking them to lower her available credit limit but leave the account open.
www.soho.org /Finance_Articles/canceling_credit.htm   (789 words)

 Municipal Finance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Ford Credit's Municipal Program is designed to provide you with a payment quotation quickly and easily, so you can make your decisions in a prompt and efficient manner.
If your credit application is approved, we will also prepare and send contracts to you when you are ready to take delivery of your essential use equipment.
Dealers/vendors supplying the essential use equipment will be paid by Ford Credit once we receive all of the completed and executed paperwork.
www.fordcredit.com /municipal   (267 words)

 Credit Finance | Practices | Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Representing debt and lease financing sources—including domestic and foreign banks; business development companies; leasing companies; insurance companies; investment banks; commercial finance lenders; mezzanine investors; factors and asset-based lenders—as well as the companies and funds that seek debt financing, requires significant resources and know-how.
Cooley Godward Kronish’s Credit Finance attorneys have the expertise and experience necessary to tackle the complexities of appropriately structuring debt financing transactions in both domestic and cross-border transactions.
Senior members of the Credit Finance practice head the client teams, drawing on their areas of expertise and, when necessary, coordinate with other Cooley attorneys experienced in tax, real estate, environmental law, workouts and restructurings, creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, fund formation and other areas.
www.cooley.com /practices/detail.aspx?practiceid=000037399020   (244 words)

 Credit-to-Cash Advisor — Credit + Finance Events
Credit-to-Cash Advisor is a publication of ABC-Amega Inc. designed to provide valuable information and content for credit and finance executives.
Resource Center for commercial credit, collections and finance executives providing relevant articles on credit and receivable management and other useful features.

Valuable tools for credit, collectionsandnbsp;and financial professionals

We will continue to add to our menu of available resources, so visit us often for quick access to information you can use.

Credit-to-Cash Advisor is a publication of ABC-Amega Inc. designed to provide valuable information and content for credit and finance executives.
www.credit-to-cash-advisor.com /document_54.html   (735 words)

 Department of Financial Institutions - The ABCs of Credit Card Finance – Essential Facts for Students
The program teaches students how to wisely choose and responsibly use a credit card before they move on to college or join the workforce.
To stay current with the credit card industry, the curriculum is revised yearly.
Over the past three years, more than 1,000,000 (one million) students, in all fifty states, have participated in “The ABCs of Credit Card Finance.” By teaching this program, you will help students develop the credit card literacy skills necessary to build a positive credit history that will serve them today and for years to come.
www.dfi.ca.gov /abcscreditcard/default.asp   (438 words)

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